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New house update (exterior)

Well.  This has been quite the week!  We are all sick at my house.  El had her b-day party Saturday and we were all feeling great.  By Monday Kenny and El were sick and by last night the whole crew (minus Kole) had a cough, stuffy nose, headache, sore throat and fever.  Dr. visits for all today!  And plenty of Z packs to go around.  Kenny has also been up to his own home remedies.  Ever heard of a pie cleanse?  I didn’t think so.  You eat nothing but pie.  He came up with that little trick over Thanksgiving and decided another pie cleanse is in order to cure his cold as well.  Even in his sickest state (and he is really sick!) his sense of humor remains in tact.  What a relief.  ;)

Quick picture dump today.  Things have been really moving along at the new house and we are having so much fun seeing everything on the exterior come together.  A lot of planning is happening for the inside as well (almost finished designing the bathrooms!) but I think it will be more fun to share inside stuff when everything is actually being installed.  Here are a few things that have been happening with the exterior the past two months…

My corbels were added to the front balcony.  I love corbels.  :)

Here they are working on the framing for the standing seam copper roofs.  I will be so sad to see our framers go.  We have loved getting to know these guys.  
 Roof is finished and chimneys are framed!

Then the paper was added to the roof to keep out the elements.  
 Roof tiles are loaded and windows are almost completely installed.  YEA!
Fireplaces have been installed.  I chose a grey herringbone pattern for the inside.  LOVE.  I’m probably not going to add wood and light fires in them.  Just admire the grey herringbone.  ;)  
 And here are a few pictures of the pool in progress – 

So cool.  It was fascinating to see the process and how quickly they had that baby knocked out!

Of course as soon as the hole was dug we had a huge rain storm.  Several huge rain storms actually so for a while everything was a muddy mess!  Fun to tromp around in though.

My favorite thing so far has definitely been seeing the windows/doors installed.  Like so many of you commented on – it makes it feel more like a real house instead of a construction site.  :)

 My favorite windows are the three on the front of the house.
And the two little square ones on the front of the garage.  :) 

Progress!  I have to say that one of my favorite things about the building process so far has been meeting so many wonderful people.  From the framers to the plumbers to the electricians to the landscapers – they have all been the best.  So much fun to work with.  I love taking them up some muffins/bagels and juice and chatting with them all.  I usually can’t stay long because my little man is waiting for me in the car and the two of us don’t handle separation well.  :)  It is still way too dangerous to let Kole loose on the scene!  But I love popping in when my schedule allows it to see what has been done each day.  We are getting an inspection next week and then it’s time for drywall!  We will also be starting the siding and rock on the exterior very soon.  Bring it!  I’m ready to move in.  :)

Enjoy your day everyone!  Fingers crossed you are all well!  It is no fun being sick.  Oh and thanks for the sweet comments on El’s birthday post.  I know all moms can relate to the happy/sad feelings that come when your child turns another year older.  (sniff)  I can’t think about it or I need more tissues.

And we are already knee deep in tissues around here.  :)
xoxo, Erin
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40 thoughts on “New house update (exterior)

  1. Your house is really coming along nicely. I love all of the light that pours in through all the windows. It is going to be simply stunning. I love the view too.

    I really hope you all feel better soon. Did you guys get the flu shot. I have never had one. This year I really want to get it. I have been so busy that I keep putting it off. I wish there were a few more hours in a day sometimes.I haven’t been sick yet(Now that I said that, I will get sick!!) Fingers crossed. I won’t. It is a nasty season this year!

    Hope you all are healthy soon.

    Take care!

  2. Thanks Cathy! Yes – we got flu shots. I think we all have pneumonia and bronchitis. It has been a nasty season this year! Seems like everyone is sick. :( No fun!

  3. Your house looks amazing Erin! You have I be so excited about the pool.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! My son is sick with a high fever and I am sure my little girl is next. We have been lucky so far this Winter that this is the first major illness. The flu is spreading like wildfire from what I am hearing from other Moms.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Everything looks so great Erin. if you haven’t already started looking at pool alarms, please do. With your little guy and even the girls, it will be some added security and piece of mind. Feel better!


  5. Erin – on a completely separate note – I just tried to visit Sarah’s blog “Clover Lane”, but it is no longer there! I am so sad!! Do you know anything about this??? I just looked at it yesterday and it was fine. Thanks!!

