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Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday baby!  Word to your mother.  Or your father.  Or to whoever you want.  K – I’ll stop trying to sound cooler than I am and just move on to the clothes.  The clothes!!  I did a good job taking pictures this week.  Too good of a job.  I took pictures of everything I wore!  Everything!  In fact, if I post all the pictures I took you will still be reading this post by next weeks’ Fashion Friday.  So I can’t post them all.  I’ll save some for next week.  Probably the cuter outfits for later.  Kidding.  Nothing is THAT cute.  I just want to keep you all in suspense.  Coming back for more!  Like some great big surprise is on its way.  But really it’s just more boring pictures of me – in my bathroom – with my camera in my face.  Are we all real familiar with my bathroom yet?  HA!  I’d love to mix it up a bit for you all, but the reality is that I usually have about 2.2 seconds to snap a quick picture or two each day before I’m out the door and the day gets away from me.  So self portraits in my bathroom it is!

Actually this pic was taken in my bedroom mirror.  And I actually think I’ve posted pics of this shirt already.  Have I?  I seriously can’t remember.  Sorry if it’s a repeat.  Fun sleeves.  From Forever 21.

Do you notice something off?  Look closely at my left knee.  NNOOOO!!!  A hole!!!  In one of my favorite pairs of Sevens!!!  I’m so sad about this.  It’s actually the second pair of jeans that got a hole in the knee this week!  A full on tragedy I tell you!  I guess I have had these jeans for over four years now.  And I do wear them all the time.  Sigh.  Guess it’s just a good excuse to look for a new pair!  But I’ll still keep wearing these.  Hole and all.  These jeans and I are way too committed in our relationship to call it quits.  
Awww.  Looks like a certain someone doesn’t care if I have a hole in my jeans.  

Wore this to church last Sunday.  This black skirt is such a good staple.  It’s from Banana Republic and I have worn it with so many different things.  A good black skirt is a must in one’s wardrobe!  Agreed?  The shirt and belt are from The Limited.  

A side view.  I love the stripes on this shirt under the arm.  I also wear this with jeans and it looks cute for casual wear too.  
Kind of look like a dork in this picture but I’m posting it anyway because I thought you all might enjoy a picture of my outfit that ISN’T in my bathroom.  I asked Kenny to take a picture of me on our way out the door last Sunday.  Well.  He wasn’t really in the picture taking mood.  Snapped this ONE picture and said “am I done?”  Nice babe.  Aside from the bad attitude and the fact that you only took ONE picture so I didn’t have a variety of pics to choose from, you also cut off my shoes.  The shoes make the outfit!  Everyone knows that!  You can’t cut out the shoes!  (I’m sure he will read this and immediately focus on taking better pictures for me.  That’s just the kind of guy he is.  Totally being sarcastic right now in case any of you were wondering.)  

I can’t get too mad at him though because he did offer to take one more pic with the girls in it.  And I like this picture.  Even though Addison was squinting at the sun.  Which was behind her.  I still like it.  My girls make me so happy.  Thanks for this picture babe.  But we do need to work on the attitude thing.  And the shoe thing.  

After church attire.  Game on!!  Chargers were playing the Broncos.  And you know I’m all about humoring my husband supporting our team.  Pulled some of my hair back in a clip because this game was a serious one.  And guess who won?  Chargers — Barely!!  Totally because of my lucky shirt.  What would the Chargers do without me?   {Funny side note:  I’m all dressed up nice for church – hair done, cute outfit, and Kenny doesn’t say a word.  Come home, pull my hair back and put on this jersey and I get a “Wow babe!  You look hot!”  Of course I do.  Now that I’m covered in a lightning bolt and Philip Rivers’ football number.  Of course now I look hot.  Why am I not surprised….}

Remember this sweater from Anthro?  The one I bought over the summer because I fell in love with the orange zipper in the back even though when I wear it you can’t see the orange zipper in the back?  Well I wore it for the first time this week.  

Comfy and casual.  

Wore it with these flats.  
Another casual top.  If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ve probably seen me in this before.  It’s from Forever 21 and I love it so much.  I’ve had it for a long time.  Great fit.  Comfortable.  And I love turtle necks, but it’s rarely cold enough to wear them in San Diego so a short sleeved one like this works great.  I think I paid around $13 bucks for this.  Funny how there are just certain clothes you click with regardless of the price.  Those shirts or pants that you just always want to put on in the morning.  That you have had forever and never want to get rid of.  This is one of those shirts for me.  
Two of my favorite pics in one of my favorite shirts:
{Valentines Day 2009}

{Kenny’s birthday – August 2010}
Love the men in my life.  :)
Time to wrap up for now!  I’ll share the rest next week.  Have a great weekend everyone!
Word to your sister.

