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Post it Note To-Do List

Sorry for the crickets chirping on the blog last week.  Summer is winding down (2 weeks left for us) so the kids and I are relaxing and playing as much as possible.  You can see from this picture we aren’t the only ones soaking up the summer sun.  :)
I’m popping in to share something with you that I found on Pinterest because I’m madly in love with it.  And when you find something you are madly in love with you kind of want to share the love with your friends.  Are you ready friends?  
You all know about my obsession with post-it notes.  
And about my obsession with lists.  
Well.  Jessica at Life as a Mom just might have come up with my most favorite to-do list EVER.  Which is saying a lot.  Because I’ve tried out MANY styles of to-do lists over the years.  She calls it the post it note to-do list system.  And it’s brilliant!  Go to her blog to read all about it and download a copy of it yourself.  
Here’s a sample of what mine looks like for this week:
As you can see you have room for today’s to-do’s, this week’s to-do’s and this month’s to-do’s.  You can use square sticky notes for “today” and larger sticky notes for “this week” if you want to.  Then after each day/week you tear them off and write a new one leaving the month to-do list on the right side.  You can always see what’s coming up ahead and separate what is a top priority for the day/week/month.  Are you hearing a chorus of angels singing in the background!?  Is this not brilliant!?  I was so excited when I stumbled on Jessica’s blog and found this the other night that I had to print it off and share it immediately with someone!  That someone was my husband because he happened to be sitting on the couch with me.  He didn’t get it.  He couldn’t understand why this simple sticky note to-do list made me do a happy dance around the living room.  Twice!  But I know you all do.  You get it.  You’re all doing a happy dance right now too.  
Admit it.  :)

In my Updated Time Management Binder I was just writing a simple to-do list on the first page – but not anymore!  I’ve replaced it with this post-it note to-do list and suddenly all is right with the world.


Head to Life as a Mom to check it out.  Jessica – you are my new hero.  
Happy Monday friends!  With this new to-do list it’s a happy Monday indeed.  
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Post it Note To-Do List

  1. Hi
    This is always how I have done my to do list it’s such a great way to plan and see exactly what has to be done, I don’t have a blog to share so thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the idea Erin. I just might have to try it out. It might help me while we are desiging our house. I am a little bummed though I don’t see on your list to blog about master bathroom. Lol. I am trying to design my bathroom and was hoping to get an inspiration from ya. Going to talk to the builder next week. No hurry. Lol. Waiting patiently, Mary

  3. Hero status?! I’ll take it. Thanks for your kind words. I’m so glad you like my new system. I do, too. PS, I found the 3×5 post-its on Amazon for a buck. I think one pad will last two years. :)

  4. You are so organized, it is fabulous!
    I’d have to remind myself of where all my post-it notes were!
    It’s great to have them in a readily accessible book.

    And the time management binder is so smart too. It really does structure you so you are more efficient – i like that!

    Your blog is really helpful – thank you!

  5. Mary – I’ll have to share my master bathroom at some point! I just have to find a time that it’s clean enough to take pictures. ;)

    Fishmama – Hero indeed!

  6. it is a great template!! there’s something about the feeling of accomplishing your post it list and something very productive as you tear each post it off. i know you know what i’m trying to say! lol

  7. I finally got around to printing this out today and immediately put it to use. I was able to cross off everything on my post it list except for one which is huge progress for me! So glad you shared, I can already tell this is going to be a huge help. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Erin! :)

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