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A mini getaway

We’re back.  Kenny and I.  From a mini getaway – sans kids.  Yes.  You heard me right!  When we received a letter about Kenny’s 10 year Law School Anniversary celebration we were so excited.  We have such fond memories of our three years in Charlottesville, Virginia and love traveling back to reminisce, re-live the good old days, and most importantly to eat at our favorite bagel bakery and to say y’all every chance we get.  My mom flew into San Diego to watch my kids for the weekend (an angel straight from heaven!) and Kenny and I fled without looking back.

We had the best time.  From the minute we were in the car alone riding to the airport.    It was magical.  We had long conversations with no interruptions.  No passing back crackers or a binkie.  No intercepting an almost fight about who is going to play with which barbie first.  We held hands.  We laughed at each others’ stupid jokes.  We were a couple again.  Young and in love.  Well sorta young, and mostly just in love with the fact that we were about to spend three days together with no kids, no responsibilities, and no kids.  Did I mention no kids?


We woke up each morning and went on our favorite walk.  The Thomas Jefferson Parkway trail right next to our old apartment.  Also right next to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

This picture is from our walk in the Fall.  It’s our favorite place to visit when we make a trip to Virginia.  We used to walk this trail every weekend together and talk about our plans.  Our someday family.  All of our dreams for the future.  It felt surreal walking our trail now, 10 years later, after so many of those dreams have come true.  Made me feel incredibly grateful and incredibly old all at the same time.  :)

Our walk ends with this bridge which takes you to Monticello.  They were just starting to build it when we left Charlottesville in 2002.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Just like the rest of Virginia.  I think Virginia is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  
It isn’t a trip to Charlottesville without eating at our favorite bagel bakery.  Bodo’s has the best turkey bagel sandwich ever.  EVER.  And y’all know I’m a turkey snob.  (Did you catch that y’all?  Rollin’ right off the tongue).  We may have eaten here a time or ten two over the weekend.  This place never disappoints.  

The law school grounds were simply breathtaking.  Just like I remembered them.  
Almost as breathtaking as they are in the Fall.  
We loved touring the school and catching up with all of Kenny’s friends.  
Kenny was fortunate to go to law school with a group of amazing people (several are friends for life).  They have all gone on to do incredible things with their degrees.  
I felt smart just taking their picture.  :)  

Kenny’s main partner in crime.  I used to come home from working round the clock to hear about my husband’s day which usually included more time spent playing Xbox with Will than actually studying law.  These two were always up to no good and it’s a real treat to listen to them re-live some of their moments together.  Good times indeed.

(Virginia trip – Fall 2009)
Unfortunately this was a fast trip and there wasn’t enough time with all of the reunion stuff going on for me to visit my Virginia friends.  Bummer!  Just means we have to go back again soon.  
(Did you hear that mom?  Should we get another trip on the calendar?)  
The kids had a ball while Kenny and I were gone.  Couldn’t wait to tell me about how grandma let them eat two donuts in one day, didn’t make them wash their hair until the day I was coming back, and most importantly, how grandma bought them new razor scooters at Target.  
Oh my.
It’s always quite the party when grandma’s in charge.  
My mom was a saint — really.  Aside from the donuts and the no hair washing and the totally spoiling my kids part, she read with the girls and helped them get a jump start on next weeks’ homework, sat in on a therapy session with Kole, re-stocked my pantry/fridge with groceries, and had my laundry done and my house perfectly clean when I got home.  Not an easy feat with my crew around!  I was so happy I cried.  Then I cried again when she left.  She cried too.  I think it was a combination of not getting to see me more, knowing she’ll miss the kids, and just sheer exhaustion.  Mostly just sheer exhaustion.  
I’ve been a bit out of sorts today.  I blamed it on the time change but really that’s not it at all.  I’m having “post vacation/mom isn’t taking care of everything anymore” let down.  It hasn’t been pretty.  I got nothing done today.  Kole was clingy to me and I was clingy right back.  We will both feel better tomorrow.  
It was such a great trip.  Visiting Virginia always is.  
xoxo, Erin
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21 thoughts on “A mini getaway

  1. Yay for those get-aways sans kids!!! We are SO due for one over here…
    Glad “ya’ll” had a great time! (didn’t know that they said that in Virginia – thought it was only in Texas! Ha, that just goes to show how much I travel around the U.S., right?!)

