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Let’s talk jeans

Alright ladies.  Let’s talk jeans!  If you’ve read my blog for a while you know that I have a minor (ok – major) obsession with designer jeans.  Kenny gave me my first pair for Valentines Day four years ago and I’ve said before that if he only knew what he was getting himself into he would have opted for chocolate instead!  :)  Since I started writing my Fashion Friday posts, I’ve have received many e-mails asking me jean related questions (mostly regarding designer jeans).  I’m certainly not claiming to be any sort of jean expert, but I’m happy to share my favorite designer jeans along with a few overall jean tips I have learned along the way.  Fun!

First of all I just want to say that I know not everyone is in a place financially where they can afford to buy designer jeans.  When Kenny and I were living in Virginia while he was going to Law School I was working three jobs (teaching school, tutoring kids after school, and working nights at a clothes store in a mall) just so we could pay our bills and keep our debt down.  We would go grocery shopping late at night and see the “Night Help Wanted” sign on the grocery store door and he’d tease me about applying because who needs sleep and I could sure use another job.  I know.  Hilarious right?  At least he amuses himself.  One morning my $5 eye liner from Walmart broke and I totally started bawling!  I knew I’d have to wait a week until I got paid again to get new eyeliner.  So yeah, even though I’m not there now, I’ve been in a place where $200 jeans would have been out of the question.  And I don’t think that you have to have $200 jeans to look good.  Hardly.  BUT.  If you are in a place financially where you can splurge on something for your wardrobe and you are like me and live in your jeans, I do think that designer jeans are well worth the money.

So what’s so great about designer jeans that makes them worth the money?  Try a few pairs on and you’ll quickly find out.  Great material with just the right amount of stretch.  Designer jeans are tailored to fit your body so much better than regular jeans.  The bottom line is that they accentuate the good and improve the bad!  And if you find the right pair for your body, you will look so fabulous in them that you will never want to take them off!

Here are my favorite brands of designer jeans (click on each link to check them out – affiliate links used):

7 for all mankind  

These are three different styles of Sevens.  The the pair on my right was my first pair of designer jeans.  I’ve had them for almost four years and they still look good!  Sevens are my favorite designer jeans and the reason I love them so much is because they work the best on my body type.  The pockets always have fun designs and they are flat which helps minimize the booty.  Which is good for me.  And for my booty.  :)


Hudson is another great brand and they are extremely popular.  They are known by the flap button pocket on the back.  These seem to be a great pair of jeans that look good on almost anyone.  They sit at a good place on your waist, the low pockets are flattering (they practically cut your booty in half!) and the boot cut at the bottom makes your thighs appear thinner.  Always a bonus, right?


The material used for Paige jeans is incredible!  They do NOT feel like jeans at all.  So soft and comfortable and they fit your body like a glove.  I have worn my dark denim Paige skinny jeans more than any other pair this winter.  They go with everything!  Paige jeans sit a little higher up on your waist so you aren’t dealing with that annoying low rise.  I don’t think Paige jeans make you look as fantastic on the back side as the two brands above, but they do have a flattering fit.  And like I said, they are super comfortable.  (**Side tip: A dark denim wash like this is extremely slimming!  A must have in your wardrobe – especially for Fall/Winter.)


Joe’s are another great brand of designer jeans to check out.  I couldn’t find a picture of me in my Joe jeans, but I have this pair of Joe capris that I LOVE and have lived in every summer for the past three years.  Another brand that fits like a glove and are extremely flattering.  (**Side tip for capris.  They can make you look short which isn’t good, especially if you already are short like I am.  :)  Look for a pair that sits not too far up from your ankle and wear them with a heel or wedge – something that gives you some height and you’ll look longer and leaner.)

