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Fashion Friday – neutrals for fall!

fringe infinity scarf
Happy Friday friends!  Made it to the weekend.  Always a great feeling. :)  For fashion Friday I’m talking neutrals today!  I tend to stick to neutrals when it comes to clothes.  I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I don’t buy a lot of patterns.  Maybe stripes – but that’s about as far as I go… and I actually consider stripes a neutral.  :)  I have nothing against patterns!  In fact, I love seeing how people mix patterns in their wardrobe.  But at the end of the day neutral clothes will always have my heart.  I’ll tell you why..

1 – I think with my hair and skin tone I look better in neutral, solid colors.  (Just a personal preference!)

2 – Neutrals are great for layering.

3 – Neutral clothes don’t look dated as quickly.

Whenever I do branch out and buy a patterned top or dress I notice that by the next season I don’t want to wear it anymore.  Either I’m tired of the pattern or it just looks dated.  Neutral clothes last for years!  They are timeless and you can pair a neutral top with a scarf or vest or some fun jewelry to get a whole new look.  LOVE my neutrals.  I found a few neutral must haves for fall last week.  (All great prices!)
infinity scarf
First is this cute lace hem tunic in olive!  Isn’t it fun!?  Comes in several colors (of course I went for the green) and is only $34!  I paired it with this fringe infinity scarf that is seriously one of my favorite recent finds.  LOVE this scarf!  It also comes in lots of colors and is a great price.  I picked up two for me and a few for Christmas gifts.  (Yes – it’s time to start thinking about that!  At least in my house it is.)  :)  Kind of loving the green on green.  This is a great “in-between seasons” outfit for right now while I’m craving fall but our weather still thinks it’s summer.  In fact, I had this outfit on in the morning with my new Ugg boots from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale but by 11:00 I had to change.  Forgot these boots are lined on the inside.  I about had a heat stroke!
neutrals for fall
Took this picture later in the afternoon with my peep toe booties.  Ahhh.. much better.  I sometimes forget where I live.  Cute tall boots have that effect on me.
neutral scarves for fall
Another outfit I wore this week with the grey fringe infinity scarf.  It dresses up this simple green top – in a casual way.  :)  (The boots I’m wearing I’ve had for years – these are similar.)
banana republic fallHere is another great neutral I scored recently.  Banana Republic is having one of their 40% off sales and I got this brushed jersey top for only $30!  (Sorry for the awful dressing room pic – I haven’t worn it yet so this is the only pic I have to show you!)  The material is so nice on this top.  Looks and feels like a lot more than $30.  :)
ruffle cross front tee
Another darling neutral I’ve had for awhile (also from BR and on sale now) is this cute ruffle cross-front tee.  Also comes in pink and gray!
banana republic ruffle cross front tee
My terrible grainy cell phone pics don’t do these cute clothes justice!  Trying to show you the fun ruffles on this top.
ruffle tee
You can see them better on the gray top from BR’s website.  I love the way it comes up a bit in the front.  This fun, feminine top is still casual enough for every day but also looks like you tried to put some effort into getting ready.  My favorite type of clothing.  :)
banana ribbed roll pullover
Speaking of casual/neutral favorites I can’t say enough about BR’s ribbed extra-fine wool pullovers!  Wow.  These are so so soft!  They feel like I’m wearing pj’s.  Plus they are really light weight which I love because they are perfect to layer!  I know I’ll wear this long sleeved top often under scarves and vests, but it also looks cute just simple by itself.  nordstroms infinity scarf
Here’s the black ribbed wool pullover with my new fringe scarf.  Cute right!?  These tops are regularly $70 but I got them for half off!  (Which is why I bought two colors.)  Not sure if they are still on sale.  I have a feeling they won’t last long.  Such a great fit and soft fabric.  They are comfy!  Who doesn’t want comfy in the fall?  And in the winter.  When we’re all trimming the tree and drinking hot chocolate by the gallon.

Or is that just me?  Good thing these clothes all stretch.  :)
sole-society-striped-bagOne last reason I love neutrals.  Everything works together!  Every outfit I shared above will look great with rain boots and my new striped bag.
Come on weather!  Work with me.  I’m ready for fall clothes!

Any neutral clothes lovers out there?  Are you all enjoying real fall weather?  Can I live vicariously through you?  In my tall lined boots?


xoxo, Erin
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34 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – neutrals for fall!

