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Christmas favorites & the LTK Conference

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Favorite Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{cedar garland/eucalyptus garland/norfolk pine garland here & here/cedar garland, snowy}

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a good start! My snowy cedar garland came in and I was too excited to wait to show it to you! It’s on the far right of this picture and it’s so beautiful! A little messy (like all things with flocking, right?) but very realistic. I lined it up next to my other favorites – my cedar garland twisted with the eucalyptus garland, the cedar garland on its own, the Norfolk pine garland and then the snowy cedar garland. I love mixing garlands! These are all so beautiful and I’m having a hard time holding off going garland crazy at the moment.

Favorite Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{ceramic pumpkins}

But I know I know.. pumpkins are fun too. ;) More coming soon with these but first a few more Christmas arrivals!

Favorite Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{set of 3 harmony bells}

Great set of bells from Amazon. They are light weight so perfect to hang on your mantel! They are also beautiful to set on a stack of books or a tray on a table.

Favorite Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{snowy forest doormat}

This cute doormat came in too and is adorable. Perfect for the front porch! Target dropped the Studio Mcgee and Magnolia Christmas lines over the weekend and everything is so cute! Did you order some of it already? Tell me what you’re loving! I rounded up favorites below and will show you what I ordered as soon as it comes in. A few things already sold out! I’m hoping it all comes back in stock.

1- metal leaf garland   2- holiday wreath   3-green plaid blanket

4-  stripe blanket   5- chunky knit stocking   6- green/cream stripe stocking

7- faux cedar stem   8- green plaid pillow   9-towel set   10-rolling pin

11- festive holiday plates   12- faux spruce & pinecone arrangement   13-wrapping paper


1-festive plaid pillow   2- plaid lumbar throw   3- faux pine & snowberry  wreath

4- magnolia leaf arrangement   5-christmas tree   6- merry christmas doormat

7- vintage christmas sleigh art   8- wrapping paper   9- mug & saucer caddy set

10-kitchen towel set   11- festive plaid bowls


1- christmas wreath   2-herringbone pillow   3- bobble knit pillow

4- kitchen towels   5- glass trees   6-plaid accent rug

7-mixed pine and eucalyptus garland   8-oval framed evergreen

9- cedar garland   10-knit tree blanket   11- bobble knit blanket


1- cream stocking   2-  bow ornaments   3-camel /cream tree pillow

4-rustic trees   5- bobble knit tree skirt   6- chunky knit throw

7- faux fur plush throw   8- ceramic houses   9- tree cuff   10- tree throw

All so good right!? Nothing like Christmas decor. :)

{faux spruce trees}

I couldn’t resist ordering a few of these trees too. Potted trees always look beautiful and create such a cozy vibe during the holidays!

1-handheld garment steamer   2- lap desk   3- portable charger casesack

4- portable charger   5-makeup brush holder  6- long sleeve coat

7- curling iron   8-cell phone stand   9- crop puffer vest   10- portable carpet/upholstery cleaner

11-battery operated candles   12-faux olive tree   13- artificial silk olive tree

I finally broke down and ordered this portable carpet/upholstery cleaner. I’ve almost ordered it so many times and it’s on sale for prime days! Hoping it cleans the arms of my couch because I can’t muster the energy to take my couch apart to wash the bottom slipcover.. ha. I wash the single cushions all the time but the base is another story! I’ll report back on whether or not it works well. I have and love the other items above and everything is marked down at the moment!

Favorite Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{artificial silk olive tree}

Both of my olive trees are on sale! I have the skinny one in this corner of my family room.

Favorite Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{faux olive tree}

These beautiful olive trees were on my porch in the spring and one is now in my dining room.

Favorite Garland (Sunny Side Up)

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

{corduroy shirtdress (similar option here & here)/layne western bootie/chevron crossbody bag}

Wrapping up today with a few pictures from the LTK Conference in Dallas last week! I haven’t been to this conference in several years. They didn’t hold it during 2020/2021 obviously and then last year Kenny was running his marathon the same weekend so I missed it. I almost didn’t go this year because my friend who I was going to room with had to cancel. Plus this conference is slightly stressful for me to be honest! Lots of outfit changes and so many beautiful, talented girls in one space. It’s easy to feel intimidated! Kenny encouraged me to go and I’m so glad he did. I ended up having the best time with my HOME decor girls. I’ve met them all through IG and it was so fun hanging out in real life! This was at the western social put on by Lucchese. I finally had an excuse to wear the cute boots I bought during the N sale!

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

I almost cried happy tears when I saw these 3! They are friends who have been doing this forever like me and in a sea of new faces it felt so good to see long timers. ;)

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

{corset shirt/naomi wide-leg flare pants/collegiate knit blazer/chevron crossbody bag/luissa boot}

Day two was full of speakers and classes. I bought this new blazer and shirt for the day and felt very “collegiate.”  Ha.

