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Random thoughts on blogging and a question for you

I have been staring at my computer screen for two straight hours now.  Granted, I’ve been catching up on recorded shows at the same time which is part of the reason I’m still staring at a blank screen.  :)  But the other part of the problem – my problem – is that I have so many random thoughts that are all jumbled up in my head lately about blogging and I don’t really know how to share them.  So this post will be a bit scattered since at the moment, I am a bit scattered.

When I decided to start a blog four years ago I did it for two reasons.  1- I love to write and take pictures and record memories so I thought it looked like something I would enjoy.  2- I wanted to share pictures of my kids and my life with close friends and family who lived in other areas.  So I started a blog.  And my family and close friends read it.  And aside from sharing what my kids were up to, I also started sharing what I was up to.  Because that was fun for me.  And I never once thought that people I didn’t know would start to read my blog.

But people I didn’t know started reading my blog.

And those people I didn’t know commented once in a while.  And that was exciting too.  It was exciting and it was a little scary.  I knew I’d never know who was reading and it made me feel a bit vulnerable.  For a while I seriously thought about making my blog private because I was sharing so much about my family and kids and life.

For a while I also thought about writing two blogs.  One about my family that would be private and one about my projects for anyone who was interested.

But I never separated the two topics.  And the reason I didn’t is because I couldn’t.  My family is everything to me and everything I do is about them or for them or because I need an escape from them.  :)  But regardless, it’s all about them.

(picture from a post on toy organization… supposedly)  

So I didn’t change anything about my blog and I kept sharing pictures and projects and the funny things the girls would say and the slightly annoying things that Kenny would say and how much I loved it all – even when it was slightly annoying.  And during the process I was “meeting” and connecting with all sorts of wonderful people.  And it made me love blogging even more.  Blogging has been a lot of things to me.  A creative outlet, a way to record the little things that I know I’ll soon forget and never want to, motivation to complete projects, an escape from difficult days being a stay at home mom to three wonderful but incredibly active children who leave me feeling a mix of blessed and exhausted at the end of each day, a way to make new friends – most of whom I’ve never met but who I still feel incredibly close to.  Blogging has been a huge blessing in my life.

Right now, I need a little direction when it comes to blogging.  I am completely scattered.  (Did I mention that yet?  That I’m feeling a bit scattered lately?)  I think my problem is that I have a lot more on my plate than usual with the new house and Kole’s therapy (which we recently bumped up to six days a week because he is showing a lot of progress).  I have very little time to do the things I love.  When I do find a 15 minute break to work on something for my blog I am completely torn!  I have so much I’d love to do and I don’t know which direction to go in.  Should I organize something on my list?  Decorate the front porch for Halloween?  Complete a page in Kole’s scrapbook?  Take a picture of what I’m wearing?  Share more new house updates?

I will always post about my family and what my kids are up to.  Those posts are the heart of my blog and the ones that are the most precious to me.  But because I am feeling so scattered lately when it comes to the other hobbies I write about, I would love some direction from you!

So here is a question that I hope you will take a minute to answer:  What kind of posts do you enjoy the most?  

I’m not planning to change anything about my blog, and like I said, the family stuff will remain the same.  It would just help me to hear if your favorite posts are about the new house, organizing, scrapbooking, decorating, fashion, etc. because I love to post about them all and right now I need some direction!

So direct me!  :)

I would love to hear from as many of you as possible!  I want to get an idea of what the majority of you come here for.  Plus it would just make for a really fun weekend.  :)

Thank you thank you thank you.  Thank you for sticking with me through this post.  I know how completely random it was.  Thank you in advance for taking a minute to answer my question.  And thank you mostly for checking in with me and making Sunny Side Up a part of your routine.  I am truly touched each day by the wonderful people who read this blog.  Your kindness and support mean so much and like I said, I consider you all friends.

xoxo, Erin
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245 thoughts on “Random thoughts on blogging and a question for you

  1. Hi Erin – I love when you ramble !! I love when I come home from work Friday night in Melbourne Australia and know that your Friday post will be there. I love all the organising posts, anything with inspiring pictures. I love reading about your routines and how you manage things at home with your kids. I love your photos because they are always bright and sunny and make my day JEANETTE

  2. Hi Erin – I love your blog! I found it almost a year ago and have read all your posts. I love reading about organizing, decorating, all the posts about your beautiful family and your house project. I also love reading about your daily routines. A fan from Finland.

  3. Another Melbourne mum here. Love your blog. I enjoy the variety of posts. I’ve been reading for a while – but I seemed to have missed why your little man needs therapy?? I think keep blogging as you always have – your doin it right!

  4. Hi Erin, I just love your blog. I have read all your posts since I found your blog. I especially like Fashion Friday, the new house, organizing, decorating and your all of your pictures.

    Just stay the way your are with your blog!

    Sarah from Germany

  5. I enjoy the randomness of your blog posts – you never know what you’re going to get when you click on that link! The posts about organising, your family, the house you are building, decorating and the fact that you admit you are swamped at times!

    Perhaps the key is to pick what is relevant to you at the time – and not worry so much about what we want to see. Because we like what we see already! And then that way the blog doesn’t become something you begin to dread.

  6. Hi Erin!

    I love your blog! I think you have a precious family and your organization blows this OCD mama away! LOVE it!!!! :) I don’t want you to change a thing.

  7. Sydney, Australia here! I love your orgaising and craft posts. I think your blog is great, thanks for sharing so much of your life.

  8. Hi Erin,
    I originally found your blog through the blog I heart organizing on Pinterest. When I first started reading I was blown away by your organizing skills and I thought you were perfect. I loved all the pictures of your nice clean house and darling children. I keep coming back to your blog because through your writing you share your daily life with us, showing us just how real/normal you are. I especially liked the blog about when the girls knocked the cake over in the grocery store. That was a very “real” mom moment! After reading several of your blogs I started thinking of them as ‘I wonder what Erin is up to today?’ instead of, ‘I’ll check out this blog today.’ Once I read how much you love Christmas, and the earlier the better to decorate, I had to comment the other day. I felt like we have enough in common, we probably would be friends if we met. I’m commenting again (something I rarely do) because after reading your “rambling” I just wanted to tell you I keep reading because I consider you an online friend not a blog. In short-your blog and your high standard of living inspires me to live a better life all the way around. I especially like your organizing tips. You have really helped me out in that area. But, honestly I like it all. Ramble on! Carolyn In Livermore, CA Oh, and I’m so jealous that you live so close to Disneyland and get season passes, Not fair!!! :)

  9. Ohh Erin! We love you! :p

    Keep blogging away girl, whatever it is, we love to hear it!

    Anything about the new house, anything about the kids, anything about fashion, and anything about organising!

    Here’s a thought, how about you do 4 posts per day, 1 on each topic – that way its all covered! Hahhaaha!

    I must admit, I also feel like you’re an old friend of mine… Even though i’m on the other side of the world. Maybe we’ll meet one day, in the meantime, keep those great posts and gorgeous photos coming!

    Sammy, Sydney Australia

    PS: Shout out to all the Aussies! Oi! Oi! Oi!

  10. Erin you are such a warm and beautiful person I can tell! I know this won’t help you much but just keep doing what you are doing,! You blog I can honestly say is my hands down favourite! I look forward to checking in every few days and you are so consistent with fantastic posts I think if anything no- one would mind if you posted less especially with your new house project! But of course I am so excited to see all the awesome posts you will do about your house and decorating and organising etc! Oh and I do love fashion Fridays! If I ever come over from sunny Queensland Australia I would love to meet you! Sorry don’t want to sound like a stalker but you are totally adorbs justine t

  11. Erin,

    You are so funny! I personally love your random “scattered” thoughts more than just about anything. It keeps you “real” to your readers. I want to feel as though I’m a friend and not some weirdo creeping in on your family life. ;-) LOL.

    One thing that I have learned from my blog (which has been over a year since I’ve last updated- shame on me!) Is that you need to do whatever it is that makes you most happy. I realized that once I felt like I “had” to blog about certain things, or sensor because of certain people that may be reading it (i.e., in-laws that can be overbearing- ha ha) it completely took all the fun out of it for me.

    So, do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and do it for you and no one else. The people that enjoy the simplest parts of you and your blog, will continue to be there to support you.

    And that’s this Kansan’s two cents. Happy Friday!

  12. Hi Erin,

    I originally read your blog because of the organisation posts. I loved hearing about how you found systems that work for you and I find them so easily adaptable for my own circumstances.

    I’m really enjoying hearing all about the new house and I love your decoration features too.

    For me the best blogs are about real life and I think without the family part of it I wouldn’t enjoy your blog so much – the organising, the decorating and the other things are secondary to the privilege of having a glimpse the world of you and your family and I sincerely hope you never change that part of your blog.

    I used to read another organiser’s blog and at the heart of it was the same principles that you blog, however just lately its changed dramatically and has become to me a business blog, more about making money from blogging and has lost its heart and soul which is a real shame.

    You paint a joyful picture of your life Erin (even the sad and hard parts), its not perfect and you’re not ashamed to let us know that, but it is REAL and that to me is perfect.

  13. I just recently found your blog, and I love it!! My favorite posts are your organizing posts…I love to organize as well and am always looking for new ideas! (P.S. I am totally “stealing” your recipe organization idea!! LOVE IT!!) Anyways, I enjoy ALL of your posts and they make me feel like a part of your family :-).

  14. Erin, please don’t change a thing – when you can have complete strangers thinking “I wonder what Erin has been up to today?” and when there’s a post missing “I wonder why Erin hasn’t posted, I hope nothing’s wrong?” appreciate that what you are doing touches people because its real and its YOU and we love it.

  15. Everything! Just put them in bowl and draw one out. It is all wonderful! Look so forward to every post!

    Love from tx!

  16. I love your blog Erin! I really like the organization posts, reading about your darling family and the house progress. We are remodeling and adding on to an old house and we share some of the same tastes. I would love to read more about the progress and see pictures.

  17. Hi Erin! I LOVE your blog! It’s one of my favorites to read each morning! I love reading about how you organize. You inspire someone who thought she was organized, to do better! It’s fun reading about your family, seeing the progress on your house and I love seeing the sites in San Diego! We had an opportunity to move there for work, but didn’t. Oh, how we loved the weather there! I also love reading your fashion Friday posts! We have similar coloring. I tend to be afraid of colors, but seeing you wear so many different colors inspires me to step out of the box more! :) My very favorite topic you post about, is your cooking! You have some crazy, good cooking skills! ;) Okay, that was my attempt at being funny! I hear you do make a mean turkey sandwich, though! :) Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life! You inspire so many and you can’t help but smile when you read your blog. You can tell you are a fun, happy person just by the tone of your posts! Jesus shines right through you! :)
    Tonya (Originally from AL, now in OK)

  18. Hi Erin – Like Billy Joel once sang, “I love you just the way you are!” Don’t change a thing! I LOVE your organizing posts the best, but that doesn’t mean I don’t adore your family posts!! Yours is the first blog I look at each morning!!

