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Prime Day Deals & Travel Favorites

*These Amazon deals are changing fast so when you see this post some items might not be on sale anymore! Just a heads up. :) Affiliate links used.

organized make up bags (Sunny Side Up)


Are you still organizing 15 minutes a day? I’m still going strong! I try to share my progress over on IG stories as much as I can. 15 minutes a day is all I really have time for most days but it does add up! I’m almost done with my closet and I’ve done it all by spending just 15-20 minutes a day. Slow progress but it feels so good to almost be done with a space that has driven me crazy for years! I’ll share pics at some point! This was a quick clean-out I recently did for my make-up bags.

organized make up bags (Sunny Side Up)


This really only took about 10 minutes and now I can easily see what I have in this drawer. So satisfying! If you haven’t started yet try organizing for just 15 minutes today. It helps me when I can do it at the same time every day. It doesn’t always happen, but I’ve found that if it’s part of my daily routine that I do on autopilot I stick with it. You all know this is my favorite make-up bag at the moment and below I linked cute jewelry boxes! I think they make the best gifts and give them away all the time! Put a necklace or bracelet inside and done. So cute. My friends have all loved them too!

organized make up bags (Sunny Side Up)

{luka duffel bag}

Ok.. speaking of travel. I had great plans to take pictures of all of my travel favorites today (since I just unpacked from Dallas and haven’t put everything away yet!). But my day was a day (so busy) and I never had time to take the pictures. SO! I will still do that soon but because these Prime Day Deals only last a day I put everything I was going to share in a collage so that you can check them out while they are on sale for such a good price! I’ve always loved Calpak bags/luggage and I’ve had this luka duffel bag for years (remember this pic driving home after dropping El off at college? I went through that whole box of tissues in an hour! Ha.) I love this bag for travel but I fill it so full that it can get heavy to haul around in an airport! One of the main things I’ve been looking for lately is a travel backpack that will fit a lot of stuff in it including my 17 inch laptop.

Amazon Prime Day Deals (Sunny Side Up)

1- small sling bag   2- 4 pcs clear cosmetic bag   3-travel backpack

4- luggage 3 piece set   5-portable charger   6-belt bag

7- travel makeup brush holder   8- travel case for dyson airwrap   9-makeup mirror

I was so happy to land on this large travel backpack! On sale too for prime.. woot woot! I’ll let you know how I like it! The rest of these items above I have and love and they are all marked down so low. Funny thing about this luggage 3 piece set.. I ordered it so long ago and it has just been sitting in my closet. Every trip I went on this summer I almost took it but didn’t because I didn’t want to get it dirty! How silly.. why even buy it if I’m not going to use it!? So for my trip to Dallas I took it and of course, it got dirty. But now it’s broken in and I feel like I can haul it everywhere. :) I’m going to try a magic eraser on it (will report back) and you can also buy clear cover protectors like this (have you seen these before!?). But I’m not sure if that would be a hassle when traveling so I’ll see how well I can clean mine off. Regardless they are great suitcases and come in lots of fun colors! They dyson travel case I just use for my hot tools and I love my travel makeup brush holder! (I have it in beige.) The cute cosmetic bags are perfect for extras when I’m packing and the small sling bags look just like my Anthro sling bag for much less!

Amazon Prime Day Deals (Sunny Side Up)

1- full zipped hoodie   2- surge protector power strip   3- weekender bag

4- marble ruffle bowl   5- slippers   6- hair ties   7- cable knit sweater

8-apple airpods pro   9- dry shampoo /texture spray   10- artificial olive tree

I almost ordered this cute weekender bag and love the spot it has for shoes! But it’s similar to my Calpak bag and I needed a backpack for travel. But such a cute option on sale if you need a travel bag! These full zipped hoodies have been all the rage because they look just like some from Lululemon and how cozy are those slippers!? I ordered a pair to try because they price was too good to beat. These hair ties are my girls’ favorites and this cable knit sweater is so beautiful for the holidays!

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

{travel bottle toiletries}

These travel bottles are also on sale and I’ve loved that they hold so much and don’t leak in my bag!

Amazon Prime Day Deals (Sunny Side Up)


1- lighted branches   2- portable carpet and upholstery cleaner   3- garment steamer

4-rug pad    5-jacket   6-t3 curling iron   7-office chair  8- candlestick holders

9-travel bottle toiletries  10- lap desk  11- portable charger

A few more favorites on sale! How beautiful is that office chair and jacket!? My rug pads are on sale and I love the black candlestick holders for the holidays! Especially Halloween. I have a fun idea for these lighted branches for Christmas! Coming soon. :)

Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{2-tier bathroom organizer}

Lowest price I’ve seen on my acrylic bathroom organizer! LOVE this.

Amazon Prime Day Deals (Sunny Side Up)

{crop puffer vest}

Also my cute cropped puffer vest is on sale! Excited to wear this again. I ended up buying it in 3 colors I love it so much! So cute with leggings..

Amazon Prime Day Deals (Sunny Side Up)

or jeans. Adds some warmth and a little something extra to your outfit. :)

Amazon Prime Day Deals (Sunny Side Up)

1-wall mirror   2- 2 large glass jar   3- spice drawer organizer   4- vegetable chopper

5-  balsam fir artificial christmas tree   6-  crop puffer vest   7- bathroom organizer caddy

8-flower vase   9- pebble ice maker  10- oversized sweatshirt   11-hp printer   12- 2-tier bathroom organizer

I’m very excited about this bathroom organizer caddy. I ordered it for my girls’ shower. They share a bathroom and have so much stuff in that shower! Items are always slipping off their shelf so I’m going to attach this to the tile for a better solution! Also how gorgeous is this balsam fir artificial christmas tree on sale!? Stunning.

It has been a dangerous week with Target Christmas decor releases and Amazon Prime right!? Ha. But such a good time to think ahead to holiday decorating and Christmas gifts.

We are half way through the week! Wishing you the best Wednesday. :)

xoxo, Erin
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2 thoughts on “Prime Day Deals & Travel Favorites

  1. Erin,
    T.Y. for this post! Things I NEED like the clear glass jars! Yup your tip on 15 mins a day is one of the best! Sometimes you just can’t gear up for an hour or two.
    IF you know its only 15 mins, well, who doesn’t have just 15 mins!? So, what IF it evolves into 90 mins or 2 hours!? Sometimes happens but ONLY if I am only THINKING just the 15!
    HA! I have my “tricky” side too! ;)

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