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RS Conference, IG Story Thoughts and an Amazing Sale

Spring Home Tour (Sunny Side Up)

{Family Room Sources}

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I’m back! Back from the Reward Style Conference in Dallas and back to blogging.  It’s so good to be home. :)  It was a great trip.  I had a blast with friends (old and new), learned a lot, and slept very little.  Pretty typical blog conference recap!  Today I’m sharing a few things I wore to the conference, a few thoughts on Instagram Stories (excited to hear your thoughts on this one!), a pic of my little Ariel who stole the show over the weekend, and a few favorite items from Wayfair because they are having a huge one day sale that I’ve been waiting for!

So yes.. random at its best around here once again.  But all good things. :)

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)


{Ruffle Sleeve Top/Jeans/Wedges/Earrings/Necklace/Similar purse Here and Here}

Dinner with some of my favorite girls!  I wore my favorite ruffle sleeve top in mint!  But you knew that. :)  Three of us are wearing the exact same Marc Fisher wedges.  They are seriously so comfortable and look cute with anything you’re wearing!  Jen on the right has them in the “mushroom suede”.. Randi and I are wearing the “blush suede.”  Not planned but it’s not the first time we’ve all dressed alike. :)

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

One of my favorite parts of the conference was hearing Kendra Scott talk about starting and growing her business as a single mom.  I’ve loved her jewelry for years and her story was so inspiring!

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

I searched high and low for something cute to wear to the conference (always a certain amount of pressure when you’re hanging with fashion bloggers!).  This banded lace midi skirt was an immediate favorite!  I’m so in love.

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

{Santorini Espadrille Sandal/Fame Halo Strap Sandal}

I bought these shoes on two different days and didn’t even realize they were the same brand and the same exact shade of pink until I was packing them both for the conference!  I had to laugh.  Clearly I’m a fan!  I really did fall in love with this shade of pink.  It’s so fun for Spring/Summer and it’s almost a neutral skin color that really elongates your leg.  When you’re short, elongating the leg is always a good thing!  I also love this Diane Peep Toe Pump in the same color but my heels are too narrow for them!  So cute if you’re looking for a good heel and you don’t have #heelissues like I do.  I always have to go for the straps!  But seriously loving both pairs of these shoes.

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

A close up of this skirt so you can see the gorgeous the material/pattern.  Such nice quality.  A bit of a splurge for a single skirt, but worth every penny to me because I know it will be a Spring/Summer staple for many years!

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

It’s always such a treat at these conferences to be surrounded by so many good friends.  We are the only “home decor” people at this conference and we’ve all grown so close through years of blogging together.  These women are all so talented, down to earth and just FUN.  I’m so lucky to have them all in my life.  What would we do without girl friends to share ups and downs with!?

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

I also took my recent favorite long sleeve shirt dress.  It’s just SO easy and comfortable!  My friend Kris took this pic and we were seriously laughing so hard.  The first few pics she took were hilarious!  I had my arm around that lion in one of them.  I’d share the outtakes but I deleted them right after!  There is a reason I mostly blog about home decor/organization and why most of my fashion pics are quick mirror selfies.  Whenever I try to branch out and take “serious fashion blogger” pics things just don’t go well!  Ha..  :)

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

With Randi and Jen.  Love these two!  I bought this pink purse at Anthro.. they have so many darling purses in for Spring!  I couldn’t find it on-line but this purse and this purse are similar!

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

{Tiered Ruffle Skirt/Floral Print Top/Earrings/Kate Spade Purse/Wedges}

I was so excited to meet and hang out with Erin (My Texas House)!  You know when you just know you could be really close friends with someone?  (I feel that way about so many of you!)  I’ve also always felt that way about Erin.  I mean to start with.. her name.. ;)  She and I have been friends on IG for a while now and I had a feeling we would just click.  We both love home decor and each have 3 kids similar ages.  We got chatting and couldn’t believe how much more we have in common.  We discovered that we were both living in Virgina and teaching Elementary school at the same time while our husbands were going to the same law school!  They graduated the same year AND we were all living in the SAME exact apartment complex those three years.  Is that not crazy!?  I wish I would have met her then.  I could have used a good friend during that time!  I was so homesick and exhausted working three jobs to get Kenny through school and well.. that’s a post for another day. :)  Bottom line – I’m so grateful for this new close friend and you will all love following her if you aren’t already!

