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clean house (Sunny Side Up)

Well hello! Long time no post. :) Crickets have been chirping on the blog lately because the stomach flu hit our house. NOT good! First Addison, then me, then as soon as I was starting to feel better Kenny got sick. I’m not going to lie.. it was rough. Ha. Kole is the last man standing. Fingers crossed we are out of the woods and he doesn’t get sick! We’ve all had enough saltine crackers and Pedialyte to last a life time. Last year I got food poisoning over President’s Day weekend and landed in the ER so clearly the long February weekend is not my friend! I’m hoping you had a better week!

Our house was basically a disaster while we were sick so Friday I spent some time putting it all back together. I snapped these pics quickly with my cell phone after because it was the most productive thing I had done in a while and it felt so good. Clearly I haven’t been out much lately! So here are some bad lighting cell pics to say hey.. the house is picked up and I’m back. :)

clean house (Sunny Side Up)

{pb comfort roll arm couch/maggie rattan-wrapped stool/chunky wool jute rug}

I don’t think I ever shared how I styled things after the holidays and wasn’t planning on it since I’m going to change things up soon for spring, but here we are. I’ll leave some of these pillows up and add a few florals. Things are looking a little “fallish” with all neutrals right now so I’m excited to bring in some color!

clean house (Sunny Side Up)

{block woven square pillow/reed striped lumbar pillow}

I’m loving this large block woven square pillow! It’s not the softest to lay on, but I love the texture and pattern. Every other pillow is soft so we’re more than set on pillows to lay on. :) The reed striped lumbar is a long time favorite and comes in other colors.

clean house (Sunny Side Up)

clean house (Sunny Side Up)

{linen textured pillow/striped square throw pillow}

These linen textured pillows are so beautiful and come in lots of colors. I’ve shared them before and have them in pink too! Great neutrals to toss in with any patterns. Time to put my winter tree pillow away!

clean house (Sunny Side Up)

{eileen coffee table/stripe pattern throw pillow/woven stripe throw pillow/brass metal nesting tray – 26″/glazed terracotta vase/dried german statice/swift oval serving tray}

I’m sharing some weekend favorites and sales and then I’ll be in your inbox lots this week with fun things I’m behind on sharing! *If you don’t get emails when I post you should sign up HERE. We have a good time. ;) There are lots of fun free printables for you when you sign up too! 


Like I mentioned I’m on the hunt for cute spring pillows! Below are some I’m debating from Target, PB and Serena & Lily (20% off everything right now!).

1- embroidered blue pillow   2- floral blue pillow   3- camel pillow

4-printed patchwork pillow   5-windowpane pillow   6-linen pillow

1-zea pillow   2-green pillow   3- garden floral pillow

4- pink linen pillow   5- emberaldi pillow   6-blue linen pillow

1-  topanga pillow   2- madera pillow   3- mendocino pillow

4- pryce pillow   5- miramonte pillow   6-asheville pillow

1- sam edelman sandal   2-woven serving basket   3- ficus tree

4-  vince camuto sandal   5-bed throw   6-  tulips

A few other spring favorites popping up in my home!

Target Art (Sunny Side Up)

{similar console table here & here/similar baskets/Santorini Urn/similar faux cherry blossoms/scalloped bowl/wood chain link/Dreary Abstract Landscape Canvas/similar candle holders/battery operated candles}

All of my favorite Target art is back in stock! Such an easy, inexpensive way to add personality to your home.

Target Art (Sunny Side Up)

{landscape antique gold canvas/marlowe ceramic vase/faux green bay leaf branches/bjork mirror}

This pretty landscape canvas is currently in our upstairs hallway but I’m going to bring it back down so I can see it more. A favorite for sure!

Target Art (Sunny Side Up)

{landscape canvas}

This moody landscape canvas is perfect for shelf styling and never stays in stock long. So good. I have and love all of the art in my collages below!

1-  rolling hills canvas   2-citrus harvest

3-landscape canvas   4- landscape antique gold canvas


1- abstract landscape   2-floral arrangement

3-  summer pasture   4- wildflowers


1- large wood cheese board   2- long wooden cutting board

3- round serving board (similar here)  4- marble & wood serving board

Some of my favorite serving boards are also back in stock!