True Religion

True Religions are another really popular, fun brand.  I don’t own any True Religion pants, but I do own this pair of True Religion shorts.  Definitely the most expensive pair of shorts I’ve ever bought.  Definitely worth every penny.  I have had these for four years!  And have lived in them in the summer time.  I’m thinking it’s time to replace them, but they have been a great summer staple.  When I tried these on I hadn’t looked at the price tag.  I saw my thighs in them and thought I am SO buying these! – then I saw the tag and gasped out loud.  But it was too late.  I’d already fallen in love.  My thighs had never looked so thin!  Notice the way the wash is darker on the inside and outside of my thighs.  That and the thick stitching – which is signature True Religion – creates the illusion of a thinner thigh.  I’ll take it!  :)

Now True Religion are actually NOT great jeans if you have a booty.  Their huge signature pockets accentuate the butt so they are a great jean if you have a flat butt.  I really shouldn’t have bought these.  But like I said, I fell in love with my thighs!  So I try to only look in the mirror in the front when I’m wearing these shorts.  ;)
Another fun, popular brand.  No picture to share, but check out the link to see their fun looks for Spring of 2012.

There are so many amazing brands of designer jeans.  The ones listed above are just the brands that I have grown to love.  If you have another brand that you love, please share in the comments!

A few other jean related questions:

Any ideas on jeans for those of us who don’t love the ultra low waist?

I would recommend trying Paige and Joe’s for a higher waist line.

Any ideas on where to find jeans for less?  

If you really want a pair of great fitting jeans, you are going to have to pay a bit more for them.  One brand of jeans that aren’t quite as expensive that I love are called Silvers.

I bought this pair at Nordstrom and they were around $70.  This picture is from 2009 and I still love these jeans.  In fact, I wore them so much I wore a hole in one of the knees.  :)  Another tip for finding jeans for less is watching for sales.  I buy most of my jeans at Nordstrom and I have found some great deals during their big Anniversary sales.  My skinny Seven jeans that were regularly around $180 I bought for $100 during a sale.  Now that was a happy day.  :)

Do you ever get your jeans altered and does it look weird if they have to be hemmed?

This is a GREAT question!  I have had almost every pair of these jeans I shared altered!!  YES!! Alter your jeans!!  Most designer jeans are made super long so you find a pair that fits you great in the front and the back, and then you get the length altered.  I know.  It costs another 15-20 bucks, but when you are spending that much on jeans, what’s another $20 to make them fit you perfectly?  I have also had MANY jeans altered in my waist.  I find a pair that is flattering for my butt, and then have them taken in at the waist if they are too big there.  You don’t need to wear jeans that fit you great in one area and not the other.  One of Stacey and Clinton’s biggest tips on TLC’s What Not To Wear is to ALTER YOUR JEANS!  You can take them to any tailor’s or in stores like Nordstrom they have a tailor who works at the store that will do it for you.

**A few tips – When you are having the length hemmed, make sure to try them on for the tailor wearing the shoes you plan to wear most of the time with the jeans.  In the picture above, these shoes are NOT the ones I had on when I got these jeans altered and you can tell the jeans are a bit too high for them.  Jean length should barely touch the ground in the back.  This makes you look taller and leaner.  So I have different pairs of jeans that go with different shoes.  Another tip is to WASH the jeans once before getting them hemmed so that they don’t shrink after you get them just the right length.  Also, regarding designer jeans, it is always better to buy them a bit snug (try on a size smaller than you normally would).  They stretch a lot when you wear them so it’s best for them to be a bit tight at first.

Where can I find cute, stylish plus size jeans?

Nordstrom has a great selection of plus size jeans!  You can find them here.

What are the most flattering, slimming jeans in your opinion?  And do you think women with a little thicker legs should wear skinny jeans?  If so, how do you think is the most flattering way to wear skinny jeans?  

The most flattering, slimming jeans for me are Sevens, but that’s obviously not true for everyone.  If you are ready to spend a little money on a great pair of jeans I would recommend trying on LOTS of brands.  I seriously try on so many pairs when I’m looking for new jeans.  Each brand and style fits differently and you’ll never know what you look the best in until you try them all out!

Good question about the skinny jeans!  Skinny jeans DO tend to accentuate your legs and thighs and to be honest, when they first came out I swore I’d never wear them for that very reason!  But even if you think your thighs are too heavy for them, I’d give them a chance.  If you find a good pair that fits you well, skinny jeans can often be even more flattering than bootcut.

Another tip I’ve learned is to pair skinny jeans with some bigger boots.  The boots help even things out and you aren’t seeing the jean tapper so small at the ankle which can make your thighs appear larger.  In my opinion, that is the most flattering way to wear skinny jeans.

