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Saturday 6


Spring Sale Trashcan (Sunny Side Up)

{trashcan/stripe accent rug}

Happy Saturday! Kicking off this week’s Saturday 6 with a trash can! Maybe not exactly what you had in mind but it’s a cute trash can and it’s on sale so roll with me on this one. :) I love the fluted design and the gold trim!

Spring Sale Trashcan (Sunny Side Up)

The coolest part is that it has a sensor and opens when your hand is near it! Then after a few seconds it closes on its own. My kids love the opening and closing. :) You can see the gray ring inside that you can put a liner on too.

Spring Sale Trashcan (Sunny Side Up)

Cute from the front and perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, office, etc!

galaxy projector (Sunny Side Up)

I bought 3 and have one in our powder bathroom and one in each of my girls’ bedrooms. This trash can in Ad’s room has a liner in it so you can see how that works. It’s all in the details right? Why not have a stylish trash can!? Especially a stylish trash that’s such a steal.


spring fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{2 piece sweater set}

My trash can is part of Amazon’s big spring sale! I think the sale ends this Sunday. I recently set up an Amazon account and I’ve rounded up some really fun things on sale that I have/love/want if you want to check them out! You can find home favorites on sale here, some cute clothes I’m seeing here (including the outfit above!) and some fun things for cleaning/organizing on sale here. You can see my Amazon page here. I’ll be adding to it this weekend! I’m slow with all things tech and wanted to have an Amazon favorites page up about a year ago so feeling good it’s finally up and going.

Celebrating the win vs. shaking my head that it took me so long.. ha.

spring fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I wear this top a lot with jeans too.

spring fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Found this pic with the two pics above and remembering a fun day with Ad! Lunch at our favorite spot. :)


galaxy projector (Sunny Side Up)

{galaxy projector}

Ok.. let’s talk about this BELOVED little projector. I gave this to Kole for Christmas this year. I thought it looked cool, but I had no idea he would be as obsessed with it as he is. He LOVES this thing.

galaxy projector (Sunny Side Up)

It plays music and has a white noise sound machine (great for kids who love extra noise to sleep!) but the reason Kole really loves it is because of this..

night lights (Sunny Side Up)

{galaxy projector}

I snapped this pic quick tonight after Kole was in bed and it really doesn’t do this situation justice. This projector is SO COOL. It lights up his entire ceiling and walls so beautifully and has so many different settings and colors. Little stars everywhere! His lamp is blocking a section right now, but you get the idea. Kole turns it on every night when he goes to bed and sets the timer for an hour. He loves just laying in bed and watching it and says it calms him and helps him fall asleep and he has told me multiple times “thank you this is the best gift ever mom!” Happy I did something right. ;) Ellie loves it too so I might get her one at some point. I thought I would share that in case you need a cool teen gift or something fun for Easter baskets this year!


Anthro Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Rattan Bag}

Recent trip to Anthro with a friend and we found so many cute things for spring! I love this little rattan bag. I didn’t buy it.. it would really only hold your phone and some lipgloss! But so cute right!?

Anthro Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{v neck tee/colette denim cropped wide leg jean/raffia sandals/pendant necklace/bracelet}

Here’s what I did buy! These cute cropped jeans (my favorite Colette pants I always share that come in so many fun styles!). Love them. I usually go with the standard vs. petite with Colette pants, but if you are short and want more of a cropped look petite’s will be shorter!  I love this cute v neck tee and ordered it in blue too!

Anthro Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{pilcro muscle sweater/colette denim cropped wide leg jean/raffia sandals/pendant necklace/bracelet/teardrop earrings/brigitte satchel}

Another cute sweater top I brought home with me! Love this color for spring. Also hello new beautiful hand bag and thank you to my beautiful friend who gave it to me for my birthday this year! She clearly knows me well. :) I have the smaller size of the brigitte satchel in a darker brown for date nights and this will be perfect for every day!