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

Details on this outfit I wore one day of the conference.  It’s so darling!  I fell hard for this tiered ruffle skirt.  It runs big so order one size down (wearing 0).  This floral print top is PERFECT for Spring/Summer.  So pretty and feminine and lightweight.  It’s nicer in person than it looks on-line.  I also went down one size in this top (wearing xxs).

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

I was worried this skirt might make me look extra heavy because it has so much going on, but it’s actually quite sliming!  It zips on the side and the top half is fitted before the ruffles start.  It’s a little long on me (I wish it came shorter!) but it still worked.  I got so many compliments on it!

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

After classes and time for dinner!  I kept on the floral top and switched the skirt for these slimming Paige jeans.  (Love them!)  I added my favorite pink jacket (I’ll link to similar jackets below) and  these fun beaded tassel white earrings.  Ready for the evening!

Reward Style Conference (What I Wore - Sunny Side Up)

Perfect for dinner with friends our last night in Texas!

RS conference (what I wore)

I went to bed at 2:00 am (we can’t ever stop talking and go to sleep!) and then headed to the airport at 4:00 am so that I could be home in time to curl Ariel’s hair for the big day!  My parents had come into town the day before so everyone was ready to party when I got there.  I was a bit of a zombie from 3 days of non-stop go go go and hardly any sleep during the conference, but Addison snapped me right out of it with her amazing rendition of Ariel in The Little Mermaid.  I cried on and off during her performance in both shows!  I don’t know if it was the sleep deprivation or just the sheer proud mom moments I had watching her on stage (most likely a combination of both!) but such a neat day for our family.  I wanted to record a little IG story to share of the performance but they wouldn’t let anyone take pics or film during the show!  I’ll have to share a clip of the DVD when it comes out for those of you who have asked to hear her sing.  (Thank you for all the love when I shared her singing on IG stories a while back!)

“Look at this stuff.. isn’t it neat?…”    

Never gets old does it?  ;)

Speaking of IG stories.  I feel like I need to put this out there.  I’m kind of struggling with them!  If I’m being honest.. I always have.  When Instagram first started stories I know a lot of people were so excited, but to be honest I wasn’t feeling the love.  As we all know.. social media can be such a blessing and a curse all at the same time.  For the most part, I’m so grateful for it.. I’ve been able to share my passion for all things home and fashion and have made life long friends in the process.  But social media can sometimes bring out ugly feelings of comparison and can also become a HUGE time suck (as I’m sure most of us have experienced!) and in some ways if we aren’t careful, I think it can be really harmful.  One of my blogging goals this year was to do better with IG stories.  They are a weakness for me and I want to be better at just sharing every day snaps from our life more often for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing.  But it’s hard for me!  Because I’ll see my kids having a sweet moment and think “oh I should story that”.. but the second I get out my phone to film I feel like it takes away from the moment.  Now I’m not just enjoying a sweet moment between my kids.. I’m thinking about the best angle to share what they’re doing with my IG followers.  Filming interrupts special moments for me.  Not always, but sometimes.  And I don’t like the way that makes me feel.  During this Reward Style conference I wasn’t very active on stories.  Which is awful as a blogger who is at a social media conference!  Ha!  But I just wanted to enjoy the conference.  And enjoy my friends who I only get to see in person once or twice a year and not worry about filming and sharing everything we were doing.  I’m not AT ALL criticizing my friends or other bloggers who did share pics and clips of what we were up to and who are very active on stories.  I honestly wish I could be that way!  Part of this is my issue because I’m SLOW at getting stories up and I tend to over analyze what to post and what not to post while my friends can knock them out in no time and they aren’t as big of an interruption to their day.  I’m sure I’d get faster/better at them if I did them more often.  I usually take pics or film little clips for stories throughout the day and then upload them all later when my kids are in bed. Stories are suppose to be “real time” glimpses of “real life” but I’m just being honest that sometimes I struggle with that concept.  I guess I don’t want life to pass me by because I’m busy filming it. :)  I really want to maintain a healthy relationship with social media and for me that just means breaks sometimes.  Story breaks, IG posting breaks, times when I just step away from my phone and computer.

I honestly don’t even know why I’m sharing this with you all.  I guess because I’m wondering how you all feel about IG stories.  Do you watch them often?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Does anyone sometimes struggle with the concept like I do?  Am I crazy and need to just film more and it won’t bother me so much?  What are things you’d like to see more of from me on stories?  Obviously there are plenty of things to film during the day that won’t take away from family time and this is not to say I won’t share family moments on stories anymore!  I’m just putting it all out there because it has been on my mind a lot lately and I like to be honest with all of you.  I would love to hear your thoughts on all things IG story related!  I value your thoughts and opinions so much.

