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Cozy Christmas – New Favorites!

*This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used. All opinions and product selections are my own!

You guys!  Our house is so seasonally confused right now.  Ha!  I have pumpkins and bats up in my kitchen, Christmas starting in our mudroom/family room and Summer decor still lingering in our powder bathroom/living room.  Ellie is having friends over for Halloween and I’m a little worried that they might walk in and think they’ve entered the Twilight Zone.  Either that or they won’t even notice because.. teens. ;)

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

So I know it’s Halloween week but ahhhh!  I’m so excited about today’s post!  Walmart has released some new holiday items this year that are honestly so perfect!  Cute and cozy and such amazing quality for the price!  I ordered quite a few things on-line to check out thinking I would just keep a few items but I can’t send anything back!  I was playing around with all of the fun pillows and throws I ordered and decided I’d let you help me choose.  And if you say keep it all.. well.. I’ll have no choice but to oblige. :)  Below I’ve styled my mudroom bench three different ways.  Each of these combos would be so cute over any chair or couch or bench for the holidays!

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

Combo #1!  K.. this Modern Braided Fur Blanket is honestly a dream!  So soft and cozy!  I’m definitely keeping this, but it will be parked on my couch corner where I sit every night.  I’ve already claimed it as my companion during all Hallmark Christmas movies this year.

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

Looks so cute with red doesn’t it?  This Red Knit Pillow and the Sweater Knit Tassel Pillow are just FUN for the holidays.

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

Is this making anyone else so beyond ready for all that is to come!?  I can hear Michael Bublé in the background.  He’s singing It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and my fresh pine candle is burning and the house is clean and decorated and I’m sitting next to the lights of my Christmas tree humming along without a care in the world.  Well.. there are cares, but in this fantasy I’m choosing to ignore them.  :)

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

Combo #2!  Isn’t this Red and White Snowflake blanket adorable!?  One of my trees might be heading in a snowflake direction (I’ll share more details on it soon!) so I HAD to have this blanket!  I love the ice-skates and people skiing and red tassels on it too.

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

I paired it with this Ombre Fur Pillow and Neutral Fringe Pillow.  Seriously.. these pillows are so nice.  I can’t get over the quality for the price I paid for them.

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

Combo #3 – This Kniteed Burgandy Blanket is a Christmas staple.  Perfect throw that looks great over any couch, chair, bench or at the bottom of a bed.  It has a beautiful texture and the long tassels could not be more perfect.  In my humble opinion. :)

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

I paired it with the large Ombre pillow and the cutest Red Ticking Stripe Pillow.

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

This combo might be my favorite!  Because stripes.  But no wait.. I love #1!  And #2.

Ok.  You’ve all convinced me.  I’m keeping it all.

Your work here is done. ;)

Honestly though I’ve saved the best for last.  Want to see something else I’m LOVING and so excited about for the holidays this year!?

Cozy holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

How much fun is this beautiful Plaid Area Rug!?  LOVE the pattern.  LOVE the traditional Christmas colors.  And I LOVE that it’s honestly one of the softest rugs in my home.  It laid flat so nicely (no turned up corners!) and my kids have all each commented multiple times about how soft it is and can we please keep it up all year because they like it so much better than the rug I usually have in this space.  Ha.  I might have to move to a year long red color scheme because we will all be so sad to take it down after Christmas!  I haven’t styled my table yet (I mean.. let’s at least go trick-or-treating and take the bats down first) ;) but this cute green fir tree is working until I get around to it and will make a fun new addition to a console table or mantel at some point.  YEA!  I have so many fun ideas and can’t wait to start implementing them all!  I told Kenny to get ready for the marathon I train for all year.  Christmas decorating baby!  BRING IT ON. ;)

Links to all of these fun holiday favorites are below!  If you love any of them I would seriously snag them fast because I have no doubt every one of these items will sell out fast.  You can see other cute holiday items from Walmart here.  I also love this plaid buffalo blanket, this white loop throw pillow, these Sherpa Queen/Full blankets (would be so cute for holiday bedroom decor!) this marble serving platter (perfect for entertaining and just $13!) and isn’t this black and white checkered accent chair fun!?  Honestly Walmart has stepped up their game with home decor BIG time.  So many cute things!

Now back to rounding up all things Halloween.  I know I’ve got the accessories for Kole’s costume somewhere.  Are they next to the Spring tulips in my living room?  The mums and pumpkins on my porch?  Or the Christmas throws in the mudroom?

Good thing my family loves me. ;)

cozy christmas decor (Sunny Side Up)


1 – Fringe Pillow  2 – Red Striped Pillow   3 – Red Knit Pillow   4 –  Ombre Fur Pillow

5 –  Knit Tassels Pillow  6 – Rustic Ottoman   7 –  Berry Wreath   8 – Plaid Rug   9 – Fir Tree

10 –  Faux Fur Blanket   11 – Snowflake Blanket  12 –Burgundy Blanket



xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Cozy Christmas – New Favorites!

