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Tub advice and Utah pics

Happy Friday everyone!  Ok.  I had some fun Fashion Friday pics I was going to post tonight and then this afternoon I received e-mails of the first drafts of ALL of my built-ins for the new house!  {SQUEAL!}  I’ve spent the last two hours pouring over the sketches and making notes of everything I want to change.  Bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudroom, scrapbook room, closets (hello my new master closet!  I’m dying to meet you.)  Very exciting stuff.  :)  And time consuming.  Have I mentioned yet how time consuming building a house is?  I’m sure many of you who have been through this are well aware.  And things are just getting started.  So I’ll have to go through my Fashion Friday pics sometime  next week.  For now I’m just going to apologize.  For the next year.  For the absence of posts and/or the lameness of posts.  Because I’m sure there will be plenty of both.  My mind is swirling every minute of every day with all of the decisions that need to be made.  And we all know that I suffer from a severe case of DMD (decision making disorder).  When I told my family we had decided to build they all just shook their heads.  (Erin?  Is going to make a million decisions?  Under a time crunch?)  I’m going to have to work hard to prove them all wrong.  While I truly do know what I want for this house, there are a handful of little things that are popping up that I’m just not sure about.  And since I don’t want my family to be right to constantly bother my family for a second opinion, I’m going to have to bother all of you.  :)   So first decision of many I’m going to ask you all to help me make!  
Master bath tub.  I’m really torn.  
I LOVE the look of a free standing tub:

SO pretty, right!?  But I’ve never taken a bath in a tub like this and I really love a good bubble bath.  I don’t want a tub that just looks pretty.  I want something that is comfortable too.  So I’d love to hear your opinion on all things bath tub!  
 Would something like this be more comfortable?  Which look do you like best?  If I go with the tub in the first two pics, would it bug me to not have room around the tub to set things?  
Thank you so much for your tips/advice/opinions!  I need them all!  :)
And since I’m already up too late (what’s another half hour, right?) … here are some pics I never got around to posting from our last quick trip to Utah for my dad’s retirement party.  I love being at my parents’ house in the summertime!  

 Kole loves being there too.  He never leaves the backyard.  Little explorer.  

I had to laugh one afternoon when I went out to check on him and he had snuck into the strawberries and carefully taken one bite out of each, leaving a little trail in his path.  

Then his cousin and partner in crime had a better idea.  
(C’mon over here buddy.  Our mom’s are too busy chatting to notice that I made off with a whole bag of circus cookies…)
Oh my word.  That picture of them caught with their hands in the cookies (literally) cracked me up!  
Kole’s straight out of the pool hair just makes it that much better.  

A couple more of the wild diaper bandits:

 Aside from a dip in the pool, we also threw a quick family birthday party for my little Addison.

Still can’t believe she’s six!  
Love this little character.  :)
Happy weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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46 thoughts on “Tub advice and Utah pics

  1. Although I love the look of a free standing tub. I have always liked the soaking tubs with a place to put stuff. Actually my favorite right now are the square soaking tubs. I have been looking at them on pinterest. There are so many to choose from. I am sure you will see a tub that will jump out at you and you will fall in love with it. Make sure to get in them and check out how it feels. Sounds crazy but YOU have to be comfortable in it.
    I laughed so hard when I saw the cookie picture of Kole. That look on his face is priceless. Addison is so, so cute.

    Are you still in June Gloom? I remember when we lived in O.C. It wasn’t until July that the sun would come out early. I do miss it down there. We have been in the high 90’s-100 every day. California is crazy. You can go an hour in any direction and the weather is so different. But I love it here. I do love the hot weather though.
    Enjoy your weekend…And happy tub shopping. :)

  2. Hi Cathy! My late night pal. :) Thanks for your sweet comment. And YES! Total June Gloom here. My least favorite month in San Diego. I’m over it! I want my sunshine back! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hi, Erin.
    I can imagine it is all overwhelming, but you cannot convince us you are not enjoying in all decision making. :) How exciting, can’t wait to see the first pics of the new house!
    As fot the bathtub, I personally prefer the look of the built-in one, and it is more practical for keeping bath salts, a book and a glass of wine :) nearby. But if you really like the first option, go for it, you can always put a cute stool near the tub to keep everything you need!

