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Fashion Friday

It’s Friday everyone!  Can I get a woot woot!!  Friday actually doesn’t feel that much different now that it’s summer.  Every day is Friday!  Can I get another woot woot!!   
I’m lovin’ it.  :)
Summer is such a fun time for fashion and I’m totally missing it this year because I’m too busy to shop for clothes.  Dang these kids of mine for keeping me from my mall time!  ;)  I actually took all three of them to the mall today to go shoe shopping and surprisingly we held it together.  That’s only because we hit Stride Rite, were in and out in 20 minutes, and then straight back home.  It’s the only way to shop when I’m that outnumbered!  Because I am constantly outnumbered this summer and shopping much less because of it, I have been wearing a lot of the same stuff I wore last summer…
I did get a few new things a couple of months ago that I haven’t had time to share.  But I have time tonight!  Kenny and I are staying up all night having a Glee marathon.  (Quick Glee update: we’re on season 2 and I’m liking it, not loving it.  Totally missing our annual “Jack Bauer Power Hour,” but the fact that Glee is less appealing to me makes it much easier to blog during so all in all I’m calling it a win).  Anyway, I will press on!  Until this post is finished!  Or until I fall asleep with my head in my laptop while Glee show tunes play in the background.  Whichever happens first.  
I bought this scoop neck top at The Limited.  You know how I love a good scoop neck.  I felt pretty good about it because it’s not a solid color like most of my purchases.  I took a walk on the wild side and went for some stripes.  You didn’t know I had it in me, did you.  It has been a great top for summer because it’s loose and comfy and super light weight.  Plus it goes well with just about anything.  
I especially like it with these new white pants.  I know.  If you recall my last Fashion Friday I had just bought these white pants and capris:
I’m having a love affair with white pants this summer.  

But here’s the thing with these white pants.  They were on sale at The Gap for less than 40 bucks and bootcut is such a flattering style for all body types…. can I get an amen!?    
Plus check out the way the bottom of the pants are almost touching the ground when I wear my wedges.  The length fits perfectly!  I don’t even have to have them taken in!  So you can see why I had no choice but to bring them home and add them to my white pant collection.  

If I get sick of white (which is suddenly looking like a real possibility) I can alway wear this top with jeans or shorts.  I know most of you are in the heat of summer and jeans are set aside, but we wear jeans year round here.  That’s the funny thing about San Diego.  Jeans, shorts, flip flops, Ugg boots… it all goes when the weather only fluctuates between 70 and 75 degrees year round.  {Ohh… it’s 69 today – better get out the jackets.  High tomorrow is going to be 74 – nice and toasty.  Beach weather!}  Spoiled much?  You could say that.

Hmm.. now this is interesting.  A fitted top, solid color, with a cowl neck.  I think we may have seen this one before.  A time or twenty.  Since I couldn’t be all wild and crazy wearing stripes for too long, I bought this traditional Erin style top at the Limited as well. This top can be worn casually or dressed up a bit because the cowl neck is silky.  It came in lots of colors, but I was drawn to the pretty purple.  As opposed to the ugly purple?

Pretty purple top with the white bootcut jeans.  I’m telling you.  If you have a Gap nearby, go try on these white bootcut pants.  They pull in tight at the thigh and are such a great fit.  

And a favorite dress I wore to church last week.  I bought this dress a few years ago at Nordstroms and I LOVE pulling it out every summer.  Baby doll dresses are so casual and fun and I will never tire of yellow clothing.

The fun orange and gold bracelet was a birthday gift from my sister (also from Nordstroms).  I have been loving it this summer because it always seems to add the perfect punch of color to my outfits.

I don’t love these shoes with this dress but they are currently my best option.  Hopefully I can do some shoe shopping for myself one of these days.  The kind of shopping that requires alone time and more than 20 minutes at the mall.  Until that day comes I will have to make due with what I have!

So enough pictures of me and my clothes. 
  Check out my little man in that tie! 

He’s pretty hot stuff and he knows it.  He also knows that if he is just persistent enough, mom will cave and let him hang out on the bathroom counter for a bit.

 Mom’s got her camera out!  
 Means I can get away with a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.  

 Time to test my theory.  

Last picture.  Party’s over.  
Until next Fashion Friday.
Happy weekend everyone! 
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. I love your clothes. Love, love, love, love, love! And white pants are fabulous but you are braver than me to wear them with small kids around :)

  2. Erin – that first picture of Kole in his tie is a keeper. You must print and frame that one!

    Love the yellow dress and orange bracelet, too. Orange is speaking to me this year … I have no idea why, but I’m going to run with it : )

    Happy weekend!

  3. I so get what you are saying about the kids keeping the shopping trips in check!! Thank God for on line shopping sometimes!

    Love the outfits and little man’s tie, he is just too cute! I hope everything in going well with him!!! You will have to give us an update!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I also LOVE my white pants. They are skinny jeans and I’ve been rolling them up to capri length for summer. It’s so funny because the white pant thing is so ‘normal’ for San Diego in summer. When I wear them here I feel very dressy and everyone always comments on how cute they are because nobody here wears them!

    Love those boot cut ones you have. They look great on you! Don’t think I could get away with those here though since it is actually ABOVE 80 degrees most days during the summer. :)

    Love Kole’s tie. Cute little man.

  5. Yes, Kole looks adorable. I enjoy the singing part of glee, but nothing else…we are too conservative. The latest series my husband and I have been watching is ‘In Plain Sight’. I don’t know if we watch it thru netflix streaming or amazon instant prime. Plot revolves around the witness protection program. We’ve been enjoying it….
    Shopping is no fun being outnumbered for sure. Everyone else gets stuff but me!

  6. Erin!!
    It’s me finally! I mean to write in all the time but never seem to do it.
    I just have to say how dang cute Kole is. He is growing up and looks so much older. I miss you and the kids. When are you coming home again? I want an Erin day.
    I am so excited about all the house stuff you’ve been sharing. I can’t wait to see it all take shape.
    Things are great with me and the family. I am LOVING summer. Garrett is eating solids now and is the happiest little guy, I am so in love with him.
    PS- love the purple top and the striped one. Super cute. Hope you’re doing well. :)

  7. Thanks guys! You are all so sweet. :)

    Carrie I loved your comment! Sounds like Oliver and Kole would get along famously. :)

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