  1. Wow, Erin! You got that right about Walmart upping their game. SO many of these items are just fabulous and I know the prices can’t be beat. I love the crispness of the red and white decor. And that rug! Wowza, what a show stopper! I love how you said your hours is seasonally confused. I suspect it’s really just saying, Erin, Erin, Erin, this again? LOL Just skip Halloween and go to what you love. hee, hee. I hope you guys aren’t been too badly affected by the winds and the fire danger. Here we actually have a snow day off from school today. It’s been below freezing for like 3 days and snowing some for most of them, too. Crazy weather. Mother Nature needs to step in and settle things down. Happy Hallogivingmas! ;)

    1. No doubt this seasonal craziness is the norm around here Jeanne! Ha! But we do love Halloween and Thanksgiving.. even if the decor doesn’t always show it. ;) I heard you guys got snow! So crazy! We were in SLC last weekend visiting my sister and it snowed there too. I couldn’t believe it! My kids were loving it – I honestly can’t even remember the last time they were in the snow! So much fun. Stay bundled this Halloween and thanks for the laugh this morning! :) xo

  2. ohhhhhh…you just gave me the best idea to start bringing up alllllll my decorations too. My Kenny (husband) is going to freak out! looking so festive. by the way, how do you clean/mop your floors? do you use a steam mop? product? they look so good. i only have hardwood on my entrance and kitchen/eating area but about to install all around the house ~3000sq ft. and I need a better cleaning system. thanks.

  3. I’ve been looking for a red throw and the one with the tassels is perfect. I ordered it and I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas. I was going to change out my decor this year but I love the traditional red and white so I’m keeping it going again this year. Sadly, I’m over the fall decor and I can’t wait for the Christmas decor to come out. I hope I can make it to the weekend after Thanksgiving. We will see. In the mean time, happy trick or treating. XO

    1. Cathy I’m feeling the same this year! I loved my Fall decor but I’m already over it and ready to bring on Christmas stuff. It just makes home so cozy with all of the lights! That red tassel throw is perfect isn’t it!? And I know.. I thought about going neutral this year but just can’t do it. Pops of RED make me too happy. :) Enjoy Halloween with your sweet family and bring on the Hallmark movies! xo

  4. Hi Erin!!
    Oh.My.Word!!! You are speaking my kind of language!! CHRISTMAS DECOR!! Although I have way too many throws and not enough space to store them, I’m going to order the Modern Braided Fur Blanket! It looks so soft and luxurious!! And Walmart describes it as: “makes us almost want to wear this as a queen would a cape.” They had me at Hello!! I am also going to check out the Plaid Buffalo Blanket in the black & white checks!! Just like you love black & white stripes, I can’t get enough black & white CHECKS in our home!! And RED!! Did I say I love red? Every room in our home has red in it – my favorite color! So when I saw your new red plaid rug, I nearly flipped!! It’s perfect for your kitchen dining area!! I just love it so much! November 1st is just two days away, and I plan on beginning the Christmas decorating then!! Why wait until after Thanksgiving? Thank you Erin for all of the wonderful ideas!! (Oh, and I thought your 3-2-1 sign at the back door looks so cute with the little Christmas wreath, ice skates, and mittens? hanging from it!)
    Love and best wishes to you and your sweet family!!

    1. Jane you will love that blanket! I’m so excited about it too! And thrilled to know there is someone out there getting as excited as I am about all things Christmas! I’ve never been able to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate. My blog is a good excuse, but really I just LOVE Christmas decor and would have it up for 4 months out of the year if I could! I love red at Christmas time too.. just too much fun! Thank you so much for your sweet comment Jane and for making me even more excited to deck the halls! Happy decorating!! :) xo

  5. Yes!!! Keep all of it!!! I love all of these things from Walmart, especially the rug!!! All of the pillows and throws can be used in many different ways in many different places. Yes to it all!!! That rug is just stunning. Wishing I could use it in my home-but don’t have any place to store it after Christmas.

    1. I agree Nancee! So many options with all of these fun accessories! I’m thrilled you like the rug too! I so get not having a place to store things. I have to be careful making sure I get rid of old things every time I buy new or it’s just too much to store! But always worth it. ;) Thanks for your sweet comment and happy decorating! :) xo

  6. Ahhhh this post made my whole day seeing all your beautiful Christmas decor!!!! We were listening to Michael Buble Christmas album on the way home from religion class tonight! Ahhhh so relaxing! I love your rug! Do you have to tape it down? Is it easy to vacuum up? We are getting snow tonight again in Wisconsin, just a dusting! Trick or treating will be super cold tomorrow! I might have to make some hot chocolate for our trick or treat adventure!
    Amy in Wisconsin 🙂

    1. Amy it sounds like everyone is having cold weather! We were in Utah last weekend and it snowed there too! So much fun for us because we rarely see snow. Plus we got to come back to sunshine Monday. ;) I’m so happy you were listening to Christmas music! It’s honestly the best. Can’t wait to start listening to mine on Friday. The rug is amazing.. so easy to vacuum and I didn’t have to tape it! I do have a rug pad under it (the one that was there with my previous rug). Happy Trick or Treating and stay warm! xo

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