When I was pregnant with Kole I bought two pairs of jeans (one skinny and one boot cut) and the skinny jeans ended up being WAY more flattering than the bootcut jeans.  I always paired them with boots and even though my thighs were getting bigger by the minute, the skinny jeans still looked better.  :)  (If you’re pregnant, you can read my tips for maternity clothes here.)

How do you keep your jeans looking crisp and wrinkle free?
I never dry my jeans in the dryer.  I always wash them on cold and hang them to dry.  As far as wrinkles, I can’t help you with that one.  I have three kids and avoid ironing at all costs.  My clothes are never wrinkle free!  :)

Oh my goodness.  That turned out to be a book.  If you stuck with me through that post you are a champion.  Or just really bored.  ;)   If you have any other jean tips to share, please do in the comments!  Also, if you have any other jean related questions I’ll answer those in the comments too.  Now go spend a fortune on jeans and look fabulous!  You’re worth it!!

 (Just don’t tell your husband you heard that from me.)
**Update!  This post is YEARS old but I still love a lot of these brands!  My favorite designer jeans now (2017) are AG!  Such a great fit.  I also still love Hudson and wear a lot of J Brand.  All very flattering jeans!  And still worth every penny. ;)  You can see the exact pairs I’m wearing and loving (along with lots of other favorite clothes and home decor that are current favorites) by checking out the “shop my favorites” tab in my header.
xoxo, Erin
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75 thoughts on “Let’s talk jeans

  1. Love it! You look great in each & every pair!! You have LOADS of pairs!!! I honestly have 3 pairs… But only 1 pair that I actually wear all the time.
    You have inspired me to expand my jean wardrobe! :)

  2. You do look great in every pair Erin!

    I have two brands that I love and wear all the time…Miss Me and Rock Revival. Both are thigh slimming and have cute pocket details.


  3. Great post Erin! As a 43 year old mom of two older girls, I like to look stylish but age appropriate. I have ALWAYS had a hard time finding jeans to fit. My waist is quite a bit smaller than my hips/butt/thigh area, so I would always have that annoying gap. Until I discovered Not Your Daughter’s Jeans…they are awesome. Just enough stretch, and the waist is perfect. Be sure if purchasing a pair to buy them a bit snug however, because they stretch a bit while wearing. I’ve found them at Nordstrom’s as well as Dillard’s and they have an awesome website as well!

  4. Thank you for this ‘book’! So many helpful tips. I like the ‘your own show’ suggestion too for you. I love, love my C of H jeans and want to try some of the others you suggested. Have a great day.

  5. Thanks for sharing Erin. I loved learning about so many different pairs of jeans…now I want to go shopping!

    I have owned a few pair of Silver jeans and my husband freaked out about the price of those! I might have to save for a little while and then head to Nordstroms!

  6. Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find jeans. I got some Hudson skinny jeans for $90! They also have the Not Your Mother’s jeans and sometimes Paige, Joe’s, 7’s, etc. Always worth a look if you have one near you.

  7. Thank you so much Erin. I buy all my jeans from Eddie Bauer because I am 5’11” and they make tall jeans. :) However, they aren’t always the cutest looking jeans and they are still too big for me in the seat but they are the best I can find. I don’t shop at Nordstrom too often, but I would have not have a problem doing so if they had the perfect jean for me.:) I think you mentioned the Paige and Hudson jeans have a higher rise along with the Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. Does Nordstom sell all three of those brands? I would so love a perfect fitting pair of jeans. Thank you for all your cute, uplifting posts.

  8. This was so helpful, Erin! Thank you ever so much! I’m about 26 pounds away from hitting my goal weight and then I am going shopping for some kick-butt jeans! Now I just need to find a Nordstrom’s apparently. :) Thanks again for writing this!

  9. What a great post! And just in time, as both of my good jeans have holes in them :) I have AG jeans that I’ve had for almost 10 years and just this winter they both got holes. I also have a pair of Citizen maternity jeans that I LOVED! Can’t wait to head to Nordies when I have a few free hours! ~gina

  10. Thanks everyone! So glad this was helpful!

    Lauren – I forgot to mention that! Thank you! Always buy designer jeans a bit tight because they stretch so much! I’m going to add that to my post.

    And Tara great tip about Nordstrom Rack!!