  19. I love it all and don’t want you to change a thing although I know completely where you are coming from. I think what makes your blog special Erin, is that you are not JUST an organization blog, or a mommy blog, or a fashion blog, but you share a part of yourself along with all those things. I know we are friends anyways, but I bet your blog readers all feel like they are good friends with you-it’s just the way you write and relate. I also know the feeling over “overwhelmation” you describe. Maybe till the house is up and running you can just do the easy type of posts (like I have been doing) where it’s just about your kiddos, who you will be taking pics of anyways. Everyone will still stick around trust me. We love you.

  20. Love everything about your blog.makes me want to strive to do my best at keeping home, being organised, being a mum, wife and woman of god.I have been following your blog for 2 yrs from Perth Western Australia xx

  21. Hi Erin! I am another person in Australia, another Sunny Side Up lover! I also say “don’t change!” I had such a pit of dread in my stomach at the start of your post that you were leading up to saying that blogging has changed for you and you’re not enjoying it anymore and so you’re going to have a break! If I had to say a favourite type of post, I would probably say the ones about what your family has been up to. I also love seeing the new house being built. But it’s probably the variety and the way you write that I love the most!

  22. I love the organizing posts and the new house posts. You are the reason I started organizing every space in my house starting a year ago. I also love your family routine posts. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I love project life too. I read your blog daily and I live in Wisconsin so my posts are early in the morning for you. We are currently trying to sell our house. My blog is Amy

  23. Hi Erin,
    I am another reader in Melbourne Australia (you are very popular here!). I love all your posts too, happy to read about anything but I do especially enjoy the organizing and project life posts. Your energy and friendliness really shine through in everything you write. Thanks for such a great blog. Ashleigh

  24. Hi Erin, I found your blog through I heart organizing last year, I don’t visit her site anymore but I check yours everyday. I love everything that you blog about, keep doing exactly what you are doing now. Betty from Melbourne, Australia.

  25. Dont change anything. It makes it more real scattered all over because that is how i feel most of the time. I am also the mother of 3 kds. If I had to choose though I love the organizing and new house posts.

  26. Hi, Erin,
    I truly enjoy your blog, I have 50 of them in my reader but yours is in top 5 that I truly and fully enjoy, really. I love your writing style, your attitude, the fact you are not afraid to laugh at yourself, and I appreciate the fact you are sharing bits of your family life, as I know it is delicate thing to do today and you always have to think: “is this picture too much? am I sharing too much of my children?”. But, I think you have found a great measure for everything, and I really enjoy your blog as it is now – a mix of every of those topics. But, if you need direction, I enjoy the topics on scrapbooking, organizing, new house, and I shouldn’t forget the uncooking, too :)
    Warm regards from Croatia

  27. Erin – I LOVE your blog! I’ve reccommended it to friends and women with babies their trying to teach to sleep through the night! I can apply Fashion Friday and I can copy your recipes, I follow along with your decorating timeline, and I think I’ve applied the majority of your organizing tips (even the one about having the girls brush their teeth downstairs!) I bought the mascara, I’m thinking about Ponds Cold Cream. I’m even considering throwing a “favorites” party. I love it all!
    I still have questions about how you manage other aspects in your life – like budgeting and chore division and how old is your babysitter? I think as our kids grow, there will always be more topics to cover. (I have 2 boys the same ages as your two girls)
    IF you needed to write less about anything, than for me, it would be less about the big, new, exciting thing in you life – the new house. Because I can connect with everything else, but not building a new house, at least not right now! When it is time to paint, to landscape, to pack up and move in, all that I will be on board with – but the raw boards, not so much. Don’t think it isn’t interesting, I actually enjoy all of the details, REALLY – but what can I apply to my life right now?
    Brave of you to ask the world to help you “edit”, sorry you have to do it at all :(
    Maybe take a week or two off of blogging, finish up some stuff, get started in advance on some other stuff, then come back refreshed and ready to get back at it? Or don’t do topics, just do daily life? Write every 3 days or so?
    Hope this helps!

  28. Erin, I adore you and your blog!!! Each morning when my baby wakes for her feeding the first thing I do I grab her then my phone to check your blog :) I think you shouldn’t worry about “sticking” to any main theme or posts. I LOVE that I never know just what I’m going to get when I click that link! You’re funny, inspiring, kind, and real which I love most of all. Never have I read a post that I didn’t like, so just keep on keepin’ on girl :)) I do love a good hair/makeup post…. just saying! Oh AAAAND I see your peeps with Sarah from Clover Lane and I’m so jealous… you two are tied for my favorite blog/pretend friend category. Haha!
    Love from Texas- Magen

  29. Hey Erin,

    I too found your blog through another. Actually I follow a ton of different blogs, but I have to say hands down yours is my favorite. I was trying to put into words why I loved your blog so much and I think it’s because you post about everything. You re a real person so of course you have more than just one hobby! I love hearing about your family, decor, organizing, and fashion. And I want time to fast forward just so I can see your finished new house (and then rewind again lol). So please don’t change anything. Post about whatever you re most interested in or makes you happy because we can all see it from the way you write about it!

  30. I’m one of those people you don’t know who feels as if she knows you! Weird, I’m sure. My favorites are the organizing posts. I also really, really loved the hair video you did awhile back. I watched it many times, as I taught myself to curl my own hair…. And now I can! I frequently get compliments on my hair now, and I have you to thank. One of my other favorite posts was when you talked about all the favorite things from the Favorite Things Party you had with your friends. I even bought a few of the items, including the oxo dish brush and the key chain fob. And I’ve bookmarked the list of favorite toys for some ideas for my four-year-old daughter. She’s my firts girl, and I tend to think more in terms of boy toys still. About the only posts I skip are scrap booking ones, because it makes me feel guilty that I haven’t touchd my scrap booking stuff in about five years. I was worried for a minute as I was reading that you were about to announce a “retirement” from blogging. So glad you’re not going anywhere!!!

  31. Another lover of your blog from Australia! I can’t remember how I came across your blog but I love it! Please don’t change anything! :-) xx


  32. Hi Erin I love love your blog, I love reading everything you write. I do get a little excited when I see a post on organising. What I would love to see is spaces you may have organised and if they still are working for you. did they stay that way do you need try a new solution. The reason I say this is I am forever organising things that just fall apart what am I doing wrong?
    Keep up this awesome mummy blog. Jill from Sydney as well. Love ya girl

  33. Well, I love randomness and I love your blog so really anything will do!

    BUT…. I came over first from the organising posts (who knows from which links?) but I stayed because you’re real and authentic!

    My heart connects with bloggers and I’ve connected with you. There are lots of people who pretend to have a perfect life but you admit that you hate cooking, Kole is busy busy busy and when you get overwhelmed.

    I love that because I can relate. Yes, I have an organised home and enjoy cooking but I don’t do lots of other things to have time for other things I love.

  34. Ok…I’ll warn you that I probably won’t be much help since I enjoy all of your posts! Being a mother of 3 extremely active bambinos myself, I love reading your posts because I can relate to them:) I’m all about the organizing and decorating as well. I think that’s what makes your blog so fun and interesting…I never know what the next post is going to be…a cute picture of Kole in the middle of a pile of pillows, your little princess’ posing for another cute picture, the newly organized drawers, or the awesome new house progress. Sorry to “not” help but I truly enjoy reading whatever your post of the day is:) Keep doing what you do, however you feel like doing it!

  35. I’m glad you are not thinking about making your blog private! I enjoy checking out your blog everyday and living a “west coast life” through you! ;-) I particularly enjoy reading about the new house, organizing and decorating. Best wishes to you and your family!

  36. Erin,
    Your blog is brill – I love it & check it every day for new posts. I like everything about it – your family, organization & PL. So many things.

    I’d love to hear more about family nite etc & about how the children do chores.

    Your blog is a real help to me & many others & I thank you for it:)

  37. Hi Erin! I love your blog! I started reading it before Kole was born when Becky Higgins linked to your blog in one of her posts. When I started reading I loved how similar we were in our family lives as well as our love of organizing! I feel like we would be friends if we ever met (i dont mean that in a creapy way, plus I live in Ohio). I’ve been loving your blog posts on your house building! I feel like you’re building my dream house too, so it’s fun to see how the details are coming together. I think the most important thing to remember when you feel this scattered as a mom is when you do have down time, sometimes you just need to rest and recharge. Don’t let your blog which you enjoy make life more challenging for you. You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to so many!

  38. Gosh, you have a great blog. I like stuff about family, recipes, decorating (building your house especially is interesting), books, movies, crafts, organizing and fashion.

  39. Well Erin, I would have to see that one of the things that I enjoy most about your blog is that it has diversity… that’s better than jumble right. I read so many other blogs that are specifically DIY, scapbooking, organizing or Mommy blogs. It’s refreshing to read a blog that does it all! I suppose I identify most with your organizing posts because we are very similar in that respect. But I love watching the progress of the house, seeing your PL pages and how to find the perfect pair of jeans. So my answer is- keep it random!

  40. So I’ve been reading your blog for a long time (I don’t know how long but long enough that I’ve forgotten how I found it…) but I don’t think I’ve ever commented (and side note – I scrolled through some of the comments to see what other readers said they liked and I love how far around the globe your blog reaches! The internet really is making the world a smaller place).
    I most especially love your organizing, scrapbooking and decorating posts. Those are some of my favorite things, so I love seeing how other people do them. You always make me quite inspired! Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us!
    Sarah (from Idaho, not so international ha ha)

  41. Hi Erin- I love reading about the way you organize. As an organized freak myself- I LOVE to see how others keep their life in order. I also love your “day in my life” posts- when you just simply share the things you did all day. I love before and after shots of ways you organize. I also love hearing about people’s favorite things. Makeup, products, cleaning products, etc…..

    Hope that helps.

  42. I’m just going to start out by saying you are one of my favorite blogs and are at top of my Google Reader! That said, I love so many different topics you post about it’s hard to narrow it down. But, I enjoy the organizing, home decor, and fashion posts the most. And I can’t wait to see your new house and steal some ideas, since we are building a house in the spring!

  43. I love your blog! I used to read Becky’s blog all the time (which is where I found you) and then her blog became ALL about Project Life and now I rarely check it. I love all of your posts…you know how to mix it up, keep it real, fun and interesting! I will read whatever you write. I think you are amazing.

