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Friday 5

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

{similar American garland/flag lumbar pillow/white tray}

Happy Friday friends!  I’m sharing all sorts of randomness for Friday 5 today!  I seriously can’t believe it’s already mid June.  I just realized a few days ago how quickly the 4th is sneaking up.  I usually decorate for the 4th before Memorial Day in May so that we can enjoy the patriotic decor for a while, but this year with everything going on I didn’t even think about it until this week!  I’m going to pull a few things out this weekend and spruce up our outdoor spaces.

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

Some of my favorite decor for the 4th is back in stock and 20% off this weekend!  This cute flag lumbar pillow sold out quickly last year so don’t wait if you want it!

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

These cute little burlap flags are also favorites on sale.  Place them on any table inside a vase or jar..

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

{my hydrangea plant is real but this is a great faux option/ceramic planter pots}

or inside a plant for easy patriotic decor!

I rounded up a few other favorites below.  Isn’t this linen floral pillow pretty?  A fun way to decorate with red, white and blue in the summer without going over the top.  Not that anything is wrong with over the top! ;)

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

1 –  Flag Embroidered Pillow Cover    2 – Liberty Burlap Flags     3 –  Urban Villa Dinner Napkins

4 –  Darlene Floral Linen Pillow Cover     5 –  Pieced Flag Linen Lumbar Pillow

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

{cap sleeve wide leg jumpsuit}

2)  Ok.. fashion talk!  This beautiful cap sleeve jump suit was on sale a while back and I snatched it up and am IN LOVE!  This picture really doesn’t do it justice.  It’s so beautiful and has such a flattering fit.  It’s really long on me so I’ll probably have to have the length taken up a bit.  I tried it on with the highest heels I own and I seriously tripped in them multiple times just walking down my hallway!  Guess it has been a while since I last wore heels.. ha. :)  It’s back at full price (hopefully it will go on sale again!) but THIS jumpsuit was just marked down and it’s almost identical.  Same brand.. the only difference is that it’s a v-neck and has flutter sleeves.  So pretty!  I’m tempted to get it too.  I won’t be wearing this much until the Fall but such a fun outfit for dinner with friends or a dressy event that I don’t want to wear a dress to.  Eliza J is one of my favorite brands for dresses – they are always amazing quality and such a great fit!  Here are some favorite Eliza J dresses that are on sale.. I just ordered the dot dress to try!


Here are 5 other things I’m loving and debating right now!  Still into all things cozy since we are home more than usual so this robe and pjs are sitting in my cart.  The cute gingham top would be perfect over a swim suit with cut offs for the summer!  And both pairs of these fun sandals are on major sale.
4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

1 –  Mia Wrap    2 –  Gingham Tie Shoulder Tank Top   3 –   All American Pajamas   4 –  Anica Sandal
5 –  Miller Flip Flop

These cute blue Tory bags are also on major sale right now!

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

3)  A few fun things that came in the mail!  I mentioned trying out this faux olive tree in my last Friday 5 post.  I was worried it wouldn’t look very realistic because it was such a low price for a tree like this but it looks so good!  It’s a little thinner and more sparse than some I was looking at but perfect for a cozy corner.  Keeper!  I’m not keeping it here (obviously – I can’t open the cupboards).  I just  snapped a pic after I got it out of the box to share.  I’ll share it again in its final resting place.  I need to find a cute basket to put it in too!

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

Loving these vintage style hobnail pots!  They remind me so much of my grandma Ellen (who Ellie was named after).  She had lots of dishes like this and a hobnail candy jar that always sat on her coffee table.  When we were little my brother and sister and I would always race to it when we’d get to her house to see what treat she had for us. :)  My favorite faux plant fit in the large pot perfectly!  I added a few of my favorite faux peonies in the small pot.  These will be so pretty with some real plants and flowers in them too.

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

Another recent obsession is these under eye masks (on sale for half off right now!).  They work so well and are perfect for mornings that I wake up with puffy eyes!  I had one on last week and Kole woke up and walked in the kitchen and jumped.. ha!  It totally scared him seeing me wearing these strange things under my eyes.  But I think my puffy eyes would have scared him more. ;)

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

4)  Addison turned 14 at the end of May and we had such a fun weekend celebrating her!  I found these cute tissue paper fans to decorate with and we all wore blue.  It’s her favorite color. :)  We spent the whole day doing everything she loves starting with her favorite pink drink from Starbucks and ending with one of her favorite movies.  Her cute friends all came by and surprised her too.  A few days later she graduated from Middle School (a fun drive by graduation).  I can’t believe I now have TWO girls in high school!