  11. Another great place to find designer jeans for cheap is Buffalo Exchange, which is a used clothing store that carries mostly designer wear. I got a pair of Paige jeans (with the tags!) for $32 there last week. If there’s a Buffalo Exchange near you, check it out!

  12. Jeans are the one thing I am willing to for sure spend a good amount of sweet moola on!! One of my all time FAV brands are LUCKY…also bought at Nordstoms and worth every single penny!! they last you forever and feel amazing even the very first time you put them on!! A little less expensive, usually in the $150 range :)

  13. I must admit I’m a jean snob too but only bc they re worth being snobby about! And Nordstrom Rack always has all the brands u mentioned for closer to $100- steal of a deal!

  14. Wow Erin! Thanks for all of the advice. I’m taking notes-seriously- and devoting a full day to jeans shopping soon. Although it’s going to get so hot here so fast I don’t know why I should bother. Any advice on shorts (-:

  15. You are too cute! Did you ever look at Addison’s wonderland bedding? Isn’t it adorable? And I just pinned an amazing laundry room! I have to pin everything to one category because my iPad won’t let me scroll so it’s all in Easter ;) but if you can find me on there my name is Brittney Long. If you can’t find me I’ll try and email you the link! You’ve got to see it!

  16. Love this post! You always look so great in your jeans, so its nice to get some tips from a master :)

    I’m 5’8″ so I find that most jeans fit fine in the store, but then shrink when I wash them. I tend to buy the longer version of the jean and then hem it myself at home.

  17. You do always look great in your jeans! And I agree it’s SO worth it to have a great pair of jeans. Also a tip for your readers, some places will alter your jeans for FREE. So check with local places and see. I just bought some Silvers from Christensen’s and I love them, the girl told me to take them home wash them and wear them a few time and then bring them back with my receipt and they do altering for free. Sweet!

  18. Hi Apple! Yes Nordstroms sells all three of those brands! (They sell every brand I mentioned.) They are a good store to go to for your first designer jeans because the customer service is great. Get someone to help you – they always bring back several pairs for you to try on that will look good on your body type.

    Sarah – So bummed there isn’t a Nordstroms near you! That really is tragic. ;) Maybe another prize for losing that weight is to take a little trip somewhere??? :)

  19. Thanks for the post, you look great in every pair. I noticed you mentioned the TLC show do you learn a lot about fashion from that show? I am a couple of pounds away from reaching my weight loss goal when I do I might start at the Nordstroms rack like other posters mentioned to see if I can score some great deals. Bookmarking this post because I will be back for reference.

  20. Great post Erin! I have about 10 more pounds of baby weight to lose and then I’m heading to Nordstrums. I decided last month that I would treat myself to a good pair of jeans. I always talk myself out of it, but not this time. I have NO booty, and I need a good pair to help in this department. I’ve always said I need a booty transplant:))

  21. What a fun post! FUN!!! Well, I am in the “can’t afford it camp” and so the biggest splurge I have ever made on jeans was last spring, in a mall in Florida, some store was going out of business. They had Big Star jeans (I had never heard of them before)at 80% discount!!! They only had super long sizes left, but I tried on a bunch of styles and with the help of the sales person, decided on two styles. I bought them both for around 100 bucks! I had them hemmed at a local place for ten extra bucks each. They are my go to jeans now. Before those, I was a huge Silver fan, still am. Wearing a fave pair of those right now actually! Anyway, fun stuff!
    P.S. I am finally getting the bug to revamp my tired blog and start doing some stuff! Tell me, how do you go about getting your blog cute? Do you use the freebie links from a certain website? Do you create all your own stuff in a program like Photoshop? Tell me, how do YOU go about it, because your organization style and overall blog appearance seems do- able and cute! I would love a tutorial!!!! (Or maybe I will settle for some general guidelines) when you have, you know, a spare minute!!!! LOL!!!

  22. This was a fabulous post! I’ve always been “designer jean curious” but wasn’t sure where to start my research! I am 19 pounds away from my goal weight so as soon as I get there I am treating myself to a few new pairs!

  23. I just bought two pairs of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans from Macy’s on clearance over the holidays for $22 each (full price $88). I am IN LOVE with them! So flattering and comfortable. The down side is they have quite a high rise in the waist, so not a good jean if you wear shorter shirts as then you can tell you have high rises on. I have yet to purchase their jeans, but you can guarantee that should I see them on clearance I will be snatching them up!