  44. Hi Erin!
    I too love, love, love your blog! It is the first blog I go to just about everyday. The thing that originally sparked my interest is your awesome organizing tips and tricks of course. However the thing that I truely love about your blog and why I read everyday is your honesty and relatability. Oh and also because you are hilarious!! The posts I enjoy the most are usually about your family or products that you like. It’s always good to hear from a great mom what products/ brands work for you and your family! Keep on doing exactly what you are doing because we all love it. The kids are adorable and I hope everything is going great with Kole’s therapy.
    Ashley (Philadelphia, PA)

  45. Erin I very rarely comment, but I so love reading your blog. You have inspired me with so many of your posts. I have a little girl who is 7 so your posts on organizing the playroom, closets and toys have been such a help. I love when you blog about decorating for the different seasons/holidays. Truthfully I just enjoy your blog no matter what the subject of the day is :)

  46. I love your organization posts and your kids posts and your new house posts and your decorating posts and your clothes posts….oh, I guess I love everything about your blog! Don’t change a thing….it’s one of my favorites!

  47. Hi Erin-
    I am a stay at home mom to 2 kiddos … a girl and a boy. I love reading your posts on organizing, home decorating and life in general. It is so inspiring to read another mom’s blog for ideas. Thanks for sharing! Marci in TN

  48. I started writing about the topics I like to read on your blog, but I am just listing everything you write about. I like that your blog is “real.” Your stories are real, you have good days & bad days, you bounce back from them, and you share those ups and downs. I am an English prof. and your writing style is what really keeps me coming back. You write with a sense of humor that I think is much like my own. I don’t have children, but I love reading about your daily escapades with your little ones. Keep the mix you have, I think – a little beauty advice, fashion, kids, organizing, decorating, and just…life. Oh, and your love/hate relationship with cooking – I LOVE THAT.

  49. Erin, I think your blog is fantastic. It is one of the first ones I check every day. I’ve been reading it for over a year now, and it is one of my favourite ones to recommend to people looking to organize or for friends with young children.

    My favourite posts are the ones where you talk about what your beautiful family has been up to, how your organizing your house (I appreciate all the tips!) and your Fashion Friday posts (you always have the cutest tops…and usually Kole makes a photobomb appearance too!)

    Keep up the great posts! You’ve obviously got alot of fans here :)

  50. I love everything you post on your blog – you have such a great sense of humor – anything you write leaves me with a smile on my face :-)

    My favorite posts are the before and after organizational ones – like the peek into clothes cabinets…how you organize after school supplies…toy organization – all of your past posts have given my so much inspiration and motivation to keep tidy (and with my 5 year old twins – I definitely need all the “keep tidy” inspiration I can get!)

    I also love it when you mention your favorite tried and tested beauty & hair products – you definitely know what works for you, so your product recs are great!

  51. Hi Erin. Honestly, I love the randomness of your blog. I love that you write what you feel or are doing in the moment. It’s your energy and enthusiasm that I love reading about, whether it’s a post on the kids, organizing or just things that are happening with you. I think if you start writing for the readers, then you will loose that spark and it won’t be fun for you anymore because you will be writing for us and not yourself. You have to write about what interests you in that moment and what you’re excited to about. If you’re excited then it will shine through in your post and we will be excited.

    I started my first blog about a year ago. It was similar to yours in the sense that it had family info and random thoughts etc. At the same time, I also started a cooking blog where I posted recipes for friends because they were always asking me for recipes so I thought, why not put them on a blog? I was taking pictures of all the steps and the finished product to make it easier for people when trying the recipe. Anyway, guess which one took off? My cooking blog. I was getting readers from all over the place and compliments on my photos and recipes. I also had an article in the local paper. It was funny because as my cooking blog was growing, my other blog was getting less attention. I was having fun with the cooking blog and I think that is why it took off. I loved my other blog but writing a post on there was a bit more labor intensive for me and I find I dreaded trying to keep up with it. I still post on that one from time to time, but I post on my cooking blog regularly. The point is, is that I learned to follow my passion and blog about that. My passion turned into cooking, which I can honestly say, I was not much of a cook 10 years ago. It was when daughter started really eating, that I started really cooking. I think we evolve with our blogs. They start out one way and then evolve into something else. We just have to go with it and let it happen.

    You have so many talents from organizing and decorating to do-it-yourself home projects to scrapbooking to giving people fashion and hair advice (btw, I loved the hair video). You do this all in the chaos of raising 3 adorable kids and your brutally honest, which makes you likeable to readers. You don’t try and be “someone” for your readers, you are yourself. Ok, I wrote way more than I intended but I want you to know that I read your blog everyday, I don’t always comment as life is busy, but I enjoy each and every post and I think you should just keep to what you feel like blogging about that day. You can’t please everyone, just yourself, and when you’re doing what you enjoy then people will enjoy it to.


  52. Erin,

    This probably won’t help you, but I honestly love every post you make! Yours is the only blog that I check daily. I enjoy reading your posts about kids and family, scrapbooking (I’m way behind), cooking (even though I don’t like to cook!), decorating, fashion, organization, your house. You seem so real and I know you will always say something that will make me laugh. Thank you for making your blog public. A fan from Alabama

  53. To me, your blog is refreshing, entertaining, informative and creative. I, like you, have limited internet time. I have two boys (ages 3 and 4). They keep me busy! I asked myself, “why do I keep up with this blog”. The answer is because reading your blog is like talking to a good friend. You have crazy days, but you seem to always find the “silver lining” in them. You have stresses from life but you find a way to handle them. I love the fact that you blog about all sorts of things. My favorite posts are probably the organizing and decorating ones. I cannot wait to see how you decorate the new house! Have a good weekend.

  54. Um WOW! You all have made me cry this morning! Thank you. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t feel like you are helping me narrow things down much – HA! – but you have made me feel very overwhelmed with your kindness and love. I truly have the most amazing blog friends! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  55. Hi Erin I love all your posts but my favorites are organization, scrapbooking, decorating for holidays, and your posts on your favorite things for the kids. I check your blog every evening with my cup of tea and haven’t missed a post for a year or two now. Keep up the great work!!

  56. Crap, I thought you were going to say that you are too busy to blog and you are shutting down for a while or something, I was almost sad for a minute. Thank goodness you didn’t say that!

    I like all the things you write about but I especially like it when you talk about organizing or how you make a certain routine work in your house. I also have three young kids and it’s always inspiring. I also love cleaning posts and your home decor posts.

    You are inspired me many times and I really thank you for taking the time to write even though you must be exhausted. I have tweaked your ideas many times to make them work for me, and then there was the time I copied your art cupboard exactly…it’s still functioning and it has been a huge lifesaver around here. Hugs!

  57. Love reading about your everyday. I have 4 kids right around the ages of yours so it is fun to see that someone else is going through what I am.

    I also like hearing about fashion, decorating and your new house!

  58. I would have to agree with the other comments. I love that you post about so many different things. I love your post about organizing, about your kids and being a mom! I fell like I can relate to so stories since I have two kids. I would love to see a project life update since I am trying use that system for my kids scrapbook. I haven’t got to far yet. I’m for the childhood products to come out.

  59. I kind of like it all – the recipes (few and far between but tried and true), the organizing, how you juggle it all, fashion, the house stuff especially right now (I want more about the new house stuff!) but I think I like your voice the best and the variety, I never know when I click on your blog what the post is going to be about….but I know it’ll be a good one!

  60. I love the organization, family/parenting, decorating and fashion- I would say in that order. I don’t scrapbook so it didn’t make my list but I never mind those posts. I think I will enjoy the house building posts more when I can see what you’re describing, I am terrible at visualizing these things!

  61. Okay, here is what I come here for:

    1. I think you seem like a fun person. Your blog comes off as very upbeat and fun, yet realistic. I like you!

    2. I love the home decorating posts. I want to see your Fall porch. :)

    3. I like the posts you do about your kids/parenting. You give great advice.

    4. I like your fashion and beauty posts.

    5. And I like the organization posts. :)

  62. I love all your posts so just keep them coming! I can understand if you feel jumbled with all that is going on in your life right now so maybe you can take a step back and see what posts you don’t like doing the most (maybe fashion friday?) and just take a break from those. I love the organizing posts and house posts and ones with just everyday life and your kids too. I also love any advice that Moms like you can give to Moms like me (one kid-2 years old).

  63. I found you because of a post about jeans, and read a bunch of your fashion entries. But I stayed because I liked the organization stuff, and the occasional funny kid story. The house construction pics aren’t very interesting, but I can’t wait to see you decorate it when its done!

  64. I am one of those ‘strangers’ that reads your blog every morning, as well. I have 2 kiddos plus one more on the way, and want you to know that you are an inspiration. There are many blogs out there, but your voice is so real and honest. You are so easy to identify with! At least for me, that’s why yours is really the one blog I check daily. A little off topic – I’m scattered today, too, I guess! As far as my favorite posts, mine would absolutely first and foremost be organizing. I have used so many of your ideas and tips, and have run out to Target or Staples to pick up a product you’ve recommended, because they’ve also worked so well for me (although explaining why I needed to try some new make-up from Nordstrom was a little harder to explain to my husband. But so worth it!!). Toy suggestions, because my kids are slightly younger than yours, have been great. And probably the house, because we are currently in the planning stages right now with building our own. Those are probably my personal favorites, but I agree with other comments that say – do what you feel. Don’t get overwhelmed or let your blog become a source of stress. Life does that easily enough!

    Good luck with everything, and we’ll all keep reading, no matter what you decide to post. =)

  65. Hi Erin, I miss your Fashion Friday posts! Those are my favorite. I also loved your makeup posts. And I would love to see your mantel decorated for fall and upcoming Holidays!

  66. First of all, I am really glad the family posts won’t change because those are frankly my favorites!! :) I think you should focus on whatever the biggest things in your life are at that given moment. I would think based on your past, that organizing is always right up there since it is your therapy when you are feeling overwhelmed. I totally get this because I am a little bit the same. And I happen to really like your organizing posts. You have helped me to keep my kids toys from completely taking over my house! And they are super easy to clean up because of the way they are organized. I have to give you some credit for that!

    And since the house is obviously a huge thing in your life, naturally I would expect (and want) to see updates on that too!

    Then when you are all moved in, I am sure you will be more focused on your home decor, and maybe even fashion again. :) I’d say just go with the flow. I don’t read necessarily bc of the types of posts you have, but more bc I love your fun bright attitude and love for life, and I love to see things through your perspective. Plus, you have some of the cutest kids around (excluding mine of course! lol)

  67. Well, I think you have a great mix the way it is! I guess the thing I am least interested in is the house stuff, but only because I can’t relate (we have never built a house, and probably never will). I LOVE fashion Friday! Good luck. I haven’t blogged much lately because I am so swamped. I know it takes a lot of time to keep it updated!

  68. I like coming here and having the variety you write about, I think you should just stick to what you feel like at a certain time. So what if you have 3 decorating posts before you do on e on organization. So what if you have one post with 6 topics. It’s what you feel you need to get out at that time. But if you really really want us to choose…I’d say I love your organization and decoration posts the most. The house has been fun to see, but feels so overwhelming to me! I don’t know how you’re doing it. :-)

  69. Erin,

    I check in with your blog every day. I love seeing your pictures of your family and hearing your news about your house. I think those are my two favorite things. I also always enjoy hearing about date nights with Kenny and girls nights out. Keep those coming when they happen.

