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To-Do Lists and Calendar Pages

So!  I know I said my next post would be an organizing post.. and that’s coming!  Surprise.. I took too many pictures and it’s taking me a while to go through them all.  I’m nothing if not predictable. :)  But I wanted to pop in quickly today to share some monthly to-do lists and calendar pages that are in my printable library!  And to talk all things to-do lists because lists are my favorite.  Along with throw pillows, peep toe booties and cherry ice chapstick.

It’s the little things. :)

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

I think we all know the power of a good brain dump.  If you don’t, it’s definitely time to give one a try!  Getting everything out of your head and onto paper is the BEST feeling.  You mind is free to dream up all sorts of things when it isn’t bogged down with the mundane to-do’s of every day life.

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

I designed these simple monthly to-do list pages to use for brain dumps.  I’ve tried using apps on my phone for lists like this and while they work and are fine for a few days, I always end up going back to a good old pen and paper list.  These pages are perfect for a beginning of the month brain dump!  Write down ALL the things without worrying about when or how you’ll do them or what’s most important.  When you feel overwhelmed with where to start, just get it all out of your head and on paper.

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

Once I’ve written my list I prioritize what needs to be done by highlighting three things that are the most important each day.  When one item is done I check it off and then highlight another item.  This picture is of an older to-do list.  I love that the new monthly to-do list printable has boxes to check off next to each item!  Such power in checking off a box. :)

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

If it’s a large project I’m working on, I use my Current Project sheet to break things down into small steps.

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

Visual to-do lists (like this one I recently shared) are another great way to get things out of your head and to keep track of projects.

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)


Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

Another to-do list option is this favorite printable that helps with time blocking your day and prioritizing your top three items to get done.

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

In the summer when our schedule is less structured I love this day/week/month to-do list.  Clearly I need to add sticky notes to the favorites list next to my cherry ice chapstick. :)

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

Sometimes I love using a blank calendar page to brain dump and keep track of specific things!  We use our phones for our family activity calendar (there are too many things going on to write down every day) but I love having blank calendar pages for things like planning summer camps or family trips or for planning blog content.

There are so many different ways to plan your day and to make to-do and project lists.  I hope I’ve shared some options if you are in a rut and need some motivation!  For me, mixing up my to-do list and trying something new always motivates me and helps with my productivity when I’m in a rut.

You can probably tell by my many list making options that I tend to get in ruts often.  Ha. ;)

(You can see the planner I put together with my printables here.)

Monthly To-Do List and Calendar Pages (Sunny Side Up)

I should have had these monthly to-do and calendar pages up at the beginning of the year, but I figure better late than never right?  I’m happy to kick things off with March this time around.  And yes.. I know they are a little on the “overly cute” side with the pictures representing each month, but the school teacher in me couldn’t help myself. ;)

Happy planning! :)


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xoxo, Erin
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2 thoughts on “To-Do Lists and Calendar Pages

  1. Love all of these ideas, Erin! I’m a pencil and paper person, too. I usually use notebooks instead of planners,(in fact, I just bought my youngest his own notebook because he wanted to try my system) but your printables are so cute, you might just convert me!

    1. Thank you Clare! I love that you’re getting your youngest on board with his own notebook! So cute. I go back and forth between my printables and notebooks too. I kind of like mixing it up often! Keeps me motivated. ;)

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