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Kids’ Spring Fashion

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and affiliate links are used

Is anyone else ready for the sun right about now!?  We definitely are at our house!  We’ve had so much rain the past two months.  Every time the sun finally peaks out for a day I notice my mood improves immensely!  I’m so excited to be partnering with Nordstrom today to share some fun ideas for kids’ Spring fashion!  It’s my favorite season to shop for new clothes for my kids.  So many bright colors and fun patterns that remind me of happy times in warm weather with family and friends.  I know that is in our future and I need the reminder right now!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

 {Atlas One-Piece Swimsuit/Lido Rashguard/four square volley shorts}

Nordstrom is having a HUGE Spring sale (up to 50% off!) and the selection for kids’ clothes is honestly the best I’ve seen.  I got these two so many cute things!  *If it helps with sizes I buy 10-12 for Kole (he’s 10 years old so a bit large with room to grow) and Addison (even though she’s 13) also wears size 10-12.  She’s the shortest student at her middle school and is now wearing the same size as her brother who is 4 years younger.  (Sorry Ad.. when you feel mad at me for passing on the short gene remember that you like your thick hair.. we can’t win them all.) ;)  First let’s talk swim suits!  I’ve learned to get new suits for my kids in April because by May/June when it’s really warming up most of the cute suits in their sizes are sold out.  Addison tried this suit on in my closet and my jaw dropped.  We both fell in LOVE!  The pattern, the flattering fit.. it’s seriously our favorite swim suit she has ever worn.  I wish I would have taken a pic of the back because it’s just as cute as the front.  Kole’s suit ran a little big on him (an 8 would have been perfect in this one) but it will work this summer and be perfect for next summer.  Love this rash guard too!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

There we go.. that’s the warm weather smile and laugh I was looking for.  :)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Lido Rashguard/four square volley shorts}

What do you know.. Kole’s hair matches his swim suit.  *Thanks again Kenny.  I owe you a fun surprise that you’ll love just as much as I’ve loved Kole’s hair.

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Lido Rashguard/Rapture Volley Shorts}

Same happy 4th grader.  Same rash guard.  Same blue hair.  Different swim shorts. :)  These shorts were a perfect fit!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

This is a pic of Kole a couple of years ago wearing this All Day Unity Rashguard.  It’s a long time favorite of ours and also fits great.  I buy him a new one just like it every year!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Lido Rashguard/Rapture Volley Shorts/Calla Cap Sleeve One-Piece Swim Suit}

This floral cap sleeve suit is another favorite Ad and I loved!  These two are so ready for the sun.  They’ve been getting in the pool since February even though the water has been freezing!  I always have to hurry and turn on the hot tub before their lips turn blue. :)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Isn’t the back cute!?  The swimsuits at Nordstrom are adorable this year!  Here is a round-up of my favorites.  So hard to pick just one!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Miken Sheer Ruffle Cover-Up Dress/Havaiana Flip Flops}

You can’t have a cute suit without a cute cover-up!  This red sheer ruffle cover-up is darling!  Lightweight and feminine and perfect to throw on over a suit.  Ad loves it. :)  Havaiana Flip Flops are also long time favorites.

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Brie Crystal Flower Sandal/Gigi Cara Glitter Sandal}

These are the fun Spring sandals Addison and I picked out for her this year.  Both so cute!  Here are a few other cute options for girls.  So adorable this year!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Floral Ruffle Romper/Gigi Cara Glitter Sandal}

Now on to the clothes!  This blue floral romper is too much fun for Spring/Summer.  Such a comfortable cute fit and perfect to go out or for lazy days relaxing at home.

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Eagle Rock Graphic Tee/Tie Waist Shorts/Gigi Cara Glitter Sandals}

When I put this outfit together in our on-line cart Ad wasn’t so sure.  She said “mom.. I don’t know if I love that.. it looks like something you would wear.”  Ha.  It does!  I have a thing for army green and I was secretly hoping the Eagle Rock graphic tee would run big and accidentally end up in my closet. :)  But then she tried it on.  And guess what outfit she absolutely loves!?  So much she has decided it’s a contender for her first day of high school in the Fall.