Guest Room Progress! (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. last item of business and then I will end this already too long post!  I feel like it is my duty (as a home decor blogger and friend!) to let you know that Wayfair is having a HUGE sale for today only!  Things like this art in my guest bedroom are marked down really low and it’s a great day to pick up anything you’ve been needing home related.  Furniture, decor, mirrors.. all of it is marked down just for one day.  I’m linking a few things I personally love below.  I’ve been excited to pick up some fun things for my home during this sale!

Alright friends.  Enjoy your day!  Hopefully my next post won’t be quite so scattered.  Still running on little sleep around here. ;)

Some things I love looking for at Wayfair:


































xoxo, Erin
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61 thoughts on “RS Conference, IG Story Thoughts and an Amazing Sale

  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the conference and you looked great in all your photos. I really like that banded skirt. It’s so pretty! How funny that you and your friends had the same shoes. I noticed you and the gal next to you, but the third girl looked to be cut off mostly. Great minds/ Great tastes and all that. :) Thanks for sharing about your daughter’s play/musical. She looks amazing as Ariel. I’ll bet she sounded amazing. I’m like you at my daughters’ concerts, so happy and teary at the same time. I just feel so proud that they put themselves out there and that they have learned to play an instrument(something I never did). It just awes me. As for sharing on IG stories. I do like them, and watch to a point. I personally don’t think of you as a fashion/home decor blogger or whatever. You are Erin, someone I enjoy reading/following online. I think we have a bit of a friendship growing and that’s cool. In my very, very humble opinion, if you feel uncomfortable in any way about posting something…don’t do it. It is so easy to start comparing yourself to what the others are doing, but if IG stories are not really your thing, they are not your thing, no matter what anyone else does. I totally enjoy whatever you share, but completely respect your right NOT to share if you so choose. Good luck with whatever you decide. Have a great day and hope you can rest a little. :) Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! We definitely have a friendship and I love that. :) And I love that you just think of me as “Erin”! It really is easy to compare yourself to others and so many of my friends are really good at IG stories! I enjoy them too.. I just need to find my happy place with them. Not there yet, but getting there. ;) Thank you so much Jeanne! For all of your thoughtful comments. It means a lot and I’ve loved getting to know you and your sweet kids through our conversations! xo

  2. IG stories are my favorite IG feature, that said I totally get where you’re coming from! Occasionally I will story a little and wow, what a time suck…I cannot imagine doing them daily because once every few weeks is enough for me. And I also feel I’m not as present in real life when I story. I’ve never done my children much, but sometimes it makes me sad to see how other people feature their children in stories and wish that they would just be these kids momma and not have a phone camera between themselves and their family so much. If you feel IG stories are not for you do not go there, your instincts are right on and you’ll never regret it or get that time back that it’s taking from your real life experiences.

    1. Thank you Jill! I agree with so much of what you said. I think I just need to get into a good grove of what works for me regarding stories. But yes! They definitely take some time! I think people who do them often get faster at them. I’m not there yet! Ha! ;) Thank you for sharing your thoughts! So many good points. xo

  3. I follow you and other bloggers (including several in your photos from the conference) on IG and very rarely look at stories. Consequently, I didn’t even know you don’t use it often. I say do what feels right for you and don’t apologize for it.

    I loved what Lady Gaga said when she was criticized after showing her midriff at the Super Bowl, and the quote came to mind when I read your post. She said “I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don’t need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. “

    1. That is a great quote Tammy! Definitely one I’ll remember now too. To be honest it’s refreshing to hear you don’t watch stories! I don’t watch them often either but feel like I’m in the minority on that one. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and such a great quote to live by! xo

  4. I am not a blogger, but I can identify with you on the IG stories, posting, etc. I don’t want to miss out on real life moments. I see my friends on FB and IG recording all their activities and I would rather just be in the moment. Again, I am not criticizing their decision either, but I am just really not even thinking about filming, taking a pic, posting when life is happening. I do enjoy watching IG stories, but I certainly support your decision whatever it is, and if you don’t do stories, I’m still going to follow you and your blog!!