  4. I have no tub advice (I always think “what is easiest to keep clean?), but I just have to say that pic of the boys caught with the cookies…hilarious.

  5. I cannot comment on which tub would be more comfortable, I think you need to actually get in them at the store and see how they feel. Sounds weird I know, but would you buy a mattress without lying down on it? As far as a place to put things beside the free standing one goes…I saw a Sarah Richardson episode years ago where she used a free standing tub and put a glass table beside it. Looked fabulous! So if you have the space to do that it could be a solution.

  6. I have to say I love the “look” of the free standing tub, but I agree that it’s not very practical! Where do you put your bubble bath and magazines and book? And the free standing tub might be a bit more difficult to clean as they are usually deep with no real “ledge” to sit on. I think the built in tub can have a beautiful look and be more functional. That’s just my opinion :) I loved the photo of Kole with the trail of strawberries {reminds me so much of my little guy! eats just enough that you don’t want to finish it off for him!} and the picture of the two boys with caught with the cookie bag is PRICELESS!!!! So adorable! Have a great weekend :) ~gina

  7. Love your family pics!!! Good luck with the house building process. What a dream to be able to design your own! I think with the tub – the first two options look easier to clean! With the built in, (putting myself in your position . . .lol!) I’d have to climb into the tub to get to the window, to get to the shelves to dust, clean, arrange. Then I’d have to clean out the tub – every time I did something on the shelves. And, aren’t you in earthquake country? I’d have the concern of stuff falling into the tub! A remote possibility, but nevertheless . . . ! Also the edge of the tub – I have short legs, so stepping in and out of the water I’d want a narrower edge. I have seen tubs like the first two with a pretty little table pulled up to the side to hold soaps, washcloths, etc. Or how about shelves on the walls to either side?? Just a thought . . . Good luck! Keep us posted!!

  8. Adorable pictures of the kids!!!! And seriously, could your parent’s house be any more gorgeous? I don’t think so! It looks like a luxurious resort!

  9. hi Erin! On the tub, i’ve never taken a bath in a free standing tub before but, i agree they look nice however i think if i had the choice i’d pick a tub with a counter around it. AND i LOVE the picture of Kole getting busted! it made me literally LOL! Have a great day! :)

  10. I have had a huge, oval, jetted tub with a tiled deck around it for 12+ years. Would I do it again? NO! For one reason…its way too hard to clean because it is so big and hard to reach the far side. I use one of those long handled scrubber things and it is still a pain. I can’t stand the thought of a dirty tub so I have to clean it every time I use it. Kind of spoils the whole taking a relaxing bath thing. If I could I would rip it out and replace it with an old fashioned claw-footed soaking tub. They fit your body and are so much easier to clean. Its what I wanted in the beginning but my husband thought it was weird. For the record…he has NEVER even been in that tub!!

  11. I love that some of you have brought up which would be easier to keep clean! All very good points to consider – thank you! And Stephanie, I agree. I totally need to go to a store and sit in one! :)

  12. Hi Erin. I’ve never had the awesome opportunity to design a bathroom but I agree that I love the look of the free standing style tubs. Gives the room a antique look while still clean and contemporary (does that make sense?). I do think in actuality, that I might feel like I was soaking in the middle of nowhere though and would definitely need a place to rest my drink or book etc. Both options are beautiful though, so I would decide what is more practical to you and laso easier to clean. Good luck!

  13. Yes, you definitely have to weigh the pros and cons of each. We have a jetted built in tub. Great for setting things around, but agree with the other commentor, pain to clean! I love the look of the freestanding, but I know my kiddos loved getting in ours when they were young…how much water do you want to clean up?
    The one thing I will recommend…make sure to get one that recycles the water through a built in heater so it stays hot! We rarely use ours because by the time the thing is filled the hot water has run out and who wants to soak in a lukewarm bathtub?
    That picture of Kole is priceless!!!