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

These shorts are so flattering and the tee can be worn multiple ways.  It’s a little long and she had it tied with jean shorts yesterday – darling!  We had a nice chat about how she needs to trust her mother’s instinct ALWAYS about EVERYTHING.  Choices, boys, school, clothes.  Mom knows best.

The size 16 Eagle Graphic Tee might have found a way into my cart.

She can match me while she heeds my trusted advice. ;)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Seamless Reversible Training Top/Cargo Pocket Self Tie Pants/Havaiana Flip Flops}

These cute cargo pants are another mom favorite that Ad now loves too. :)  Really flattering!  The Nike top can be dressed up or worn with a sports bra and leggings to exercise.  It comes in a hot pink too and Ad has both.  Really cute top you can wear lots of ways!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Knit Jumpsuit/Brie Crystal Flower Sandal}

Love this cozy knit jumpsuit!  I knew it would be perfect for lounging at home this Spring and then cute to wear out about about.  As soon as it’s ok to be out and about.

For now..  Let’s Stay Home. :)


{Sportswear Heritage Crop Fleece Sweatshirt/Similar Adidas Sneakers/Sportswear Air Logo Crop Hoodie/Everyday High Waist Leggings}

Me and my mini.  Gaining muscles by the hour!  Not really but it’s fun to pretend. :)  I’ve been a tad obsessed with Nike lately!  I’ve loved my crop fleece sweatshirt so much that when I came across this similar crop hoodie for Ad I couldn’t pass it up!  So cute and it has been perfect for all of our evening family walks when it’s cool outside.


{Dry Elite Basketball Shorts/Dry Statement Performance Shirt/Tucker & Tate Quarter Socks/Adidas X_PLR Sneaker/Split Back Top/Everyday High Waist Leggings}

Because we have been going on so many walks lately (sometimes twice a day because it’s our only outing) I picked up this cute split back top for her too.  Kole is wearing his dry elite basketball shorts (we have these in 3 colors!) and his Nike performance top – great for exercise.  My favorite socks for Kole are these Tucker & Tate quarter socks (all Tucker and Tate socks are the best and I’m stocking up while they are marked down!) and my favorite shoes for him are these Adidas Sneakers (another color option here).  Like his shorts we have them in several colors.  Boys are easy to dress aren’t they?  When I find something I love for Kole I just buy multiples!


On a walk yesterday and Kole is wearing those same shorts in white.  He was cracking me up with his umbrella!  There was a small chance of rain and he wanted to be prepared.  Ha.  Did you notice Kenny has a friend on his shoulder again?  :)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Sure Thing Graphic Tee/Sportswear Core Amplify Shorts}

Kole’s top he’s had for a while and has sold out but these Nike shorts are another favorite of his.

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Knot Tank/Everyday High Waist Leggings/Slab Pocket T-Shirt/Similar Core Linear Shorts/Tucker & Tate Quarter Socks/Adidas X_PLR Sneaker}

So is this black tee!  And this knot tank Ad is wearing is darling.  I said “smile” and got this instead.  Pretty much sums these two up!  (Sorry for the double jointed gene Ad.  The bad news is it comes with knee issues and strange looking “straight” arms.. the good news is it’s the reason you’re so crazy flexible.  We can’t win them all.) ;)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

There’s what mom was looking for. :)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Flutter Sleeve Top/The Markie Shorts/Gigi Cara Glitter Sandal}

Last beautiful Spring top for this post.. isn’t it darling!?  These jean shorts are so cute too.  They run a little small – we could have sized up to a 14 in them so I’d go up a size in these!  (I’ll share more porch details soon when it’s done.. just starting to spruce it up for Spring!)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Proud of this sweet girl.  And her sister.  Who sadly has grown out of kids’ clothes!  We were just about to chop Ad’s hair for a fun change right before the stay home order.  It’s getting so long!

