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Halloween (Sunny Side Up)

Hello hello!  I hope you’re all doing well and recovering from Halloween and election craziness.  What a week!  We have watched so much election coverage that tonight Addison and I finally decided to take a break and turn on Gilmore Girls.  I highly recommend that little detour!  You can’t listen to Lorelai and Rory banter without instantly feeling better about life in general. :)

One of Kenny’s friends had an outdoor 70’s themed get together for his birthday a few days before Halloween so we made a quick Amazon order and came up with the groovy look above.  I about died when Kenny came walking out of our closet in those white pants!  He was a little too comfortable dancing around in them.  Ha!  My kids loved it.  They were mortified, but secretly loved it. ;)

Halloween (Sunny Side Up)

(left by yours truly, middle “mom and baby” by Kole, right by Addison, Kenny and El supervised)

Halloween day we spent together as a family carving pumpkins (we shoot for basic at best), making Halloween treats and watching scaryish movies.  That night we had teens over – spaced around our fire pit outside so Kenny stayed home to supervise.  He was more than happy to take one for the team and watch football while I took Kole trick or treating in a neighborhood that had a few safe options.  I loved seeing so much creativity!  Candy hanging from trees or coming out of a tube from a top window straight down to the kids’ candy bags.  I was worried that Kole wouldn’t have a fun night with things being so different but when I put him to bed he said “did you see all of the nerds I got?  BEST Halloween ever.”

So the take away is as long as nerds are involved we’re set.  :)

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

(favorite faux garland on my fireplace)

Of course I couldn’t put away my pumpkins and pull Christmas decor out fast enough the next day!  Just SO excited to have all of the red and green and lights up again!  Especially with the time change.  Christmas lights create such a cozy environment don’t they!?  These pics are from last year and I’m excited to show you how things are looking around here this year!

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

(chunky wool jute rug)

If you need me during the next week I’ll be hanging out with my trusty ladder scaling every wall of my home!  (Don’t worry mom.. I’m being careful.)  Remember my neutral tree from last year?  Not happening this year!  I missed the red so much!  I’m such a sucker for traditional Christmas colors.

I’ve seen so many cute options for Christmas decor this year!  Down right dangerous.. I seriously want one of everything and am working hard to restrain.  Have you seen the cute stuff popping up in Target this year!?  I rounded up my favorites below and then couldn’t help ordering a few things!

Target Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

plaid serving tray / merry Christmas doormat / cedar wreath with ribbon bell / double stripe vase / faux pine stem / holiday advent calendar  / striped salad plate/ Christmas tree plate/  candle gift set / artificial Christmas tree / plaid table runner / merry pillow / plaid green pillow / snowflake border pillow / dotted stripe pillow

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

holiday plaid serving tray / oversized square throw pillow / *stockings linked below / snowflake doormat / cedar hoop wreath

I was laughing because the day after I placed an order one of my close friends came by my house.  I opened the door and she said “have you seen the cute Christmas stuff at Target!?”  She pulled out what she bought to show me and we laid it out.  It looked so cute on my bench so I snapped a pic!

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

I had ordered this cedar hoop wreath too!  We just laughed.  We do that all the time.. get excited to show each other what we bought and then realize we bought the same thing!  I actually love this wreath so much I ordered both the large and the smaller size. And the stockings are full size!  When I saw that they were only $15 I assumed they were smaller or not great quality.  I was wrong!

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

striped holiday stockings / plaid holiday stocking

green plaid holiday stocking / cable knit holiday stocking /black/white plaid stocking

rustic stitched stocking /red/white stripes stocking / bold stripes holiday stocking

Seriously so cute!  Love the fun patterns.  You can see the size of them sitting on my bench.  GO Target.

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

eucalyptus and berry wreath /  pine and berry candle / botanical candle

baby it’s warm doormat  /  happy holiday garland/ 3 alpine trees

 wood taper candleholder / red snowflake pillow / light up tabletop tree

These are a few Christmas favorites I found at World Market this year!  I didn’t include it in my collage but I ordered these winter tree scrolls (if you remember my Fall decor you probably know where one is going!).  :)

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

stewart plaid pillow shams / flickering flameless wax piller candles / 4 plaid salad plates / gold mercury votive holders / Ho Ho Ho lumbar pillow (HUGE!)

And of course we can’t talk Christmas decor favorites without a few things from Pottery Barn.  PB at Christmas!  Be still my heart. ;)  This was a happy mail day at my house!  Excited to show you how I’m using it all.  The HO HO HO crazy long lumbar pillow!  There are no words.