  2. Looks like a great little weekend away! What an amazing mum you have, what would we do without them!!
    Mine is looking after my 2 babies while we go overseas in a few weeks for a friends wedding.
    I dont know how I am going to cope being out of the country without them with me… But I know they are in good hands.
    Virginia looks lovely!

  3. What a wonderful weekend! And a special treat for the kiddos too. I still remember times spent with my grandparents while my folks were away. Best times ever!

  4. I don’t know exactly where Charlottesville is, but we are moving to Virginia in just about a year – to the Chantilly area. My husband is Air Force and he’ll work for the NRO there after we finish up with his masters program here in OH. I’ve always loved that DC/Virginia area of the country – it’s beautiful!

  5. Erin, I cannot believe that you were in Charlotesville… we love that place. We live in Lyncburg which is approx. 50 min away. But really the funny part: WE LOVE BODO. We always go there when in Charlotesville. – FUNNY. Glad you had a great time and yes I DO AGREE: VA is one of most beautiful states… well I think it is the BEST :-)

  6. Sounds like such a fun trip! My hubby went to school back east and I absolutely LOVE getting back for visits. Glad you were able to have such a special getaway and that you had amazing help holding down the fort while you were away! ~gina

  7. AWWWWWW you and Kenny were in love all weekend!!! How stinking cute!!!! I love it. Good for you guys! Sooo sweet!

  8. LOVE my home state!! I hope I never haver to leave VA!!

    Katy, I am from Chantilly, VA you are moving to the DC Metro area as they call it and you’ll soon learn. VA is beautiful. Charlottesville is about 1 1/2 hours from ‘Tilly traffic pending…

    Fairfax County is quite busy but just go West or South of Chantilly and you’ll see “horse country” and the beauty of VA.

    UVA campus is amazing one of my favorite places to visit! Go Hoos go!! ;-)


  9. It was so great to see you guys! I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of our swanky Red Robin dinner; but I’ll always have my chocolate-milk-stained shorts to remember it by : ) (Gotta love our little boys, yes?). Next visit, it’s our turn to switch coasts!

    Take care!

  10. Sounds like it was an amazing, albeit quick, trip – so glad you and Kenny got some time alone and the views really are breathtaking! It makes me want to make a trip down that way, since we’re really not so far.

    oh, and you’re mom really is a saint. I think that every time my Mom watches the kids at our place, too – how does she manage to get to so much more done than I ever would?!

  11. Ha – I am new reader to your blog and I live in Charlottesville, so it was a treat to open a post full of pics of home! :) Glad you had such a nice trip here. We’ve only lived here just over a year and I can’t imagine ever leaving!

  12. I agree…Virginia is one of the most gorgeous places. I love Monticello…also one of my favorite places I’ve ever been…ever. I’m so glad you and Kenny had a great time and were able have some “couple” time.

  13. SO great! So glad you got to go! Our trip to Portland in March was our first time away without kids EVER! It was so heavenly and now that I’ve done it I can’t wait to do it again! So glad fun was had by all! You really are so lucky to have your mom, she is just the best! And of course she’s lucky to have you too! :)

    And I hear the same things when JoAnn takes me kids, even for the day, “Grandma let us have 2 treats!” :)

  14. Awesome pictures! I went to UVA undergrad and studied often at the Law School (made me feel smarter maybe). I LOVE Bodo’s Bagels. Glad you had a wonderful trip!

  15. That get away sounds heavenly!!!! I’m so happy you got to go. Your mom is a true angel. You’re so blessed.

    Re-entry is always brutal and down right depressing.

    Just start planning and look forward to your next one.

    Or you could start planning our girls trip. *wink*

  16. How fun. Love that you were able to go back. Those kind of getaways are such a great gift to your kids, too :)! Moms are the best. What fun for everyone!

  17. I live in Charlottesville and have always wondered when you talked about living in VA, if that was where you lived. It’s so fun to read blog posts about what people do here when they visit. I think when you live somewhere, it’s easy to forget all the good things that place has to offer. It’s been forever since I’ve been to Bodo’s and I’ve never been walking on that trail, so I can’t wait to try it out. I’m also excited to see other comments here from people living in Charlottesville!

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