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Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday everyone!  It is Saturday right?  I don’t know.. feels an awful lot like Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday did. ;)  I’m popping in quickly today to answer a few questions I’ve been getting and to share some favorites from my home that are on sale this weekend!  First up.. my new mudroom rug!  I shared some different things about this room in IG stories and got so many questions about this rug.  It reminded me I never shared it with all of you!  I’ve had it for months and absolutely love it!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

It’s the Mumbai Woven Rug from McGee & Co.  Aside from the obvious fact that I adore stripes of any kind, I also love how durable this rug has been.  We track the most dirt through this room (especially lately with all of our walks in mud from the rain!).  My kids wipe their shoes on it and it really hides the dirt well.  It comes in larger sizes and I would absolutely recommend it!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

{stripe doormat/hanging baskets}

I actually bought it because it worked so well with these cute baskets I put on my wall at the beginning of the year.  Perfect match!  I already had the cute little stripe doormat in front of my dutch door so now I’m over striping in this room and might need to move the mat to the outside, but whatever.  Rolling with it for now!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

I snapped this pic a few days ago after I picked up all of my loot from the new McGee line at Target!  You can see all of my favorites from that line in this post.  I came home with 2 woven ottomans (one was still in my car), 2 open weave round baskets, both sizes of the decorative wooden vase, the ceramic ribbed vase, the ceramic textured bowl,  the lumbar dye stripe pillow, the regular size woven texture pillow and the lumbar.  Everything is great quality for a Target line!  Really excited about these items and I’ll share how I’m styling them in my home soon.  Fun. :)

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

The 2 new pillows are staying on my mudroom bench for now.  MORE stripes!  I clearly can’t be helped.

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

{similar faux lemon trees/navy stripe outdoor rug, hello mat}

When I shared some pics of our porch in my kids’ Spring Fashion post Thursday I had lots of questions coming in about my rugs and lemon trees!  My porch isn’t styled yet, but I started it by pulling out the navy stripe rug I had on my porch last Spring/Summer.  I LOVE this rug because it’s plastic!  It doesn’t look like it, but it is and it’s SO easy to keep clean.  You can sweep dirt off easily or just spray it down with a hose and it looks brand new again!  The hello mat is another long time favorite.  I’ve wanted some real lemon trees on my porch for years but couldn’t plant them because they need sun and my porch is shaded all day so I did the next best thing and bought faux lemon trees.  So cute.  They were from McGee and Co. last year and sold out but PB has some that are almost identical here (and on sale!).  I still need to find baskets for them and plant some other flowers.

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

{long time favorite round rattan tray/similar navy vase/similar bread board/similar gold box here and here/Simplicity book/Demijohn bottles/similar beads/similar sphere}

Speaking of McGee & Co all of their pillows and decor are 20% this weekend including my cute Demijohn bottles on this shelf!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

{market basket/similar vases here, here and here/Homebody book/Platters and Boards book/The Home Edit book/white candle/Pacifico pot (back in stock!)/faux plant/similar wood board}

And my beloved market basket on this shelf.  I’m obsessed with all of their baskets!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

{striped wingback chair/x-base stool/wool & jute rug/celine throw/navy pillow/Ginevra gold floor lamp/Moroccan woven basket/Bliss throw/Cable Knit pillow}

My Celine throw is also on sale this weekend.

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

And my pink peony bliss throw is the lowest I’ve seen it at just $20!  Some other sales I’m excited about at Nordstrom for HOME include this Marble Lazy Susan, this Jersey Rope Throw, and these cozy Stipe Flannel Sheets!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

My beautiful faux Cherry Blossom Branches are marked down the lowest I’ve seen them!

You can see more pics and details about my family room in this post.

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite faux peonies and this beautiful white vase is also on sale.  These faux dogwood branches are also on sale and are similar to the branches I have on this table.  A little more Spring like with small green leaves!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

My cute CLEAN rug is also on sale.  (Details and sources for our office/guest bathroom are in this post.)

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

After my kids’ Spring Fashion post yesterday I had lots of questions coming in about this Let’s Stay Home sign.  There are so many cute versions of this!  Most of them are from Etsy and you can see them all here if you want something similar for your home.  I’ve always loved signs about being HOME and they mean even more to me now.

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

{Philippa Blouse/Tie Ankle Satin Jogger Pants/Delicate Monogram Necklace/Quilted Shoulder Bag/Despina Strappy Sandal/similar earrings/similar bracelet}

At Anthro this weekend all of their tops and jewelry are 30% off including this beautiful Philippa Blouse I recently bought.  I picked up a few other fun tops tonight that I’ll share at the end of this post with other favorites I loved!  SO many cute tops on sale.. I had a hard time picking which few to get!  Also Anthro monogram necklaces are my favorite and I order them all the time for special, personalized gifts for family/friends.

All of the Spring Sandals I recently shared below are on major sale.  Some 40% off!  So many good deals this weekend!

