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New Finds and Old Favorites

Happy weekend everyone!  I hope you’re all having a good one so far!  I’m popping in quickly to share some new finds and an old favorite post.  I’m thinking I’ll share this older post with you all first.. it’s such a good one!

New Finds and Old Favorites (Sunny Side Up)


If you remember my mom’s organized laundry room makeover you’ve been with me a while!  And I love you for it. ;)  But even if you’ve seen it before it’s a fun post to re-visit.  I just read it again myself and still can’t believe the before and afters of this space!  (Clearly the above picture is one of the “befores”)  If you haven’t read this post and enjoy a good organization makeover you are in for a treat!  This is still one of my favorites to date.  Organization galore!  It made me want to instantly hop up and clean out a few of my own cupboards.  But I didn’t because it’s late and I’m tired and Kenny turned The Office on Netflix and we are both cracking up remembering how much we loved that show and now I’m going to have to binge watch the entire series to see Jim and Pam get together again.

So organizing cupboards will obviously have to wait until tomorrow. :)

So many fun new finds this weekend!  First here are a few recent favorite things I’ve been wearing and then I’ll share a round-up of some things I’m loving on sale for President’s Day!

New Finds and Old Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

(Stripe Dolman Top/AG jeans/Similar shoes here and here)

Cutest, casual stripe top.  Never met a stripe I didn’t love!

New Finds and Old Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve hardly taken off my new North Face coat since I got it for Christmas!  So warm and white seems to work with anything I’m wearing.  I’ve dressed it up for dinner and also run around with it on over sweaty exercise clothes.  It’s almost identical to this North Face Full Zip Jacket and I love it!  This coat is also similar.  There are so many cute North Face coats and jackets on sale this weekend!

New Finds and Old Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I absolutely love this mint puff sleeve pullover sweater.  So cozy soft and just a cute fit.  Another favorite Christmas gift!  From me to me. :)  It was just marked down 40% off!  (Similar peep toe booties that just came in for Spring!)

New Finds and Old Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

(PJ Salvage Camo Lounge Sweatshirt/PJ Salvage Camo Sweatpants/Ugg Fleece Lined Socks)

Seriously could not love these camo pjs more!  Sizes are flying fast so don’t wait if you want them!  These would be my favorite pjs to date if it weren’t for the fact that my husband loves to tease me so much whenever I wear camo.  He’ll walk in the room and say “Whoa!  I didn’t even see you there!  You just blend right in with your surroundings..”  Then he laughs at himself for a good 5-10 minutes.

Hilarious Kenny.  Just hilarious.

New Finds and Old Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

This cute Varsity stripe hoodie I recently shared was also just marked down!

New Finds and Old Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

So was this beloved Madewell sweater (love it in black too!) and these cute pink lace up booties!

I always get excited about President’s Weekend sales.  So many great prices on winter clothes and home decor!  Here are some of the fun things I have and love, just bought or am debating buying at the moment.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be back soon with something fun I put together in my office!

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “New Finds and Old Favorites

  1. I do remember your mom’s cupboards! You didn’t say, but do they look pretty much the same as they did when you finished organizing them? I’m sure they do! ;) That was a great post. Lots of fun fashions here, today. Funny though, there was a post where you said Kenny would joke with you but I couldn’t see you either! LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist. Thanks for sharing the fun fashions. After sitting in a cold breezeway for about 8 hours yesterday, I noticed all the warm feet slippers! hee, hee. Have a great day, Erin. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. K you and Kenny need to hang out Jeanne! ha ha.. Love it! ;) Thank you so much for your cute comment! My mom’s cupboards don’t look exactly the same but they are close! Still better than the “befores” I took. :) Hope your week is off to a good start! xo

  2. Love these ideas Erin! I need some new stuff for a couple mom’s night outs in March and I just never find the time to shop for myself! I ordered a few and Nordstrom is so great with returns-if they don’t work out it will give me the excuse to actually go to a store for myself and return and find something else!

    1. So happy to hear that Julie! I agree.. Nordstrom makes it easy with their return policy.. you have nothing to lose! So fun you have some mom’s night outs planned for March.. reminds me to get some on the calendar too. It makes all the difference! Enjoy! xo

  3. I cannot believe the laundry post was 5 years ago!! I remember it mainly because I loved how your mom had so many cleaning supplies at the ready!!! LOL #lifegoals

    1. Ha ha.. oh my word.. she is the queen of stocking up! Hilarious. We love to tease her about it and I always go shopping at her house. ;) So happy you remembered it Kristin! xo

  4. I’m dying from reading the comment from Kenny on your camo pj’s! I feel like I need to use this comment when someone around me is wearing camo. Hahaha! The pj is cute though and I first thought it was a regular sweatshirt and pants. It doesn’t look like pj’s at all.

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