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Kitchen Window and Powder Bathroom Christmas Decor

Christmas Window (Sunny Side Up)

{Kitchen Rug/Hicks Pendant/Jeweled Snowflake Ornaments/Light Up Birch Trees/Similar Bowl/Similar Vase/Similar Pick/Similar Towel/Ornaments}

*Garland is real!

Happy Tuesday!  One more week until Christmas Eve!  Can you even believe that!?  It alway sneaks up way too quickly.  I still have so many decorated spaces I didn’t get around to sharing on the blog this year.  I don’t know if my kitchen post will make it up in time or not so I at least wanted to share my fun window decor!

Christmas Window (Sunny Side Up)

It’s my favorite spot in the house at the moment.. especially at night!  I had this window decorated a different way for Christmas and then was laying in bed last week and randomly remembered I never put my new snowflake ornaments on my tree.  They are so large and pretty!  I was laying there thinking about where to put them since my tree was done and this window popped into my head!  I had a vision of the snowflakes hanging.. then I saw the garland.. and then my favorite birch trees all lit up.  I was so excited I woke up the next morning rambling to Kenny.. “Morning babe!  Do you think I could hammer some nails in the ceiling of our kitchen bay window and not destroy it?  Snowflakes!  We need hanging snowflakes!”  Pretty sure he pretended he didn’t hear me.  If he would have decided to acknowledge me he would have given me his standard lecture about “needs” vs. “wants.”

But who on earth has time for that when we NEED snowflakes hanging in our window!?

Small white nails on a little ledge at the top of my bay window did the trick!  And it turned out just like I pictured it in my head that night.  Now my Christmas decor is complete. :)  It’s so cozy at night!  I might leave it up through January.  The snowflakes will especially work through winter.

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

(favorite bathroom rug)

Another fun little spot in my home at the moment is my powder bathroom.  I love adding simple Christmas cheer to small rooms because just a few items have a big impact!

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I added some festive Christmas towels to my wooden ladder.  These towels are from a couple of years ago but I linked some cute options below.

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Then I just placed some pretty faux red flowers in a long time favorite vase and bought some red berry foam soap.

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Done and done.  So simple.

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

So ready for Santa. :)

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

If you still need a few fun gift ideas check back tomorrow!  I ordered so many quick and inexpensive last minute things tonight and will share them along with more holiday decor.  Now I have GOT to get wrapping so I’m not up until 4 am Christmas Eve.  Anyone else ever had holidays like that?  Good thing I love watching It’s a Wonderful Life.

Over and over and over again. :)


xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Kitchen Window and Powder Bathroom Christmas Decor

  1. Oh Erin, these two spaces are beautiful! I love the soft glow at night of your kitchen window. Thank you for listening to your inner voice! The space looks lovely. And the powder room…again lovely. You have a wonderful eye for decor and are able to add just the right amount of pop without going overboard. This is ford for though for next year for me. I really am not good at decorating. I don’t get that idea in my head. I love to see what others do though and then imagine that that was my space. haha! Seriously though, your home is lovely! I do hope you get to wrapping earlier. Up at 4am doesn’t sound fun. I do that because of work, so I know! LOL I like the quiet time before everyone else gets up. Have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I’m so happy you like how my window turned out! You are too kind. I know you get up so early before work. I wish I could do that! I’m such a night owl but wish that I was a morning person! Maybe 2020 is my year. ;) Thanks again Jeanne! xo

  2. Oh that kitchen! Did I miss in the article where you got the garland from? I’ve been on the hunt for something natural/cascading looking. Thanks!

  3. Where do you store your Christmas dishes when not in use? This is a question I’m trying to figure out for our Christmas dishes at the moment :)

    1. Hi Jennifer! Have you seen pictures of my formal dining room? I have a long buffet table with storage and some built-in cabinets in that room and that is where I store all of my holiday and extra dishes. I’ll share how it’s all organized in January! You can also see what I’m talking about if you go back a few posts to my Fall tablescape. :)

  4. Love your kitchen window! I am hoping to recreate it in my kitchen :) Where are the pretty christmas houses from that you showed in your stories yesterday for your kitchen window? I LOVE them! :)

  5. Admiring the little silver bottle with the word joy on it in your bathroom. It’s so festive. Where ever did you get it?

    1. Hi Maryjane! Thank you so much! Gosh I’ve had that for years. I think it was from Tai Pan (a store in Utah that has gone out of business!). Sorry that’s no help! xo

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