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

1 –  Cutout Slide Sandal  2 – Coastal Slide Sandal  3 – Fireworks Slide Sandal  4 – Meaghan Slide Sandal  5 – Dina Sandal  6 – Authentic Slide Sandal  7 – Thin Flip Flop
8 – Pipeline Slide Sandal  9 – Slim Flip Flop –  10 – Eavan Studded Sandal   11 – Bellevue Strap Sandal
12 – Noor Espadrille Wedge Sandal  13 – Gabby Woven Wedge Sandal
14 – Odila Sandal  15 – Despina Strappy Sandal  16 – Cloud Nine Wedge Sandal  17 – Defina Platform Sandal  18 – Brittie Platform Sandal 19 – Brilesha Platform Sandal  20 – Poppy Wedge Sandal

In other news, I went on a little trip down memory lane the other night going through past Easter pictures.  I still have my girls’ watermelon pj’s I gave them this year!  My favorites. :)

This is still one of my all time favorite pictures.  They were waiting for the egg hunt to start and I remember Ad resting her little head on El’s shoulder and El putting her arm around her little sister.  I snapped this pic quickly and then got a huge lump in my throat.

It was Kole’s first Easter egg hunt!

The girls kept trying to get him to pick up eggs but he just wanted to pull the grass out of his basket. :)

My babies!  I remember this year like it was last week.

Favorites from my home (Sunny Side Up)

They are growing up on me.  Sharing last year’s Easter Sunday picture to wish you all a happy Easter because I have a feeling this year we’ll be in sweats on the couch. :)  It will be different this year for all of us for sure, but hopefully just as special.  Thank you for sticking with me for so many Easters throughout the years.  It means so much!  I love you all and pray that you will all be comforted and safe at home with loved ones this year while we celebrate our Savior.

Happy Easter!  From my chicks to yours.



xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Home favorites on sale

  1. Lovely post, Erin! People ask about your decor because you have great taste and your home is beautifull Love the striped rug on your porch and the lemon trees. So bright and happy. Your bookshelves are so pretty and inspired mine to look better than they have in years, although in a very different way than yours. ;) I admire so much the fact that you find so many pretty things. You have the right eye and touch for this for sure. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. Your family is just the sweetest and it’s been neat to watch them grow up. I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday. :)

    1. Jeanne you just know how to make someone smile! Sweetest comment. Thank you! I might understand shelf styling, but you have a gift with words. I can’t tell you how much your uplifting comments mean to me. Thank you so much sweet friend. I am so lucky to have you in my life! Wishing you and your sweet crew a wonderful Easter! xo

  2. Post suggestion: How to style throws – you are obviously a pro at this! I struggle with styling them and usually end up with them folded on the arm of a chair/sofa. :(

    1. Beverlee! The struggle is real with throws! Ha! I’ve struggled with this too. Do you follow me on IG? That might be something I can share quickly in stories! At least how I do it although I don’t know if I’m an expert! xo

  3. Thanks for this awesome post. I’ve been eyeing the 3 tier hanging basket in your house so excited to see the source and that it’s on sale! Question for you. The faux cherry blossoms are beautiful and I would love to use them for my entryway table. However, the Pottery Barn dimensions say they are 53″ long. This doesn’t seem realistic based on the photo you have in your home and if they are this high it won’t work where I need them. Do you mind telling me the total height of yours?

    1. Thank you so much Julie! YEA! Isn’t that 3 tier basket cute!? I hope you love it! My faux cherry blossom branches really are that long! They are crazy tall and it’s hard to tell in my picture how big my vase is.. BUT.. you can easily bend the stems! My stems are only about 45″ high because I bent all of the stems to fit my vase. You still wouldn’t want to put them under a short cabinet or something because they are tall and full, but you can definitely make them shorter than they are! I hope that helps. :)

  4. Erin, I love so much, the way you present your family, in the setting of an absolutely beautiful home. I NEVER write in any where else, even though I subscribe to 2 other decorating blogs, but I have made now 4 comments to yours, which of course, is my personal fav.! Your home is your setting, your stage, and it seems to me, that YOU KNOW LIFE IS NO DRESS REHERSAL. THIS IS IT. I am one step ahead of you, all 3 of my children grown now, and the oldest starting a family.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Sharon from New England

    1. Sharon! Oh my word.. you are too kind! I can’t tell you how honored I am that my blog is your favorite! That truly means the world to me. I love that – LIFE IS NO DRESS REHEARSAL. Such a powerful sentence and one to live by! I do know that and appreciate that you can feel that we live that way through my blog. You obviously know that too and are so thoughtful to take the time to send such a sweet message my way. Congrats on raising your beautiful children and staring a new chapter as a grandma! According to my mom that’s the very best chapter. :) Happy Easter sweet friend! xo

  5. Thank you for sharing your shopping favorites with links such inspiration! What type of flooring do you have is it laminate,tile?

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