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New House

Let there be concrete!

Today was an exciting day for our project “new house.”  
We have concrete!  
 Kenny and I went up to the lot right after breakfast and it was so fun to see it buzzing with activity!  

 I have been so excited to finally get the foundation poured.  Now things should really start moving!

 Framing for the porch pillars.  :)

Kenny and our framers discussing the location of said porch pillars.
 We let the girls come up to see what all the excitement was about.  
 They won the crew over by hugging each one of them.  
My girls always hug new people they meet.  
It’s so sweet. 
Except for when it’s scary.    
But it was sweet today.  We have the NICEST men ever working on our house.  
They have all requested more banana bread muffins.  I will be busy baking this weekend.  :)

 Poor Kole had to wait in the van.  Can you imagine letting him loose on this scene!?  :) 
 Luckily there were lots of big trucks passing by to keep him entertained.  

 Kenny and I met back at the lot at 5:30 in the afternoon and this is what it looked like.  
YEA!  Foundation is set.  We can now officially walk on the floor of our new house.  

Exciting stuff!
Aside from everything happening with the concrete, this week we have also been plugging away at windows, design for all the built-ins, and the kitchen cabinet layout.  This stuff is fun, but SO time consuming.  It was great meeting Kenny at the lot today because that is the only time I have spent with him lately.  It’s well after midnight and he is still at work.  Whenever it’s IPO time I have to take a deep breath and gear up.  It doesn’t stand for Initial Public Offering to me.  It stands for time to be a single mom again.  I’m not complaining.  After 10 years I’m pretty used to the hours that come with my husband’s job.  Plus it is after all the reason we can afford this house.  (Maybe my blogging contribution can pay for the kitchen bar stools.)  HA!  ;)  It has just been a long, busy week and I miss my husband. 
But the weekend is here!  And we have concrete!  There is always something to smile about.  :)
One more week of summer for my girls!  
I want to PLAY with them as much as possible.  
Then school will start and hopefully I can finish some of the projects I’ve started around here.
Or at least be able to keep the house picked up for longer than 20 seconds.
Nah.  Who am I kidding!?
Enjoy your weekend everyone!  
xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Let there be concrete!

  1. I had a dream that Kole was talking in all kinds of sentences and big words. :-) Good things to come? I hope his speech therapy is going well. Been thinking about Kole. :-)

  2. Oh so fun! You can actually walk from room to room and imagine what it’s going to be like. This is so exciting for all of us….to watch you cheer you on but not have to do all the work! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Danett! It has been so fun hearing from you lately! YES. My kids are getting so big. Ellie sat on my lap the other day and I couldn’t believe how tall she felt! I feel the same way – happy and sad about it.

    Stephanie – SO sweet of you to ask and think about my little buddy. Thank you! He is doing really well. He has started saying lots of words – no sentences yet, but like you said, hopefully your dream is a sign of good things to come! :)

    Nonny – Thank you so much! I’m sure I’m boring people to death with house pics, but this summer has been so crazy it’s all I can keep up with!

    Nicole – Fingers crossed that I will have more time for stuff like Fashion Fridays in the Fall! I miss them too. This summer I’ve been running around in gym clothes most days. Nothing all that fashionable. :)

  4. Happy Friday Erin! My hubby works alot too so I know the “single mom during the week” feeling. But thank God for weekends!! I’m so excited for you to have laid the foundation..I love seeing all the new house things! And I can’t wait to see how you organize it all! :) My son is starting his therapy next week…speech and other things..but isn’t so nice to have that resource..i can’t imagine what I’d do without it! Have a great weekend!

  5. YAY! I am so excited for you! I remember how giddy I was when each small step happened with our house, it is SO fun to see it start to take shape! I’ll just be giddy right along with you! The girls are so cute hugging strangers and all. You better find something new to bake so you can keep it coming for the crew, let me know if you need some tips. ;) We started school on Wed.! CRAZY! This summer has just FLOWN! Miss hearing from you on my blog!

  6. Very exciting! I would have kept Kole in the van too. I kept Isla strapped in her stroller for 2 weeks of swim lessons. She was none too pleased with me, but there was no way I was going to let her be near a pool with the chaos of 50 other people there! (we go to the local high school for swim lessons)

  7. As soon as I saw the first picture, I knew Kole must be in heaven. All that fresh concrete & you didn’t let him make even 1 mark in it anywhere? :'( Poor guy! I just hope he was too mesmerized by the big machines & trucks to notice the other fun he missed. lol

  8. So exciting ! I love the picture of the girls with arm around each other looking at the house!
    You know what I have been watching lately? On youtube they have what they call “Haul” videos, Its people showing what they have bought at Homegoods, bath & body works , Target etc & they have lots of makeup product reviews. You should do some! I love the mascara you recommended. They also have a “whats in my bag” series, Im such a nerd, I love to see products people like & stuff like that lol
    I bet theres lots of house building you tube stuff too!

  9. what an awesome milestone!!! I can’t wait to see how this project continues to progress.

    Your kiddos are looking cute as ever – I can’t believe how big Kole is getting!! Hope the girls(and you) enjoy their last week of summer!

    By the way, I laughed and felt relief when you said your girls hug everyone. That is my Audrey (4 years old) to a t! And, I’m so with you – it’s sweet. unless it’s scary!! And, it can be downright terrifying… there is no “stranger danger” in that girls’ eyes!

  10. My youngest girls have taken to hugging everyone they say goodbye to. Like you said, sweet….except when it is creepy and scary! I am glad you make money blogging…I haven’t made a thing yet! I am hoping to make enough to buy a can of paint….wish me luck!

  11. I don’t know if you’ve thought of this but, you should totally get the kids to put there hand prints in the foundation somewhere…if its not too late.


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