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A great sale & a little life!

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Fall Entry Table (Sunny Side Up)

{dana console/similar options – cole console/black console rattan shelf/

handwoven vase/faux dogwood branch/fields of gold print/faux orange pumpkin/woven large pumpkin/woven medium pumpkin}

I hope you’ve had a good week so far! I’m sharing a fun sale that just lasts through today (but it’s a good one!) and a little life photo dump. Ok.. sale first! Wayfair has a huge sale going on for one more day and there are so many great deals! Lots of my personal favorites like the fields of gold print above are marked down.

Holiday Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{red plaid rug /similar decorative bell/cedar garland/similar trees here & here}

Also my favorite red plaid rug that comes in so many sizes and this cedar garland that is over my door in this pic. Both are so good! Long time favorites and I’m using them both again this year. This porch is from 2 years ago. Last year I didn’t use my red plaid rug on my porch and I missed it! I pulled it back out today and am very excited to get working on my Christmas porch for this year. Enjoying the bats just a little bit longer. :)

Holiday Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Christmas master bedroom sources}

My beloved flocked pine tree that I always put in my master bedroom is also on sale! Such a good price – it comes in 3 sizes and is so beautiful in person.

Holiday Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

So are the large holiday ornaments I used to decorate it! They come in lots of colors and sell out every year. Below are more favorites on sale! I ordered this faux cedar wreath which I really don’t need with all the wreaths I’ve got going on at my house at the moment, but the price was too good to pass it up (and it looks beautiful!). Plus I have a fun idea for it.. stay tuned! My house is a hot mess right now. Christmas decorating is just messy isn’t it!? It will definitely feel good to have everything mostly decorated and the mess cleaned up! I say mostly because I’m usually decorating and “tweaking” things right up until Christmas Eve. Ha. I have a feeling some of you do the same. :)

1-faux cedar wreath   2-decorative bell   3-reindeer

4- holiday ornaments   5- red plaid rug   6- lighted trees

7-stocking   8-tree wood print   9- faux berry garland

8-barrel chair   9- floor lamp   10- lanterns

1- artificial pine tree   2- white fir tree   3- spruce christmas tree   4- artificial pine tree

1- faux garland   2-faux cedar garland   3- cedar garland   4-willow garland

These are all beautiful garland options and such a good deal today!

1-jute rug   2- canvas print   3-pendant   4- arch wall mirror

5-faux fig plant   6-tilly bed   7- nightstand   8 – barrel chair   9 – reading floor lamp

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

Sharing a few pics on my phone I never got around to sharing last month! I mentioned a few posts back that I had been on a fun girls trip. Just a quick overnight at the hotel Del with a few friends. We loaded our bags and hit the road with our Diet Cokes! Always. :)

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

Stunning right!? We live so close and this trip was such a good reminder to get out and enjoy our surroundings more. Sometimes we think we have to travel far to get away but often a trip in your own city feels like a major break. If you’ve never been to Hotel Del Coronado add it to your bucket list the next time you are in San Diego! It’s a beautiful place to visit year round and the city itself is so much fun.

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

We were unloading our stuff and the guy at the hotel helping asked “where are you all from and how long are you staying?” Um.. 15 minutes away and one night. He kept pulling bags out and was looking at us like we were crazy. Ha ha. Mostly my fault I’m sure. I’m the worst over packer EVER! I like options when I travel. :)

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

We just enjoyed the pretty beach, went on a walk, did a little shopping and hung out! So relaxing and nice to take a break from our usual day to day.

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

We also ate. A lot. So many good restaurants in Coronado!

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

The homes are absolutely stunning too. That’s my favorite thing to do when I visit Coronado.. just drive or walk around and check out all of the beautiful homes! I took about 30 pics of charming houses.. couldn’t help myself.

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

So fun. I highly recommend mini trips like this with girlfriends! If you haven’t done something similar in a while it’s time! I’m so grateful for friends who just plan things like this and are persistent and make it happen. It’s never easy to get away but always worth it!

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

We came back on a Friday afternoon and Katy and I went straight to an Angels game our husband’s had planned. We were so tired from staying up late on our trip and felt like zombies but the boys were excited so we tried to regroup and keep the party going! Ha.

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

These two were living their best lives with the seats and little snack room we had.

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

So were these two! Our friends had these amazing seats and it definitely made the game exciting. We were chatting with the players while they were warming up!

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

It almost made me a baseball fan. ;)

Girls Trip (Sunny Side Up)

Good times. I love recording the good stuff. Life is full of hard and difficult things too, but recording the good times and remembering them brings happiness, right!?

I’ve also heard that experts say people who decorate for Christmas early are happier people. (Seriously.. look it up!)

I mean.. just sayin.. ;)

So this is your invitation to go on a quick trip with friends, record the good stuff happening in your life and set up your Christmas tree!

You deserve it.


xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “A great sale & a little life!

  1. Fun finds, gorgeous hotel and good friends! What a fantastic post. You are living such a good life my friend. And you know and appreciate it. Life is good overall!

  2. Ok, now you have to ask your friends where are their cute dresses from Haha, super cute! We love Hotel Del also! We go every Christmas.

  3. Our Christmas starts the night we carve pumpkins listening to Christmas music. Weird tradition but the kids and I love it!

    1. Oh my word.. I LOVE that tradition Michelle! That’s so much fun! My kids would love it too. We are all about combining ALL the fun things this time of year. Enjoy! :)

  4. Jeremy has a brick at the Angel Stadium. He was a huge Angel fan.

    I want to decorate for Christmas so badly but we had a major flood and are currently down to the studs, Hopefully drywall, paint, baseboards and flooring will go down soon and quickly. Patience is not my best virtue though.

    Im loving all of your new finds. I guess I’ll just start shopping and store it at Elle’s house. Hope you have a great weekend, Erin XO

    1. Cathy I’m so sorry to hear about your flood! Patience isn’t my best virtue either.. especially with house stuff! I hope it’s moving along. Thank you for sharing that with me about Jeremy.. that makes me a huge angel fan too and I will think of the two of you anytime I’m watching them. XO

  5. Erin,
    Love the Hotel Del! You are so lucky to be able to enjoy these times with good friends.
    I am sure they feel lucky, also, having fun with YOU!
    The pizzas look REALLY amazing! Can you ever go wrong with pizza??
    Loving this GREAT pre-Christmas post!
    PS. Someone was missing in the picture at the game!? E.?

    1. Thank you so much Sherri! You can NEVER go wrong with pizza! Addison was missing that night at the game! She had a school event that night. You are good. :) xo

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