    Have you thought about dedicating certain days to certain types of updates?

    Mondays: Family outings from over the weekend.

    Tuesday or Wednesday: House updates including the construction, decorating or organizing.

    Thursday or Friday: Random topics like Kole’s therapy, holiday decor and project, fashion Fridays, Scrapbooking. Whatever out of the oridinary you were able to squeeze in that week.

    We know you can’t blog everyday but if you started drafts of messages when you think of them you could add to them and post them on those days. Just a thought. I hope it helps.

    At any rate keep the posts coming whenever you get time. I know I love them.


    On a side note…..I NEVER keep up my own blog. (for shame)

  70. Hi Erin,

    I’m a stay at home mom in Wisconsin and love, love, love reading your blog! You have such an authentic writing voice, that I feel like I know you. I love all your posts, but especially the ones about being a mom and your tips on your routines and organization around the house. It’s all wonderful – I wouldn’t change a thing!


  71. Hi Erin,

    I’m a stay at home mom in Wisconsin and love, love, love reading your blog! You have such an authentic writing voice, that I feel like I know you. I love all your posts, but especially the ones about being a mom and your tips on your routines and organization around the house. It’s all wonderful – I wouldn’t change a thing!


  72. Hi Erin – I just about had a nervous breakdown! I thought you were saying farewell! I found your blog 2 months ago and it is now a part of my morning routine. You have a beautiful family! I enjoy your organizing and scrapbooking posts. Love your pictures too! I am quite OCD about organizing and have gotten some new ideas that I am loving from you. Thank you so much. I appreciate your time!

  73. I love your blog, I am a stay at home mom, and have found two blogs I look at daily for updates! Your blog, and A bowl full of Lemons. I love to read about everything, I really like the crafty DIY type stuff, and Clothing/Style. Anything really. I just started a blog also, to help me with staying on task and to hopefully teach some people a few things too! I think you should print out a calendar, and on each day, you could do a different post. That way its always updated with something different, and by the time you post on the same topic it will be something new and exciting for us to see! Just my thought. Love your blog, how ever you choose to post! From

  74. Hi Erin,
    I enjoy reading your blog everyday, it is my little morning “cup of coffee” and refreshes me and gets me ready for the day! :) I honestly enjoy all your (especially Kole, because he reminds me of my son, and my son is also in therapy), organizing, new house stuff, fashion, and just your random posts too LOL! I thought…I’ve seen some blogs do a reoccuring theme for the days of the your Fashion Friday, but for all the days. Decorating Monday, Organizing Tues, etc. Maybe that could help you plan your posts? If not that, do what you do best and make a LIST of posts, then go down the list. Even though I love everything you post..I really (in general, not on just your blog) like to read about organization, decorating, holiday projects. I hope this helps you! Although, even with the suggestions, I like to pop in to your blog with a “you never know what she’ll post next” feeling lol, but you asked for direction, so I was trying to help out. whatever you decide to do I’ll always pop in everyday to see what you wrote :)

  75. I love the scattered-ness! I, like many here mentioned, have you in my top bookmark bar, and read you most almost every morning. I enjoy the organizing, the kid posts, the recipes (we are similar ‘cooks’), the new house…I read because it you do such a good job of having your ‘voice’ come through, and I feel like I have a friend who lives in SoCal. :-) SO glad you are keeping it the same!

  76. Erin, do NOT change a thing! I love reading this everyday and enjoy all the different topics. Everything has been so helpful to me and I’ve learned so much. Just do what you can, when you can. This should be enjoyable to you, not another stress in your life. I will look forward to each and every post! {{{hugs}}} Mary

  77. Hi Erin, whatever you blog about you’re warm, you’re funny, you’re genuine, you’re honest and you’re real and that’s what I personally love about your blog, regardless of the topic – but if you pushed me about favorites, I’m an organizing kinda gal!

    PS, I’m laughing now, I was about to put in the code for “please prove you’re not a robot” – your scattered approach makes me feel that way about you – you’re not a robot, you’re not just churning out post after post about same old same old, you’re giving us a glimpse of a real life, which I’m sure every single one of us can relate to, aince, life is scattered too.

  78. So, what is so wrong with being a little scattered? That’s life sometimes. I think it’s okay that it is reflected in your blog sometimes. I like that you are more than just an organizing or decorating blog. I love those blogs, but sometimes they just don’t seem real. Yours is real. And funny! Kole’s antics make me laugh, and feel like my boys are normal- it’s okay that they are crazy! :) I love the new house posts. Do whatever you want with the direction of this blog. Just remember, it’s okay to be random some times. It makes life interesting! Just don’t put a glass tub in your new house! ;)

  79. You are in my top 5 blog read for sure! I was a little panicky reading this post, thinking you were going to write that you were taking a break. Whew!

    I love the mom aspect of your blog, because I have two girls like you and I love hearing the things do with them, for them, etc. because it inspires me in my life. I love hearing about your family traditions and all that good stuff.

    I love the home posts such as organizing, cleaning, food, etc too. I don’t relate to the house building stuff. Might like it more when you are moved in and making it a home!

  80. Oh boy Erin! You are sure a popular gal! I feel as though I know someone famous! :) So honored! Haha! Your blog is great Erin! I’m so glad that you’ve continued even though a lot of people have quit. I sure love reading them still I just wish I was better at posting more often!
    As far as how your blog…I think the randomness is great. I like the idea that someone had of having a certain day for different topics. Of course, a little detour here and there would be fine but it might help. I love it all!

  81. I love your organizing, decorating, and fashion posts the most!

    The organizing posts I love because I am a super organized person like yourself and I like your ideas you come up with.

    The decorating posts are fun, because um, hello? What girl doesn’t like decorating? :)

    The fashion posts I love, because you have a great sense of style and because I also live in SoCal, so seasonally we are on the same page.

    You have a great blog Erin, and your readers love it all!

  82. Erin, your blog is the first one I read every morning. I love your organizing techniques and I am so looking forward to your new house and watching how it all comes together. Honestly, the reason I love your blog so much is because it makes me happy. You are always upbeat and happy and that makes me happy! I enjoy every post you write. =)

  83. Erin! I’m going to join the masses (and make your decision harder : )) by saying I love it all – truly. I’m not a scrapbooker and my fashion sense is questionable, but even those posts I adore BECAUSE they teach me something new. Of course, your family posts, organization, house decor (LOVE!), and just general life posts are so fun to read because I relate so much to everything you say. I nod my head along, I laugh, I email them to Will (especially if Kenny is highlighted!), and I often come back to them weeks or months later for guidance in my own life. Keep on keeping on, girl. You’re definitely doing it right!

    Happy Friday!

  84. I’ve been reading your blog for several months although I don’t think I have commented until now. I found it through another organizing blog so you know I really enjoy that type of posts. I was pleased to hear that you have southern Utah roots since that’s where I live and I enjoyed seeing pictures of your parents home and yard. I like being kept up on the home construction. Actually I enjoy pretty much everything you blog about.

  85. Hi Erin,
    I found your blog while looking for organizing posts and I stayed because I love your funny writing style. I would opt “don’t change a thing, please” ;).

    Tina from Germany

  86. Hi Erin! I absolutely love starting each weekday morning off by reading your blog post from the night before. :) I found your blog through an organizing website, but the things that really hooked me were your beautiful family and awesome personality (which shines through in each post). I’m 32, married and living/working in the DC area, and while I don’t yet have kids, I feel like I relate to you in so many other ways (and you make motherhood look so rewarding). I really love all of your posts and can’t pick a favorite type. :) Just keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you so much for sharing your life with us! –Laura

  87. I love your blog and reading about your family! Since you’re asking, though, I do miss fashion friday posts!
    I also love, favorites, decorating and all things holiday posts.

  88. Geez Louise! So much for trying to be an earlier commenter on this beast. :) Oh Erin, you over-analytical darling you. Isn’t it just like us Type A personalities to examine and categorize everything, including the topics on a blog? I can totally understand your unsettled feeling when things are seeming….scattered. It’s enough to send an organizational freak into a tizzy! (And I use the term “freak” out of love, of course. You know I think that’s one of your most endearing qualities.) I think I’m going to have to second what a lot of these other commenters are saying and tell you to embrace the randomness of Sunny Side Up! You have everything so neatly categorized in your home and in your “real life.” Maybe this is exactly the outlet you need to indulge your inner slob a bit. :) Keep us, your readers, guessing a little and you know for a fact we’ll keep coming back for more. Hugs from Wisconsin, sweetie.

    P.S. I just got a call from the seamstress who hemmed my new Hudsons. I’m sick with worry that she wrecked them. :)

  89. I am REALLY loving your “building your house” posts. How I DREAM of building our dream house someday but in this economy we are stuck in this house for many more years! And we have such similar tastes (white kitchens!! built-ins! windows vs. french doors!!) …I am really living through you! Our, I mean your, house build is so fun!!! I also love you organizing posts which often encourage me to do the same. I also have young kids and I love your posts about them as well. Sometimes as moms, it helps to read about other families to help appreciate your own. Does that make sense!?! Keep up the good work…love your blog! -Jana

  90. I love all of your posts, but my favorites are your organizing, decorating and fashion (for you and the girls) posts. Keep up the great work!

  91. Honestly I had no clue about this blogging until I started working for the company I am at now. I have lots of time to spare. So, I get to use the internet as much as i want. I new a handful of people thru my old job which use to be daycare and some of those families sent me their blogs so I could keep up with their lives. Then my sister was sending me blogs to read and I noticed that I could just go to any random blog. Can you tell how dumb I was. I came across yours and I just fell in love with your blog, your personality and the amazing example you set as a woman, mother, sister, friend, wife, and daughter and so on. You are an easy person to like. Your blog brightens my day. You are kind of like a penpal. This blog is like a book to me. I just enjoy reading it and it is all real true stuff. I like everything you write about. I don’t think I could pick just one specific thing. I look forward to each post as if its a new chapter in a book. I appreciate the time that you put into this blog. We all know how busy you are and you take the time to answer our questions and make comments. You are a wonderful person. Sunny side up style!

  92. Don’t change anything. NOT A THING. I love it all! I like how you appear so approachable, and it has everything to do with how you always post what’s on your mind at the time.

