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Top three pics this week

Three pics from this week that make me smile:    

The feeling’s mutual buddy.  

Do you ever wonder why Kole is always running around pantless?  (This isn’t a knock knock joke by the way).  He’s too fast for me.  It takes every ounce of will and strength I have to hold him down long enough to change his diaper.  By the time the diaper is securely fastened, the two of us are equally over it.

Kenny will give me a hard time for posting the ironing picture because it may give off a false impression that I iron his shirts often so let me clear that little misunderstanding up real quick.  I don’t iron.  His work clothes go to the dry cleaners and if my clothes or the kids’ clothes wrinkle often I get rid of them or we wear them wrinkled.  We have a “buy clothes that won’t need to be ironed” policy in this house.  But that husband of mine has been so busy.  Meetings in San Francisco last week, working round the clock on an IPO (initial public offering) this week.  Plus in his spare time he’s building me a house.  So I decided to iron a few new shirts he bought while Kole was napping.  El was swimming at a friends house and I told Addie she could either iron with me or we could invite one of her friends over.  She chose ironing and a movie with mom.  Love that girl.  We popped popcorn and called it an “ironing movie popcorn party” (I know – major originality points for that title are in order).

Speaking of popcorn.  Kenny came home late tonight and I decided to pop some more.  I must have set the microwave to 2 hours and 20 minutes instead of 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  Oops.  Didn’t notice until smoke was coming out of the microwave and the smell was so bad we could hardly breathe.  We’ve been airing the house out all night.  I really shouldn’t be trusted in the kitchen.  Or with an iron.  Today was a dangerous day for me.  

Short post tonight because I spent most of my blogging time scrapbooking!  WHAT!?  Crazy right.  I have so much stuff on my to-do list right now that I should have been doing instead.  But designing my scrapbook room has made me miss my hobby that I never have time for anymore.  So I made some time for it.  Simple Project Life layouts for Kole’s book – nothing fancy at all and it felt so good!

K – I’m off to bed.  As soon as I close the 15 windows that are open and turn off all the ceiling fans.

Clock just turned 12:01 so I guess I can officially say Happy Wednesday everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Top three pics this week

  1. Your posts make me laugh! I should iron for my husband….:) can’t wait to see ur new room to scrapbook in! I love that hobby too and feel sad that I’ve gotten away from it …. I always feel like I have a million things to do or that I ” should” be doing instead….

  2. Lol. I seriously enjoy your humor :). Your children are too cute! As to ironing..why on earth do they even make clothes that need to be ironed??? As you can see I’m not a fan either ;). How do you stay up so late and still function the next day? I REALLY need your secret!

  3. Erin, I just had to write a quick comment as I have 3 littles of my own and 2 little boys to boot. The struggle for the diapering and pants is literally like wrestling several alligators every morning. I’m sweating by the time we’re done. people often wonder why my boys are pantless and I usually offer to let them try and clothe them if they dare! anyways, I keep meaning to comment and let you know your blog is SUCH a huge inspiration to me. Your kids are a bit older than mine and I keep looking forward to all the different posts on you being an at home mom and what I can see being me in a few years. We are in the suburbs of NYC and my husband also works crazy long hours and I have no family locally, so I have gained such great insight and advice from your blog. I love all the little traditions you post about, especially with the holidays! You are so crazy organized and you had at me extra moisturizing pledge. Every time I’m super tired at the end of a long day and I can’t seem to muster up the energy to pick up the house, I hop on your blog and glance at some of the photos and posts on organization and I get rejuvenated. Sounds lame, but anywyas, I had to let you know I have been a follower for quite some time and I gobble up your content over and over and over again. Keep it coming. PS–would love to see how you keep your car organized and an update on toy recommendations. I only have one daughter so I am always looking at what your girls are playing with to get some great ideas. She just turned 4 so we are just entering the Barbie stage. Sorry for the long comment!


  4. This was so funny:). I love your sense of humour:)

    I also hate ironing & I never do it. I only buy clothes that can be tumble dried (mainly from Marks & Spencers (M& S))

    Some people here in the UK have a thing about putting washing on the line & then keep worrying in case it rains! It drives me crazy:)

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of your project life ideas.

    That was so funny about the pop corn:)

    When I read the part about Kole being pant-less I couldn’t understand what you meant at first, as pants here are underwear & he had a nappy on. Then I realized you meant trousers.

    Thanks for a great blog:)

  5. Your too funny!! Years ago we bought an ironing board to see if I would enjoyed more with the proper tools. NOPE, I still hated it, so I got rid of it and buy clothes that don’t need ironing or if they do they go to cleaners. Simple as that, and I don’t force myself anymore. :)

  6. Erin, I am like you – I like to buy clothing that doesn’t require ironing. Knits are my favorite!

    Our grandson (age 2) is very squirmy when changing his diaper. I bought a little bird in a birdcage from The Land of Nod to keep him occupied when changing his diaper. I wind it up, and the little tiny bird sings for about 30 seconds – long enough to get it changed. He loves it! SO CUTE!

  7. Amanda – I feel the same way! There are always too many other things to do. That’s why last night I just said who cares!? I’m scrapbooking right now! Probably won’t happen again for over a year. :)

    Thanks Jen! I think I’ve just learned how to function on little sleep over the years. It’s the only way I get anything done! But it’s a problem. I’m tired a lot. I need to start going to bed earlier at some point. :)

    Amy! Oh my word – thank you! Your comment was so sweet! It totally made my day. So nice to “meet” you. :)

    Julie – that is too funny! Love the different word meanings. It’s fun for me to hear you use words like “trousers” and “nappy.” :)

  8. Super cute Ironing picture! If it makes you feel better, I don’t iron either! And I buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed too HaHa :)
    And I so remember the days of diapering ! My son was the same way, it was the chase & then getting him to stay long enough to change him lol. It must be boys because my daughter never did that .
    My daughter was sweet & quiet baby , then when she started talking hear came the sassiness :) And my son was a wild boy & now he is a sweet , kind teen. Roll reversal I guess HaHa

  9. So what was the Barbie doing in the tree?

    And with all the popcorn you pop, I’m shocked you are not using the “popcorn” button!

    I have the same no iron policy around here. I love the nice no iron shirts Ryan gets from Land’s End, honestly who has time to iron?! But I’m proud of you for doing it as something nice for Kenny.

    I’m already getting there with Jensen! He driving me crazy with the diaper changes and I get so frustrated thinking – you are a baby, we’ve been doing this 10 times a day since you were born, why are you throwing a fit??!!! So he ends up crawling off in his diaper and I save the putting clothes on fit for when we are leaving the house. Boys!

  10. Your posts make me smile, always happy and easy going. Im just curious, do you call your daughter Addison or Addie most of the time? I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I’ve noticed you referring to her as Addie in alot of your posts, whereas you used to mainly refer to her as Addison. Anyway hope your having a nice Wednesday! We are headed off to the river now!

  11. I sympathize. My husband has been working non-stop these past few weeks.(he’s doing an IPO in September) Have had to cancel a sitter on a weekend evening twice! Last weekend I just gave up trying to schedule one.

    Am hoping that my husband can make it to our wedding anniversary at the end of September….

  12. Josie – WHO KNOWS what the barbie was doing in our tree!? My girls were playing with them outside. :)

    Anonymous – I call her Addie and Addison and sometimes just Ad. It depends on the day I guess. :)

    Holly – it’s the worst, isn’t it!? Hang in there. It always goes in spurts. Our anniversary is in September too! :)

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