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Fashion Friday

workout wear
YEA!!  It’s Friday!  So excited for the weekend!  I haven’t done a Fashion Friday post in such a long time!  (You can see past Fashion Friday posts here.)  But I found some really fun things at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have to share them with you!  The sale goes public today and it’s a good one this year.  I snapped this picture above a few days ago to share with you my typical wardrobe these days.  Honestly I have made a bad habit of living in workout clothes.  I exercise in the morning and then get busy and run around in gym clothes all day.  Now that things have settled down and our new house isn’t taking so much of my time I’m trying to make more of an effort to actually get dressed in something cute for the day!  You’d think that would be an easy thing..  :)

Quick sidenote.. if you do need some new workout clothes, the pants I’m wearing in the picture above are Zella and they are my favorite!  You can find them here and other Zella workout clothes on sale here.  If I hadn’t just blown my budget on shoes I wold be picking up more of these pants for sure.  My Nike’s have also been a staple for me and there are lots of cute colorful Nike’s on sale now too.  K.  Moving on!
nordstrom sale pants
Here is a new outfit I just bought and the pants and top were both on sale!   The shoes weren’t but are still a great deal.  These are the Jolt Utility Jogger Pants in Olive and they are so comfy!  I love that I can make them casual or dressy depending on the shoes and top I pair them with.  They are normally $48 and are now just $31.90!  The top is the Hardware Keyhole Cap by Vince Camuto and is such a great fit.  Normally $59 on sale for just $38.90.  The shoes are the Phoenix Wedge Sandal in gold.  Most of my shoes have some height because I’m a shorty and like to be taller, but I needed some cute sandals that were lower for everyday running around with the kids.  These are fun because they’re casual, but also nice enough to wear out at night.
friends at haven
Here is a pic in this outfit I just took tonight!  I’m writing this post in my hotel room in Atlanta.  I’m at the Haven blog conference!  My very first blog conference and I’m so excited for the weekend!  I’m here with my cute friends Gina and Jen and we had so much fun meeting with other bloggers tonight.  I was a little nervous at first, but everyone has been SO nice.  Now I’m just excited.  :)

Sidenote – if you look at my friend Gina’s necklace (on my left) it has been one of the most popular sale items this year!  It’s Kendra Scott’s Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace and it sold out in stores so fast!  I know because I tried to call and get it in three different Nordstroms in San Diego and it was gone so I’m ordering it on-line.  It comes in so many fun colors and goes with everything!  Normally $80 on sale for $52.90.  Fun gift idea too!  I know it will be one of my go to favorites.
One more pic of my Jolt Utility Jogger pants with a different top and shoes so you can see the fun zippers on the sides.  Still can’t believe these pants are only $30 bucks.  I’m tempted to buy another pair in a different color.  white pants
Speaking of pants, here is a pair I’ve lived in this summer.  These Roxy Oceanside Beach Pants are so light weight and comfy.  They are long on me (most pants are!) but with my wedges they work.  :)
I was packing for my trip last night and took some quick pictures of a few of my favorite necklaces I’ve been wearing lately.  This one is new.  It’s the BP layered Pendant Necklace and I love it!  Layered necklaces are all the rage right now.
This necklace I’ve had for a while but it’s also a favorite.  The Triple Chevron Layering necklace is only $16!
This Bar Lariat necklace is fun too.  I got it in silver but it also comes in gold.  I’ve had this one for a year and wear it often!
This year was all about the shoes for me!  I haven’t bought new shoes in quite a while so I picked up a few new pairs on  sale and now I’m set for Fall!  And Summer and Winter and Spring where I live.  :)  Here are the links to these shoes in order from the left:

‘Laurel’ Peep Toe Bootie – oh my word.  These shoes were love at first sight!  Not practical for every day but so much fun for date nights.  They fit true to size.  Seriously SO in love with these shoes!  I might fall flat on my face in them but I’ll look cute doing it.  ;)
‘Ashton’ Leather Wedge Ankle Bootie – Normally $129.95 on sale for $84.90!  So cute and practical for Fall (really comfortable and true to size).  There are a lot of fun booties on sale right now and as soon as the sale ends they’ll go back to full price so even thought it’s hard to think of boots in hot weather now is the time to get them.  This pair was my favorite!
Michael Kors Wedge sandal – I’ve shared pics in these for years.  A staple for me!
Phoenix Wedge Sandal I shared above.  Love them.
This isn’t a great pic but I wanted to share the shoes from the side so you can see how tall they are and what they look like from this angle.  My favs at Nordstroms right now!
Two other favorites of mine I’m wearing in this picture that are also on sale right now.  This striped V-neck pullover (similar to the top I have on in this picture) and Hunter rain boots!  I got this grey pair of Hunters for Christmas last year and only got to wear them a handful of times because we’ve had such little rain.  Praying for more rain next year!  We need it for the drought.

And of course so I can wear my Hunters.  ;)

Hope that gives you a few fun ideas for Nordstroms sale items you might want to pick up!  Let me know if you like the Fashion Friday posts or not so much.  I’m far from a fashion expert and sometimes I feel silly taking pics of myself in front of the mirror, but I love getting ideas from what other people are wearing!  If you do too I’ll try to share what I’m wearing and loving more often.  :)

Well I’m off to bed. Excited to take in Atlanta tomorrow!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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39 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Yes please continue to Fashion Friday’s. I recently found your blog ( don’t remember which site featured it) and have enjoyed reading about your lovely home and your great fashion tips. Enjoy Atlanta, it’s a city filled with such history and fun places to shop.