    1. Thank you so much Dawn! That means a lot to me! I’m the same way.. not thinking about filming during life’s activities. Some people are really good at that! I will still do IG stories. I just need to get in a better grove for what works and feels good for me. Always a learning process! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! xo

  5. Erin, I had so much fun with my roomies!! Can’t wait until we can get together again…these trips are always my favorite! Love you friend!!! xoxo

    1. I’m seriously missing you all so much Bree! It’s just not fair that we don’t live closer! Such a fun trip.. another one for the books! Can’t wait until next time. :) Love you! xo

  6. I understand what you mean about IG stories! So many blogs I follow have 10-20 clips per DAY and I can’t help but wonder how they have time for anything else? Not to knock them like you said, but their kids always have a camera in their face and they seem very concerned with capturing every moment of real life instead of just putting down the phone and living in the moment. I actually only watch stories a couple times a week but like to unplug completely on weekends, I enjoy carefree weekends so much more when I am not thinking about how something will look online or watching other people and comparing what I’m doing with them. I’m sure there is pressure on you to post but I think you should only do it when you really feel like it and if you would rather just live carefree in the moment, don’t worry about it! :)

    1. Thank you so much Kaitlin! Loved hearing your thoughts on this! And I love that you totally unplug on the weekends! It’s so important to do that often. You are wise and I am totally taking your advice on this one! xo

  7. I’m glad you had a great time at the conference! That lace skirt is so stinking cute! Definitely worth the splurge :-)

    I follow Erin and when she posted that you guys were literally in the same apartment complex all those years ago I thought that was so cool. Isn’t it funny how life works that way and now you guys are friends.

    Addison looks so beautiful as Ariel. When the movie came out I was in 2nd grade or around that and I loved playing Ariel with my friends :-) those songs are magical.

    Lastly with the IG stories. I love watching people’s stories for a lot of reasons but I don’t think you should do what makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s nice to put a voice with a face you know. I’m a blogger too (not in the big leagues yet) but a lot of times my stories aren’t something I’m doing live, it’s something I’ve saved on my phone and upload whenever I want. There’s lots of story templates with little get to know me quizzes that I think are fun to do. It’s a way for your online friends to get to know you better is how I see it. I follow people who clean their house every weekend and share their tips and tricks and I follow people who are just talking in their car when they’re running errands, it’s whatever goes. I think we’re ok if you don’t want to share moments with the kids but I also think stories are meant to be more casual since IG has become so “perfect” so to speak and I think that’s why people like Stories. No need to have everything with the perfect lighting the perfect hashtags and whatnot. I hope that makes sense.

    And I think this may be my longest comment to date ;-) oh btw I got the newest bhg mag and I love it!

    1. Loved hearing your thoughts Aria! And I totally agree. I get why so many people love stories! It is fun seeing the more “real life” side of things away from the perfect pics in perfect lighting. And there are lots of ways I can still do stories w/o feeling like they are interrupting life moments.. I just need more practice and to get in a good groove with what I’m comfortable with! Thank you for your sweet comment and I’m so happy you are enjoying the BHG magazine! You are too good to me! It means a lot. :) xo

  8. Addison looks like a beautiful mermaid. Hopefully you will be able to share the dvd because I would love to hear her sing. I really like the 2 different pairs of wedges you are wearing. If you had to choose one for a more casual look, which one would you choose?

    1. Thank you so much Kimberly! The Marc Fisher wedges (first pair I shared) are definitely more casual! Either wedges work with jeans but I don’t think the Marc Fisher wedges would look good with a skirt. They are really comfortable! If you’re looking for something casual for jeans/shorts/everyday I’d go with those! xo

  9. HI Erin! Loved this post for so many reasons! The fashion was amazing and loved seeing pics of the conference. And about the Insta stories. Girl- I hear you. I enjoy them but sometimes I wonder how do people film themselves all the time??? And I couldn’t have said it better about missing those special moments. Before we know it, they’ll be grown and gone and truthfully, I don’t want miss this time. I always try to think too- maybe my kids don’t want to filmed or have pics shown. I know most of time I don’t want pics of myself! Haha! Love your space on the internet here!