  93. Honestly I think your blog is a mix of everything I love to hear about. You have the fashion thing down. You are great with organizing ideas. I love your decor choices and your kids are adorable. Your family life “keeps it real” on here. Keep doing what you are doing because I can’t pick a favorite. If I am looking for organizing and you are writing about fashion I just search for an organizing idea on your blog and read the fashion when I’m in a fashion mood. It works :)

  94. Hi Erin! You know how much I love your blog :) {And I love that you’re on facebook now by the way!} I love all your posts, but my favorites are getting a peek inside your daily life, ideas and inspiration for what works for you and your family, your fashion Fridays, the Q & A, the new house and organizing! I guess pretty much all of it! I agree that it’s best to post are about what is current and relevant to you at the time. From the comments, looks like you’re an international blog star :) Happy Friday! ~gina

  95. Hey Erin-

    I love your blog regardless of topic. I especially like your when you blog about family/parenting; organizing; questions/answers; and you favorite products/decorating items/etc. I will enjoy the house more when it is closer to the finished stages.

    Your sense of humor, down-to-earthness(if that is a word), and the great way you express yourself is always fun to read. And you have indeed created a “sunny” spot for other moms to come and be encouraged, to get great ideas, to escape momentarily from their own daily routine, and to connect with other moms in a similar stage of life.

    So, let the blog be what you originally wanted it to be: a fun way to share pics and family news; a fun way to write about things that you love; and a fun place to come to when you need a break. And by all means, when blogging is a stressor instead of a stress reliever, take a break! We will be here when you get back ;)

  96. oh erin – i love EVERYTHING about your blog! your rambling, your cute kids, your amazing dream home, your superb organizing skills, your creativity, EVERYTHING! i remember when i started following your blog years ago (but i still can’t remember how i stumbled upon it). i thought your family was darling, and i admired you for your spotless home, your happy attitude, and was jealous that you live so close to the beach ;) so i will continue to read no matter what you post. although i do have to admit that lately i’ve been loving the posts about your house. it’s my dream to someday build our dream house, so i’m living through you right now :) we are moving back to st. george the end of the year, and i hope sometime i’ll be lucky enough to run into you while you’re visiting your family. keep up the blogging. your blog is definitely one of my favs!!

  97. Hi Erin, I really enjoy reading your blog. I like it just the way it is. I love reading blogs that have a random feel to it, scattered if you will, because life is like that. I love your organization posts, tid bits about your fam, fashion, decorating…like I said I like it all. Oh and I really like the new house updates, so fun seeing you go through that process, a process I would hope to partake on someday myself.
    That being said I can’t say what you should do…just keep it real and random!

  98. I started reading your blog because I loved your project life albums. Those have always been my favorite posts of yours, altho I know you don’t have as much time for them lately and haven’t posted on them in a while. But that’s what I like most from you :)

  99. Hi Erin! I am a recent reader, but I LOVE your blog. I am reading through your older posts now, and I’m torn between plowing through them (because I’m pumped!) or reading them slowly (because when I’m done I’ll have to read at real time). Oh the agony, haha. : ) Anyway, I don’t think your blog is random so much as spontaneous. You blog when the spirit moves you, which I think is great! It feels like you’re just a sweet friend sharing some fun updates from your life. Having said that, your organizing posts are so amazing and are totally motivating me to organize every inch of my house. My husband is like, “Really? The garage too? Who cares!” To which I reply, “I do!”.

  100. Hi Erin, I think you should keep things the way they are.I think the one thing I love about your blog is you being you. You make me laugh. I love your organizing post and watching the progress of your beautiful home. Most of all I love the pics of your beautiful babies. Your blog is so fun! I really do consider you a friend through this blog. Just keep doing what your doing. Being real, funny, sweet and Sunny!
    Have a great weekend!

  101. AHHH, I was so nervous reading this post that you were going to say that you are taking a break from blogging! (or quitting-gasp!) I really enjoy reading your blog. I especially love posts about your kids, your new house, and organizing. I know that your life isn’t perfect, but sometimes it seems that way, and it’s a nice escape form reality!

  102. I love all the posts: about family and about decoration. Your kids are so cute and your home (and the future one) are really amazing!
    Houses are so different there and here in Spain, so I love to see yours ;)

  103. The posts I LOVE are the ones with pictures of your family and what you are all up to. I love the funny things like the TV show line-ups and the random things your kids are up to. Of course for me, organizing is NOT a priority, but I know it is for you…so I know you have to throw those in. I just love you and your family. I’m so excited for you guys building your dream home and of course it’s fun to see the progress of your home and pictures. Love you!

  104. Erin, I am so glad you are not quitting!!! Holy shitake mushrooms, batman, yours is one of 3 or 4 blogs I check regularly. I’d love to see more of your shopping sprees, what toys you are buying, how you organize your shopping trips whatever they may be, more updates on clothing purchases for the kids and you,how you support your husband while you are all alone all the time, how you organize your car, more morning routine and evening routine with pics, and def lots more kids activites. The house building is awesome and all, but it’s getting a little boring from my end, sorry! I adore your blog and hope you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, I’d just die.

  105. Well it seems like you got a lot of feedback but I’ll go ahead and add my two cents since I’m a pretty new reader.

    I stopped and read your blog because of one of your organizing posts, like I do with all new to me blogs I clicked around a little bit, and got excited about one of your what you’re wearing posts, but the reason I added you to my reader was because it’s not the same every day (and maybe a little bit because you have bright happy pictures).

    I like reading about the organizing, about your kids, about what you’re wearing or doing, funny things your husband says and I’m really really excited to see your finished house! In fact I think I just want you to send me your binder when you’re done because I think it’s my dream house :)

  106. I come here for you. I love your writing style, which I think is close to my own. You write as though you were having a conversation…that’s what I feel like when I come here and read your blog. That you and I are having a conversation about what’s going on in your life. I would read anything you write about because I come here for you. You’re funny, compassionate, understanding and very, very real. I also LOVE that you hate to cook, because so do I, but I would read your blog even if you were a 5 star chef. I think you have THE most adorable kids who have wonderful personalities and I love the relationship you have with your husband…but seriously, if you changed all that…like if you became a totally messy, unorganized person ;) I would still read your blog because I come here for you. So, my suggestion is, change anything you like about the blog, just don’t change you.

  107. Hi Erin – I’ve read your blog for a long time now and have never commented. I absolutely adore you and your precious family! Often I find myself in awe of how much we are alike and you inspire me to be a better wife, mother, and friend.

    I love the randomness of your blog – that I never know what I’m gonna get. I adore your organizing posts, your scrap booking posts, and all of the updates on your home decor/new house. I just LOVE it all.

    Thanks for opening your life for us to see – it is absolutely a part of my every day routine.

    Katie :)

  108. Hi Erin! I found your blog through a blog through a blog, and I’m just certain it was a rabbit trail I was destined to follow! I love everything you post, mostly because of your honesty. You don’t act like you have it all together (although I really think you do)–you’re very open about a hectic schedule, the stresses of mamahood, and your own little quirks. But the fact that you find and express your joy about all of those is so refreshing! I live vicariously through your craftiness, house plans, and random thoughts. I love it and look forward to reading it!

  109. I honestly read your blog because it is so versatile and random. Personally, I don’t think you should change a thing–I love everything about it! Truthfully, I can’t think of a single post that I’ve read and thought, ” Well, that sucked.” or ” Gosh, that was boring.” I love that you are so open and honest, as well as sometimes scattered–aren’t we all?! I think you’re over analyzing! Keep doing what your doing and we’ll all keep reading and supporting!

  110. Erin, I love your blog! Just started reading a few weeks ago and I’m trying to get through all of your posts. Love all of it – the organizing and fashion has helped motivate me to be more organized and fashionable :) I like the decorating posts as well. I like how you share when you have crazy days so I know I’m not the only crazed mother of small children! Really, I love it all, and I can’t wait to see the finished new house!

  111. Hi Erin,

    I can’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog exactly or when – though it was a while ago, but yours is the one of the blogs I tend to look forward to the most in my regular reading. I know life gets a little hectic and yours is especially so at the moment. My advice: post whatever you want whenever you feel inspired to. You didn’t start out with a set plan of what you would post or when, did you? You just thought…oh this might make a fun post. Keep going with that strategy…that’s what drew all of us here to begin with. :o)

  112. Holy cow! Look at all these comments! I’ve been reading your blog since Sarah on Clover Lane linked to it after your son was born. I too have two girls and a boy, and I immediately related to all of your posts. They’re all great!

  113. Hi Erin,
    I found your blog about a year ago and felt connected to it because of the similarities in our families. I was also an elementary teacher before becoming a SAHM. The age difference between my girls is about the same as the age difference between your girls (although mine are a little younger). I can relate to so well to the pics you post of dolls lining the stairs, elaborate stuffed animal displays, etc. I also started Project Life books because your blog inspired me to. I love hearing how having a third child added to the mix has changed your family dynamic, as we are considering having a third. Mostly, I keep coming back to yoour blog because I like reading about another mom’s daily experiences, stresses, successes,and inspirations. Keep posting things that are close to your heart. Don’t worry about posting what you think people want to read/see. Thanks for sharing your stories, photos and family!

  114. i love reading your blog! Especially about organizing and your before and after pics are inspiring!! Also, my daughter who just turned 7 enjoys seeing pics of your children! After your recommendation we purchased the drink thermos for this school year and we are loving it!!
    Thank you for taking the time to post!!

  115. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago while looking for organization ideas. I loved it so I’ve stayed. You’re very organized which I love, your home is beautiful, and your kids are adorable. What’s not to like? I like that one day you’ll post a picture of your boy being adorable, the next an organization project, the next your girls being adorable, and the next a pic of how you’re decorating. :) Don’t worry about us, we’ve already adopted you.

  116. I have been reading your blog for a little under two years, I think. My most recent posts are the new house! I too am in a construction phase in our home currently. It excites me to watch the project. It is a great addition to the wonderful blog you already have. :)

  117. Erin i LOVE your blog and i look forward to reading it everyday as my little escape from being a stay at home mom! I love all your post but organizing and fashion are always great ones. Can you PLEASE post on different ways to wear a scarf..with cooler weather kind of coming (in Texas it never really comes) i would like to know how to wear them! I hope you have a great weekend! p.s. Ive been feeling a little scatter brained lately too! you’re not alone!

  118. Hi am only twelve years old and i LOVE reading your blog. I love everything about it. Everytime i get free time i read your blog it’s so interesting and really cool. I really like the home construction and home decor, i really like that stuff. I also in thewinter love your Christmas post, well really i like ALL the holiday posts. Lets not forget i like your organizing posts, most of my friends call me a neat freak cause my room is always organized and clean but i dont really care, i’d rather be clean then dirty. PLEASE don’t change anything about your blog i love it the way it is. <3

  119. I also came over from Clover Lane after Kole was born. My favorite topics are the new house, organizing, life with 3 young kids, and cooking (I’m serious!). I don’t enjoy cooking either, and appreciate the simple recipes you share. Thanks for sharing your life with us! Jillian from Utah

  120. HI, i am only 12 years old and i love reading your blog! i was looking through my mom’s favorites list on the computer and i saw this one. I INSTANLY fell in love. I love everything about your blog the organizing, home decor, scrapbooking, construction, holidays, etc. Your blog has become in my daily routine. PLEASE don’t change anything about it and please don’t make it private.

