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Our bad turned good weekend

Well.  We had quite a weekend.  Family pictures were first thing Saturday morning.  I was so prepared.  Cute, coordinating outfits for the family – check.  Everything ironed and laid out the night before – check.  Kids to bed early so they would be well rested – check.  Kenny prepared to grin and bear it – check. Girls bribed into cooperating – check.  Kole bribed into cooperating – NEGATIVE.  Not only did Kole NOT cooperate, he decided to cry during the whole shoot.  We didn’t get ONE picture without him pitching the biggest fit.  Screaming, kicking, trying so hard to escape my arms and be free.  In Kole’s mind, being contained = death.  So not only is he screaming in every picture, but I look equally awful because I’m trying so hard to contain him.  I knew this would happen.  I did.  I don’t know why there was still this little part of me that thought maybe.  Maybe he’ll cooperate.  Just for a minute or two.  Maybe we’ll get that Christmas card photo after all.  
I cried.  I came home after the photo shoot, looked at the pictures on the disk and cried.  Not because it’s that big of deal.  But just because it’s so much work.  So much work for the mom (especially the mom of little kids) to plan the photo shoot, get the outfits, and get the whole family up and picture perfect.  It’s so hard working around the nap, the not very excited husband, and everything else that may get in the way.  So much work to have a blurry, screaming baby in the middle of every photo.  
After I had a 10 minute pity party, I got over it.  I’ll figure something out.  I’ll use some pictures I’ve taken or just embrace this stage and use a picture with Kole screaming his little head off.  It is what it is!  I’m sure someday I’ll look back at those photos and smile.  
Not smiling yet.  
The good news was that I had a fun date planned for Saturday night.  A date with fun friends.  At one of my favorite restaurants.  A restaurant that happens to be located right next to my favorite store.  (That may or may not be why I love the restaurant so much.)  

Cheesecake Factory!  Located right next to THE CONTAINER STORE!  (What was that? — angels singing in the background?…I know I wasn’t the only one who heard them…)   I told my cute friend Darci we would have to get sitters earlier or eat fast so we would have time to shop after dinner.  I can’t be that close to this beloved store and not pop in!  Lucky for me there was a 50 minute wait for dinner.  50 minutes?  Hmmm… I knew just how we could spend our time!

Not only were we in the Container Store (one of the most magical places on earth), but they had their Christmas stuff out!!  Talk about being in my happy place!  Christmas and organizing — it just doesn’t get any better.  Suddenly all of my tears from family pictures seemed like a distant memory.  I was on cloud nine.  No.  I was happier than that.  I was beyond the clouds!

Now tell me these pictures don’t make you giddy too!  Admit it.  Anyone else beyond the clouds!?

Darci and I loved this gift wrapping station.  Hmmm… wonder if Santa heard that.  

And what did our husbands do while we shopped?  They had a delightful time catching up.  Just look at Kenny.  Patiently waiting and visiting while holding my camera bag and future purchases.  Now that is a good man!  Our husbands had so much fun visiting that the time just flew by.  Darci and I decided this is how we are going to do all of our Christmas shopping.  The men can come along and keep each other company and hold our stuff while we tear it up.  Win win for everyone!

Aside from the obvious location of being next door to my favorite store, this is reason #2 I needed to head to Cheesecake Factory.  Their pumpkin cheesecake.  Is your mouth watering yet?  It’s seasonal so you can only get it for a couple of months.  And it is HEAVENLY.  It’s an October tradition to eat our pumpkin cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory.  Talk about a perfect date night.  And a great end to what started out as a not so great day.

And in other weekend news.  The girls decided it was time to dress up Kole.  In their clothes.  
To quote Ellie — “who says Kole has to be a boy?  Just because some silly doctor says so?” 
 It was then decided that Kole is now a girl and her name is Ariel.  

Ariel was dressed up in an assortment of the girls’ clothes over the weekend.  Here she is modeling an off the shoulder rose shirt in a lovely magenta.  
Sometimes Kole was ok with the gender change.  