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{California Graphic Tee/Dry Elite Basketball Shorts/Tucker & Tate Quarter Socks/Queen Band Sweatshirt/Everyday High Waist Leggings/Celine Throw}

So for being quarantined with these two monkeys hasn’t been too bad!  They each get along so well with Ellie, but Ad and Kole can be best friends or mortal enemies depending on the time of day.  I was a little worried about them spending so much time together.  Let me re-phrase that.  I was a little worried about my sanity with them having to spend so much time together!  While we’ve certainly had our moments, for the most part they have been getting along so well and we’ve all been having a lot of fun together.  I know it’s not easy for my kids right now.  They are all 3 really missing their friends!  But we are making the most of it and really enjoying this slower pace.  With plenty of time to take pictures for mom!  Ad was thrilled about this post and happy to be in pictures because she loves the clothes!  Kole I had to bribe with a little iPad time, but he was a good sport. ;)

Kids' Spring and Summer Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

That’s a wrap!  I wore these two right out. ;)

I hope this post gave you some fun ideas for kids’ Spring clothes this year!  Such a great selection at Nordstrom and their recent sales have been crazy good.  I love shopping for our whole family at Nordstrom because you just can’t beat the service and quality.  I’ve also been so impressed with all they are doing to help sew masks and give back during this difficult time.  Proud to partner with them!

Enjoy the rest of your day!  We have rain in our forecast again but we’re hoping to sneak in a walk.

Kole has his umbrella ready so we should be set. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Kids’ Spring Fashion

  1. Addison with her blue eyes and reddish hair is just beautiful. I think the army green outfit looks especially great on her as well as the cargo pants. With her coloring the army green color makes her features pop. Kole is a handsome boy for sure. He looks great with all his outfits.

  2. I love that wall hanging that says Let’s Stay Home. Where did you get it? (Also your posts make me homesick for SD.) 😊

  3. Your kids look so cute. I have the opposite “problem” with my 10 year old–he’s over 5’2″ and is almost out of boy sizes. And he’s in an 8 men’s shoe. WHAT? It’s crazy. But I still have two younger boys to dress, so that’s good. I’ve been loving Abercrombie Kids for my boys’ clothes–the track pants seem to wear really well, but those Nike shorts look good for the summer.

    1. Oh my word Wilma.. crazy for sure! I can’t imagine Kole having bigger feet than me but I know that will be here before I know it. We love the Nike shorts! Perfect for summer for sure. Thank you! Happy Easter weekend! xo

  4. Your kids are wonderful models. double jointedness and all! They definitely are good sports for Mom. :) And they look fantastic, to boot! I can really see how much Addison takes after you in some of these photos. Same bright and happy smile for sure. Your Kole looks like a lot of fun, blue hair and all. And they are really cute models. I do miss seeing your older daughter, too, but understand she is growing up and may want more privacy these days. Thanks for sharing all these great clothes and your great kiddos. :) Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! So sweet of you. I know.. I wish El would be in the pictures more! But it wouldn’t have worked to have her be in these pics anyway because she doesn’t fit in kids’ clothes anymore. We’re the same size now! Crazy right!? She’s growing up so quickly. They all are. (sigh) Happy Easter weekend to you and your darling family! xo

  5. How tall are you and Ad? My daughter just turned 14 and is also going to high school in the fall. She just overtook me in height, and I am 5’5”. At least I still have her 10 yr old sister to dress in the cute kid clothes from Nordstrom. Great choices!

    1. Thank you so much Nadine! I bet that felt so crazy to have her pass you up! I’m 5’3 and Addison is 4’8. Her older sister is 5’1 and is short for her age too (sophomore in high school). I don’t know if my girls will ever pass me up! We’re holding out hope for Kole.. ha! ;) Happy Easter weekend! xo

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