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Outdoor Entertaining

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Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{striped navy rug}

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! We had a sunny beautiful day today after a week of clouds and it put us all in such a good mood! I finally got the outdoor entertaining area off of our kitchen nook cleaned and put together so we are officially ready for all things outdoor. May is always crazy busy so it makes summer break even more enticing. Bring it on! We are feeling ready at our house.

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{striped navy rug/round outdoor tray/frida vase/similar faux tulips here & here}

My new outdoor pillows added life to this space!

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{striped outdoor pillow/macia pillow/linen lumbar pillow}

Loving this pillow combo. Stripes, floral and green for the win. :)

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{striped outdoor lumbar}

I loved the large striped outdoor pillow so much I decided to get two of the striped outdoor lumbar pillows in the same pattern for my two large chairs. They also come in a fun red stripe that’s perfect for 4th of July celebrations.

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{macia pillow/palm tree pillow}

The embroidered palm tree pillow is also so good! Total vacation vibes.. we’ll take it. :)

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

I love to have friends over and entertain during the summer and so do my kids! It’s what we all look forward to most. Along with lazy mornings when we can all sleep in. (Lots of night owls in this house! Ha.)

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{floral outdoor pillow/similar poufs}

I knew I wanted to pick up some kid friendly dishes this year for summer get togethers and couldn’t believe my luck when I found so many cute options on-line from Target!

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{gingham tumblers/fruit platter/lemon platter/round outdoor tray}

What screams summer more than lemons and gingham!?

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{dinner bowls/mini bowls}

I ordered some of the fruit plates and matching lemon bowls.

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

I couldn’t pass up the navy gingham and classic plaid plates!

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

And how cute are the picnic plaid and yellow stripe plates too!?

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{salad plates/rattan serving tray}

The fruit plates are also adorable. So fun on a table with just one fruit or a combo of all of them! This rectangle rattan serving tray is beautiful. A great size and perfect for outdoor use. Just $13!

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

I love that there are so many fun ways to mix and match these cute plates!

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

They are melamine which makes them perfect for kids meals and snacks, but they are cute enough for adult summer get togethers too.

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{woven basket caddy/fruit napkins/lemon napkins/gold flatware}

This woven basket caddy is too cute.. summer BBQ perfection! I know we will use it all summer long. It would make a fun gift too!

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{blue henley tee/icon flare jeans/similar sandals}

I’m slightly squinting in this pic but sidenote.. these jeans and top are 10/10! Both so flattering and cute! I got the jeans in petite and they are a perfect length to wear with flats. (I’m 5’3 and a half) :)

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

{blue henley tee/initial pendant necklace}

I snapped a selfie in my house to show the top better (ignore the paper piles behind me!). It comes in other colors but I love the blue floral. So pretty for spring and summer! I went one size bigger in this top (wearing a small) because it’s a more fitted/smaller fit. This initial pendant necklace necklace is a long time favorite (my most worn!) and would make a great mother’s day or graduation gift.

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

All of this cute summer serve ware is ready to party! Now we just need the food. Food! That’s always a second (or third or fourth) thought at my house.. ha. Cleaning and decorating – done. Then I’m too tired to cook and resort to ordering pizza.

Every time.

Outdoor Entertaining (Sunny Side Up)

But how cute would pizza look on my fun new plates!?



xoxo, Erin
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3 thoughts on “Outdoor Entertaining

  1. Looking great! Lemons seem to be a theme in decor this year. Love it. So bright and happy. Gotta love gingham and plaid, too. Cozy feel to them. Looks like you are ready to par-tay. The top you featured is adorable, too. All kinds of goodness. Thanks so much for sharing, Erin!

  2. Erin,
    Sorry! Late AGAIN! Such a cute, informative post! I would get the Lemon plates IF I had not just purchased some during my abduction by the “Retail Aliens” in Home Goods!
    Best to explain this “abduction thing”. Great example: Out with husband. Me: “oh, thats a NEW Home goods (insert Pottery Barn or/And Ballard Design, ETC. as well) Let me just run in a Sec.” 45 mins later-Man w/EVIL looking, red face looking suspiciously like my husband at the wheel. NO other choice other than just run away or the teensy, tiny WHITE lie. “so, so sorry. Can you believe that at the register after one teeny. tiny purchase I was Abducted?? YES! Abducted AGAIN by aliens!” In case anyone is worried about the use of the word “Abduction” from a woman, this should clear it up! ;-D Beware, those “RETAIL Aliens” are REALLY out there! Most common in CERTAIN stores……
    PS. The flare jeans are in my cart since it was actually well before Covid that I had any new jeans I put a 27P. in the cart/bag then after looking at the size guide I did an edit to 26P. What do you think?? I agree about the P. when wearing flats. I hate that dragging on the ground thing. I am ALMOST 5’5″ with short legs! All my height is in my neck! :)

  3. I love the whole summer setting! I especially like the gold flatwares. Do you wash them in the dishwasher and have they been holding up?

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