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Also my Christmas tree shaped wood cheese board is back in stock!  Another favorite I couldn’t love more.  Mine is the large size and it’s an absolutely perfect size to set out on the counter to hold holiday crackers and cheese or snacks.  Even better it looks so cute in the kitchen for Christmas decor!  Excited to make our annual Christmas pretzel hugs yet again this year. :)

Christmas Decor (Sunny Side Up)

pumpkin shaped reclaimed wood cheese board / white reclaimed pine wood cheese board

holiday tree shaped reclaimed wood cheese board / ornament shaped reclaimed wood cheese board

They also came out with some other fun holiday boards. Love these and I want that cute pumpkin for next year!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{colorblock cinched waist sweatshirt}

Two weekends ago we decided that before we put up our Christmas decor we needed to at least FEEL some Fall air (it has honestly been so hot here the past few months!) so we loaded the kids in the car and took everyone to breakfast.  (My cute top is from Walmart.. below are a few other affordable Walmart favorites!)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

We went a little later in the morning to avoid any crowds and had hand sanitizer ready!  We snapped these pics with the girls.. Kole was sitting on the other side of me and ducked out. :)  I made El flash a smile to show off those pretty teeth.  Braces finally off for my oldest!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

2020 has been a lot of things, but for us it has also been the year of braces.  All three!  I honestly feel like I live at the orthodontist office.  Between the three of them someone always needs to be there!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

After breakfast we headed to Julian (a cute little mountain town about an hour away from San Diego).  We go every year and it’s usually so much fun.  Cool temps and pumpkins and fall leaves and apple cider and pie and fun little shops to explore..

That was NOT the case this trip!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

We went from crazy heat to a full on rain storm!  It was POURING!  And so windy!  We got soaking wet.  Ad burned her lips on the cider.  The line was over an hour wait for pie so we bagged that.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{colorblock cinched waist sweatshirt/kole’s hoodie and jogger sweatsuit}

Right after we took these pics Kole’s cute space umbrella snapped in two from the wind!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

We took off our masks for these pics, but other than that masks were on and coats were zipped and we were freezing!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Not quite the picturesque fun Fall day we had planned!  We were only there about an hour or two.  We got back in the car and Kole said.. “well.. that was a disaster!”  We all laughed so hard!  It was honestly so bad it was just comical.  2020 I tell ya!  We have been remembering it and laughing about it for two weeks.  Still a great family day with some funny memories we lived to tell about.

AND we finally experienced Fall.  Not quite the Fall we were picturing.. but cold weather.. check!

It was enough for me.  Back to sunshine and Christmas lights on the palm trees and Gilmore Girls.  We can head to Julian again in December to feel and experience snow.


xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Lovely post, Erin! The most I’m doing in getting ready for Christmas right now is listening to Christmas music. Haha. But so happy you are in your glory. Lots of fun decor to look forward to seeing. Your family is so sweet. I loved seeing those pictures of Ellie. She is so pretty. Well, so is Addison (who looks just like you) and Kole is quite handsome and looking very grown up these days. Your trip sounds like a definite memory marker and not quite for the reasons you’d hoped. Wow! We had a big snow storm a few weeks ago and ever since, it’s been warm. They say next week might get more Fall like. I think its the 2020 Effect. Haha. Have a great weekend, Erin and keep on keeping on! You’ve definitely got the right idea to keep your positivity up. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Christmas music is a great place to start. ;) You are beyond kind to say such sweet things about my kids. Thank you! You always make my day with your thoughtful comments and I’m so grateful to have you for a friend. One of these days we are going to meet and I’m going to take you to lunch! 2020 just might not be our year for that.. ha. ;) Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks again! xo

  2. Your kids have the most beautiful eyes!
    Your holiday finds get me in trouble – lol! Now I need to find that Target hoop wreath.
    I was just looking at holiday sleigh rides in Pella, Iowa (near us). We do get the cold, snowy weather pretty quickly.
    I always enjoy your blog, but especially during the holiday season. I start celebrating Sept. 1st every year.

    1. So sweet of you Kathy! Thank you! Oh my word.. too many cute things out there this year! I get into trouble easily too. I try to just round up fun things to share on my blog and then before I know it I’m adding things to my cart right and left. Online shopping has made it all a little TOO easy for us. ;) I’m so happy to hear that you start celebrating the holidays early too. It really is such a special time of year. Happy decorating and enjoy the snow this year! :)

  3. Love the braces picture of all 3 of the kids! So sweet! And congrats to El for getting them off! One of mine has hers off, 2 have them on, and one is getting ready to start. I feel ya on living at the orthodontist office :) Have a great day Erin!

    1. The struggle is real isn’t it Lisa!? With multiple kids you feel like you should just move in! Ha. Thank you so much! Enjoy your sweet kids. This stage is so much fun isn’t it!? :)

  4. Love seeing all your family pictures from your latest adventure. As much as I love Christmas, I’m not ready to put away Fall decors until very close to Thanksgiving. Christmas decorating is probably the most time consuming one out of all the seasons.

    1. I so get that Debbie! You should do whatever makes you happy! Christmas decorating is SO time consuming. I love to get it up early because it’s so much work that I want to be able to enjoy it as long as possible! :)

  5. Last year I ordered wonderful pies when we were in Encinitas at or sons for the holidays. (We live in Palm Springs). Purchased them at the nursery on Encinitas Blvd. and Quail Gardens Drive. They were delicious and we happen to love that nursery! A favorite to visit!

    1. Marilyn I’m so happy you shared that with me! I’ve never been to that nursery (although I’ve driven by it many times). I’m going to look into it for pies for sure! Also we love Palm Springs! It always feels like a mix of my two homes (San Diego and southern Utah where I grew up). A favorite getaway spot for us. :)

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