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Ellie and Addison

A mom moment

Last Friday I experienced a “mom moment.”  You know those moments you have as a mother every once in a while when you are suddenly overwhelmed with the love you feel for your children.  When you realize in an instant how much they mean to you.  For me, moments like this seem to happen at the most random times.  I was at the girls’ Elementary school.  The school was having its annual Jog-a-Thon (kids all jog laps around the field and the parents donate money to the school for each lap their child runs).  I had volunteered to bring orange slices for the runners and had planned on just dropping off the oranges and leaving.  I knew I wouldn’t be much help with my little shadow to chase after and I had errands to run and a long list of things I needed to get done before Addie came home from Kindergarten at noon.  But it was such a beautiful morning.  Blue skies, sunshine, and there was a smell of spring in the air.  Birds were chirping and I found myself pushing Kole’s stroller onto the field thinking that maybe I’d just stay for a minute.  Just long enough to see my girls run a lap or two.  

Kole was of course busting out of his stroller within minutes so I did my usual trick to hold him off a little longer…

I gave him a peeled apple.  

It takes him a good five minutes to eat the whole thing and a peeled apple has saved me literally hundreds of times when five more minutes was all I needed.  Five more minutes in the grocery store, five more minutes in the car, five more minutes to keep him quiet in church.  And this morning – five more minutes so I could watch for my girls.

There were so many kids out on the field.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to spot them so I started looking for their teachers/classmates.  I noticed that the kids started off with their class but when Addie’s Kindergarten class came around I didn’t see her.  I looked and looked and then suddenly there they were.  Running around the corner.  Both of my girls – holding hands.  I saw them together and it took my breath away.  They were laughing and talking and with a group of Ellie’s friends.  They were excited to see me and both waved.

I snapped this picture of them running away and soon after realized I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  I quickly wiped them away – grateful I had on sunglasses.  But I couldn’t help crying.  I kept thinking over and over they found each other.  In all of those kids, they found each other.  
They ran/walked 14 laps and never let go of each other’s hand.  I stayed the whole morning.  Figured the “to-do’s” could wait.  I cheered my girls on and when the jog-a-thon was over I told them how proud I was of them and how happy they made me.  I knew that they would go about their day and not think much about the morning they spent together running and holding hands.  I knew it was a morning I’d never forget.  

I was in such a good mood I didn’t even mind staying after a bit to let Kole have his day in the sun.  A big open field – Christmas morning for my little boy.

This past week has been a typical one.  Full of carpools and doctor appointments and homework and cleaning and activities and meal time and bath time and story time and all of the times in between.  The days have been the same but I have been different.  This past week when I felt tired or overwhelmed I pictured my girls running in the sun together holding hands.

And remembered that it’s all worth it.  And how blessed I truly am.  

xoxo, Erin
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41 thoughts on “A mom moment

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Our kids have a habit of making us feel this way. I’m so glad that you have the opportunity while they’re young to experience those moments. I’ve only been home with mine for a few months and they are older even though I wish I had what you have now I’m still blessed that I have what I can get now. Sweet,sweet story. As you already know I love your blog.

  2. BEST POST EVER Erin! :). I may or may not be wiping tears away as I type this…

    Those “mom” moments are the best and make all of the rough times so worth it!

    And I’m going to try that peeled apple thing too..brilliant!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I would have handed Eden a pack of fruit snacks or a lollipop and you gave him an apple!! Such a good mom! (I seriously used to pack lollipops to give her when I pushed the stroller while running)

    I loved this post so much. Made me cry.

  4. That’s so sweet! It is definitely the most random things in being a mom, that make you so happy to be one! This is such a great reminder to enjoy those little moments with our children and forget about everything else. :)

  5. so sweet erin! you made me teary!!

    i had a similar moment this week dropping h off for school. i usually walk her in but there were working on the parking lot so i just dropped her off and a teacher escorted her to her room. she hopped out of her car seat and opened the door all on her own, and walked to school hand in hand with the teacher and she suddenly seemed like such a big girl to me. made me tear up.

    it always gets you at random moments. thank god for sunglasses right? ;)

  6. Oh, man, Erin…you made me cry. Isn’t it great when you know your kids love each other? Best “mom” feeling in the world. Thanks for a great post!

  7. Geesh… now you’ve made me cry! I know exactly what you mean. These moments are what life is all about. It makes everything worth it. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Ah, that is so very sweet. We are considering having another baby (3rd one) & I would love to have a baby girl! I would love for them to have this type of relationship -how very sweet! Thanks for sharing, I am happy you had one of these fun days.

    Vicky T.

  9. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing this! It really warmed my hear, too.

    My nine-year-old daughter if writing a book in her writing club. She dedicated the book to her twelve-year-old sister (and only sister), and thanked her for being such a good sister. It is so wonderful to see that sister bond. I just said sister way too much! Anyway, I loved this post so much.

  10. “enjoy the little things in life….for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the BIG things.” I just love this quote and your post today was a true example of this! My boys are 17 & 23, but I’m thankful for all those precious moments that make their way into our crazy-busy everyday life! BTW…I love your blog!! -Susan

  11. Your post made me cry…I love that you worded it/thought of it that “they found one another”…it’s what we pray for as parents, that our children will be blessings to each other. This was precious!

  12. such a beautiful post! :) I love my son more then anything. I am currently having a miscarriage and it’s been so hard on me,but this post reminded me I should be extremely grateful for what I do have. Thank you.

  13. Great Post. Thanks for reminding me, how blessed I am too…
    Now I better wipe my tears away and go peel an apple, we have baseball today. I will be using your technique on a 17 month old little girl who doesn’t love her stroller that much either! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. So very sweet picturing them finding each other. I must agree a mom moment goes to the next level when my kids do something together. It adds to that sweetness.

  15. Those mom moments are the best, aren’t they? And you really got it right by writing it down. Remembering those precious moments is what get us through the hard times.

    I love the balloon picture. So happy.

  16. Random ? Where do your girls keep all of their baby dolls when they are not playing with them? We have dollies everywhere and I can’t seem to find a good place to store them while not in use!

  17. I read this with tears in my eyes! What a sweet and precious mommy moment and you should be so proud of the girls you are raising to be such great friends with one another! I love it:) Thanks for sharing Erin.

  18. Thanks ERIN! You are the best! We need to choose a few babies to keep out and bag the others up! We are expecting a third in August. If it’s another girl our house is going to be overflowing with Babies and baby dolls for me to take care of! :-)

  19. Hi Erin, I just fell upon your blog from I Heart Organizing. Oddly enough I am an Aaron and I have a Kindergarten Addy too :) This post made me teary too! So sweet and precious the little bond sibling have. Great post!

  20. Thanks Desi! The stroller in that picture is a “Peg Perrego” but it is old! I bought it when Ellie was born over nine years ago. :) I use Britax car seats now.

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