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Fashion Friday

Thanks so much for all of the Project Life feedback!  I loved reading all of your comments and hearing the different ways you are making Project Life (or any other scrapbooking system) work for you.  As soon as I figure out the direction I’m taking with Project Life you’ll all be the first to know!  ;)
I’m so ready for the weekend.  Was it just me or was it hard getting back into the swing of things after Christmas break?  
(horrible lighting – on our way to a Christmas party last month)
I have to admit, I got pretty comfortable with lazy days in pajamas and no schedule.  Plus I was kind of missing my girls this week.  Usually we are all ready for school to start after a vacation but we had such a fun break together.  I missed cuddling in bed with them in the morning.  I missed hearing them playing with their dolls.  I missed turning on Rudolph during lunch.  And I really missed having them around to entertain Kole!  In some ways it’s easier to have them all three home vs. just being home with my little boyfriend.  Have I mentioned before that he keeps me hopping?  Because I don’t think I’ve made that very clear.  And I would hate for that little tidbit to be missing from our family history.  KOLE IS CRAZY BUSY.  There.  Now it’s clear.  :)
Couple things I’ve been wearing lately –  

My favorite scarf!  I know I’ve shown it before, but I’m showing it again.  We are tight.  Thick as thieves.  I wore this and the grey scarf a lot in December.  They just seem to go well with everything.  Probably because I buy so many boring solid color tops, but now I know why I do.  All of my life I’ve been preparing my wardrobe for these scarves!

Our climate hasn’t been as humid lately so I’ve been doing my hair straight for a change.  Always nice to mix things up.  

I think I’ve shared this top before too, but not with these fun earrings.  Love these double oval hoops!  They seem to add just a bit of sass to any outfit.  And I like a little sass in my life. 
I’ve also been wearing new shoes thanks to Santa!  Actually these Ugg boots weren’t from Santa, they were from Kenny.  Actually they weren’t from Kenny.  Well, they were “technically” from Kenny but since I’m the one who bought them and wrapped them and put them under the tree I could probably say that they were a little Christmas gift to me from me.  Kenny came home one night in December and I said “You bought me Uggs for Christmas and they’re already wrapped and under the tree.  Thanks babe!  They are just what I wanted and I love them SO much!!”  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  He’s lucky to have me.  
Now I can wear my heeled boots on date nights or to special events…  

and my grey Uggs during cold days when I’m running around with the kids.  

The only problem?  We haven’t been having cold days.  In fact, this week has been downright hot!  Our temperatures usually stay around the low 70’s all year long along the coast, but this week we have almost hit 80 degrees every day!  I know – I can’t complain, especially since most of you are freezing right now, but sometimes it just feels so weird!  Beach weather in January!?  We all love the sunny, warm weather here, but in January you kind of want it to be cold.  At least a little.  At least cool enough that you can wear the new Uggs you got for Christmas.  Or sip some hot chocolate.  Or curl up under a blanket by the fire.  Or stay in doors organizing everything.  But nope.  Everyone is outside!  Getting sunburned while they take down their Christmas lights.

 I tried at the beginning of the week to still wear clothes that look a little wintery-ish.  

Dark colors, short sleeves with turtle necks.  

This top is fun.  I bought it at Banana Republic a couple of years ago and I love the buttons on the neck. Most of the time I wear it buttoned up, but you can also undo some of the buttons and wear it down.  Optionality.  One of my favorite words.  
By the end of this week I had completely given up on trying to look wintery-ish. I pulled out my summer stuff and joined the warm weather party.  And while I’m not wearing my new Uggs I got for Christmas,  or sipping hot chocolate, or curling up under a blanket by the fire, I am still staying indoors organizing everything.   Some things never change.  Regardless of the weather.  
Happy January everyone!  See you at the beach!  
(Or maybe at The Container Store!)
**Linking up at The Pleated Poppy
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Id noticed how hot the weather was in your part of the world on our weather channel……its not weird here in Aus though, just the usual lovely 36 degrees (97 in your neck of the woods)where I am! Perfect for swimming and then doing project life and organizing in the air conditioning!! Keep cool :)Emma in Sunny Queensland

  2. Oh to have 70-80 degree days! It’s been downright cold here this week, but warming back up to 60s this weekend (but going to rain). It is so hard to dress here, one minute you are freezing the next burning up…layers are key! Had to laugh, first really cold week this past week and Target is putting out the bathing suits already!! Loving all your outfits. You always look so put together.

