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Creative Turkeys

Happy Turkey week everyone!  Such a fun one.  My kids are out of school all week and I’m thrilled.  Low key mornings and no homework.  YEA.  Plus such a fun holiday to look forward to!  This will be a different Thanksgiving for our little family because we are on our own!  We usually visit family in Utah, but because of activities my girls can’t miss this week we are staying put.  Which means I’m on my own to cook Thanksgiving dinner.  Which means I will be working hard to find a delicious, affordable pre-made meal that I can order and pick-up.  Kidding!

Ok.  Not kidding.  :)

A few days ago my mom sent me a text picture of this turkey.  Isn’t he adorable and hilarious!?  Good way to use your left over Halloween pumpkins!

 Simple feathers from the craft store stick into the back of the pumpkin.

Then because it was all she had on hand, a lemon became the face.  My sweet nephew colored on the eyes.  :)  Gobble gobble.  (Very impressed at your level of craftiness with this one mom.)

It got me thinking about a turkey craft I could do with my kids this week for fun.  A few years ago we gave the kids apples, dots and toothpicks while we were preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s pretty much the easiest “make a turkey” which is why it was such a hit.  The girls loved it.  I’m going to do it again this year because I know my little buddy will have fun with it too.  Plus I’ll need something to keep the kids busy while I’m picking up our meal waiting for the rolls to bake.

A fun idea for older kids is to give them a turkey head and feet and have them come up with a way to “disguise” their turkey.  Ad and I came up with this cupcake turkey disguise last year.  Although it made us want to eat the turkey even more so not sure it was the best “disguise” for him.

I looked around on Pinterest to get a few other ideas.  There are SO many fun turkeys!  Here are the three things I narrowed it down to that we are going to attempt this week…


I like these Oreo turkeys because they look simple.  When it comes to food it has to look like something I can actually do.  Plus we have leftover candy corns and pretzels are a staple around here so we should be able to pull this one off!


I adore anything that has a picture of my kids on it (what mom doesn’t?) so I fell in love with these “from your favorite turkey” cards.  This would be fun to give teachers, friends and grandparents this time of year.  We are making these for sure.  For someone.

Maybe just for mom.  :)


This last one is too much fun!  Another must make for us since my husband has warned us all countless times about the amount of football he plans to consume this week.  Thanksgiving is his all time favorite holiday and while he says it’s because of the love and family, we all know the truth.  Let’s just say the kids and I will have plenty of time to complete these creative craft ideas.

And to break out the Christmas movies in another room.


xoxo, Erin
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