Sometimes he wasn’t.  
By the end of the weekend we had all embraced it.  
Ariel admitted defeat and pushed her little shopping cart all over the house.   
Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.  
(I’d feel sorry for you buddy, but you ruined my pictures.  What’s that they say about payback?)
xoxo, Erin
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50 thoughts on “Our bad turned good weekend

  1. Ok 1. I’m the first person to comment. I can’t sleep so I’m catching up on all my blog reading!
    2. I LOVE THE PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE. I was there the first day it was out. Wish I had known you liked it and I would have brought you a piece.
    3. Kole, I mean Arial, is darling! I can’t let my girls see this. They have been itching to do that to Davis since he was born.
    And finally 4. We must go to the Container Store together. I tried going alone 2 weeks ago and left in a panic. Thanks for the much needed laugh.

  2. Oh wow, the pics of Kole had me giggling my head off! Classic 18th or 21st birthday pics, that will be awesome payback for a lack of decent Christmas 2011 shots!! Good to hear your weekend turned great for you, so much easier to be happy in life isnt it? :)

  3. I was going to say that those are perfect pics to whip out on his 21st birthday. Or when friends come over when he is causing you grief in his teenage years. lol! Sure wish we had a Container Store and Cheesecake Factory near us. Looked like a fun evening. :-)

  4. I think your daughters knew just what mom needed at Kole’s expense! LOL Those pics are hilarious! So sorry you had such a rough morning with the family pictures. Once a bit of time has passed, I think you will actually laugh at them. Some of the ones we remember most are the ones that weren’t so “perfect”. Okay, must go get me some of that cheesecake. Oh, and it’s right by the Container Store here too…why do they do that?!!!

  5. LOL!!!! Poor Kole, but you’re right – he kinda had it coming. :)

    Thank you, thank you for the pics of the inside of The Container Store. I, too, was in the same building as my local store the other day (at a work function) but did NOT get to go in. :( And I’ve never been there! So your pictures can tide me over for awhile…and I want that gift wrapping station!

  6. SO ADORABLE (Kole in drag).
    I am sorry pics weren’t perfect.. but like you said, it is what it is. I’d totally do a pic of Kole screaming – it’s so refreshing when people ‘keep it real’ like that! It would be hilarious and unique! :)

  7. Oh no – SORRY about the pictures. I totally would have been devastated too, but getting 3 kids to cooperate would be some kind of insane miracle that’s probably not realistic to expect?! Embrace :)

    Oooooh Container Store – I’m drooling. I’ve been been, so thanks for letting me ogle the photos.

  8. I know exactly how you feel about the whole photo thing. I’m crazy like you (and I mean that in a good way) with planning coordinating outfits, getting everything ready to go and have the perfect shot all envisioned in my head, but I’ll tell you what – there is something about a little boy in that 16 months to 2 years old age range to throw a huge wrench into that lovely-oh-so-happy family dream of a photo. My girls NEVER would’ve done that, but my little guy did and didn’t think twice! My girls are now 11, 9, and little man is 5 and we all now laugh at those blurs of him. He’ll even say, “Why was I crying?” or “Why can’t you see me?” And sometimes has the nerve to ask, “Why didn’t you make me sit down and smile?” I know it doesn’t help now, but next year’s picture will be back to normal-perfect-oh-so-lovely. :) That is for a couple years until the big girl eye rolls and “discussions” over why she must wear a certain outfit!
    The blackmail pictures are good payback – we have some of those as well – outfits complete with matching bows!

  9. Oh man, those container store pictures hurt my heart. There aren’t that many containers OR Christmas decorations on all of Guam. I miss San Diego…

    “who says Kole has to be a boy? Just because some silly doctor says so?”
    “I’d feel sorry for you buddy, but you ruined my pictures. “

    Funniest things I’ve read in a long time!

  10. Sorry pictures didn’t go quite as planned! We have ours in a couple of weeks and I always have high expectations on how it’s all going to go down and most times it doesn’t turn out as great as I think it will in my head! The pictures of Kole are hilarious! And two of my favorite things-Pumpkin cheesecake and the Container Store!!! Every time I’m having dinner at PF Chang’s or Cheesecake, I have to go early to get in a trip to the Container store!

