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Christmas card display

If you know me you know I LOVE getting Christmas cards every year.  It’s truly one of my favorite things about December.  For the past few years I have displayed my Christmas cards on our pantry door.  Nothing fancy – I just stuck them on the door with some regular scotch tape.  But I knew that wouldn’t work this year unless I wanted the cards on the bottom half of the door to be torn into tiny little pieces.  Or chewed up and spit out.  Or hid in a secret hiding place with all of our missing toothbrushes.  Or tossed in the toilet.  You never know with that boy of mine.

So I took an old picture I bought when we first moved into this house.  I never really liked this picture, but the yellow and red matched my furniture and the vines are the same ones I have on my house so I bought it anyway.  And it has sat in a closet for years.  So here’s some advice for you – don’t buy a picture that you don’t really like even if it matches your furniture and includes vines that are also on your house.  (I know – what would you all do without my sage wisdom?)

I took out the picture (did I mention I never really liked it?) and got to work.  

I primed it and painted it.  

And then I had a new and improved aqua frame to place next to my Christmas hutch!  I hammered a few nails on the back of the frame and then wrapped some twine around them.  Actually Kenny hammered a few nails on the back of the frame and then wrapped some twine around them.  (He just loves helping me with my projects – got on his hands and knees and begged to be a part of this one.)  

Then I found this little “Can o’ Clips” my mom bought me a few years ago.  Isn’t it just the cutest little “Can o’ Clips”!?  My mom gave them to me and said they just looked like something I would love.  She was right.  :) 

I took my mini clips and hung up my Christmas cards!  
Well.  Not all of my Christmas cards.  But a handful of them!  

And I was so excited!  Because I loved my new aqua frame!  And I loved the way my cards looked in it!   The only problem?  
It hardly holds any of my cards!  And I was totally laughing at myself for thinking that it would.  
So I started taping the rest of my cards on the wall next to my new aqua frame.  

And I liked the way it tied my two rooms together.  The reds and blues in the cards went great with my Christmas decor and made everything look merry and bright.

Then I ran into problem #2.  I took these pictures I’m posting about a week and a half ago and since then we have received many more cards.  There was nowhere on the wall to go but up so things started looking a little off balanced.  Then some of my cards started falling off.  My good old scotch tape didn’t work as well on the wall as it did on my pantry door.  So yesterday I had to take my wall of cards down.  And I was bummed because I like to leave them up through January.  But the few cards on my frame are still in tact and looking great!  I need to figure out a better way to hold the cards on my wall for next year.  Painters tape?  Putty?  Any suggestions?  Hopefully Kole will be a bit more chill by then so I can place more cards on the bottom of the wall.  But I’m not holding my breath on that one.  
Back to my fun little frame that got a face lift.  I love the way it matches the wall in my dining room and sort of ties the two spaces together.  Plus I have some fun ideas for my frame when I take the Christmas cards down.  
And a few more pictures.  Not because they add any value to this post, but just because I took them.  :)
The brown trunk will be back in its original location as soon as we take our tree down.  Has everyone taken their trees down already?  I’m not a fan of taking the Christmas tree down.  It makes me sad every year.  There is nothing like the cozy lights of a Christmas tree.  At least I’ll have my new aqua frame to cheer me up.  

So there you go.  A post on how I displayed my Christmas cards this year.  Even though Christmas was three days ago and my cards didn’t last all month.  :)

Update **You can read this post to see what I used the Christmas card frame for in Januray!  :)

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Christmas card display

  1. Hi Erin – from looking at the pic I thought you might be able to fit another row of cards in your frame. Also I have always heard that your tree needs to come down by the 6th of January – Epiphany which is the 12th day of Christmas

  2. Do you have “Blu-tack” in America? That would be what I would use instead of tape to hold up my Christmas Cards. It is a putty-type substance that’s not wet but is sticky, and it doesn’t leave marks on walls (as long as you don’t leave it up there for – say – a year in which case it can leave a greasy mark on wallpaper but on paint is unlikely to do even that, and a month would be totally fine).

    It is great for holding up light things like photos, posters etc. Here is Australia it is available everywhere: supermarket, stationery stores etc, but not sure if you have it in America. And no I don’t work for (or own shares in) Blu-tack!

  3. I love the aqua frame! I had trouble with my cards this year too since we are in a new house. Most of them ended up in a basket but I can’t see them all! :( I might have to steal your frame idea for next year. Although I’d have too many cards too–LOL.
    A great tape to use is Mavalus Tape (aka Teacher’s tape) it’s a couple bucks per roll but it doesn’t pull paint off the walls and is super, super sticky. I use it at church every year for Vacation Bible School decor. It holds everything.

  4. I used blue painters tape and it has worked like a charm. I usually put two little pieces so the cards don’t buckle. Mine usually stay up through March! Makes me happy! :)

  5. We’re having such a difficult week and I’m SO happy everytime I read your blog. This post made me laugh. I want to make one of these for each of the kids rooms so they can hang their artwork up. What are you going to do with it after the holiday’s AND how are you going to fit all those cards on a scrapbook layout :)

  6. I think “Blu-tack” is the equivalent of Loctite’s Fun-Tak (found at Walmart). I think it’s a great idea for your Christmas pictures!

    As far as taking down the Christmas tree… I don’t put mine up until ealy December (for me, Thanksgiving is still Fall!). Coming from a French Canadian household, I was taught the tradition of not taking the tree down until Epiphany (January 6; the 12th day of Christmas). +/- a few days, I’m usually well over the Christmas tree and into the New Year spirit by that time. Definitely like having the tree lit up for New Year’s Eve. It’s still the holidays. Could never take the tree down the day after Christmas!

  7. You are totally right…painter’s tape. I used it myself for the first time this year and it worked beautifully. Love that I stumbled upon your blog. I am visiting from


  8. Love the frame, cute idea! December is the only month of the year that I actually go get my mail everyday. The rest of the year I am lucky to get it every 3 or 4 weeks! I love Christmas cards! :)

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