Anthro Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{tatum flutter sleeve blouse/same top in linen/similar jeans/brigitte satchel/similar wedge sandal/pendant necklace/bracelet/teardrop earrings}

I’ve been told by many friends that I’m a sucker for all things denim and they are 100% right. I can’t pass up a cute denim top! Or jumpsuit or dress or romper. :) This blouse has such a cute cut and it gathers in the back so it’s fitted but not tight. The same top comes in a pretty linen in multiple colors too that I also linked!

Anthro Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{cloth & stone button down top/same top in linen/similar jeans/brigitte satchel/similar wedge sandal/pendant necklace/bracelet/teardrop earrings}

One more denim top that I couldn’t pass up (ok ok.. I’ll work on it!). :) This one is buttery soft and so cute. I want to try it with a belt and skirt! Or with black or white jeans. TOO CUTE.


Men's Swimsuits (Sunny Side Up)

{stripe kore shorts / kore shorts}

I’ve mentioned a time or ten that my husband is obsessed with Vuori. He lives in their clothes and especially in their shorts. I just recently realized that the Kore and Banks shorts can also be worn as swimsuits! HELLO.. brilliant! Did you all know that!? Am I the only one in the dark on this new discovery!? They have fun board shorts you can order too but I recently got Kenny these kore shorts to try as suits. I will report back if he loves them!

Spoiler alert.. I know he will. :)

Father's Day Gifts (Sunny Side Up)

{Vuori Banks Shorts}

The Banks shorts are his go-to’s. Think he has enough? This is an older pic too. I buy him a new pair for Christmas, his birthday, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter.. you name the holiday and he gets a pair of Banks shorts! They just make him so happy. And let’s face it.. men can be HARD to shop for. I found a good thing and I’m sticking to it. Ha.


Palm Springs 1 (Sunny Side Up)

{luka duffel bags/cosmetic bag}

We went on a fun weekend trip to Palm Springs last weekend with some friends and I shared these pics on IG but thought I would add them here too! My friend and I didn’t plan on showing up with matching travel bags but we weren’t mad about it either. :)

Palm Springs 2 (Sunny Side Up)

We had kind of crazy weather! Both rain and sun! But so beautiful when the clouds parted and the sun came out. I love being in Palm Springs this time of year.

Palm Springs 3 (Sunny Side Up)

{strato tee/banks hybrid shorts/Bikini Top / Bikini Top in other colors / Bikini bottoms/ Coverup skirt / Bag / Flip-Flops}

Always so nice to take a break from the never-ending to-do list and just spend time together.

Palm Springs 4 (Sunny Side Up)

This candy store was the cutest! We bought snacks and watched a movie the afternoon it rained.

Palm Springs 5 (Sunny Side Up)

Palm Springs 6 (Sunny Side Up)

We also ate out at some fun spots I thought I’d share if you are planning a Palm Springs trip!

Molé .. so fun for lunch! It’s located at the shops on El Paseo. We got there early and it got busy quickly. Chips were huge and delicious. I could have just had the whole bowl for lunch. But instead I only had half a bowl and a chicken taco. ;)

Palm Springs 7 (Sunny Side Up)

Kalura Trattoria. Italian food and also delicious! A friend suggested this restaraunt and it was perfect.

Palm Springs 8 (Sunny Side Up)

Wilma & Frieda’s – breakfast/lunch spot and a must visit when you are in the desert! It’s so good and we will absolutely go again next time.

Palm Springs 9 (Sunny Side Up)

Our last night we went to a nice dinner at Wally’s Desert Turtle. Food was delicious here too! I felt bad I was a little underdressed, but the dress I brought to wear was a summer dress and it was so COLD that night. My friend and I bought jackets and I wore jeans to stay warm. Such a fun getaway! Pool, shopping, movies, food, lots of laughing and memories made. We all want to go back! Sometimes a quick weekend away is just what the doctor ordered. :) This weekend we are home and working on the to-do list again, but I’m hoping we can squeeze in a movie and dinner!

Preferably somewhere with a large bowl of chips. :)

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Lots of fun goodies in this post, Erin. I can see why Kole loves that projector. It’s really cool! Score one for you definitely. Thanks for sharing your fun finds and your fun weekend! You’re definitely living life well!! :)

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