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Washable Rugs!

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions and product selections are my own!

Washable Rugs (Sunny Side Up)

{moroccan diamond washable rug}

Happy Thursday! How is it already Thursday!? This week has flown by. I’ve been organizing a lot lately and when I get in a groove with organizing I tend to lose track of days and time altogether. What kids? You’re hungry? You need to be where? You need help with what? Whatever it is it can’t possible be as important as going through this sock drawer. I just know I’m not wearing half of these..

More on my organizing adventures soon. :) For today I’m popping in to share this beautiful new rug I got from Walmart for my girls’ bathroom! You might remember not long ago I shared some smaller navy rugs I bought for this space. They were so cute! And my girls hated them. Ha. Honestly I can’t say that I blamed them. The rugs had nothing holding them down and even later when I added rug pads they slipped off the pads and swirled around everywhere. Then some make-up spilled on one of the rugs and wouldn’t come out. One day I walked upstairs and there were the cute navy rugs.. sitting in the hallway. Apparently my girls were done with them regardless of how cute they were!

Washable Rugs (Sunny Side Up)

It was time for a new rug and I was very selective picking one this time around! I knew I wanted a dark blue runner and it had to have more of a secure backing (I didn’t want  to mess with rug pads in this bathroom again). This rug could not be more perfect and we are in love! Aside from the cute print it’s machine washable! I can toss it in my washing machine and it will always look as good as new.

Washable Rugs (Sunny Side Up)

It has a soft, nonslip backing and I love the deep blue and fun pattern. It comes in lots of sizes and I was bummed the biggest is 7’6 by 9’6. I need a larger rug for my outdoor area and this is exactly what I want in that space too! My girls are also thrilled with their new rug and we will never go back to small rugs that you can’t wash and that don’t stay in place in this bathroom again.

The end.

Washable Rugs (Sunny Side Up)

Almost. :) I was thinking this would be a fun print for summer in my mudroom so I tried it out in this space too. So cute! Perfect for the kitchen too since that’s the place most of the spills happen.

Washable Rugs (Sunny Side Up)

Walmart has an entire line of beautiful WASHABLE rugs! So many fun prints in various sizes. I rounded up my favorites below. I’m very tempted to pick up another one.. or two! Affordable, stylish, washable rugs?

Almost as exciting as my organized sock drawer.



Washable Rugs (Sunny Side Up)

1- cadarn beige rug  2- krystin distressed rug   3- diamond rug   4- geometric area rug

5- persian medallion rug  6- cadena blue rug  7- faded vintage rug  8- floral area rug

{Walmart Home favorites} 

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Washable Rugs!

  1. Haha, so much angst over a rug, but I totally get it! A rug that doesn’t stay put is one that needs to go! The one you chose is really nice. I like the navy color and the pattern. Happy to hear that this one probably won’t be found in time-out in the hallway. Thanks for sharing and happy rug hunting and organizing for the other spaces you mentioned. ;) Have a great end of the week.

  2. Thank you! I enjoy reading your blog. What paint color did you use in the girl’s bathroom? Can you post all of your paint colors please.

  3. I love the navy with the grey and white. I actually copied that color on the walls of the house that we just sold. I wanted to try it out to see if I liked it enough to use in the new build. It’s a winner and we will definitely be using it.
    I recently just purchased a couple of Ruggables, but after seeing this, I am going to have to check out the ones that Walmart sells. I like their price a lot better. Thanks for sharing another great find.

    1. Thank you so much Anita! Definitely check out these washable rugs. They are great – especially for high traffic areas and a great price for sure. Congrats on your new build! So exciting! :)

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