  1. Love neutrals! We’re hunting our coats this morning to leave the house, 41* in Cincinnati. Brrrrr. I think Fall in the Midwest forgot how to gradually come into season.
    Love your blog & house. I think I found you a couple weeks ago from Southern Hospitality. Maybe? Regardless, love your new home, all your organization and fashion posts, and that adorable little family :)

    1. Brrrr is right Kara! But I’m craving a little cold right now so I think I’d take it over this heat! Thanks for the sweet comment cutie! Made my day. :) I’m so happy you found me! xo

  2. Erin you look fantastic in your fall neutrals! Thanks so much for sharing. I really like the ruffly top and that first lacy edged number. Unfortunately for me, my neck is wayyyy too short to pull off any neat scarves like you showed. Um they would cover my chin, mouth and maybe my nose! LOL I probably need to put a bit more effort into what I wear. I’m a t-shirts and jeans kind of gal. Maybe you’ll convert me some day. Oh and no issues today on what I had emailed you about. Yay! Happy Weekend, Ms. Cutie!

    1. Thanks cute Jeanne! Oh my word – we all have those things about us don’t we!? I try on so many things that look ridiculous because I’m so short! Happy to hear it’s not doing that anymore when you comment. Thanks so much for letting me know! And for all of your kinds words. :) Happy weekend my friend! xo

  3. Love all the tops in your post. Neutrals are my favorite.
    We are having fall weather in Georgia. Cool mornings, warm afternoons.

    1. YEA! Isn’t it so cute!? Ok – a lot of people asked me this. It’s in-between! It’s bigger than a regular purse, but smaller than luggage or a big duffel bag. I do use it as a purse but not every day. I took it every day to my girls’ play activities and it held my wallet and all of my purse stuff along with a few things they needed (stage make-up, snacks, etc.) I hope that helps! It’s a great bag for when you need a bit more room than a regular purse has! xo

  4. I am totally the same way with neutral clothes!! Last year I let friends talk me into adding some more colorful clothes. They just aren’t me at all. This year I’ve bought several new neutral pieces already and feel so much better!! The colorful ones are in the donation bin! I have the BR Pullover sweater in black. Love it under my puffy vests! I need to go check out that ruffle shirt you shared. It’s so cute!

    1. Thanks Shari! Same! Colorful patterned clothes always end up at Goodwill around here! I’ve learned to just embrace that neutrals are what work for me and I get a lot more bang for my buck with them! Happy to hear I’m not alone. :) Enjoy your weekend cutie! xo

  5. I’m with you girl. I have to convince myself to choose other colors than black most of the time. I’ll do patterns here and there, but totally agree that neutrals go with anything and are completely timeless. Since I like keeping my clothes for a long time, I usually stick to classic pieces. I absolutely love that infinity scarve. You’re right, it would make a great Christmas gift. I need to start shopping too so that I can avoid the last minute craziness! Have a great weekend girl!

    1. That’s what I’m thinking Celina! Time to get Christmas on the brain to avoid the craziness that’s coming! Happy to hear I’m not alone in the neutral department. And yes! Loving that scarf! :) Happy weekend to you too cutie! xo

  6. Love the BR ribbed pullover outfit. It looks great on you and so cute with the jeans and boots. Actually, I love the jeans and all the pictures. You could be a model.

  7. Erin,

    Speaking of Christmas, have you seen the darling Christmas sheets/bedding at Pottery Barn Kids? I think you’ll love them. Have you ever tried decorating with seasonal bedding?

    1. Hi Julie! I haven’t seen them for this year yet but I’m sure they’re darling! I always love PBK’s seasonal bedding! I’ve never decorated with it before. Do you? Such a fun idea! Last year my girls decked their rooms in all sorts of snowflakes and red decor. Would be fun to have Christmas quilts too! xo

  8. Wow Erin, what cute outfits!You have such great taste and style I’m ready for Fall too. Here in Texas I think it was 97 the other day..ugh caliente! I love the infinity scarf and will be ordering. You have me hooked on Nordstrom :) I really didn’t realize they could be so affordable. I recently ordered the olive green Jolt utility jogger from one of your Fashion Friday post. They were on sale and when they arrived I received a text saying they were on my front porch! Perfect fit and so comfy. I’m going to pair with my chevron necklace and black tee. I don’t know, maybe another fellow blogger will spot me at Target and ask me if I the Sunny Side Up blog? lol Thank you for all your tips..please know that I for one, am very grateful and just love everything you do! Have a great week :)

    1. Hi Debi! Oh my word your comment made me so happy! Yea! Glad you are liking the fashion Friday posts and found some fun things to wear. Nordstroms can be really affordable! And I love that we’re twinners in our jolt jogger pants! Wish I could run into you in Target. ;) Thanks so much cutie! Your sweet words mean a lot to me. :) xo

  9. For some reason the links aren’t working for me ~ I’m sure it is my computer. Could you tell me what store BR is? Nothing is coming to mind! I really love the ruffle top and want to get one. Thanks

  10. Great post, Erin! I am totally with you preferring solids. I enjoy bright colors, too, but patterns other than stripes (yay for stripes!) or checks just don’t resonate with me. I have purchased print dresses; wear them once and never reach for them again. Solid colors are so much easier to accessorize, too.

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