    1. Thank you so much Jamie! I’m so happy you liked this post! So true about filming kids all the time. I always ask my girls first if they’re ok with it because a lot of their friends follow me on IG! I’d never want to post something they didn’t want me to. But then it’s harder to catch “real” moments. All part of my ongoing IG story struggle.. ha! ;) Your kind words made my day so thank you for that! xo

  10. I do watch IG stories, usually in the morning when I wake up or evening when I am winding down foe the day. I do like them but there are some accounts that just talk and talk and talk and there are like 20 stories- uh, no thanks and I swipe on to the next account. So, my opinion on them is less CAN be more- a post here and there or even a couple a day is nice but when it becomes a book I wonder WHY not make that a blog post then???

  11. I am loving both of those skirts Erin. You look darling in them. I can’t wait to see a clip of Ad when you get the DVD back. She sounded like an angel when you shared awhile back. I can’t get off of the Wayfair site. I told Elle that everything is basically free. ;).
    As far as stories go, I think you should do you. You are loved by so many and I think the reason for that is because you have stayed true to yourself. <3 Have a great day. xo

    1. Ha ha.. I can’t get off their site either! I ordered a few things late last night when I was posting and said “ok.. I’m done!” but I keep checking back today! Hard to resist such a good sale on EVERYTHING home decor related. Your are so sweet to say that about me and Addison Cathy.. thank you! You are very much loved too. I’m so grateful for our friendship! xo

  12. Regarding IG stories, I understand how you feel. I do enjoy watching them but I don’t watch everyone’s. Like you said, it’s a major time suck not only filming but also watching. I say film when you can but don’t feel pressured in having to do it. I enjoy just watching normal, day to day stuff, getting ready videos as in make-up/hair, and even home tours.

  13. I love Instagram stories but I can appreciate wanting to stay in the moment with your kids. I will be honest though, I have followed a blogger for 10 plus years who I love but as soon as she started doing Instagram stories, it has changed her and the content of her blog and the keeping up with every other instagrammed etc. If you started out as a blogger I think the transition to be an instagammer is really hard. At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you :)

    1. I agree Patricia! You definitely have to be true to you and figure out what works best. That’s the process I’m in right now.. figuring out what I’m comfortable and not comfortable sharing. Do you mean the blogger you follow changed her blog content because of IG stories? So strange! It is hard when the rules keep changing with blogging. And it’s always hard to teach old dogs new tricks! Ha.. ;) Thank you for your kind comment! xo

  14. Here’s my thought: If it’s not working for you, don’t do it. You DON’T have to do it all. Whatever you DO do, in whatever way, is enough. And it’s fantastic already.

  15. I think stories can add pressure for four reasons:
    1) Actual posts are generally carefully curated. They’ll be part of your feed forever so you put thought into the image, caption, and time it’s posted. A story, by comparison, is something you could be more flippant with. It will disappear in 24 hours. But if you’re someone who naturally puts 100% of effort into something then it’s just another space you fester and worry over delivering premium content.
    2) The stats are fleeting and updating quickly. And it’s easy to see that individuals naturally trail off throughout the length of a story. That can get in your head. Did my story go too long? Did I get less interesting? You’ll naturally take it personally.
    3) The newest craze is archiving the stories. Which ones should be archived? Should I make cute headers? When should old stuff get deleted? Do I have too many? Not enough?
    4) I know I’m guilty of unfollowing people that generally have a good feed, but aren’t good with stories. So I think there is pressure knowing that is a risk.

    For someone like me posting stories is pressure.

    But. As a spectator I really enjoy viewing them (with the exception of the #4’s that do happen on occasion).

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head with all of your points Casey! For me especially the one about naturally putting 100% effort into things (I always try to!) so I have a hard time not doing that with stories which leads to over analyzing and over thinking and spending too much time on something that is supposed to be quick and easy. YES. Hand is raised. ;) I agree with you completely.. thanks for your insight on this! xo

      1. As soon as I read point #1 I saw myself and who I think you are too. Your comment confirmed it :) And it’s ok….you are fret at what you do, so keep doing that. If something is sucking your timr, energy, and making you frustrated….give yourself permission to say “no”. Us mommas have a hard time with that word…but it really IS OK….☺️

        1. Loved your comment about this so much Jenni! YES! Sounds like we are both guilty of letting perfection get in the way. :) And you are right.. we have a hard time saying “no” but really need to on some of this stuff! Thank you! xo