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

It always feels so good to be with friends who do what I do! Being a blogger/on social media can often feel isolating because it’s just me alone at my house all day creating content. None of my San Diego friends do this so I feel like I’m on an island sometimes. It’s so refreshing and motivating to be around people who you can share ideas and successes and failures with. It always leaves me feeling refreshed and grateful that I get to do this for a living!

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

The last night of the conference we had a party and the venue was stunning.

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

{ruffle long sleeve minidress/kira quilted leather wallet on a chain/similar sandal here & here}

It was fun to dress up and feel fancy for a change! It was also fun when I got to put on my pjs after it was over. Ha. I can’t lie.. fancy dresses and heels aren’t my thing! But we had such a fun night together.

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)


LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

Love these 3.

LTK Conference (Sunny Side Up)

It was especially so fun hanging out with my friend El. She and I have been close friends on IG for over 8 years! We’ve had so many phone calls and chats through texts and DMs. Being able to hug her and laugh with her in person was just the best.  I’m so grateful for life long friends I’ve made through blogging/IG! It’s hands down the best part of what I do. That includes the friendships I’ve made with so many of you reading. Thank you for being here with me and for being my friend. :) I’m so grateful for you all!

Also this trip was the first time I’ve ever stayed in a hotel room alone. Is that crazy!? I’m always with Kenny or friends or my whole crew. It was so strange and quiet at night! I hated it the first night, got the hang of it the second night and by the third night I was eating my snacks and watching what I wanted on TV in bed and not wanting to leave! Ha ha. This trip was a good lesson for me to keep doing the things that scare me. It can be hard! But that’s how we grow and it usually turns out to be a pretty sweet deal in the end.


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Christmas favorites & the LTK Conference

  1. Erin, I am so proud of you! Haha sounds funny to say but seriously! What an inspiration in doing something hard that you trust in your gut (and heart!) will be good. I love your outfits by the way, all of them! :) What gorgeous details by the LTK team. Fun fun!! Thank you for setting an example in putting yourself out there to learn and grow and it sounds like you came home so blessed and encouraged! We love what you do!

    1. Genelle you just couldn’t be more supportive and kind! Thank you!! Means so much to me. Truly.. you are the sweetest. Also I think you missed my IG story! You won one of the Target gift cards! Email me your address! ( :)

  2. So many pretty new things for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing your home all decked out, Erin! Congratulations on a successful and fun weekend at the conference. I’m happy for you to have pushed beyond your comfort zone a bit and look at how you shined! Great job! Super happy for you to have met up with good friends, too. Way to take advantage of the moment and look great doing it. So glad you enjoyed the hotel room in the end, too. ;) Have a great day!

  3. I love this post! Thank you for sharing your blogging adventures (love! blogging conferences) and your home decor finds! I really enjoy your blog and you do a fantastic job of being so down to earth!!

    1. Oh thank you so much Tyra! What a kind thing to say. It means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog and feel that way! You made my day. :) Thank you!! xo

  4. Erin,
    A GREAT leading up to TREE Season post! Love it! Have to go back now and read all your suggestions and as I’ve said before-
    WHEN have you ever steered me wrong??? ZERO times is the answer! Have NEVER returned anything you suggested. Ever. Shoes, clothes, home decor….
    You, Erin, should NEVER be intimidated. I get it tho…. Like H.S. right? SOMETIMES w/other women. WHY is it like that for us!? Men have it easier in THIS area.
    Well, I guess not always, but mostly. IMO anyway. They do a lot of jokes, and I don’t think they really notice WHAT another man is wearing and what brand, etc.
    If something goes a little wrong and someone gets quiet, they just give a hit on the others back and say something like “sorry, man, just joking”. Then its ALL over.
    No lingering bad feelings. Not REALLY the case with us gals, is it? Well, Erin, you are top of the pile in this blogging field, again, IMO (BUT I AM RIGHT!!!)
    No one can shine a candle to HOW YOU present your blog or CONNECT w/your readers. You will be a great grandma and still posting and loving it and having others love you because YOU LOVE what you do! WHO knows about the rest…. Odd, I have read a lot of blogs in the past (Covid, lock down, you know!) and I only recognized one other gal! I go on IG and have an account myself. Barely used tho. I don’t like it like I love reading a blog. Especially yours! MOST others-now unsubscribed in my online clean up!
    Crazy how it takes us several nites to adjust to being alone. The mom in us!! I was like that the first years after I married my husband. So odd to be alone when he was on a business trip. Even with a child or two in the house, then by night three I was in love with time to myself and TV watching WHAT I wanted and having an English muffin for dinner (was it REALLY a piece of cake??? LOL, probably! ;)

    1. Ha ha.. cake for dinner is ALWAYS a good idea. ;) Sherri I don’t even know what to say! Honestly your comment made me tear up. So incredibly kind and I’m really just beyond honored that you feel that way about my blog. Thank you so much. For your kind words and support (always!) and for your friendship. I’m so lucky to have people like you reading! Also I’m with you.. blogs over IG any day. ;) So very grateful for you! xo

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