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Good-bye Winter!

So happy I made it through this week!  It was a busy one.  But they all are, aren’t they!?  

Lots of progress on the new house!  Kole is running the show.  He advised us to add a tub to the guest bathroom since it is located close to the master in case he wants that to be his bedroom until he is old enough to be upstairs with his sisters.  Great idea buddy.  Keep em’ coming.  
I cannot believe March is half way over!  I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t even decorated my house for Spring.  So very not like me!  I need to take a break from the new house and concentrate on our current house for a change!  So today when I had a free minute I took down all of the winter decor:
 Took down the ornaments…

Took down the winter pictures frames…

Took down…wait.  I took this stuff down after Christmas.  Oh well.  It’s a winter picture too so why not toss it in the mix!

Took down all of the winter mantel stuff..

and all of the Valentine mantel stuff…

Took down the Valentine stuff on the hutch and the pictures of Ellie.
And now I have a very clean slate!  I got out all of my Spring decor and I’m so excited to play around with everything this weekend.   I also have a few organizing projects I’ve been working on that I need to finish up.  Our weekend is looking a bit more mellow than usual so my fingers are crossed that I can find some time!  

Kole and I may need to do a little “Spring spruce up” shopping.  That’s right.  My boy knows how to work the credit cards.  Train them early.  That’s what I always say.  :)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hope you can find some time to do what you enjoy too!

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Good-bye Winter!

  1. Kole is getting so big. He is adorable. I haven’t done much for spring yet either. I was going to this week. The weather was so nice. Then this huge storm is going to hit this weekend and it is going to be a cold one. I think I will wait until next week. I can’t wait to buy new spring and summer clothes.
    Summer is by far my favorite time of year. I love warm summer nights.
    Have a fun weekend.

  2. I LOVE this time of year! I have some spring/St. Pat’s stuff out, but I am going to deck the halls with Easter decor this weekend! Can’t wait!!

  3. My advice for spring shopping is Pier 1!!! They have hit the spring bug perfectly this season, so many cute bright things my eyes hurt in there…and all I walked away with was a large, beige weed plant. Hmmm. Will have to go back once I get my thoughts in order about what I need.

    Have a nice weekend and can’t wait to see the organizational posts.

  4. He is adorable! It is in the 80s here!! We missed spring and went right into summer, hence why I pulled out the seashells the other day. LOLittecis Hissit

  5. Can’t wait to see what your spring decor is like. I am just getting mine out too. And with a bigger house now I need more stuff. Can’t wait to do some shopping.

  6. Hi Erin,

    I found your blog from a friend’s site and love to follow your organizing advice! Always on the hunt for extra tips!!

    This may sound completely silly, but as I was reading this post and looking at the pics, I got stuck on the one with your beautiful yellow hutch… I wonder how it would look with pretty printed wall papering in the back of it? I love watching Nate Berkus and he’s always adding that to the back of bookshelves. Anyways…. just a thought!

    Thanks again for all your fun tips!

  7. He is so adorable! We were in one of our favorite places for a nice relaxing weekend – St. George. Hope yours had some times of relaxing.

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