  11. I am so, so sorry about the photo shoot and totally understand all of the work that goes into that. You’re so creative that I know you’ll figure it out. OK…those Container Store pictures make me want to run to one right now…LOVE that store. I love all of the Christmas stuff too and it’s not all that expensive either. How sweet of Kenny to be so supportive :) My hubby loves pumpkin cheesecake too and we were there for my daughter’s birthday on Sept 29….but they didn’t start the cheesecake until Oct 1… bummer. Guess I’ll have to go and get some. Ariel is looking too cute :)

  12. I have been there with a 2 year old and it was awful. I planned the outfits, fixed hair, bribed for good behavior, etc…and my little Addison did not cooperate! We hired a nice expensive photographer and all!

    The very next day at school (daycare) Addison sat perfect with her big sister and smiled. The very next day. I could not believe how good the picures turned out!

    Good Luck with a cute Christmas picture! I would still love to see the attempted family photo pictures. Will you share?

  13. I haven’t laughed out that loud reading a blog ever I think. I love that you saw this “all things girly” assault as a form of payback for the photoshoot. That is just toooooo funny!!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh.

  14. love it!! I am sorry about the pictures. I attempted to do some on our Aruba trip – big fat fail!! It stinks when you have the plan and it doesn’t work. But I have to say that your night definitely made up for it!!

  15. Sorry about the pictures. I totally feel your pain. If only those husbands understood our pain with family pictures. I totally think our kids sense their feelings and start feeling it themselves…really. I don’t know about your kids but mine love candy…I have no idea why. Maybe if you decide to go down the pictures road again you could give your little guy a big sucker. At least he won’t be screaming his head off…good luck!

  16. Erin, because it’s my job to offer you unasked for advice here goes…
    just use one of the pictures of him screaming!

    You will be glad you did in a few years, I promise. And everyone who gets one of those cards will LOVE it because it will be real and relatable.

    Is relatable a word?

  17. Hi Erin,
    sorry about the family pics.
    I knew something like that would happen to me, so i chose not to stress and planned a day to set up my tripod and try to do it myself! I still might cry (i’ll let you know).

    Glad your fun night out made up for it.
    And Ariel, TOO funny. What a good sport.

  18. Erin – I agree with others and just think you should use one of him screaming :).
    Also, my little brother was 8 years younger than me and I thought he was my “doll”. My friends and I always had a fun time dressing him up. He did however have my older brother to offset the “girly-ness”. I wish I had some pictures of it so great that you have those of Kole!

  19. bummer!! oh i feel your pain.
    it is so much work, and the expectations always lead to disappointment. my then 4 year old was a total brat the first time we hired a professional for a family shoot. it was devastating at the time.
    I took some professional pictures for clients last Saturday and their 2 year old hardly looked at the camera and their 9 month old never cracked a smile. Super devastating at the moment.

    But in the end… it’s just a moment, right? this too shall pass. :)

    Kole makes a super cute little Airel. pretty boy!

  20. Oh goodness I thought those screaming baby photoshoots only happened to me! Glad I am not the only one, misery loves company ya know:) Love that the girls gave “her” a name and all. So sweet!

  21. The container store is divine!…makes everything better! :)

    I remember have a family photo session done, when I was about 12 years old. I feel bad still looking at the pics…because the photographer was horrible: not good with kids… more like a drill sergeant…just a horrible time trying to get us to look “prefect”..I was not having it. My brother was mad too….our ohot was just…

    horrible. I’m sure it made my Mum upset too.

  22. We are getting family pictures taken tonight (4 kids) and this is EXACTLY what I’m dreading! Why oh why does getting pictures have to be so STRESSFUL??!!

  23. I LOVE that your girls dressed up your little guy like a girl. So funny and cute! My son “named” his little sister, Pizza, while I was still pregnant. The name baby Pizza actually stuck around for a while even after she was born. Kids are so funny.

    Sorry getting your pictures was so traumatic. I say just go with it. Sometimes those candid ones where the kids are doing their own thing really are the best!

  24. oh Erin! This really is the funniest post EVER!!! I too was laughing out loud at Kole/Ariel! Hilarious!! So much fun to see you guys, and I really can’t wait for the Christmas shopping trips to begin!

  25. When our youngest of three was 18 months old, we were at Disneyworld. Of course,I had decided to get our Christmas card done while we were there. In the card, he is crying and the caption read, “Joy to the World.”. It is still everyone in the family’s favorite card ever! And, that baby is now 17!

  26. I NEED to get myself to the Container Store! However, my wallet will probably hate me! I love those containers you picked out! I want more of them!

