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DVD organization

Dog owners!  Thank you so much for your advice!  Seems most of you are in my camp and agree that owning a dog is too much work.  I am validated.  I showed Kenny your opinions/advice for some back-up support.  His response?  “It was your decision to have a third kid.  You got your boy, so now Ellie and I get a dog.”

Yes, it was my decision that we needed one more child.  And yes, it is my decision that we don’t need a dog.  13 years of marriage and he still hasn’t figured out that it’s all about me and my needs.


Ok.  Moving on.  While the kids have their summer to-do list, I have a list of my own.  Just a few minor areas in my house that need to be straightened up a bit.  So a few days ago, Kenny went to find Little Mermaid for the girls and Tinkerbell was in its case… and so he searched high and low to find the Tinkerbell case only to discover Barbie and the Three Musketeers in its case… and he had a minor FIT because “nobody puts movies back in the right case around here!”  It was then that I decided to move DVD organization to the top of my list.

First thing I did was to round up all of the DVD’s from various spots throughout the house.  And yes, I’m aware this is a ridiculous amount of DVD’s, but if you know us, you know that our whole family enjoys a good princess/barbie movie now and again.  And while we’ve no doubt wasted an obscene amount of money on these movies, when I think about the countless hours of peace and down time they have brought me over these crazy years of raising littles I say to myself — well. worth. every. penny.
Moving on… 
 Kole was a DVD organizing maniac.  I didn’t expect anything less.

I went through EVERY DVD case and made piles.  Piles of cases with the correct movie in them, piles of cases without the correct movie in them, piles of movies for the kids, piles of movies for us, piles of movies we don’t watch anymore and can get rid of… piles, piles, and even more piles. 

And then Kole came a long and destroyed all of my piles.  I didn’t expect anything less.  
This is my “movies are in the wrong case” pile.  I know.  It’s a problem.  I’m working on it.  Admitting it is always the first step.  

And finally, the end result!  A drawer full of DVD’s for the kiddos that are not only all in their proper cases, but are also in alphabetical order!  With room to spare!  And all of this will last about a nano second!  But at least it’s done!  And for one weekend Kenny can find DVD’s with incredible ease!  And I’m clearly excited! Because I’m ending every sentence with an exclamation mark!  So I’ll stop that now.

But I am happy about having a check mark next to this little project on my list.

**And let me go on record as saying that while Kole may not actually be the best DVD organizer out there, he sure beats having a puppy.  And at the end of the day, I think his daddy would have to agree.  :)

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “DVD organization

  1. You crack me up!!! We’re with you – we have tons of DVD’s that could use some organization as well. my mom buys them as soon as they come out so we have so many!!!

  2. We got to the point where I sliced and diced the DVD covers and alphabetically arranged ours into a large flipbook CD case holder. Who needs to bluky DVD cases? It has saved us so much room. My mother arranged hers into one case for adults and one for just kids movies and has over four selves back in her house for decorating. I highly recommend.

  3. This is how I organize my DVD drawer:

    – Kids DVDs, Alphabetical
    – TV Shows, Alphabetical and boxed by season
    – Movies, Alphabetical

    I’m pretty anal about organization. Even my CD collection is alphabetical and then if the artist has 6 albums, it goes by chronological order. Yeah, pretty darn anal.

    But I love organization!

    Kole is such a great helper!

  4. I agree with your other posters who mentioned the dvd/cd binders. I made a binder for kiddos and a binder for grown ups. You will not BELIEVE how much space it frees up. I betcha Container Store has some nice ones… ;)

  5. We have TONS of movies too! And I agree…they are worth every penny! I would definitely throw the cases away and put them all in a CD binder. This saves so much space, they are easy to flip through and find what you want, and you can easily just grab the whole case to take in the car when going on trips too! And all the extra space is such a lifesaver for me!

    And the dog issue….totally with you. If you will recall, I tried it out! And that dog only lived with us for about 6 weeks! Miserable weeks! My girls still talk about that dog and ask why I gave Toby away and still draw him into some of our family pictures!! But my house felt like heaven when that dog was gone. They are cute…just not in my house!! Good luck with that battle.
    Any chance you’ll be in S.G. between the 16th and 24th? Just checking, we’ll be there! Let me know if you will be.

  6. I have an answer to your wrong case problem. Get rid of the cases :) Seriously, we bought a whole bunch of those zip binders full of pockets (marketed mostly for CD’s) and put them in there.

  7. Guys, guys…I don’t think you will convert Erin to binders UNLESS should could accent with scrapbook embellishments…nope Erin likes herself a nice, tidy drawer to look in and Kole would not find the binder near as fun to unstack.

  8. oh! Kole’s little legs look so cute and long in that picture where he’s crawling…ahem, I mean organizing…your dvds!

  9. Ha! I have to tell you that our DVD drawer is one of the few places that always stays organized, my kids know they are in trouble if they dont put the DVDs away and in the proper case. I am so with Kenny, that drives me insane!!! I have to remind them sometimes and they quickly fix it after I threaten to take them away. I tell them if they can’t take care of DVDs they dont get to have them! You are a little crazy to put them in alphabetical order though :)

  10. ok. I have one better than the dvd binders. Cuz I have tried those too. But I have six kids who couldn’t get them back in the binder. They also couldn’t tell which movie was what without the picture on the box. At least the little ones couldn’t. So…enter one of the best purchases ever… We bought a Sony 400 disc changer. Really. Then I color copied two dvd cases per page and put all the pages in sheet protectors in a binder and numbered the pages to correspond with the slot the movie is in the changer. It works amazingly well. And…no scratched discs, piles of cases or piles of DVDs. The kids flip through the binder, find the movie they want, turn the dial on the dvd player to the number on the page of the movie and push play. end of story. I am at least as CDO as you are so this works the best for me. Good luck!!

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