  121. I stop in for a dose of sunny side to have a smile, be inspired to organize, a reminder to appreciate my family (which I do deeply but I leave your blog feeling even more so a reminder to love and appreciate and remember past moments with them). You are a gifted writer and look forward to your next post :) when you have time!

  122. Thank you so much everyone. I have read your sweet comments twice now! It was so thoughtful of you to take a minute out of your day to leave me a kind note. It makes me so happy that people like you are reading my blog. Wonderful, kind people! Your advice has been so good for me to read and I will keep doing what I’ve been doing! Scattered or not. :)

  123. I love everything about your family and everything about your house building journey!! They are my top two, but actually, I love it ALL!!

  124. I love your blog! I enjoy all the different types of posts. I wouldn’t change a thing. Definitely one of my favorite blogs out there!

  125. I think what I like most about your blog is it’s randomness when it comes to posts. You don’t do the same posts over and over – one day it will be about the kids, another day about organizing, another day about the process on your new house, another day about food, another day you might be complaining a bit about hectic days (which is fun because we can all relate to that!). So there is seriously not ONE THING that I’d rather have you post about. In my opinion, its all about the RANDOMNESS!

  126. Well, I have you listed under my “organizing” folder, but I enjoy all of it. Even though I have no kiddos and I enjoy cooking, if we were all the same it would be pretty boring and I enjoy a different point of view!

  127. Hi Erin – I absolutely love your blog (seriously, every single post) and would not change one thing about it. But, to answer your question, I love the categories in this order (most favorite first)
    – fashion
    – random thoughts :)
    – organization
    – life as a SAHM


  128. Hi Erin,
    Another reader from Queensland Australia here.
    I love your blog & have been reading it for a couple years, I’ve never commented before. I just check in every now & then to see what your up to. I love the random posts about organization, home decorating, kids, fashion, your new house.
    Keep using this blog for you, if your busy & cant post for 2 weeks then dont stress & post whatever is on your mind. If you dont enjoy it, it will become a chore, so just do what you first did.
    I’m a mum too & I dont know why but sometimes when I’m feeling blah & unmotivated I check to see what Erin has been up to, haha that sounds so weird.
    But anyway, all the best!

  129. Fahison Friday!
    I absolutely love it, I remember one day when I was bored and I literally just went through all of the Fahsion Friday’s!

  130. You had me scared you were going to quit blogging! I know I don’t comment very often (or ever?) but I love to read your blog and see what you guys are up to =) I love your organizing and decorating posts the best, but just saw the comment before me suggested Fashion Friday and that is fun too! I also think you should share updates about your house, as you want to, as this is your history and record of your life for you and your family! Whatever you post, I will be here reading!

  131. I love your organising & decorating posts, but really I like them all ;) they are just the ones that inspire me to organize or sort something in my own home. I understand feeling very vulnerable putting yourselves out there. My husband has been telling me to start a blog since I read blogs daily, but I’m not sure m ready to put ourselves out there, but thank you for doing it!! think I am more of a reader of blogs rather then a writer. I originally found your blog through a local blog here, super organizer mum (which has since closed down) and I’m so glad I did! I check in here nearly daily. Thanks for blogging, from a reader all the way in sunny perth Australia :)

  132. Hi Erin, Yet another Aussie who loves your blog – there are so many of us! I love all of your posts and would love you to continue in scattered randomness rather than write what you think you should be writing. Just be you as you are because that is what we love!

  133. Hi Erin! It’s Darcy from Valencia. :). I love your organizing posts. They are always so motivating! And I love the decor and scrap booking too and hearing about how you will decorate your new house. But my favorites are seeing the insides if your drawers and closets! :). You are amazing!

  134. Hi Erin! I think I’ve only commented once or twice on here, but I check your blog everyday. I found it a year or two ago through another blog, and now yours is 1 of three blogs I read everyday! I don’t have kids yet (I’m 24) but I think the main reason I started to love your blog is because you posted so much about your two girls, and they remind me so much of my sister and I who are 2 years apart. Everything from playing with Barbies to picking out our outfits, etc. The adorable pictures and stories about your girls is what drew me in.

    You have such a wonderful family, and you just seem like such a lovely genuine person. I absolutely adored the video that you posted a little while back. I would LOVE to see more videos on here!

    I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of your new house and watching the progress. Keep posting about what you do everyday because those are the posts we love! And keep smiling! :)

    Whitney – from Illinois

  135. I already left a comment but, I wanted to tell you that while I was reading your post I was so scared that you were going to say that you were going to stop blogging. I think I held my breath until the last paragraph.
    I am one that reads your blog at midnight-1am. I love your blog because of all your sweet thoughts and mad organizing skills and beautiful family.True story!!

  136. I LOVE that you are REAL! A REAL mom with REAL complaints! lol! I don’t like those blogs where everything is all rosey and it makes me think I am lacking in some way. I like reading your blog because I can so RELATE to your life. I love all your posts especially organizing, your new house, your kids, recipes, etc. Sorry if that’s not great direction from me but honestly I wouldn’t change a thing!

  137. Hey Erin, I already mentioned to you that we’ve a little house project going on ourselves, so I’m loving your new house posts. My project is minimal in comparison to yours (just the basement being finished) but I love see the progress you’re having in your project. I also love your organizing posts. I think the organizing is what I get most excited to read about and what I come back to the most. I feel so overwhelmed with trying to get my house organized the way I want it, but I love looking at your ideas they help SO MUCH! But honestly, I love everything you post, and I’ll read it regardless of the topic. So there’s my two cents… Good luck with all the craziness in your life, and remember you’re not alone, it’s crazy over here too ;)

  138. I love hearing about your family, and life in general, but the things that initially drew me to your blog was your organizing, DIY, and fashion. Those are the posts that I always make sure to read from start to finish. But I love everything and don’t necessarily thing you need to change anything!

  139. I am going to sound like most of the comments I took time to read….I really like the random element of your blog. I like that it seems like “whatever” you and/or your family are up to is what you blog about. There is a fun, surprise element to it that makes it interesting to check in. I agree, I think it seems like you have an especially large amount of things on your plate right now so makes sense to feel ‘scattered’ but that is what draws us to you and your blog…that’s how we all feel most of the time!

  140. Dear Erin,
    I am a rambling type southern girl and I like whatever you put out there. I guess I just like your style, your love of your family and life and the excitement over your new house — I guess if I had to choose one thing to leave out it would be the fashion stuff. But I even like that. Your kids are adorable and you are too. Just keep on swimming!

  141. Hi Erin! Yet another Aussie from a small Queensland town (I think you need to convince Kenny to come for a trip, I don’t think you’d have to pay for accommodation, I’m sure we would all love to have you guys stay with us:)) I love all the randomness too but am also really loving new house posts. Do you read Stephanie Howell’s blog?, she too has a beautiful way of connecting with her readers like you and Sarah from Clover Lane. Please just keep enjoying blogging and know that when you don’t get around to posting we miss you but respect that life has to be lived in order to have something to post about! Emma xx

  142. I love everything about your blog! I’d have to say the organization is my favorite though.

    I live in the frozen north, so I enjoy seeing how life is in a warm sunny place.

    I must say–I love the simplicity of eating the same things for your breakfast & lunch. I am always trying to simplify things around here. So, I eat Bran Chex with dried blueberries every morning and I love it. Simple and Delicious.

    Thanks for being so fun and inspiring. I don’t read many blogs at all, but I always read yours so you must be doing a lot of things right! :)

  143. I am going to be absolute no help to you at all. My only advice to you is do what YOU need to do. Don’t do something just because you think it will make a good blog post. I love that your blog shares so many different aspects of your life. And I love when I read your posts, I never really know what I am going to get, but I know it will be heartfelt and real. (And if all else fails, write a list and work your way down from the top!) :)

  144. Hi Erin! I started reading your blog a few months ago and got hooked immediately. I had to go back and read all of the posts from the beginning. I realized that although we don’t know each other we know people in common…make sense? :) Anyways I have 6 kids and am also an interior designer. I love all of the mom moments you share that I can relate to, and of course the new house stuff and decorating. The organizing is great too….can you see that I love everything. Your blog is the only one I check on most days. I feel like I live vicariously through you. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  145. Love your blog, especially Fashion Fridays. Please don’t change a thing! You are an inspirational lady.

  146. Hi Erin! Love reading your blog, no matter what your topic is about–family, clothes, organizing, decorating, new house, etc. I think of you as a “friend” although we’ve never met. I feel we have a few small connections. You live in the San Diego area and I went to college at SDSU (I now live in OC) and I’m in the same stage of life as you–am married, have young kids, former teacher, stay at home mom. Because of this I feel that I relate to most of what you write about here on the blog.

    I think you need to write about what *you* want to write about so keeping up the blog doesn’t become a chore or just one more thing you have to do. That being said, I was thinking just the other day that I miss your fashion posts. I’m an organizer to my very soul so anything along those lines are my faves. Thanks for asking our opinions. And thanks for sharing all that you do!

  147. Hi Erin-Thank you for sharing your life with us and thank goodness you are not retiring from blogging. I always look forward to reading about whatever you have going on so even though it doesn’t help you much, I’m in the don’t change a thing camp.

  148. Well, you know I love ALL of your posts because I love YOU, but my FAVORITES are of the family, so my vote is MORE family! As much as I’m thrilled for your crazy blog success, I miss hearing all of the funny things the girls say and do and seeing their pics of all their little happenings!

  149. You are so positive! That comes through in everything. I love the heartfelt family stories. Hair tips. Organization ideas. Everything! Your heart comes through in everything you share and your blog posts are ones I never pass up reading! Just keep sharing you!

  150. Your blog truly is sunny. I love your positive but realistic attitude. I enjoy your organizing and stories about your kids. I like the Fashion Friday too. I enjoy that you seem to blog what’s on your mind. I’ll keep reading!

  151. Hi, My name is Gaby, I live in México (this is the first time I write, because my english is not perfect ) and I would like to say that I LOVE your Blog. Thanks for all the things that you share in it, you are an inspiration for me ( and for many people) I have learned about organization, scrapbook, cooking, and when you share your family stories or your cooking adventures ( I am not a great cooker) I feel happy and makes me feel that I am not alone, because there are so many womens, wifes, mothers all around the world that feel like me and that we share the same stories and situations about our kids, our husband, house, cooking and the same hobbies… Thanks for everything you share.