  27. Please tell me you got that blue cowlneck turtleneck recently??? If so can you please tell me where? I would love to go and buy one, I just love it. Thanks a million!

  28. Oh, Erin. Laughing so hard at this post… I think this is your best post ever! You’re hilarious! I’m glad the trip shopping and dining was a success. And I definitely feel your pain with family pictures….. And then when the children are older to understand or be bribed…. they become teenagers and disappear from every picture :)
    Thanks for a good laugh :)

  29. Oh, Erin! I feel your pain. My little guy has been non-stop since he started crawling! And you have a whole crew to take care of!!! I am so sorry it didn’t go as you expected…..

    On a lighter note, LOVE the pics of Kole dressed as a girl. Whenever I’m doing my hair with a headband, my son Dane wants to wear it, so I put it on him and call him my little “Dana.” He loves to look at himself in the mirror with it on, too.

    Just think – these are all of the great stories we’ll be able to embarrass them with they’re older!!!

    Hang in there!

    Shannon in PA

  30. I had a mix of emotions thoughout the post.
    1.A anxiety attack over the thought about our family pictures coming up.
    2. Smiles over all that organizing, christmas stuff and yummy pumpkin cheesecake.
    3. Jealousy over you having a Container Store and Cheesecake Factory. The nearest ones are at least an hour away :(
    4. Laughter over “Ariel” and what your daughter said.

    Love your reading your blog!

  31. Hi Erin, I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months now and been tempted to comment on your fab Fashion Friday posts before, but this ‘real’ post had me nodding in sympathy and then laughing out loud by the end – thanks for putting a smile on my dial!

  32. The Container store is a real store? haha. I thought it was just a wherehouse online. I wish we had 1 near us. Seeing the cheesecake makes me want to drag my husband there soon. Just for the cheesecake since he found a blade in his food. He won’t eat the regular food there now. Poor Kole, but yes payback is a *****.

  33. Oh Ellie’s quote – adorable. As is your family. Sorry about the pics — although indeed some great ones for Kole for future use :). We’ll be in San Diego for Thanksgiving – excited to go to the Container Store.

  34. Oh thank you so much everyone! Your comments are so sweet and funny! I feel better knowing so many of you can relate!

    Anonymous – the cowl neck sweater I’m wearing I bought last Fall at The Limited. I doubt they have that exact one this Fall, but they have sweaters like that often which is why I love that store!

  35. Oh!! I so feel for you!! I did pictures of my kiddos last weekend….and Trav did the exact same thing! It really is so much work, time, and money! i was so disappointed. I still haven’t seen them yet so I’m hoping something turned out. But yes, we will smile about it someday!
    Lucky you to go to the Cheesecake Factory….when I was in San Diego a few months ago I saw The Container Store and thought of you!

  36. Use the pics! Everyone will immediately be brought a smile and a laugh as they open your Christmas card and see that one of Santa’s helpers wasn’t very thrilled. :-) One day you’ll wish you still had “imperfect” pictures to send out to people. Enjoy!!! Oh, love me some Cheesecake Factory, and I’m so sad we don’t live near a Container Store anymore. :-( Boo.

  37. Poor, poor Kole. It will be interesting to see how being Kenny’s son and having Ellie and Addie as his big sisters balances him out as a teenager. :)
    Love the pics of you in the container store. How funny. Glad you had a nice little pick me up after the stressful family pics! And my suggestion about the pics- just use one, even though it’s not your Erin picture perfect shot, it’s your reality right now. That is your family. So pick the best one of you and don’t worry about how Kole looks screaming. :)

  38. Your post is hilarious! It brought a big smile to my face, not to say that your organising tips don’t. Love your blog. Do check out my blogs, c’est la vie by sadaf mahmood and diet diaries by sadaf mahmood.

  39. I have never been to the container store…but I’m in heaven looking at your pictures! I love to organize!! :-)

    Kole looks simply adorable! These moments you will treasure for sure!


  40. Oh, I’m laughing so hard right now! “Just because some doctor says….” that is hilarious! But I think your picture of the cheesecake just made me put on 5 lbs.

  41. oh. my. goodness. i’ve been looking for a gift wrapping station. that one is perfect. and those ghost pancakes and halloween bingo are too cute!! you always seem to wrap life up so nicely here on your blog. i love it.

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