  2. Congrats on getting to go to your blog conference. I’m sure you are going to have a marvelous time. I enjoy the Fashion Friday posts. Not because I am any sort of fashion guru, I’m not. I enjoy seeing what you wear and dreaming of having that cute of a wardrobe! :) Happy weekend to you!

  3. I’ve always loved your Fashion Friday posts! So much fun to see your Nordstrom sale finds too! Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Love your picks, Erin! This was just the motivation I needed to check out the Anniversary sale-I ordered the layered pendant necklace you bought plus the Capri leggings and darling earrings I’ve been on the hunt for. Thanks so much for sharing your fashion finds, I also love getting ideas from what other people wear. Have a wonderful weekend and a great trip!

    1. Yea Jennie! You got some cute stuff! FUN. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! So happy you liked the post. :) Happy shopping! xo

  5. Love your fashion posts! Obsessed with the Nordie’s sale!! Did you find the joggers to run true to size?

    1. Hi Jamie! Yea! Thank you so much! Kinda obsessed with the Nordie’s sale too. :) It’s hard not to be! So many cute things. Do you mean the Nike’s? If so, yes! True to size. :) xo

  6. Have fun at the conference! Love your Fashion Fridays and may have to do a little on-line shopping — boo hoo – no Nordstrom’s in Nebraska! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thank you sweet Janet! Lately I prefer on-line shopping! Nothing like picking up a few things while you sit on your couch in your p.j.’s. And Nordstroms is great with returns if it doesn’t’ work out! Everyone wins. Except for my husband. Ha! ;) xo

  7. Gah!! I didn’t know you were attending Haven this year. So sorry to miss out again. Tmrw is my birthday and a dear friend, Jennifer-Beaufortbelle’s daughter Brooke is coming for a visit! Have fun.

    1. Hope you had a fun birthday Lauren! Next year let’s both go to Haven. It was so fun and I would love to meet you someday! xo

  8. Yes, please keep them up! Also, I’d love to see you do another makeup post. I love seeing other’s favorite products:)

  9. I enjoy the Fashion Friday posts, maybe *because* you’re not some fashion guru. I like that you’re a pretty typical mom and you dress for normal day-to-day running around and carpooling, you just happen to look really adorable and put together while you do it :) My budget’s a lot smaller but I like looking at your outfits for inspiration and the occasional deal like those green pants that I would totally be buying if I wasn’t 37 billion weeks pregnant right now :)

    1. What a sweet comment Amanda! That is so kind of you to say. I really appreciate it! And I’ll send up a prayer for you! I remember all too well how it feels to be 37 billion weeks pregnant. Ha! Hang in there cutie! Soon it will all be worth it and the green pants will be waiting. ;) xo

    1. Hi Christa! Oh my word – loved Atlanta! We didn’t have a lot of time to explore the city, but what I did see was beautiful! And yes. Also very humid. I can’t say that I had the best hair days of my life. :) xo

      1. hahahaha Yeah I’ve pretty much given up on my hair until late fall! :) Glad you liked the city. You’ll have to come back for a family vacation sometime. We have some great places to visit! :) (And maybe a meet up! I’d love to meet you!!)

  10. Love your new outfit with the olive pants, black top and gold sandals! It looks so stylish without looking overdressed! Definitely get another pair of those pants; they look great on you. Love those gauzy pants too! I like everything you bought actually.

  11. Oh my gosh Erin, I love love your outfit ensembles! Especially the linen pant and denim jacket. It looks exactly like mine. Ive been living in a coral linen pant this Summer that I pair with a white tee, denim jacket and black espadrilles. Thank you for the fashion them!

    1. Thank you Debi! You are such a sweetheart. I’ll try to do more Fashion Fridays in the future! Yea for a comfy linen pant! :) xo

  12. I need help! I bought the ankle booties (the Ashton) and I love them, but I don’t know how to style them! I tried looking up some ideas, but seriously every website has different advice. Some say never wear ankle boots with skinny jeans while others say always wear with skinny jeans, etc. Some say cuff your jeans slightly to show some ankle, but others say never cuff them. I also saw a lot of outfits with mini-skirts, but I’m not going to be wearing that :) So, if you are ever needing a post idea, I would love to see how you are planning to wear your boots. I just feel like they are maybe not hitting me at a flattering spot. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Evaly! I actually think all of those answers are right! I’ve seen them with skinny jeans and with cuffs and ankles showing and all sorts of ways! I’m not going the mini-skirt route either. :) I always wear mine with skinny jeans. I’ll definitely think of doing a post on that! Or at least you’ll see how I wear mine in future Fashion Fridays. But honestly, I think you should just wear them with whatever you have that looks good to you! No right or wrong. :) xo

  13. You are so sweet to respond to my crazy call for help! Thank you! I think I panic a little when I try something new because I feel like I can’t pull it off. So, thanks for the encouragement! I played around with a few outfits today and I am feeling more confident. I love your style- it’s the perfect mix of classic and trendy! I appreciate the little push out of my comfort zone :)

    1. Oh you are so sweet Evaly! I’m glad that helped! I’m sure you look darling in your boots! And seriously – this humidity is killing me! Bad hair for days.. :) xo

  14. Hey!

    I hope its not too late to comment – but what color are those Roxy Ocean Side Women’s Pants! Cant tell if they are white or stone.

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