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Favorites and Fashion

A few random pics today.  I’m in a random sort of mood.  :)

K.  These are too cool.  First of all, if you have a baby are you tossing GoGo Squeez snacks in your purse?  These are all the rage around here and while I didn’t use them with any of my three (what rock was I living under?) I know I would have loved them.  Healthy snacks for baby on the go!  The only complaint is the not so baby friendly pouch cap.  Pouch pops to the rescue!  They simply attach to the top of the pouch cap.  Wa-la!  Now your baby can feed him/herself.  In the car!  On the go!  Perfect for that transition period from bottle to solid food.  I had to share them for all infant mom’s because my friends have raved about the pouch pops (babies love them) and I know I would have loved them too.  Almost makes me want to have another baby to try them out.  Almost.  :)

Another favorite.  Tried and true and I’ve shared this one before.  I just bought a new MAC eye lash curler (my original one has gone missing – no doubt Kole has it stashed in a couch cushion somewhere…).  One of my all time favorite beauty products!  Makes my eye lashes so long.  
This amazing necklace is from Banana Republic.  One of the things Kenny gave me for my birthday.  He picked it out himself.  Well.  With help from me that is.  :)  Isn’t it beautiful!?  

I love it so much and I haven’t even worn it yet!  Same with this other BP necklace my mom gave me a while ago.  I need to figure out what to wear with them and just haven’t yet.  So for now I just keep admiring them in this box on my dresser.  

Two different friends gave me this scarf and earrings (also b-day gifts) but don’t they go well together?  
I have loved wearing this combo.  

And a fun yellow skirt for Spring I bought at Down East in Utah months ago.  
I love the thick band at the top.  

I just paired it with a white tank and my navy sweater and some wedges.  Yellow and Navy is such a fun combo, don’t you think?

And one of my all time favorite accessories.  
Hanging with Miss Addie after a recent and remarkable 1st grade performance.  

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Favorites and Fashion

  1. Haha forget the babies! I am 21 and LOVE those applesauces. They are the best to take on the go and are REALLY good. I second your review on them (although for a college student like me, they’re too expensive for me to get on a regular basis).

  2. I love the necklace, I am so into the turquoise lately! Yes we always need to guide our husbands at time! Thanks for the fashion fridays! Have a nice weekend!


  3. Too funny, I was going to comment the same thing as Kailee…my 19 year always stashed those in her volleyball bag for a quick snack/pick me up! Guess they are not for babies anymore. LOL Love the necklaces, and the scarf, and the earrings!!!

  4. My boys love those applesauces on the go too!!! Nice and not messy :) love the navy sweater/yellow skirt outfit. So cute! And your stairs are looking beautiful!!! Happy Friday!!!~gina

  5. Thanks guys! Ok – clearly I need to have my girls try the snacks! Thanks for the tip! It’s not too late for me after all…


  6. Would you say the Mac eyelash curler is a lot better than those you’d buy at Target from Maybelline, Cover Girl, etc? I was just wondering how you would compare the Mac to those.

  7. Hi Kathy! YES! I’ve tried several other brands from Target, etc. and this one is better. It costs a bit more, but will last forever and curls your lashes so nicely. I totally recommend it! :)

  8. Erin, I hope you respond, but when you have your house all ready and prepped, can you please Make a house tour video!

  9. Hi anonymous! That would be so fun! I’ll have to see if I have any energy left after building to put something together. ;)

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