    Erin, I so loved this post. I am a huge fan of jeans. HUGE. I love them, but I’ll admit that I buy my teenage daughter True Religions while I wear Old Navy. WHY do I do that? My butt deserves to be in a pair of True Relions and Sevens and all of that!

    I *always* say that once I lose 10-15 pounds I will splurge and get designer brand jeans….but the HECK with THAT! I’m tired of waiting for that magic day. Let’s face it: I’m 42 years old and those pounds might just be there for good. Time to get some good jeans on them!

    Okay…and how much FUN am I having on the 7 for All Mankind website? clicking on the arrows and watching the models come to life and pose for me? SO MUCH FUN! Too much fun. It’s been a dull day up until now!

  25. YES designer JEANS are super addictive…I now own more that 50 pairs ;0 My favorite are 7s and True Religion …IF u are fortunate and live by an OFF SAKS…they always have their jeans on sale for dirt cheap…I got some 7s that were originally 275-350 for like 99.00

    I LOVE ur jean post…thanks for posting…

  26. I loved this post. I LOVE jeans. Mt favorites are True Religion. I love them because I need to wear jeans that make my butt look a little big. Yes I have my mom’s butt…lol. I am finally gaining weight. I was 114 and I just weighed myself and I am now 125. Happy is an understatement. I am 5’7 so I was really underweight. I lost my lil guy to cancer and just went down hill for a VERY, very long time. My jeans are starting to fit again,
    Thanks for the post. I loved it.
    I was wondering if you could let me know what you do for a tight tummy. Mine isn’t bad but summer is coming and I really want to firm it up a bit.
    Thanks…Have a fun week.

  27. What a fun post and I love all the jeans mentioned. I also really like Mek carried at Nordstrom, although, I have to be really picky because they fit great but sometimes have too much going on, on the pockets so I have to find a good fit with less fancy back pockets. I also really love Banana Republic jeans and J. Crew jeans. They are a great option because they often come with a longer inseam at a great price.

  28. Such great tips, I love it. Now if I just looked that good in all those jeans.

    I just made some changes to my living room. I kept saying I was working on stuff and just put it all together over the last couple of weeks. Take a look, I just put it up on my blog. I would love your opinion on it.

  29. Awesome post Erin! Can you believe I have never been to Nordstrom’s?! There is one about an hour from us in Philly….so, I just may have to venture over there sometime in the near future! I have also never bought a pair of jeans that were over a $100.00…but like you, I wear jeans ALL the time…so I’m sure it is well worth the money! :)

  30. I’m totally a designer jean whore and I completely admit it!:) I’m a stay at home mom too and wear jeans almost every day though, so I consider it my work wardrobe and certainly I would spend just as much if I needed to buy a corporate work wardrobe like I did in my pre-parenthood days. :)

    I too love all the brands you mentioned, you’ve also got to try AG’s I love their Angel style – and they have them AND some cute shorts on sale at Nordys right now.

    Also really like JBrand for skinnys.

    Maybe just a tip that Joe’s run a size large (not complaining about the vanity sizing) . . .:)

    1. If you are still “talking jeans, can you talk about the wash colours and styles you have in your 7 for all mankinds, the Hudson and in the pic of you with the white top and belt and yellow top? Thanks. Also do you think if I wore a 26 in both paige bootcut and j brand bootcut would I be a 26 in the skinny versions? And how do citizens of humanity and 7 for all mankind compare in size? Thanks great blog even though I found it late :)

  31. Oh one more thing – just a suggestion to always request “original hems” from your tailor when having your jeans shortened – this may cost a few dollars more, but is always worth it!

  32. Okay, I’m so glad I read your post! I’m a mom of 3 (we’re done having kids) and I’ve just reached my goal weight (finally) losing 22 pounds over the last 6 months and I need new jeans! Thanks for the helpful hints! I haven’t had designer jeans (Girbauds, lol) or shopped at Nordstroms (The Brass Plum) since I was in high school so I guess its finally time I treat myself to the woman’s department @ Nordstrom! =)

  33. I bought my first pair of Jessica Simpson Collection denim and I am in love. They are unbelievably comfortable and it feels like you’re wearing PJ bottoms. I have the bellbottom ones and they are amazing.