1- self tanner   2-straw clutch   3-earrings   4-beach towel

5-flip flops   6- straw hat   7-swimsuit   8- supergoop sunscreen 

9-beach sarong   10- beach tote   11- ruffle two-piece suit

Clearly I’m ready for warm weather! We’ve had so much rain this week and I know many of you are buried in snow. Let’s all dream of swimsuits, cute floppy straw hats, rattan bags and self tanner should we? I think we should. :)

clean house (Sunny Side Up)

{stanley 40 oz tumbler}

Stanley tumblers are back in stock in my favorite colors!

{everywhere belt bag}

The beloved lulu belt bags are also back in stock in lots of colors!

{liberty sling bag}

These sling bags are too much fun! Guess which color I bought? :) I’ll share a better pic of it soon! I love the inside pocket for your cell phone and plenty of room for other essentials. I love the cute straps too!


1- mini leather bag   2- sling backpack   3-half circle satchel bag

4- bali satchel   5-leather tote   6-striped tote

Anthro has so many cute spring bags coming in! Love that store.

1-oversized hoodie   2- align tank top   3-tank top   4-longline bra

5- cloud bra   6- cropped sweatshirt   7-long sleeve shirt   8- align high rise pants

Ending this weekend’s round-up with some lulu favorites. Always a good thing!

Enjoy your Saturday and I’ll be back very soon!

I hope.


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites & Sales

  1. Oh so sorry to hear you all (except Kole) have been sick. That is NO fun. I’m glad you are feeling better and hopefully things will dry up for you soon. Did I hear right on the news that your neck of the woods got snow for the first time ever? This weather is just crazy. We were below zero for a couple of days again this week. When the temp before the cold snap was in the low 60s. I hope we can all go on that tropical adventure. Take care and have a relaxing weekend. You certainly don’t want a relapse!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! We are so happy to be feeling good again! We didn’t get any snow in my area but I think some surrounding areas did. We’ve just been drenched in rain! I can’t wait to see all of the pretty spring flowers that will be the result of it next month! Are you snowed in!? Below zero is TOO COLD! I hope you are all staying warm inside! Definitely time for some topical adventures. :) Take care of yourself in this crazy weather! xo

  2. So sorry you got the stomach flu! I hope you’re feeling better ♥️ Thank you for all the links! I found a few I will be ordering. Have a great weekend Erin! 🙏🏼♥️

  3. Erin,
    Welcome back and feel 100% soon! Fantastic post after being so sick. You have my empathy b/c we were (ARE) really sick here too. Difference is that my kids are in their own places now! for a “sick house” w/4 people you have hit amazing standards! Now that we are down to just 2 from 5 under this roof, you would think EASY PEASY after sickness w/just 2, right? NOPE! WORSE! .I think it is time to just pack the whole place up and say goodbye! :/ Really it would be easier! Many might say “well, Erin, she has that huge house and of course “services”, as in CLEANING/Maid. Well, when everyone was home, I had some of that and they C-L_E-A-N. PERIOD. ALL the out of place “stuff” they either don’t touch or throw all together willy Nilly. They use grocery bags or boxes to contain the “stuff” so they can PLOW thru!
    Anyway, unless my news station has SNOW ON THE MIND, I guess you got some??? Been a bounce between MINUS ZERO up to 70 degrees here in N.E.! :-O Blizzard coming Tue!
    Anyway, Erin, feel better soon and I have to tell you the SLING bag is on my WISH list. Guess WHAT color!? Also, that CLASIC black swimsuit. HOW could you go wrong!? The “classic” one piece (The other black one, maybe 4 babies and 20 years ago!) The Sam E. sandals w/the buckle… Well, yes, I have a couple gift cards left!
    P.S. My winter tree pillow is still out too! Mine is the Target version but I love that yours is STILL out too!

    1. Sharon no! I’m so sorry to hear that you are sick too! So many things going around right now.. it’s the worst! I know the feeling of wanting to just pack it up and move! It’s the daily family messes and laundry that never ends that tips you over the edge right!? We didn’t get any snow in my area but I’ve heard it’s happening (or did happen!?) in Hollywood. This weather has been crazy. I can’t believe the snow some people are getting and it sounds like you have been COLD in your neck of the woods. I hope you are staying inside and warm! The cute Sam E. sandals will be in our future if we just hang on! Ha. I hope you all feel better soon. Sending love! Sunshine is coming! xo

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