  3. yeah it’s pretty freaking cold here too!!!! I’m jealous of your short sleeves. I have a sweater and long sleeve shirt on under a puffy jacket today!!!

  4. Hasn’t the weather been crazy?! It’s been 85 degrees out here some days this week! Maybe I’ll see you at the Container Store! I’ve already been there once this week! Sure enough, I managed to drive home with a full car load of containers and it wasn’t until I was sitting down for lunch that I realized I didn’t even pick up what I had ordered online for in-store pick up! Guess I gotta head back today ;) Happy Friday! ~Gina

  5. I hope that you make a trip to the container store;) I love it when I get to see you organize! It inspires me to get moving:)
    Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy
    *tell Kenny that your fans are demanding a really big expensive trip to the container store :) Lol

  6. I bought myself a Christmas gift from my hubs as well, and he was so offended by that. I couldn’t believe it! :)
    love your new UGGS. that gray is my favorite color. not cold enough in TX for them either :(

  7. Love those ugg boots and the cream scarf! Up here in NorCal it’s been alternating between 50 and 70. Definitely some opportunity for boot and scarf. : )

  8. Relating to an earlier post – about DVD organization . . . I am pretty sure that at I Heart Organizing , Jen had a guest who did a post on how she organized her DVDs – got rid of all the cases and was able to put them in a nice rectangular basket. Know it is WAAAAY off topic – but had to write it down while I was thinking about it!!!! Hope it’s where I think it is . . .

  9. You know what Erin, you are lucky you are sweet, and kind, and charming, and beautiful, because I am so jealous it is nice there! I don’t feel sorry for you at all!!
    ha ha ha YA BRAT! Us people in Ohio have to take extra vitamin D in our lives just so we don’t become depressed in the next 4 months! :-)

  10. Just found your blog thru BHG! How did I not see it before! I love it:) Your cute outfits are adorable! I am so excited to be a follower:)
    Karen@Pocket Full of Pink

  11. I am totally jealous of your weather! It’s 50 and raining here! Your outfits are so cute! I especially love that banana republic top with the buttons!

  12. Our weather has been seasonably warm. I am just hoping for no snow. I would love to have a 10 week summer break haha! I love your new UGGS and your hair is so stinkin’ cute straight! Have a great weekend!

  13. I should be sledding with my kids right now but most of the Midwest has Spring like weather. Up this way temps are in the low 40s during the day. Which is very nice with a side of sunshine. It just feels weird without the snowy weather in the winter. Sort of bittersweet I guess :) I really did wish for a white Christmas but since its now a memory. I’m ready for the warmth to bring it on.

  14. I love love love my teal version of your favorite scarf that you sent me! It’s my favorite scarf too and I get to wear it all the time since it’s not 80 degrees! :)

  15. I am sooooooo jealous of your nice weather. It has been so freakin’ cold in PA! Maybe I need to convince my hubby that he needs to buy me a pair of UGGs! :)

    Great Fashion Friday post. You have the best style. Do you always look so put together even when you’re just spending a day at home? Or is that only on the weekends for you? One more question – where do you get your skinny jeans? I need to get a pair. I know you like The Limited – have you ever tried theirs? (I only ask b/c I know my size there and can order online!)

    I bet you miss your girls now that they are back at school. I was going to say that maybe you’ll have a snow day soon, until I remembered that you are in San Diego. And I’m jealous. I’d take San Diego any day over snow days!

    Happy weekend!
    Shannon in PA

  16. I hear you on the weather! (I’m in San Diego too.) The first day of January we had our 7 month old baby girl in a sundress for a photo shoot in our yard.
    Love your outfits! Happy to have found your blog. :)

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