  6. Oh Erin! Hopefully you are all on the mend quickly because having a whole house full of sick people can be such a nightmare! Speaking of houses….can I just say. WHOAH. Every time I see an update on your new house I am impressed, but this time I was left in awe. You are building the kind of house I can only imagine in my dreams. What an incredible blessing to be able to create something so magnificent for your family. At the same time, the stress you are dealing with much be so heavy. I’m sure I am in a large company of folks whose envy rears its ugly head when we look at these photos of your new home, but I always remind myself of the weight you much be feeling to GET IT RIGHT. As a perfectionist who likes everything JUST SO, I hope you are allowing yourself some room to breathe and giving yourself some grace throughout this process. Thinking of you and yours!

  7. Oh so very sorry to hear you are all sick. Love Kenny’s cleanse – hope it helps :). Wow – your contractors are fortunate to get your yummy treats! Get well soon.

  8. It looks amazing! and the pool looks bigger than my house- LOL. Enjoy every second. Most people have such stressful builds. It really seems like you are enjoying the entire process. Cant wait to see more. :)

  9. You have such an amazing attention to detail and I cannot wait to see what you do with the inside. The copper is going to look amazing!!
    And seriously- the house is HUGE!!

  10. Such fun, its looking so good cant wait for all the inside details to come together.

    I was going to see if you had a way to contact Sarah too. She may not realize her blog isn’t working.

  11. Thanks so much for the sweet comments everyone!

    I don’t know what’s going on with Sarah’s blog! I emailed her and will let you know as soon as I hear from her.

    Helen – good tip! We are all over pool safety!

  12. Very exciting progress, Erin!!!! Love it. That pool building process is amazing. Can’t believe they can do that. And I’m so relieved you have several fireplaces to keep you warm in your FRIGID San Diego weather. :) Keep the photos coming!

    Sorry you guys have been sick. :(

  13. Thanks you guys! Your excitement makes me excited! I would love to have you all over for swim! :)

    btw – I emailed Sarah and her blog should be up and running again tomorrow! Just a minor technical difficulty. :)

  14. Hi Erin! oh, the pie cleanse really made me laugh! You are both very funny. So sorry for the sickies over there. Thinking of you. Happy Birthday to Ellie. Such a sweet letter, for a super sweet, adorable NINE year old! I can’t believe it! So great. And the house is looking amazing. So excited for you. xoxo

  15. Catching up on blog reading. Everything looks great! Oh my word…I know you guys are getting so excited! Can you believe it’s finally happening? Love that you are sharing this with us! Keep the pictures coming!

  16. Wow! I can’t believe how fast it has come along, actually, that means I can’t believe how fast time has flown bye altogether. Amazing how time flies by triple speed when you have kiddies in school. :-( Everything looks amazing and I can’t wait to see more.

    Glad you are all on the mend!

    Hugs from Kansas,

  17. Wow, there sure has been a lot getting done on your new house. Looks fantastic!
    The flu has been horrible here in AZ this year too! My little family has never been so sick all at once as we were during all of Christmas break! Hope you guys are better real soon!

  18. We all got that nasty pneumonia and bronchitis as well. Horrible horrible stuff!!! I am SO excited for you and this house!!! Even more excited for ME when I come to visit!!!!!

  19. Oh my goodness!! The amount of planning you’ve had to do makes (extra) sense now that I can see how palatial your new house is!!! It’s gorgeous, tell the builders to hurry up so we can all see it finished!! ;o) LOL

  20. Erin,
    My name is Whitnee. I’m actually a Santa Clara girl (your mom was my 2nd grade teacher) and my sister in-law is a miller (the ones who live across the street from you parents :) anyways, I follow your blog DAILY! I love everything you post, and wish I was more like you every day! I saw this post on sickness…it has been horrible this year!! I do DoTerra essential oils and thought if your husband likes natural remedies, you would love the oils! They have saved me and my family this year! Let me know if you are interested in learning more!

  21. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Whitnee – Oh my word – I’ll have to ask my mom about you! How fun that she was your teacher. Thanks so much for your fun comment. I’m so happy to “meet” you! We’ll have to really meet in the cul-de-sac next time I’m in town! :)

    1. Hi Kelsie! We’ve decided not so share our plans for personal reasons but thank you for your sweet words about my house! If you read my blog regularly I share enough pictures of rooms that you’ll get a pretty good idea of how it’s laid out. :) xo

  22. I love the layout of you first floor!! We are actually about to build and I have to pick my plan. I would love to see the layout of you while first floor. Is that something you would be willing to share??

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