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Cords and Cards

Sharing how I organize cords and cards today!  I’ve shared these pictures before, but several people have asked how I organize these items so here they are again.  You can never have enough cords and cards.  That’s my motto.  Actually, that’s not my motto, but it sounded cool so I went with it.  
This kitchen drawer is kind of our catch all for random things.  Cords/chargers that we use every day are in a simple organizer from Target.  Then I found this little black beauty…
(also from Target)

It sits in my “catch all” drawer too.  It doesn’t hold our every day cords because I didn’t want to have to zip and unzip it every day, but it’s a great solution for those cords you just need once in a while.  
My yellow living room hutch is another place I store cords.  One drawer is our battery/flashlight drawer and where I also store certain cords Kenny wants separated from the others – for what I don’t know – if it were up to me half of these cords would be in the trash.  

I also have a bin full of larger cords in the bottom of my hutch.  Right next to the remotes we never use since we have everything programed into one remote.  Again, we are hanging on to these cords and remotes why Kenny?  :)

At least they’re all in one place.  If you can’t beat em’ organize em’.
Now that’s my real motto!

The other side of my hutch is where I store my cards. 
 I don’t keep all of the cards I get (I would need another hutch!) but the cards that are really special I keep tucked away in a red box labeled “Erin’s cards.”  I know.  My creativity with that title is killing you right now.  Kenny also has one and it’s labeled…wait…you’ll never guess…”Kenny’s cards.”  (How do I do it, right!?)   His is full of cards that I think should be special to him.  Like all of his cards from me.  ;)  

We aslo each have our own box to fill with keepsakes from the kids.  

All of our keepsake cards have a happy home.  
Christmas cards are a different story.  I select a small handful of cards (I try to choose different families each year) and then cut the pictures out of the cards and complete a layout for our Christmas album.  Every layout looks the same.  Nothing fancy, just the pictures in a collage on red paper.  
Here are the full posts if you want more info. on my hutch organization or how I save our Christmas cards:   
Hope that helps those of you who are looking to tackle cords and cards soon!  
Week is winding down!  I’m so excited for tomorrow morning because I have no where I have to be until noon.  First time that has happened for a couple of weeks and Kole and I are going to take full advantage.  I’m thinking pajamas until 11.  A little cleaning, laundry, organizing, and Yo Gabba Gabba.  DJ Lance and I love a good cleaning party.  Exciting stuff in our neck of the woods.  :)  
Enjoy your day!  

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Cords and Cards

  1. Lots of great tips. I laughed because Steve has a drawer of excess cords that I think could go …! St. George plans had to be changed so I’m hoping to clean and organize. You’ve once again inspired me!

  2. Oh I’ve thrown away many a cord in my lifetime and hope for the best. (The best being that no one says, “Where’s the cord for my Ipod charger thingy? It was right here yesterday!” :)

  3. I was just thinking how the heck is her “junk” drawer so empty? We have all those excess remotes in there and I am forever re-organizing the drawer.

  4. Hey Erin! Could you please comment and say which Scentsy scents are your personal favorite? There are so many to choose from, I was just wondering your thoughts. I saw you had a post about scentsy not to long ago! God Bless you all! :)

  5. Love all your orrganization. When i saw it i was thinking about camera cards. Yesterday i organized our electronic stuff. All the camera card and the cords that go with the cameras.
    Do you mind telling us where uour red card boxes came from? They would be perfect for another organizing project.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Ok – the red boxes are from The Container Store and they also have a lot of other fun similar boxes in different styles/colors. (LOVE that place!)

    Anonymous – I just got my Scentsy candle in January and have only tried three scents but I really liked all of them! They are Sugar Cookie, Home Sweet Home, and Christmas Cottage. Christmas Cottage is my favorite of the three but I am always partial to Christmas smells! Hope that helps!

  7. I love that black zippered case for your cords. From Target? Any chance you have a link for it or know more specifically what it’s called? I couldn’t find it and am looking for something just that size. Thanks so much!!

  8. ahh… i LOVE that black zippered case for cords. do you know what brand that is or if target still carries it? which aisle did you find it in? I used to have a logitech one (similar to yours) but it was stolen and i haven’t found one like it since!

  9. Family Fun –

    I haven’t seen that black cord organizer since I bought it! Sorry that isn’t much help! It was a seasonal item they had in January. Hopefully they will bring it back next year! (It doesn’t have a brand name on it)

  10. Are those the Martha Stewart office collection boxes? I love them!

    I’m new to your blog but have been reading for the past week and love it! You’ve really inspired me to get more organized, and I created a time management book as well. Already, I have overhauled my linen and bathroom closets, as well as under the sink cleaning supply cupboard, and started on the bedroom.

    I recently read another great idea for organizing cards here:

    It’s perfect for maximizing on space and makes it easier to look through your cards. I just made my first Christmas card album with a Scrapbook from Michael’s.

  11. Hi Alisa! Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m so glad you found me. :) Those red boxes are from the container store. Also thanks for the link for the fun way to store cards – what a great idea!

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