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Favorite Amazon Branches

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Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

Aloha from Maui! Not a bad view to wake up to right!? We are enjoying a little summer vacation at our favorite spot! I’m sharing 3 favorite Amazon branches with you today, but also wanted to let you know that I am FINALLY prioritizing my Maui tips post! We have been traveling to Maui for years and I often get asked about our favorite things to do on the island. To be honest the reason I’ve never written a post about it is because there is so much I want to share that it overwhelms me! But I started making a list this week and will definitely try to share favorite spots/tips at some point this summer.

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

I mean you need to know all the best spots to find the turtles right!? Too much fun. We saw so many on the beach and in the water snorkeling a couple of days ago.. my favorite! If you love Maui and have your own favorite spots or tips to add, please send me an e-mail! If you’re on my e-mail list just reply to this blog post. If you aren’t on my e-mail list.. why not? You should sign up at the bottom of my home page. ;) If I don’t already have your Maui favorites covered in my post I’ll definitely add them to the list! There is so much to do and see on this beautiful island.

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

We have so many fun memories from our time spent in Maui!

Ok.. back to our regularly scheduled program. :)

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

{green nandina faux branches/quin ceramic vase/matte terracotta vase/monique handwoven tray}

I’m sharing 3 favorite faux branches from Amazon today styled 3 different ways! I love all of these looks for summer. I’ve shared these faux branches styled a few ways recently.. loving the bright green for summer!

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

These two vases are favorites and make a great pairing side by side with their opposite colors, shapes and sizes. Also I’m kind of obsessed with this gorgeous handwoven tray! I love the design details in the rattan.. so light and airy and perfect for summer.

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

{faux tree branches/artisan terracotta vase/ceramic decorative bowl/tondo rectangle serving board}

LOVE this look too. These faux branches have been all over my house and look great everywhere (I shared them styled here in my bathroom). They come in a set of 5 for a great price which is perfect because it only takes 4-5 branches to create a beautiful arrangement (I think I just have 4 in this vase at the moment).

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

This modern ceramic bowl is a recent favorite. A splurge but it’s so large and gorgeous and really makes a statement! Especially when it’s full of lemons. Personal preference. :)

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

My black serving board is a staple I use for styling all the time. It’s great for charcuterie boards when you’re entertaining too!

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

{faux olive branches/minka textured pot/celia woven tray/black bowl}

Of course we can’t talk about favorite Amazon faux branches without including my long time beloved olive branches. They just never get old. :) Really though.. they look good YEAR round! Summer, Fall, Spring. The only time I don’t have them displayed somewhere in my house is during December because my garland and pine branches take over. The rest of the year they are always front and center somewhere! I’ve seen olive branches from other stores that cost more and don’t look nearly as realistic. One of my favorite Amazon buys hands down! I love these branches styled in any vase, but I usually have them displayed in this textured vase you’ve also seen many times in my home. I have it in 3 sizes I love it so much! This is the large vase and it’s huge!

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

This tray is another beautiful summer option for styling or entertaining that I’ve shared before and of course.. lemons always for that pop of summer color. :)

Which look is your favorite? Ignore the bad lighting in my kitchen pics.. our San Diego cloud cover has been relentless!

Amazon Faux Branches (Sunny Side Up)

Happy to be enjoying this view for a change. :)


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Favorite Amazon Branches

  1. Have enjoyed reading your posts for years now. I use your printables to help me around the holidays and to keep on task for cleaning and organizing. Please share your Maui favorites. We will be traveling there next Spring and would love to know your recommendations.
    Thank you!

    1. Oh I’m so happy to hear that Sally! I will for sure. Thank you so much for sticking with me for so long! Means a lot. :) xo

  2. Erin,
    When you mentioned being able to use all over the house, vases and branches, well, THAT is the sign of any product worth its salt!
    I love the vacay pics! a FUN family having FUN! Absolutely Love it! :)

  3. Have a fantastic time on your Maui vacation. You all definitely deserve some good relaxation time. Thanks for sharing the scoop about all the branches. You sure make them look good. Maybe when you get back the sun will return with you! Happy summer!

  4. Maui is also my happy place! I absolutely understand being overwhelmed with where to start!! We enjoy so many areas of the island. Love a morning or evening stroll along the Wailea Beach Path!! I’m looking forward to your post about all things Maui!! Enjoy!!

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