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New House

The more torn up the better!

So fun to finally see our lot buzzing with activity!  
These pics are from over a week ago and things are even more torn up as of late!  The kids had their day in the sun running through the trenches, but now things are getting dangerous so no more exploring the lot with the littles.  
I love driving by to see what’s been done each day.  
I look out at the lot and think to myself – “looks like more holes in the dirt!  Fabulous!”  
Who knew dirt, heavy duty machinery and a porta potty could be so exciting!?  :) 

We are knee deep in window and door decisions this week.  SO many options!  It has been a bit overwhelming and will take weeks to finalize.  Good thing I totally know what I’m doing.

  (I so totally don’t.)

Good times around here.  :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “The more torn up the better!

  1. Even though it is just holes, big trucks, and a porta potty. Every step is one step closer to your new house. I am so excited for you. The best is yet to come. SHOPPING for all the fun stuff to go in it. Doors, light fixtures, faucets, ect…ect… Enjoy every minute!

  2. Olivia said… I just love your blog and I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada. How many square feet is your new house going to be? Especialy love the post you did on organizing towels in the linen clost. After seeing the pictue of your linen closet and folding all those bath towels. My linen closet and towels have never looked better.
    Thanks, Olivia from Canada

  3. Be grateful you have a great sense of style and you do know what you want.

    So exciting to see things coming along!

    So happy that when we come to visit we will have not 1 but 2 five star resorts to stay at!! :)

  4. Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate it! So glad a handful of you are enjoying the house posts. I’m trying not to let all things house take over my blog!

    Olivia – so glad the linen closet post helped you! I love looking at my neatly folded towels everyday too! :)

  5. Great to see how the house is coming along.

    I love how you call the toilet the porta potty. They’re called porta-loos here in the UK.

    Hope all the planning goes well.

    Do you have double glazed windows in the states? They’re really popular here as they keep the houses warmer & keep noise out.

  6. Hi Erin, how exciting!!! I’m I’m Australia and was just wondering what the turn around time is there for building a house? Here it’s about a year, give or take A couple of months and was wondering if it’s infer or quicker there? I can’t wait to see it with walls! :)

  7. I just found out that my Dad and Company (Goodwin Builders) is doing your cabinets! I got to see your plans for your kitchen and closet etc. I am so excited for you! It looks like so much fun! I bet its hard to wait for it all to be done! Happy Designing!!

  8. Hi Julie! We have double panned windows here – wonder if that’s the same thing?

    Anonymous – yes! Same story here. My builder said it will take about a year (but I’m planning on a little longer just to be safe). It feels like it’s going in slow motion! Ahhh! I’m want to move in tomorrow! :)

    HOLLY! Hi! So fun to hear from you! I’m so excited you saw our plans! Your dad is awesome! He is doing such a great job for us. I get so excited when I see a new e-mail pop up from him! I hope I don’t drive him crazy this year. :)

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