    -I hope you can read it because my english is not good, I did my best :) –

  152. Hi Erin! I know this is probably no help at all but I love your blog because you do jump around from one thing to the next. Everything you blog about ate my favorite topics too plus I LOVE your new house posts since we built a house too and it was one of the most exciting times of my life outside of having kids and getting married. Just keep doing what you are doing and when you do get a free moment, do what feels right at that moment or what you have the energy for. Live your blog, it’s one of my favs!

  153. I came to your blog because of the organizational posts, but then I love to scrapbook and found out you do to. I hav e 5 kids so my life is very random, too! I also just moved to San Diego and love it here. So your blog appeals to me in many ways so I love the random topics. the fashion posts are always fun, too! Keep up the good work!

  154. Hi Erin,
    I love your blog. My favourite posts are about organising, but I would love to hear more about planning, building and decorating your new home.

  155. Hi Erin
    I randomly stumbled upon your blog about 9 months ago, and now I check in every day. I love any and all of your posts and would love for you to just write about what ever comes to your mind first, its all great! But at the moment, i am loving your house updates, its going to be spectacular once its complete! Our homes here in Oz seem basic in comparison :)

  156. I love every post you write. I get bored very easily so a plethora of topics holds my attention. I love fashion, makeup, hair, jewelry, organization, decorating, living vicariously through you building a house, cleaning tips, easy recipes (I hate cooking too), pics of San Diego (I miss it so much), all of your shopping finds, parenting advice (even though I’m not a parent I have just recently become a nanny). I love it all. I also love learning about children who have special needs. I would love to hear about the therapy that is helping Kole progress. I was a Human Development & Family Studies/Psychology major in college. This kind of stuff fascinates me.

  157. Hi Erin, sorry this is my first time commenting. I love your blog, it’s by far my favourite! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it. I love reading because you post great ideas, especially about organising, Project Life style scrapbooking, decorating, fashion, photography…actually, I enjoy ALL your posts :)

    Josie from NZ

  158. Hi Erin – I love your blog, your sunny writing always gives me a lift! I’m a SAHM too and I appreciate all the ‘real life’ tips you generously share – not to mention your personal replies. I think you are a perfect example of ‘sharing is caring’.
    – Julie from New Zealand

  159. Hi Erin
    I love reading your blog & really don’t care what it is you are blogging about as I enjoy it all.
    Karen (New Zealand)

  160. Hi ;)
    This is a mama from the Middle East, Dubai ,UAE . I JUST LOVE YR BLOG ! I read all yr posts since i discovered yr blog 1 year ago … Please keep it this way , its so inspiring & interesting .

  161. You almost had me for a second…I thought you were going to make your blog private and I was going to be devastated! I absolutely love reading your blog. It is my favorite because it’s so random and yet so down to earth. Please keep up the awesome job. You could blog about whatever and I wouldn’t care. Thank you!

  162. Erin! You seem to be an international famous bog writer!! So many readers from all around the world! Love it all!

  163. Hi Erin! I found your blog a few months ago and I have loved every part of it. I have 2 active boys who are 3 and 4 1/2 and a husband who likes to watch criminal minds and football so your blog is my relaxation when the boys go to bed and my distraction when those crime shows are on! I love all of the random things you talk about and all of the pictures. You have inspired me to better organize all places in my home and given me such great outfit ideas too! I also absolutely love all of the posts about your new home. I love your taste in home design and am truly excited for you and your family that you get to build your dream home. I hope you continue to blog about it all! Thanks for all of your sunny inspiration! Amanda from Tulsa, OK.

  164. Hi! I have never posted before, but I have been reading for maybe a year. I love reading your blogs & love the rambles. We all get scattered from time to time, some of us stay scattered! :) I really enjoy the organzing & decorating tips, they inspire me to do better!

  165. I love hearing about your family :) I also appreciate the day to day things – fun times, challenges etc. I really enjoy your blog – I can hear your “voice” in your writing. Makes me laugh – I also can hear your mom’s voice. You two are a lot alike.

  166. My favorites, besides the funny family stuff, are the decorating and clothes posts. I also like hearing about routines of getting things done. And all the times you ‘keep it real!’

  167. Hi Erin,
    Love your blog! This won’t really help (hahaha) but I love all kinds of posts-organizing, project life, fashion, decorating.

  168. I can’t thank you all enough! Your kind words have meant so much to me. They have been so sincere and have moved me to tears several times. I feel incredibly blessed to have people like all of you reading my blog. Thank you thank you thank you!

  169. I am another who loves the “randomness” of your blog. I look forward to your posts, whether they are about your family, your new house or your organizing habits. Your blog had inspired me in many ways. One thing that I think I LOVE about your blog is that it hasn’t become too commercial. Not to take a crack at other blogs out there that have big sponsors and giveaways, because I also follow one or two of those, but your blog has a “home” feeling to it. Like talking to a girlfriend. It is real. You keep it real. Because real life is random. If you feel you need to change things up a bit then do it for you, but I think I can attest that your readers are happy just the way things are. :)

  170. Hi Erin! I have been reading your blog now for nearly a year, and honestly, I feel like I know you and your family! You have a beautiful family, and I just adore all of you!

    When I am shopping, I often see items in turquoise and/or yellow and immediately think of you. I am a fellow organizer, so I always read your organization posts with special interest! I buy things that you recommend, such as the Martha Stewart organizers!

    I am just thrilled to see your new home go up and look forward to new posts each day! I think you & I have very similar likes and dislikes when it comes to home decor, so it is especially fun!

    I have two grandchildren, so I love reading about your sweet children.

    Please keep up the wonderful blog posts – I so look forward to reading them each weekday!!

    A fan from Missouri!

  171. I love your blog. Love any topics – the organising, kid stuff, fashion Friday, neat and tidy gorgeous looking spaces. Always gets me inspired to have a tidy up! Loving the house planning posts too. And make sure to look after you – if you need to post a little less frequently while you’re having this super busy patch of home building and therapy with Kole – we’ll all understand. xx Sue

  172. I say: rotate the different topics! Keep at the core your family, but the other stuff – organizing, scrapbooking, the new house, fashion, etc – rotate! And if you need to cut back the frequency of blogging, that’s what you do! Your family comes #1! And I am so excited that your little dude is progressing so nicely, so if you need to devote more time to that, then do that! :)

  173. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog because its so much like a personal journal. I love your colorful photos and just hearing about all of the random, every-day stuff you guys do!

  174. I have a private (used to be public) and public blog. My thoughts on the matter are cautious. I JUST started the public blog and it only contains me and pictures of me, future crafts, recipes, etc.
    I took the one off that had my kids on it, because you just NEVER KNOW who is reading and drooling over your life. My husband told me a story about this woman who innocently blogged about her mission trips and such & some freak was following her blog, took a plane or whatever to get to her and assaulted her. I mean, HONESTLY! It scares me to death. So, the public blog is only about things predators wouldn’t care about. That’s my motto. :-)
    But aside from being paranoid, LOL, I enjoy your organizing stuff IMMENSELY (Love to organize and you are SUCH a motivator!), fashion, home stuff – the stories about your family are so sweet!
    You are such a good writer and you keep it real. That’s what I love.

  175. Love your blog and have been reading for almost a yr. Really enjoy all of your posts, espically the organizing ones.

  176. Heya!! Wow I love your blog so much too, and I’m also grateful that you’re not shutting down or taking time off!! :) I also started out with your organising posts, and I can’t tell you how much they’ve helped me through some tough times being sick this year – just organising ONE space at a time and making me feel like I’m achieving something – and it’s all built up, and I feel a lot happier around the house!! :) I think we all just love getting to know you and your sunny personality too though, and we all feel like we’re your friends as well!! For me it’s fun that you have two close girls and then a boy, cause I have 2 close girls and am having a boy, so it feels like we’re just a few years behind, and your ideas for clothes and toys and the things you do with your girls make me so excited and give me fun ideas :) (I can’t wait to take them out for pedicures and then out to see a show with Daddy! :)). Thankyou so much for writing and sharing!! :) xo

  177. Adding another comment,
    I love reading your blog. All of it and the randomness is what makes it so enjoyable. Life is different everyday, the good, the bad and the stuff we want to laugh at. Lol.
    Thanks for sharing, keeping it real and inspiring for organization.
    From Melbourne Australia. 
    Your popular over here

  178. The minute something you love becomes work then it’s no longer enjoyable it will show in your writing and your posts so my advice is just do what you love, when you have time, when you have something to say … That way your blog will stay true to you. Write for yourself and share what you want because the moment you start writing for an audience it won’t be the same. I like your blog just the way it is or I wouldnt read it :). Deanna – Melbourne, Australia

  179. Erin,
    First of all you just made me feel much better. :). Although you are not someone who tries to make your life seem perfect on your blog (not at all!), from my perspective much of your life is pretty much a fabulous dream! As you may know we have two kids with autism and my life revolves around two ABA therapy programs running in my house pretty much all the time. Add on IEPs and paperwork for the doctors, lawyer, therapy, regional center, and IHSS and I am a majorly scattered mess most of the time. Most people have no understanding of what a therapy program does to your schedule and household. But you do! And I love that I can come here and feel like someone as amazing as you finds it at least a little bit challenging too. :)

    So really, I love whatever you post because it is real. I wouldn’t want you to have to pick something because it interests us, I just like to see how you prioritize and what you come up with.

    You’ve encouraged me to put some makeup on every now and then, to think about my wardrobe a little, and to spend a little time on decorating for the seasons. I’ve also found some great solutions to organizing problems from you. And you have made me laugh!

    I know that wasn’t very specific but I think I’m happy to read whatever you’ve got. :)


  180. I love your blog just the way it is!! I can completely understand your feelings of being scattered among so many project but your real life humor and attitude is what keeps me coming back for more each time. I read blogs and often feel that I way behind everyone else on activities and project so THANK YOU for putting it out there they your feel scattered…I think you are definitely among friends!!

  181. Hi Erin, I originally read your blog for the organising tips but then now I love to hear about what you and your family are up to, and everything in between. it’s wonderful that you share so much of your life with everyone out there. I hope you don’t change too much on your blog because I love to read whatever your write, especially the random ones :)
    Samantha from Australia

  182. Erin, I came upon your blog about a year ago because I loved with the you decorated your home. But as I began to read your blog I got hooked!! I love reading about your family, your fashion sense and love love your decorating. Each day I find myself eagerly going to the computer to see what you have posted. I feel connected to you because I too have a son who had some speech delays. My son was diagnosed with Aspurgers but through all his struggles he is a straight A student and involved in many school clubs. When I read about Kole and see his smiling face it warms my heart because I know he is going to be just fine and he will amaze you with all his success. Your blog for me is an escape from my busy life of two jobs and family. So I am going to pray that God helps you find some extra time during your day so you can do all the mom and wife things you need to do but also do the things Erin needs to do too!!

