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Grass and lights

THANK YOU thank you to everyone who took a minute to comment on my last post.  It was just what I needed!  For you all to make my decision for me.  :)  Trendy trellis won HANDS DOWN.  Kenny’s head is so big it might pop and I am excited about my stairs.  You all rock.  :)  Just popping in quickly with a few recent house pics. 
We have grass!

And outdoor lights!

 And everything is prepped for paint!

And there’s a bathtub in my garage!  

K.  That last one isn’t that exciting.  More of a pain actually.  
Although I sat in that bathtub for 10 minutes today in my garage.  
With a bowl of ice cream.
Hiding from my kids. 
How many more days of summer?
xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Grass and lights

  1. Everything is looking so pretty. I bet you can’t wait. Think back at the post you wrote so long ago about how you bought land. Now look how beautiful your home is on it.

    I am sure you are counting down the days.

  2. Wow! Things are really moving along! I love your garage door and everything else looks great too! So excited for your family… how are your kids feeling? I worried when we built but spending a lot of time at the new house during the building process helped the transition.

  3. I love that you have been sharing pictures of your new home with us from the beginning! It is beautiful. Also you’re really funny :) I always get excited when u have a new blog post!

  4. Thanks for the sweet words everyone!

    Jennie – my kids were really nervous about moving until they met the neighbor kids. That has made it much more exciting to them! And I agree – it will really help that they have spent so much time there.

    Yea for bonus posts Dee! You crack me up. :)

    Your fun comments always put a smile on my face – thanks again everyone!

  5. Hilarious comment about the bathtub! It’s looking beautiful. You must be getting really excited to be so close to the finish line. I’m sure it’s been super stressful for you at times but will be so worth it when you’re all settled.

  6. Wow, your home is looking stunning on the outside. I can’t wait to hear what the main paint color is gojng to be, can you share the brand and color yet?

  7. That looks so awesome, and that grass! It looks like it has been there forever, no gaps or anything, I love green grass, it’s one of those strange things that makes me excited. Yes. I’m strange ;)Emma in Aus

  8. It is almost done! And it’s absolutely beautiful outside there with grass. Looks like a real home. So glad you chose Trendy Trellis. Can’t wait to see a picture of your stairs with it. Sharing in your happiness!

  9. It’s all looking so good Erin – love your grass and curved paths and outdoor lights. Hiding from the kids in an empty bath – love it! How good will that be when you can fill it with bubbles?! xx

  10. Thanks so much everyone! You are all so kind to be excited for me. True friends. :)

    Anonymous – sure! Our main paint color is going to be “Seattle” by Frazee. I will share all of my colors at some point after the house is finished and I can take pics. :)

  11. It is so fun to have you share it all – happy for you how beautifully it is all coming together. How very delightful to move in after the yard is all in, too!

  12. Love ittt!!! Hey when you do back to school shopping can you do some hauls?! I’m not sure when your kiddos go back, but you always have them so nicely dressed! :)

  13. Hi!

    I have just discovered your blog and your beautiful home! We are currently building a new home as well and I am trying to compile a list of possibilities for our outdoor light fixtures and stumbled across your blog based on the description I searched in google. Would you mind sharing with the make of your outdoor light fixtures? They are very much in the style that I am looking for with our home.

    Thank you!!

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