  16. Hi, Erin,
    Just wanted to say I love your blog more than anything! I do look at IG stories some, but it’s your blog where I get inspiration and learn so much. I enjoy getting to know you and your family through your blog and that’s what I look forward to the most. BTW: you looked fabulous at the conference. Perfect outfit choices, and I adore the pic of your little mermaid!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! I share so much on my blog that it’s probably not surprising I don’t have much left over for stories.. it’s all here! Ha! ;) Honestly that means so much to me that you get inspiration from my site and look forward to reading. That made me so happy to hear! And your kind words about my clothes and my little mermaid made my day! SO sweet of you Debbie.. thank you! xo

  17. I like IG stories when they are 3 min or less. I love watching them and I get mad when they disappear because I don’t always make time each day to watch them. I like hearing the person’s voice and listening to their heart in real life. It’s like talking to them in person which makes me connect to them on a different level. Loved your post and making me aware of the sales! LOL my husband probably doesn’t like that I find out about sales but I love it because I would miss out! You keep me connected to shopping! ❤️ We finally hit 60 degrees this week and our 30 inches of snow is almost gone! I survived Blizzard Evelyn! 🙂 Amy in Wisconsin!

    1. Ahhh! It’s warming up for you Amy! SO close! :) I like short IG stories too.. they lose me when they are too long so I try to keep mine short when I do put them up! And I totally get wanting to connect with people on a different level. So happy you didn’t miss that Wayfair sale! I’m here for you! Ha ha.. ;) xo

  18. Oh I loved how you changed the shirt to jeans and had a whole new look !!!
    I totally get the IG stories, I find myself really appreciating the bits of life , especially every day real life!!
    It’s hard sometimes to see the perfect home, kids, clothes, I love to see that but also the down to earth days! But never feel guilty about not posting! Enjoy those moments, they pass so quickly don’t they !

    1. I totally get that Heidi! It’s nice to see “real” again on Instagram! As real as people can be with the camera rolling, right? :) So happy you liked that outfit! Thanks cutie! xo

  19. I loved the thoughts you shared about social media. I think you are so awesome to carefully consider what to share and what not to share and I identify completely with your thoughts on taking away from the moment, etc. I’m not really on instagram except to view what people post, but my heart always breaks a little bit when someone shares something super personal about their kids and whatever personal struggles they are going through, so I love to hear someone lean more toward privacy or not sharing every single thing. I love your blog and have been following along with you for quite a while now. Do what makes you feel comfortable!

    1. Thank you Katherine! I so appreciate your thoughts on this and it means a lot to me that you have been with me for a while! I agree.. everyone has to do what makes them the most comfortable. It’s a work in progress for me for sure! :) xo

  20. I love Instagram stories because they’re what Instagram used to be – instant, real-time snippets. I love them for things I want to share but don’t want to keep on my feed. I only get to do talking stories on the weekend because I work full-time and who wants to see me in client meetings, right?! I don’t interrupt life but I have sometimes shared 15 secs of a movie I’m watching with the kids, or a quick scan of new notebooks in a store, etc. I feel no pressure to do what anyone else is doing though.

    My suggestion is to just post snippets you wouldn’t post on your feed and leave the kids out of you feel uncomfortable.

    1. I agree that stories are totally what Instagram started as and used to be! And it’s refreshing to just share real life snippets that don’t have to be perfect! My problem is that I need to not over analyze making them! And I love that you said “I feel no pressure to do what anyone else is doing.” That’s the key. Loved hearing your thoughts on this Marcia! xo

  21. Hi Erin,

    I could take or leave IG stories…I agree with you 100% that it takes away from the moment to be filming things. And I often wonder how our kids all feel having their parents constantly have a phone or camera in their face, and on every vacation and at every event. I think it’s unhealthy. I actually respect you for NOT doing it. You have a great blog,and that alone is enough.

    1. Such a sweet thing to say Kelly! Thank you! And I agree completely.. constantly having a camera/phone in a kids face isn’t a good thing and it’s something I really try to watch being a blogger. It can become too much very quickly. My kids always let me know when they are “over” pictures and I’ve learned how to capture real moments with my camera here and there without too much of an interruption, but filming things just takes it to a whole new level of crazy! Ha! Loved hearing your thoughts on this! xo

  22. I think that Instagram stories are most effective when they are still relative to the bloggers content… behind the scenes on a photo shoot/ set up for a post./a before and after shot… quick tips for styling/organizing… maybe something that doesn’t warrant an entire post. It makes me a little uncomfortable when people share videos of their kid’s tball games/birthday parties/family vacations.
    Recently I was with my mom at a concert and the guy in front of me spent the entire show trying to go live on Facebook, but his phone kept messing up, it was a complete distraction for me, his phone constantly up in the air, his frustration, and his daughter was next to him trying to snap chat and find the perfect filter and wording to place over the picture. They were totally missing the concert because they were so connected to their devices and it was such a distraction to me, I found myself watching them instead of the band…. Wish we all could have just enjoyed the moment better,