  183. I also thought you were closing shop. That would be so sad! I absolutely love reading your blog every day. I think I just find that we have a lot in common. I love the variety in your posts. I love how you are just you. I really enjoy the fashion posts, the organizing, the cute family, your fun trips (pics of your parent’s house), pictures of you & Kenny dating in high school, new house stuff, newborn survival letter,….everything! I think you have a good thing going and if it’s not too much to ask, please don’t ever stop blogging! :) Let’s not forget how wonderful it is to have such a refreshing and positive place for readers to come to. You are showing everyone how to find joy in every day life all while keeping it real. I think of you as a friend even though we don’t really know each other. But if you ever want to check out my blog too it’s at
    Have a great weekend!

  184. I hope you keep your blog the way it is. You are an inspiration to me as a mom, you really are. One day I will write you a private letter and tell you why your blog has helped me so much. Also thank you for sharing your favorite blogs, Clover lane and 4 girls and soldier are now my favorites too.

  185. I’m not sure I can write anything which won’t be a repeat of previous comments. Your blog was the first blog I ever started reading (4 months ago). And your blog inspired me to start writing my blog.
    At first I was drawn to all things organizing. You definitely have a knack for that. Then I noticed your positivity and joy shining through on every post. That inspires me as a woman and a mom to express that same joy to people around me. I have found other blogs focusing on fashion, food, crafts, or humor I enjoy reading. However, your blog is still my favorite. It is genuine and real and authentically you. I never feel like you are trying to be anyone besides yourself and you are not trying to sugar coat your life. I have a feeling others sense that too! I’m so glad you have success and a loyal following. You have earned it! Keep writing about whatever you want. We enjoy it all!

  186. Erin, I love the variety!! It’s like opening up a gift that’s wrapped up – I know it’s going to be something I’ll enjoy reading but I don’t know what about.

    Ultimately, it’s your blog and you have a lot on the go so whatever you need to do for yourself please do so. Though I vote for not making it private or separate :)

    Kel from Ontario, Canada

  187. Hi Erin – I’ve never commented, but have loved your blog since finding it linked through IHeartOrganizing one day. I LOVE your family posts, organization, new house and Fashion Friday. Please never stop the style posts! I just moved to Florida and love to see how you dress and endure the cold months in warm weather :) It’s inspiration as I continue to adjust.

  188. Hi Erin!
    I love reading your blog because you are honest, funny, and relatable. I have four young kids and my organization skills are nothing like yours (I bow down!) but you provided inspiration and very helpful advice. Your blog consistently makes me happy and provides a very lovely place to escape. I have no advice or real answer to your question, other than it would seem most of us are happy to read whatever you write about – so, just keep on rambling about whatever your little heart desires. I am just so happy you aren’t stopping blogging! =)

  189. Love your blog just the way it is! I enjoy organization & decorating posts the best but its all great. Thanks for giving us a great blog to enjoy – looking forward to each new post!

  190. Wow, Erin! My comment is #217! You really have an amazing thing going here. :) I, and it looks like a lot of other people, love the variety on your blog. It’s never just about one thing–it’s random–from make-up to house plans to Kole’s antics (which we can all relate to), to decorating. It’s just fun to see what you’ve been up to lately! I really don’t know how you keep up with it all, but I love your blog just the way it is. I know that’s not much help, but I think you’re already doing a great job!

  191. Hi Erin,
    I am not sure I have ever replied on your blog before, but I have been reading it ever since your Hubs wrote on here when you went into the hospital after having Kole. I have been a lifelong reader ever since.
    This won’t help, but I love everything you write. I really dont think it is what you write, but HOW you write that keeps most people coming. You write just like a good friend would share a story over lunch. It is fun, sarcastic, silly, and just like a good chat with one of my favorite girlfriends. So, don’t change a thing. Keep being you ’cause that is what keeps me reading and loving your blog. :)
    ~Your not-so-south-as-you So Cal friend, Michelle

  192. Like everyone else I love your blog just as it is! Please, please continue to post about your girls (and Kole, of course). As a mom of 2 just younger than yours I love seeing what works for you. I especially love when you post their outfits! :) I also love when you post about scrapbooking. I never have time to scrapbook anymore, but it inspires me to make time. I really love everything you post, I just don’t want you to stop posting about these things!

    Thanks for a wonderful, genuine blog.

    Oh! I also really love your holiday decor/ traditions/ pictures posts. :)

  193. I started reading a year or so ago for the organising side of things. I loved reading about the family & seeing the photos of your gorgeous wee kiddies, and now that the new house is up & coming I am loving reading the progress on that as well.

    I think I was no help whatsover to you :-)

  194. sI love your random thoughts – and new house info and about your kids…I have 5 kids and a love for all things house…keep up the good work – and I understand the struggle – I NEVER know what to do with 15 extra minutes

  195. Hi Erin, I say dont change a thing what you are doing works You are real on your blog, I think it is the randomness that makes me keep coming back and the fact that you and your family are so darn cute I just have to check in and see what you all are up to…And by the way I am finally back in my house after a year and a half of rebuilding from the flood that hit us here in 2011 soo I know what you are consumed with right now and its the HOUSE so blogg it..Thanks for being you and being real. Donna

  196. Hi Erin!! Can I just say that I love everything about your blog?! I was born to organize and make lists…and I still love all your tips!! (And your binders! lol) I think I drive my husband crazy with all the organizing and then REorganizing! haha I love the house updates. Building and designing a home is something I dream about! Someday!! Your kids are precious! I’m trying to teach my daughter (4 1/2 yo) to be organized, but let’s just say she takes after her daddy, not me! lol Keep up the great posts!!! I’m going to be reading for sure! :)

  197. Hi Erin!

    I’m so bad at commenting on blogs lately, but I want my comment saved here with all of these wonderful kind comments for you to reread later.

    I am so thankful that I found you online. You really are such a bright positive part of my online life. I love reading about my adorable friend in Sunny CA with the gorgeous hair and hear all about your little family and the adventures you have together.

    You know I love the randomness. I think whatever you write about is just a great reflection of where you are in life and it’s true to who you are. I think you will love looking back years to come on all of it.

    One day we will meet and I need to give you a big hug for being such a sweet friend to me through all these years. :)

  198. Love your blog just the way it is Erin! I’m a bit fascinated with the USA and love seeing your little everyday things as it gives me an insight to life over there! I suppose it’s from watching so many american movies! It seems so cool and different although I’m sure it is very similar to Australia! anyways just wanted to say don’t change a thing :)) I love reading about your organising, routines, things you do to keep sane :) everything about everyday life as I think it makes us all realise we’re all in this mothering thing together!! :)

  199. Erin I am a big fan of yours and your blog and feel comfort in the fact you get scattered too. See I blame it on having the creative gene, we can’t help having scattered thoughts, more than a super highway. I love everything you write about, you are inspiring and wonderful. Keep doing as you always have and people will fall in love with you just like I did. Cassie x

  200. Erin, like everyone else I love your blog. It is warm, personal and such a lovely reflection of the love you have for your family. It is a privileged glimpse into your life, and it provides reassurance to other moms that we are not alone. I enjoy every post – it is a great mix, and it is apparent that you care deeply about each subject you write about. Thank you for bringing a little California sunshine into my day!
    Marianne from Alberta, Canada

  201. Erin, I too love all the posts you do! I am a mom of an 18 month old girl and get great ideas organizing her ‘kid stuff’ and clothes from you. I also get good ideas on how to keep her busy from watching you little boy! We love to rearrange couch pillows together now :) And now, we are under contract on a new house so I’m totally obsessed with your new house and all things design. Don’t change a thing!

  202. I love reading about organizing and decorating, most. Would love to hear how you organize the finances as I struggle most with that. In general I just enjoy reading the blg. It’s s breath of fresh air and I love the randomness. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and life.

  203. I love all your posts! I am a young mother to 3, soon to be 4. I live in Eugene, Or. I started following your blog about 2.5 years ago, and it’s the only one I still read to this day! Thank you for sharing your life with us, your honest and inspiring and have just a beautiful family! Mikayla Painter

  204. Oh Erin please don’t change a thing. I am pretty sure I started following your blog from I Heart Organizing, and I have been coming back ever since. I love Fashion Fridays! I also love that all of your Aussie readers spell it “organising” LOVE IT! Keep everything just the way it is!

  205. Wowsers! 234 comments! I must confess, I TRIED to leave a comment that would have numbered like 76ish but my iPad had some sort of melt down. I could not get the code for the “prove you’re not a robot” to work. Who know is this comment will even be a go? But I have to weigh in too! I adore this blog and often recite some of your brilliant one liners to Steve and get a chuckle out of him as we’ll! You are in the business of uplifting others through your words. I couldn’t be without your blog. I have stumbled upon a lot of gr8 blogs, but your blog offers consistency and I appreciate that. Consistency in being awesome, not so much in topics. I don’t think you need to worry about the whole topic issue. We are all inspired at how you make all the randomness so joyous and perfectly imperfect!

  206. Love posts about the new house, decorating, fashion and organizing! i had a question how many square feet is the new house cause i tried to see if you posted it anywhere but couldn’t find it! I built and designed my home a few years ago and i would use homes for sale websites where you could see the pics of inside houses. i would go look in the million dollar homes and get ideas and inspirations for all sorts of things! just a tip i thought i’d pass along to ya! great blog and good luck with the new house:)

  207. Don’t change a thing – you are one of the few blogs I read just for the sheer pleasure of following along no matter what is written about (maybe it is a vibe that brings me to those few no matter what – you and they make me smile!)

    I am amazed how many other Aussies have commented – I thought I was the only one in Australia reading regularly LOL but I was wrong!

  208. I agree with everyone else, I love all of your blog topics. I know that it is you, not some written on the calendar, scheduled topic that is to formal. I enjoy hearing about your real life. I am a scrapbooker, organizing mother of 4 kids (age 5 and under). So I just like reading that I am not alone. My mind is always jumbled and I don’t know what I would blog about. Keep doing what you are doing~I love reading it!
    Denise from Illinois

  209. I am fairly new to your blog.I love it.Look at it daily.I like your honesty and your random thougts,ideas etc.I do like the organization posts,beauty posts also. You have something new to blog about daily. I enjoy reading it. I love the pictures of your family,building your house and it’s challenges.You keep it real and I love it.You make me laugh daily along with encouraging and inspiring me.Thanks for all your posts. Keep up the good work.:)

  210. Erin, I love reading your blog daily! I am such a bad commenter (not sure that’s a word!) because I read it in the morning when I wake up on my Iphone:) I think it’s too much work to comment on the Iphone haha!! I love how you write about so many different topics and I feel like I can relate to what you have to say! You and your family are adorable. Thank you for sharing your life with us!! Clearly I am no help because I like all of your post!

  211. I love your blog as is. The randomness is what keeps me coming back. Deep breaths in this chaotic time. It will pass and you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled life. ;-)

    PS Thanks for the tips on C’ville. We LOVE it here!

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