  14. Sorry Erin, I have no opinion on the tub. Except that if I were going to build again I would not make a big deal out of the master tub because we never use ours. We got a huge jetted tub that takes up 2/3 of our bathroom and all it does is collect hair and dust. But if like a good bath, the tub is important. I just don’t know anything about the free standing tubs (never had one) so I don’t have any good advice. So my real reason for this comment is that darling birthday cake of Addison’s. Did you make it? If not where did you get it? We’re going to SG for my oldest’s birthday in July and if that came from a bakery I need to know where ;) Thanks!

  15. Hi Erin! I vote for the free-standing tub – I like the one in the 2nd photo because it has a beautiful shape with sleek lines. Very classy! Also, it would be so much easier to clean than the built-in version. Like the other comments above, a really cute table, stool, or bench (such as Pottery Barn) would look SO nice at one side of the tub. I think you will also want a very large walk-in shower in that same bathroom.

    This is going to be so much fun! I love house plans, decor, design decisions, etc.!!

    Your family is just beautiful, and I enjoy reading about them! Your Mom’s home is just incredible!! I love her big landscaping rocks by the pool! Have a great weekend!

  16. I have to ask – do I see a pool cover in one of those pictures at your parents’ house?? I may just be imagining it, but I didn’t know if they had an ingenious way of covering the pool so the little ones don’t fall in while they’re playing in the backyard : ) That’s my one complaint about Will’s parents’s house is their pool – or how much it scares a worry wart like me when I can’t watch them.

    I wish I had tub advice for you – I love them ALL. Although the traditionalist in me loves the window right next to the tub with the shelving above it … that looks just says “Virginia” to me.

    Happy weekend!

  17. I also love the look of a free standing tub. My mom had a old fashioned tub in her bathroom when I was a kid and I did love having a good soak in it. On the other hand…I HATED cleaning that bathroom. There are just so many more cracks to clean. It gets dusty like crazy too. I have a big tub now in my own bathroom and love that it has the edges to put stuff on…just some thoughts. I am excited to see how your house turns out.

  18. I am not a tub girl- haven’t taken a bath in 20 years- so I can’t help you there. I LOVE those pics of the kids tho! Addison looks so freakin’ cute in that last one!

    I just heard about June Gloom when we were vacationing in SD in March. Come to Minnesota and I’ll SHOW you GLOOM in the winter!

    Have a great wknd!

  19. Hi Erin! First of all, love your hair in that dry climate! Secondly, I love that you use the term DMD! I’m laughing out loud! Thirdly, ahhhh, your bathrooms are going to be so gorgeous, and I say have one of each. A stand alone, and the walled in one. Makes perfect sense to me:).
    The boys are adorable! Love it. xoxo

  20. Hi Erin! First of all, love your hair in that dry climate! Secondly, I love that you use the term DMD! I’m laughing out loud! Thirdly, ahhhh, your bathrooms are going to be so gorgeous, and I say have one of each. A stand alone, and the walled in one. Makes perfect sense to me:).
    The boys are adorable! Love it. xoxo

  21. I am LOVING all of the advice everyone! Thank you! Even though everyone has a different opinion you all have given me so much to think about! Like Darci’s idea – one of each! Now why didn’t I come up with that one!?


  22. Hi Erin,
    I love the 3rd picture of tub because i need some sort of shelves/ storage for my body scrub, face pack, deep conditioners etc….. If you like to use lot of products while taking a bath. Try to look for some sort of storing options. Oh I love the picture of cookies and Kole. His eyes were wide open…..LOL.

  23. Wow, both such awesome options for the tub! I love the freestanding tub look, but then I do think having everything built in around would be so much more convenient and practical. Love the Utah photos, could kole be any cuter?? :)

  24. Here’s my two cents on picking out stuff for the house. It’s actually been almost life-changing for me. Pick a metal finish first, before you do anything else. Almost everyone of those “little” choices you have to make when building involves something with a metallic finish: door handles, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc. So pick one finish and stick with it–it’s a huge time saver. Then, pick one of the big-ticket metallic items that we’ll be a real showcase in your house, like the dining room light or the kitchen faucet. Whatever it is, find one you love in the metallic finish of your choice and call it your inspiration piece. Note the scale and style–is it curvy, angular, modern, vintage, etc.? Then base the look of all the smaller metallic items off of that inspiration piece. You’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to select a doorknob (or other small hardware details) if you can picture it next to your kitchen faucet. It seriously works!