    1. Jillian I LOVED hearing your thoughts on this and that scene you described at the concert I’ve seen SO many times! Sometimes we’ll go out to eat as a family and I see other families on their devices during dinner hardly even talking! It’s so sad and can happen to any of us if we aren’t careful about setting up boundaries. And I totally agree about the story strategy you mentioned. I’m planning to do more of that! Stuff behind the scenes that’s more related to my blog and projects. I’ll share family moments when it isn’t a distraction for me. Always a work in progress right!? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this! xo

  23. I’ll watch IG stories but often I think, “wow, you just pulled your phone out to record this “real” moment?” It makes me sad for those bloggers. If it makes you uncomfortable you shouldn’t do it just to conform to what you think your social media presence is supposed to be. Our gut instincts are there for a reason! Just be yourself, disingenuousness will show, and won’t make you feel good!

  24. Erin, I had such an amazing time meeting and getting to know you! I, too, knew we would hit it off just from our interaction through IG! Can’t wait to get together again soon.. And you know I share your same thoughts about IG stories. I find them hard. I want to share more of my life with my followers, but I also have this desire to keep my family and our special time together private. I think there must be some sort of balance we can find that will feel authentic, while not taking away from our family time. Wish we lived closer and we could try to figure this story thing out together! Lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Erin I feel the same way!! Working to find that balance. ;) And wishing so badly we lived closer to each other! I absolutely loved getting to know you at this conference and know we have lots of fun trips together in our future! Can’t wait. :) xo

  25. IG stories (I haven’t read other comments yet b/c I would get side-tracked – ha!) – I applauded you and your awareness to balance, family life, etc. You bloggers do NOT need to be “everything to everyone”. I was that “record every moment of everything” for years but my kids got tired of it, I got tired of it….like you, I began obsessing over “missing the perfect shot” and not enjoying being in the moment. So now, yes, sometimes I’m sad to not have pictures/videos of this-and-that but I *do* enjoy the moment more. So. No worries…you gotta do what is BEST for YOUR family b/c blogging won’t last forever (probably) but the relationships you build NOW will.
    Looks like you had a great time at the conference. The ruffled skirt was my favorite and I am looking for a new pair of nude heels…maybe I will try a blush? Question….in the picture after you mention Kendra Scott you are in a photo with one other gal. There is a blond in the background and I thought, “wow, SHE is my style!” Then, a few pictures down, your first group photo, she is two ppl behind you (4th from the right). Who is she? I really like her conservative look :). I follow NO fashion blogs….you would know why if you saw my closet – ha! But you keep me “in the know” about what I *should* be wearing 😉
    Love your story about Erin – how neat is that?!?
    Have a great weekend…now going back to see what others had to say about your post :)

    1. I think that “record every moment” phase happens to most of us and then like you said.. BURN OUT! I love that you stepped back and don’t do it anymore! Definitely better to be in the moment. I agree.. it’s always about doing what’s best for you and your family! K the girl you are talking about I met quickly but don’t know very well! I’ll see if I can find her blog info.! She was so sweet! Loved hearing your thoughts on this cutie! Thank you so much! xo

  26. Sounds like you had a terrific time at the conference! It’s always so much fun to see all the cute clothes you guys wear….you are all so beautiful and look so stylish!

    I’m so glad you spoke honestly about the IG stories. I guess I’m just falling far behind the social media curve, because I just don’t get the IG story-thing. It actually kind of creeps me out when someone uses those little ear and nose things and even more so when they distort their faces and do the helium balloon voices….just too weird for this old lady! It really looks like a waste of time to be constantly doing those and an even bigger waste of my time to watch them….I rarely if ever! Time with your family, without a phone in their faces, is MUCH more important!

    Your young “Ariel” is just adorable! Soak up all those “proud Momma moments,” and share when you can. It’s always fun to see your sweet family.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Erin!

    1. Thank you so much Carol! I was laughing out loud about you comments on the little ears/face stuff.. isn’t it funny!? I agree that kind of thing can be such a huge time zap! Real time with family is always more important. Thank you for your sweet words about Addison! Love you Carol! xo

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