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Men’s Clothes – Gift Ideas for Him

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Clothes for men

Friends.  We’ve created a monster.  You might remember in October when my husband was a good sport to help me with my first post for Nordstrom sharing his favorite Fall clothes.  Per his usual sarcastic self, he titled himself “the new face of Nordstrom” and made my life slightly difficult as I attempted to take pics of him.

So when Nordstrom sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago asking if we were up for another men’s post I just shook my head and thought.. oh boy.. here we go again.. :)

I e-mailed my husband and this was our back and forth:

Me: “Guess who is the new face of Nordstrom.. ha.  Are you up for another one?  Or should I say.. am I up for another one?”

Him: “Let them know I’m in, and that I’m so dedicated to my art that I’ll go ahead and model their boxer briefs in this post. We can have a picture of me in the kitchen in my underwear taking cookies out of the oven. I think I might need to hurry and get a tattoo to increase my edgy appeal. And I need to shave my legs. Crap! Being the face of Nordstrom is a heavy burden to bare.  Is it too early to buy a loft in New York City? I’m sure they’re going to need me there about once a month for future shoots.”

Yup.  This is the kind of stuff I deal with on a daily basis.  It doesn’t matter what question I ask.. I get responses like this back ALL DAY LONG.  Like a few days ago when I sent him a text and asked “did you remember you’re picking up Addison from band today?”  And he answered “who’s Addison?”

Oh my word.  It’s exhausting.  And the reason I love him.  He’s totally annoying and keeps life interesting all at the same time. :)

So without further sarcasm from our model, (who will most definitely NOT be in the kitchen in his underwear taking cookies out of the oven) here are a few more of our favorites from the men’s departent at Nordstrom.

Mens Gift Ideas

{Him: thermal tee/lace up sneakers (on sale!)Me: similar Rails shirt/jeans/over the knee boots}

My mom snapped this pic of us over Thanksgiving break.  My husband loves these Rail Notch neck thermal t-shirts.  They are lightweight and casual.. fitted but not tight.  He lives in them and right now they are on sale for under $20!  Great every day staples.

Men's clothes - great gift ideas

Here is a better pic of the maroon and blue.  He has most of the colors.

Men's clothes and gift ideas

Apparently “the new face of Nordstrom” doesn’t have to shave.  Even when his wife begs him to.. (sigh)  

men's clothes

fall men's clothes

My nephew smushed my brother’s hat down seconds before this pic and clearly got a real kick out of himself. :)  Kenny’s fleece zip hoodie is another favorite this time of year.  So comfortable and it comes in 4 colors.

Nordstrom men's plaid shirt

{Him: Slim fit check sport shirt/lace up sneakersMe: Ribbed Pullover/Jeans/Boots}

Nordstrom men's clothes

Nordstrom has a great selection of men’s flannel shirts.  We like the men’s flannel shirts that are slim fit and taper a bit at the bottom like this Trucker Check Sport shirt.  Here are a few other recent favorites that may or may not be showing up under the tree..

Nordstrom men's gray sweater

Just home from picking up Addison wearing a favorite crewneck sweater .. looks like he remembered who she was after all. ;)

{Him: Robert Barakett long sleeve polo/Non-iron straight leg cotton pants/sneakers  — Me: bell sleeve ribbed sweater (on sale!)/jeans/boots/sunglasses/similar purse}

I really like Robert Barakett shirts for Kenny for work.  Really nice quality shirts.  They can be pricey, but I watch for sales and right now there are good deals on some of them!  El snapped this pic of us on Friday.  We were touring high schools for her next year.  I can’t even type that without wanting to cry!  My baby is going to be in high school next year.  I really don’t know how that is possible.  Especially since Kenny and I just graduated high school a few years ago ourselves.  Ha. :)

Fall Nordstrom sweater

{Cotton Cashmere Pullover/Sperry Gold Cup Sneakers (his favorites on sale!)}

Mens and boys clothes and gift ideas

{Kenny’s colorblock sweater/shoes — Kole’s sweater (40% off!)/Chino pants/shoes}

A favorite recent picture of my boys in favorite Nordstrom sweaters.  Love them. :)  You can see more of our favorite men’s clothes in this post and find other fun gift ideas from Nordstrom for everyone on your list in this post.

Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and for great clothes we love and live life in.  Also a huge thanks to my babe and other half for being a good sport in his “new face of Nordstrom” adventures.

I’ve always tried to be a supportive wife so New York City.. here we come.



xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Men’s Clothes – Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Fabulous! What a great new face for Nordstrom! I like both the shaven and unshaven look. Oh I feel for you about the sarcastic and thinks he’s funny responses. Sounds like you mostly take it in stride. Flattering that he can let loose with you, right? He probably has to be on the straight and narrow at work and this stuff gets bottled up and he just has to let it out. LOL Seriously though, he is a great model. I liked the embroidered (or appliqued flower on the olive shirt you wore in one of the pictures. You two look great together! Have a great week. I survived last week and I may only have to go in early again tomorrow and hopefully my coworker will be back. (fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs crossed)!

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I wish I could blame this on his work, but no.. Kenny has always been like this.. ha. It’s his personality and I love it even though he drives me crazy too. ;) I’m so crossing my fingers your coworker is back and things slow down for you! And yes.. definitely checking out all the different high schools have to offer. Trying to compare performing arts programs with academics and see what school is the best fit. Sounds like your girls have found their path and are doing amazing! Such a good feeling. It’s just so crazy we’re at this stage isn’t it!? Our kids are growing up so fast.. even when we aren’t aging at all. ;) Love you Jeanne! Hoping you have a happy week! xo

  2. Oh and Erin, I sure feel for you in regards to checking out high schools. Do you have different programs at each school? We were that way, too. Now I have TWO in high school. Sigh. It is definitely an exciting time of life. The high school my girls are at has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)program with different pathways. One in is in Biomed (interested in forensics) and the other is in Engineering. They love it. I can see your older one in a performing arts program for sure! Well, your younger one, too. One for dance and one for drama. :) Good luck! Life just may get even a bit crazier for you next year. Hugs!

  3. Oh my gosh this made me laugh! “The new face if men’s Nordstrom” is funny! Having a sense of humor is one of the most important things in life! Thanks Erin

    1. So happy this made you laugh Katy! I agree.. I love his sense of humor. Nice to not take life so seriously all the time isn’t it!? ;) Thanks cutie! xo

  4. Kenny, how I love you. Ryan and I are seriously missing our all time favorite ever couple to hang out with! We need some Kenny sarcasm is a bad way. And some good laughs that are garenteed!

  5. First of all, hilarious! I have often wondered what your husband’s personality is like and that text exchange is perfect, lol.
    Second, mind sharing how tall you are? I want to order those Vince Camuto boots, but I’m worried they’re going to overwhelm my shorter than short legs. (And no, can’t go to the store to try on…I’m one of the unfortunate souls without a Nordstrom close by)

    1. Well this gave you a good glimpse into his personality Audra! Ha. :) I’m 5’3 and a half! That half is important right? ;) I’m a total shortie and these boots work great for me. They come up just over my knee. I hope that helps! xo

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