  25. Um, the English teacher in me is freaking about typing “we’ll” instead of “will”. And “everyone” instead of “every one” in my above comment. That makes me crazy. ut seriously, I want to add that brushed nickel and glass go together sooooo well, just in case you love the look of vintage glass doorknobs–perfect combination!

  26. I’m thinking a free standing tub is awesome but just get one that has a bit of a ledge to it so you have a place to put items as well :)

  27. I personally *die* for that built in tub with the arch detail – it looks so cozy to me. I have the same picture pinned in my pinterest “dream house” board. :)I’m totally a bath person and I love having my candles, face scrub and a magazine nearby. Plus, let’s face it, the kids are going to be bathing in that tub once in a while too, and they need a place to set up their army guys and princesses!

  28. I don’t have much advice for the tub, since I have never had a free standing one, so I have no idea how comfortable they are. But, that picture of Kole caught with a cookie was hilarious! :)

  29. My friend just recently added a new master suite wing to her house. She put in a free standing GLASS tub. She loves itand it’s beautiful. But, all I can think about is that my bum would not look pretty smooshed up against that glass!!! Jess

  30. I thought this was going to be about organizing tubbie toys. so disappointed. I say go for comfort very first. No one but you ever sees your tub and the only thing you really need it for is a bubbly escape. And think of ease (or lack of) to clean. that’s important.

  31. ok, the picture of Kole getting caught w/ the cookies is SO CUTE !! Love it.
    My opinion on the tub is to get one built in. Simply for ease of having someplace to set your bath stuff. We have a jetted tub in our bathroom & its great.
    We have a regular tub in the kids bathroom/ but a big jetted one in our master bathroom.
    The free standing one is gorgeous, but I agree, more to clean & no place to set stuff ;-)
    I love that you are sharing the whole building process with us, I love hearing about it :)

  32. I had a free standing tub in an old house we once rented. PAIN IN THE NECK to clean and to bathe with nowhere to put stuff. Just my 2¢

  33. Oh Erin, I am dying over that pic of Kole! The CUTEST! How funny, so glad you caught that on camera! Also love his trail of strawberries! Too cute.

    I’d definitely go with the built in tub for sure. I think there would be a lot of things about the free standing on that would end up bothering you. Just keep in mind that the look of things is only so much, and the how to keep it clean and functionality of it are huge! It does look pretty but I can’t help but think – you wouldn’t even be able to reach your towel! Cant wait to see your plans!!!!

  34. Thanks everyone!

    I’m starting to lean towards the built-in tub. You all brought up some really good points!

    And Jess – your glass tub comment was hilarious! :)

  35. Hi

    Been following your wonderful blog for a while. My daughter son in law granddaughter and brand new 2 week old grandson live in Utah. And my granddaughter will turn 6 in August.
    I am a natural redhead. Born and grew up in WV. We are real excited about our newborn grandbaby! Such a precious time! Your parents house and property are beautful! They are very blessed! My daughter and family in Utah built a 4000 sq ft house 5 years ago yes it is a lot of decision making. They were given 2 acres off the family farm. So helped witht the cost of building!
    I like the 3rd bathtub better. As a 60 yr old person looks like it would be easier to get in and out of. Thinking ahead here for you.


  36. Seriously Kathleen!! I am still dying over that comment! HILARIOUS!

    And Marissa – totally what I was thinking too! Love it! :)

  37. Hi Pamela – so fun to hear from you! Thanks for the good advice. And congrats on the new grandbaby! That is so exciting! :)

  38. Hi! I don’t have a way you can subscribe yet, but I’m working on it! I’ll let you know when I get it figured out!


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