Ok.  I give up.

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xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Erin – would it be weird if I told you I love you??? ;-) You crack me up!

    Thanks for another great Fashion Friday post! As always, you look great and your clothes and kids are gorgeous! By the way – I have noticed so many things that your girls have worn that my daughter either wears or has worn too! Mostly from Gap – love that place for kids!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love Sunday’s outfit! The pieces go so well together! Haha! I like what your husband said when you got into your game outfit. Men! :) Btw, I’m newer to your blog, but your hair always looks so pretty, have you ever done any hair styling/tips posts?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Flats are from Nordstroms.

    Elyssa – I’ve been asked that a lot lately so I’m going to do a hair styling/tips post soon!!

  4. I love it all! I’m a Mom to a 6 month old and I feel like I’m in a rut…Old navy t shirt, costco tank on underneath for easy nursing, and jeans…with my hair in a pony tail!! I gotta figure something out! haha! LOVE your hair with the charger’s jersey!

  5. Hilarious post! I was laughing as I was reading this, especially the hubby’s comments ;). I realized the other day as i was going through photos, that I have no cute pictures of myself and the kiddos or just myself as I am always the one taking pictures. Why is it that our hubby’s don’t take more of us or realize that we should be in some of the photos? My kids are going to ask one day, “where were you mom?” “How come your not in any photos with us?” I’m going to have to work on that ;). It is true, our men like us when were all sporty or natural. I get way more comments when I’m sporting a tank and jeans than when I’m (in my eyes) dressed to kill! Oh well, it’s comforting to know they like us just the way we are :). Have a great weekend! I’m totally enjoying our California Indian summer! Hanging with the iPad at the pool while the kiddos swim !


    1. You MUST wear your hair “half-up” (like in your Chargers jersey) more. It is adorable!!! Must.

    2. Love those flats. Please tell me they were a recent purchase. If not, please tell me that you wear a size 8 shoe and that you will be mailing them to me. Hehehehe

    3. Love that gray/navy turtleneck! Forever21 stresses me out, though! That store is so chaotic and they have so much stuff! Quite often when I compliment friends on clothing, they say they got it at Forever21, but I think I just don’t have the patience to shop there! [Sigh]

    Hmm… think that’s all. I will be checking my mailbox for those flats ;-) ;-) ;-)

  7. Hi Erin,
    I think your biggest fashion accessory is your camera strap! I love it…where is it from? Fun post! After just having a baby I am happy to just be wearing jeans with buttons :)!
    Dina (from the sleep training email)!

  8. I bought the yellow version of your Anthro sweater this weekend…it was on SUPER sale (i got it for $23!). I loved it and would have paid full price, but the fact that it was over 50% off made it a steaaaal.

  9. alright, girl, I have a question for ya! :) How do you wash your clothes? So many of your pieces you say you’ve had for years…yet they look crisp & new! Any clothes that I’ve bought (especially from Forever 21) tend to look worn after just one season. I feel like I am gentle on my clothes…I was in cold & on casual cycle, dry on medium for 10 minutes, then hang to dry the rest of the time. Yet I get those little fuzzies that make it look super old. So, spill! :) What’s your laundry secret?

  10. Valerie! You are too funny! Those flats are from Nordstroms (bought them this summer). I’m tempted to send you a pair for that nice comment! ;)

    Dina – my sister in law made me my camera strap! So cute – right!? She made it for me a few years ago for Christmas.

    Heather – laundry secret! I don’t dry most of my tops. I wash them on warm – regular load – nothing special – but then I hang them to dry. Then if they’re really wrinkled I throw them in the dryer after they are dry for 5-10 minutes just to get the wrinkles out because I’m too lazy to iron them! :) I’ve found my shirts stay looking nicer longer if I don’t dry them. Hope that helps!

  11. Erin,

    Ive been following your blog for a while now. I just wanted to say thank you for starting fashion Fridays. Today I went shopping to get some new tops and ended up trying on shirts similar to the ones on your blog. I have never liked the ruffle texture on the neckline of shirts. It reminded me of Austin Powers for some reason … Anyway, I tried on a ruffled top on and loved it!!! Please keep up the fashinspiration. My husband will thank you. <3!

  12. First – Erin you crack me up! Second … aside from loving your clothes (obviously) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair pulled back in the Chargers pic … adorable! :)

    Third and possibly most important: I LOVE your blog – this may sound creepy, which I DO NOT intend – I always get so excited when I see that you have posted something new! I save them and tell myself … “you can read if you do a load of laundry, or make sure you get the dishwasher running before you start blog reading” Between you, your family and your writing style I truly enjoy your blog! Thanks :)

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