  34. Oh this is so fun hearing from all of you! And thanks for the tips on other fun jeans to try!

    Cathy – I am so sorry to hear that about your little one. Breaks my heart. Congrats on getting your old self back. You definitely deserve some good jeans! And as far as my workout routine – I either do aerobics or walk/run on the treadmill. Nothing too fancy. I’m lucky that I don’t gain much weight in my stomach but I totally have to watch my butt and thighs! Hence the reason good jeans are so important to me. :)

    Katrina – you crack me up!! No more waiting! Go rock those jeans! :)

    Ali – your “Girbaud” comment made me laugh out loud! Oh how I loved those jeans!! Ha ha… :)

  35. Hello, fellow jean-lover! I’m in total agreement with everything you said. I live in my jeans and for me it’s well worth the cost to get great designer jeans that fit well and are the right length, are comfortable, and will last for years and years. I got my first pair in college after saving for months, and then I was hooked! 7 For All Mankind is my favorite too, and I swore off skinny jeans altogether until I tried on a pair of 7s. If you’d liked to check out all my gazillion pairs of jeans, visit me at :) I do have to say, though, you have even more pairs of jeans than I do and I’m a bit jealous!

  36. You are so stinkin’ cute pregnant and all!! I just wanted to comment on this post because it might be worth mentioning if anyone else is reading my comment that I found a pair of sevens at a consignment store in my area. We have a lot of really, really nice consignment stores in our area (I am extremely picky at these stores and they are nice!)The jeans were practically brand new and 20 dollars!! Unfortunately they weren’t my size and I didn’t know anyone else that could wear them! So, this novel of a post was just tell you that consignment stores are also a good place to find nice jeans very reasonably priced.

  37. I LOVE JEANS. 7s and Citizens are my favorite brands, even though I also own a couple pairs of True Religions. You can also try Nordstrom Rack for good deals, although you may have to dig around.
    Nordstrom is THE best place to buy jeans because of their return policy. How many times have you washed a pair of jeans only to find they don’t fit well anymore? Nordstrom will take them back!!!
    Great post!

  38. At Macy’s and Nordstrom if you buy a pair of designer jeans at full price the hemming is complementary. Just an FYI

  39. I have tried NYDJ and found them to be unflattering on me. I bought 2 different styles just to make sure, but still a no-go for my hourglass figure. Thanks to your suggestions, I have just ordered my first 7’s and Silvers. I also snagged a used pair of Paiges off of eBay. Here’s hoping they work for me! Unfortunately, living overseas means a lot of online ordering so I don’t get to try them on first. {eek!} I’m really trusting in your reviews, Erin! :-D Thanks for the advice.

  40. Wow, thanks for the tips! I actually bought my FIRST pair of designer jeans this weekend, inspired by your post! I got a pair of Citizens for Humanity. I loved them when I tried them on but after one wear, they seemed to stretch and are a bit big for me now. I’m going to head back to Nordstrom and exchange them for one size smaller.

  41. Hi ladies…and Erin of course! Have you heard of a new company called Vault Denim? They have almost all the brands you mentioned at up to 50% off the high retail price! I’m not joking! Vault is a new company that sells designer jeans at a fraction of the high retail prices!

    You have heard of at home parties right? Well…this is kinda the same thing but with jeans! A consultant brings in over 130 designer jeans in sizes 0 to 24 plus and the guest shop, try on and buy! NO waiting…they buy exactly what they tried on. The hostess of the party gets a hostess credit to go towards her purchase!

    Vault Denim started in the CEO’s garage and in the 2nd year has grown 5200%. We are all over the US and will be going International very soon.

    I have been a consultant for 6 months after being a SAHM for 12 years. I’m loving it and have some really awesome jeans, shorts, capris, bermudas and skirts!

    Please check out my website and Facebook page and see what you think. There is no catch and the jeans are 100% authentic! and Facebook: Vault Denim Nixa Missouri.

    I can help you with any questions whether you want to have a party or might want to be a consultant! You don’t need to find someone right in your area. :)

    Thanks ladies!

