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A sad day

Hi everyone!  I was planning on posting something quite different than what I’m sharing tonight.  My mom called me this afternoon to tell me she had been evacuated from her home.  It has been raining steadily since Sunday in my hometown and the rain caused a huge dike to break.  My mom’s home wasn’t hit, but many close friends’ and neighbors’ homes were destroyed.  It has been so sad today hearing the news about the flood and seeing how many of our friends were affected.  My dad, along with others, spent the day shoveling mud out of a close friends home.  Luckily no one was hurt, but so many homes/belongings have been ruined.  My mom said they were told to evacuate so quickly they didn’t have time to grab much.  She grabbed a quilt my grandma made and a diet coke.  That made me smile.  Way to prioritize mom.  :)  The dike is located right next to where I went to High School (I’ve walked over it hundreds of times) and when I saw the news clip today I couldn’t believe it!  So much water.  It was heartbreaking seeing my beautiful home town in such a sad state.  I feel like I need to be there helping in some way.

Click here to watch a news clip of the dike that broke and some of the homes that were flooded if you are interested.

I don’t really know why I’m blogging about this except that this blog is always a reflection of what’s on my mind and right now, this is all I can think about.  I woke up feeling sad this morning remembering September 11th.  Then this happened and officially made it a very sad day for me.  Hope your day went better than mine!  I am going to bed tonight grateful that my family and friends are safe.  And hoping that things will feel a bit more sunny tomorrow.

xoxo, Erin
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33 thoughts on “A sad day

  1. I am so sorry to hear this Erin. I will keep the people in your home town in my prayers. Today was a very sad day. I will never forget that morning. I was getting my daughter ready for school. As I was brushing her hair my aunt called. She told us to turn the tv on. My parents were over. I will never forget my dad falling to his knees and crying. We are from New York and had family in tower 1. Thankfully, they were able to make it out. We didn’t know that until that evening. It was a long day but, a blessed one for us. But not for so many others. My dad has passed away since that day. But, I wll never forget him in my living room on his knees.
    Just like with your home town. We just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
    I hope the rest of your week will be sunny!

  2. Oh Cathy! I can’t believe that! So grateful that your family was safe. You are so right. We never know. Makes me want to hug everyone extra tight tomorrow.

    Thank you for your sweet comments. They always cheer me up and make me happy. :)

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry. How awful. My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes. So devastating.

    September 11th is our wedding anniversary. Needless to say, ever since 2001 there’s been a damper on this special day of ours. This day is not just “our” day anymore. America has an anniversary on this day, too :(

  4. Erin, thanks for being real. that is why i love your blog!

    So sorry to hear of this disaster and pray that the state will provide assistance so things are cleaned up fast.

    Your hometown (from watching the clip) is filled with so many kind and generous people, i am not surprised that you came from there.


  5. So sorry to hear about your family and friends! So sad for the ones who’ve lost their belongings and homes…I can’t imagine how theu are feeling! Natural disasters are horrible. Thankfully no one was hurt. I hope today is better one for you all,

  6. So sorry to hear about your town but so thankful your parent’s home was spared! Praying for the victims! I live near Nashville and when it flooded in 2010 it broke my heart even though I don’t live there. All the places that I remembered and had been too got flooded and my aunt’s house too. I know how it feel to watch and feel hopeless.

  7. We were watching the news about that yesterday too, so sad. We always have flash flooding here too and it can be so scary. Santa Clara has not been so lucky over the last few years!

  8. Hey, I’m not sure if you’re friends with any of the Wiest’s on facebook, but they posted a bunch of pictures of their house. It’s all destroyed outside. That whole neighborhood down near the Barben’s, the Wiest’s, the Hafen’s, the Frei’s, etc. was underwater. And Dutchman’s was destroyed, too. It’s just crazy and I’m wishing I was home so I could go help them right now. If I didn’t have so many responsibilities up here in Salt Lake right now, I’d be home helping with clean up. I’m glad your parents are okay. Here’s hoping for a happier week for all of us!

  9. Oh, dear. We’re in the Santa Clara area as well, but we were fortunate not to have any flooding or evacuation. The pictures we were seeing on a local news website yesterday were horrible. Everyone’s pitching in to get things back to rights, but it’ll likely be a long process for those whose homes and businesses were hit hardest.

  10. Erin my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now, I know all too well the devastation of Flooding, we are still recovering here in Minot ND from last years flood. I pray your Parents stay safe and encouraged. Donna

  11. I was down there last night helping. You would be amazed at how much help there was. It will be a lot of work to get it to any sort of normal. But the people were all in good spirits.My sisters in laws had there basement flooded. Thats were we were.

  12. Thank you so much everyone! Your kinds words mean a lot. There are SO many wonderful people willing to help. It just breaks my heart to think about all of my friends waking up to that this morning.

  13. Awww…I’m so sad for you friend. That’s the worst when you want to help and can’t. The kids and I will be out running errands this morning. Would a Pumpkin Spice Latte cheer your spirits? We’ll drop it off, along with a hug!

  14. I usually enjoy reading your lovely blog whilst preparing our evening meal – tonight I’ll be even more grateful to be in my kitchen feeding my little ones. My best wishes to your family and friends at such a tough time.

  15. I couldn’t believe it when my dad called to tell me. It is so sad to see that happening to people we know and love. Santa Clara sure has seen a lot of flooding over the last couple of years, so different from when we were growing up. Hope today is a better day.

  16. Erin – I am so sorry to hear of the devastation in your home town. September 11th will forever be a sad day in our family. My cousin was working in the Tower 1 when the plane hit – he was only 23 years old – he called home knowing he was going to die. I cannot imagine what he and his co workers went through that morning. All we can do it live each day to the fullest and be thankful for all the many blessings we have.

  17. Erin, I’m so sorry about your parents home. I don’t live very far from there (Cedar City) but my sister in law lives in that neighborhood, and it is sad indeed.

  18. Olivia fron Toronto, Canada said,

    Erin, I was praying today for America post 9/11. I also prayed for all the people whi are experincing flooding. My heart goes out to your parents and family for the flood victims.

    God Bless, Olivia A True Canadian and friend…

  19. I completely know how ur family and friends feel..7 yrs ago ..we lost our home to Katrina..and 2 weeks ago…a repeat of the disaster struck us again…ON THE SAME DAY…Hurricane Isaac…I am so sorry to hear about ur family and friends lost…but what I have learned is that everyone is ok…home/materialistic things can be rebuild…I HOPE and PRAY everyone is safe and Ok…prayers going out ur way..
    Felicia Nguyen

  20. That’s so scary and very sad. So glad your mom and dad are ok.

    Your mom is my hero because you know I would grab my soda on the way out too. :)

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