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

I gave her a snow cone maker for her birthday and she has been in 7th heaven whipping out snow cones!  I got it at Target and couldn’t find it on-line, but this is another option around the same price.  Kole gets so excited when she gets it out!

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

The 3 of us are obsessed with shaved ice (Kenny and El don’t like them!).  Our little snow cone maker will have to do until we can make it to Maui again. :)

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

5)  School is officially done and it feels so strange this year going from a slow pace to an even slower pace.  Nice to take a break from all things zoom for a while though!  We haven’t been able to go back to church yet (California is still SLOWLY re opening) and Ellie’s sweet church teachers have left a little surprise on our porch for her every week since church and school were shut down.  This one said “orange you glad it’s summer” and was full of orange treats.  :)  So thoughtful of them!  I’ve been trying to establish at least a morning routine with the kids.  They have some chores and a few other things they have to get done every morning after they wake up (Kole is working on his typing skills and learning the states and capitals).  Then the afternoons are free!  Lots of outside time in the pool.  I’ve been spending more time with my kids during the day so my work/computer schedule has shifted to its usual summer hours of some morning work and then getting most things done between 9 pm and 2 am with project/picture time in-between kid activities.  Bring on the under eye masks! ;)

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

{exercise tank/leggings}

The virus situation has been hard (really hard in so many ways!), but one thing I’ve loved is having so much time with Kenny.  Now that he’s working from home we talk so much during the day!  He’s always popping out of his office to say hi and see what the kids and I are up to. :)  Then every evening we go on a hike together.  Sometimes the kids join us, but a lot of nights it’s just the two of us.  We’ve found so many great trails right behind our neighborhood that we didn’t even know about.  Kenny snapped this of me last night on our way out the door because I wanted to show you this cute favorite tank!  It comes in so many colors and the back is darling!  You can tie it in the back for a more fitted look or leave it untied if you want it loose.

4th of July decor (Sunny Side Up)

Neither of us have been able to get our hair done yet.  Salons are finally open here but they have been so booked!  I’ve been patiently waiting for my hair app next week.  Luckily Kenny could care less about the sad state of my roots and seems to love me anyway.

If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.



xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Friday 5

  1. Fun decor items, Erin! Are olive trees the new fig leaf tree? I’m living under a rock, so sometimes I don’t know these things. Ha! The patriotic decor looks wonderful. Happy belated birthday to your sweet daughter! 2 in high school! I know all about that. It’s fun and busy. You have such lovely girls that you’ll have fun right along with them. I giggled when I saw the ice shaver/snow cone maker. Years ago I bought one that was practically unused from the thrift store. We have used it most summers since elementary school.! Pulled it out this year and it was so sad. It’s a tired baby. So I just bought us a new one! We make generic Crystal Light lemonade and freeze it in the cups, then shave it. Have you tried it? Yummy! What a sweet thing for the church group to do for your daughter. I’m sure it makes her feel special. How lovely that you live near so many trails! I’ve been walking my neighborhood most days, but dont’ have trails in my neighborhood. I’m sure they are special times for you. You both look very happy! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Happy Saturday Jeanne! I am definitely seeing faux olive trees pop up in decor a lot! They are a fun addition for sure and can really warm up your space. We are going to have to try Crystal Light Lemonade! That sounds so good! I love that you had a snow cone maker too. We’re kind of obsessed with it at the moment! It’s so fun you can just make your own for $30. Summer memories. :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. It is perfect to decorate your porch this weekend because it’s Flag Day! :) (I know this because it’s also my husband’s birthday and his mom always made him a cake with a flag on it when he was growing up.) Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my word Jill.. wish I could say I totally planned that! Ha! So cool. Thanks for letting me know and happy flag day! :)

  3. I love your blog, thank you for sharing! Next time you’re at Ululani’s try it with a snow cap (if you do dairy)- next level shave ice 🤩

  4. You look so pretty in that blue tank and in the jumpsuit! Thanks for always sharing your fashion finds. Happy Summer! xoxo!

    1. Hi Angie! He is just following the program at! It’s really simple and effective. Both of my girls learned to type using it too! :)

  5. During crazy times like these, it’s important to see the silver lining! As nuts as it’s been, having a slower pace & extra family time is definitely a blessing. Me & my hubby are the same; enjoying walks, walks & more walks every morning. Good for bonding & our health! PS, your hair looks super cute in that picture; would never have guessed you haven’t had it done in a while!

    1. So sweet of you Allison! Thank you! I agree. The slow pace and more time for family has been such a gift! I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy it too! xo

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