    Alicia…mom of 2. :)

  42. I ordered a a pair of the Sarah style Not Your Daughter’s Jeans from Soft Surroundings catalog. After reading all the comments, I ordered the size 4 Petite and they fit perfectly. I can wear them several times in a row and they don’t stretch out or look worn. Now after a year, they have shrunk in length because I have accidently let them dry completely in the dryer. Besides this, they are THE BEST fitting jeans I have even owned. I am 51 years old and finding jeans is now a matter of comfort as well as style. I plan to order the Marilyn style straight leg as well as another Sarah style boot in the 4 but in a regular length to allow room for some shrinkage in length. None of my 3 grandsons, age 3, 2 and 1 want a MiMi who can hang with the boys!

  43. I am a jeans person as well, and have kind of an odd shape. My waist is a 27 or 28 in most my hips a 28 and my upper thighs a 29. What i have learned is pick the jeans you like best pocket wise, color wise or style wise. Try them on to fit the largest part of your body attractively. Since my hips and thighs are similar in size i fit those two areas, then have the length and waist altered. Granted my atlerations are free because my mom and her best friend both sew. But my other advice is look at used clothing stores and ebay. You find a few brands and styles you like write them down, and look around always try them on but i’ve got about 6 pairs of 7 for all mankind jeans from goodwills and used clothing stores sizes range from 27 to 30 and all fit very well in thigh and butt area, some i’ve had to have taken in and all have had to be hemmed up. But i paid maybe 20 dollars for a pair of jeans that would cost over 150 in the stores. I also like citizen for all humanity but their jeans are a bit different in cut i’d go a size larger if you have a big but same goes for true religion. The biggest i am in other brands is a 29 in true religion i have to get atleast a 30 because of butt and thighs and have the waist taken in. I also like lucky mid rise. Look at outlets bloomingdales, sax, lucky, true religion, 7 for all mankind, are all in most states.

  44. Yes, eBay is a great place for jeans! But you want to make sure the seller is a trusted dealer because there are a lot of fake jeans on eBay. I’m an AG jeans (Adriano Goldschmied) addict and I never pay retail price. My favorite seller is ‘Siren Shop’ on eBay. They have a continuous supply of Citizen & AG jeans and they’re very helpful in determining the correct size/fit.

  45. I am a huge fan of these jeans. I have them in red and in black. I would recommend them to anyone looking for decently-priced colored jeans. They fit great and the quality is good. I don’t feel like they are cheap or going to fall apart on me. I strongly recommend Barely There 4J34

  46. Great tips! Particularly the washing in cold water and not drying. This does wear out the fabric quicker. I do the same with my work pants.

  47. My Favs are Rock Revival, Miss Me, True Religion, MEK, and Hudson..Can you tell I have a!

  48. I have 4 pairs of Silvers that I had purchased from Dillard’s when they first came out. I love the way they fit. I haven’t tried any of the other brands mentioned, but will definitely try them. :D

  49. I am a total jean snob too, but currently have fallen into the “cannot afford” category. However, I must admit that eBay has become one of my go-to places to order my jeans. I feel like I have a sense of what is authentic and what’s not since I’ve been buying designer jeans for years. I recently got a pair of (all “pre-owned”) Paige, Paperdenim, Rock & Republic, and William Rast all for less than $100. I’d say it’s worth a shot if you know your measurements and how to spot “fakes”. Some other brands I have owned and loved are True Religion, Citizens, 7 for all mankind, & Hudson to name a few. There is no way I could ever go back to buying cheaply made jeans, premium denim is the only way to go! Anyway, that’s my denim tip of the day. Loved your post!

  50. I always tell the person hemming my jeans to also reattach the original bottoms, it’s so important to make sure they do this.

  51. Ok ladies, I have a question… I am turning 53 tomorrow and was always a fashionista but have gotten out of that for quite a few years now. I want a really nice pair of bling, bling jeans and love the looks of the miss me jeans but noticed they are extremely low cut and I have a bit of a muffin top. Not much but it is still there nevertheless… I love my wine. Does miss me jeans make a higher waisted jean? What other awesome bling, bling brand names are out there?

  52. What is the model of the middle pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans you’re wearing? And what is the model of the jeans you’re wearing in the pic in the bathroom toward the bottom of your post? They look fantastic on you. I need these jeans!!

  53. I LOVE the boots you have on in your preggo pic and have been searching everywhere for some similar to these. Can you please tell me the brand? Thanks!

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