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Ellie and Addison

Dogs and Graduation

{a word on DOGS}

So yeah.  Ellie’s never ending quest for a dog has been going on for FORever now.  She wants one so badly.  She has a four step plan that we hear about daily.

Step 1:  Wait until Kole gets older (since mom won’t even THINK about getting a dog until Kole is older)
Step 2:  Take Addison to the doctor and find some medicine he can give her so she won’t be allergic to dogs (yes – Addison’s allergies are another obstacle Ellie is desperately trying to surpass)
Step 3:  Make a home for my dog  (she has crafted a cardboard home for her stuffed animal dogs -complete with drawings and stickers – and now plans to set aside some time in her busy schedule to construct a home for her new real dog)
Step 4:  Get my dog
It’s quite a well thought out plan.  In fact, her pro-dog arguments have been so compelling lately that she even has her dad convinced that yes — we do in fact need a dog.  
Mom, on the other hand, is NOT buying it.  I know all to well who will end up taking care of said dog and quite frankly feel like I am already stretched pretty thin taking care of others’ needs around here as it is!  I told Ellie to present her four step plan to me again in three years and we’ll see how I feel about it then…
Sharing a few pics from Addison’s graduation.  

Here she is getting ready to “cross the bridge” when they called her name.

And across she goes, with a confident walk and her little tongue out of the side of her mouth in true Addie fashion.  

I’m so proud of my sweet girl.  I was also so proud of myself for making it through the whole graduation ceremony without tearing up.  
I waited until the car ride home to cry, just like I did two years ago after Ellie’s pre-school graduation
 My girls are growing up.   

Following our post graduation tradition, we took them out for yogurt after the ceremony.
They both got their favorite flavor.
You’ll never guess–

Vanilla.  :)

This week Addison started her pre-Kindergarten camp and she has loved it so far.  On the first day of camp she went through several outfits before deciding on “the one”.  I saw what she was wearing and said “you decided on that outfit huh – well you look cute.”  She said “Mom!  This is Kindergarten camp.  I don’t want to look cute.  I want to look REALLY cute.”  And then headed back into her room to change her shirt.

Oh boy.
Good times ahead.

xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Dogs and Graduation

  1. i have a story from today that will make you never, ever want to have a dog- no matter how hard ellie begs! seriously…i think i feel a blog post about it coming on in the next few days! :-)

    congrats to addison! such a big milestone! our girls are growing up fast!

  2. my oldest is highly allergic to dogs but wanted one so badly that we got a labradoodle..well, it needs to be 3rd generation not 1st generation for less allergic reactions so it backfired on us HOWEVER he has gained a tolerance for her dander and as long as we don’t lay on the carpet, ever, or pet the dog and touch him w/o washing our hands, he does pretty good (with a daily dose of Zyrtec). we love our dog but it isn’t worth it between his allergies and all of the work that I have to do..stay strong! Tara (

  3. Yeah for Addie! Your girls really are growing up. It’s bittersweet. :)

    P.S. You looked so cute in the pic of you, Kenny and Addie.

  4. OH MY GOSH I was cracking up… Mom I don’t want to look cute, I want to look REALLY cute!!! OMG she is just too much! Good luck once she hits high school :)

  5. Hi Erin! Well…I know I’m not helping matters here… ;) But I had all of the same feelings about dogs that you have, out people are about the same ages too!

    We got a shih-a-poo (shihtzu/poodle mix) about 5 months before our third was born. I seriously considered having my head checked. ;) Her name is Charlotte “Charly” and we all love her to pieces. I’m so glad hubs and kiddos convinced me. She is so, so sweet, we have a tiny little doggie door (she’s only 8 lbs.) that goes into the garage where she does her business on the little paper pad. SO convenient. We change her paper once a day (which sounds disgusting but isn’t bad at all thanks to my costco size box of latex gloves) and I don’t have to worry about the care because our oldest (7) feeds her. The other bonus…we all have allergies to dogs, but haven’t had any trouble-this breed is hypo-allergenic. Also, she doesn’t shed at all. Ok, I’m all done now…I just had to share in case you have a weak moment like I did. We love our little shih-a-poo! :)

  6. Oh, Erin, our girls have the same dog desire. I too just cannot commit to feeding and cleaning up after another little life (at least until August isn’t a 2 year old anymore -I feel like he has been a 2 year old for about 4 years now!) Good luck!

  7. My littles have also decided we must have a dog, but I’m with you! We need to wait a while!!!
    My oldest just graduated from kinder and I KNOW I’m going to cry this fall when I drop him off for the first time! They grow up too fast!
    xo Jennifer

  8. oh my 6 yr old is also BEGGING for a dog as my sisters lab is having puppies right during the time we are in Utah this summer. Now is not the time as I have a baby same age as Kole, allergies and very little room in our house…however he is pretty convincing and I know how good it would be for him!

  9. Oh your kids and their stories are SO adorable. I love her four step process. Brings back memories of Natalie. We told her she needed to do research on what dog would be good for our family (after trying a dalmation that was NOT a good fit). I thought that would put her off for a while … she dressed up in her cute dress and read her report to us.

  10. Don’t do it!! When my daughter was 4 years old, she was completely obsessed with all things dog. We got a dog (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, no less!) She loved him, but 10, count ’em, 10 years later, I STILL have to remind her to feed the dog and she rarely takes him out. And don’t even get me started on all the stuff he has destroyed in those 10 years. We love him, but it’s a hassle you don’t need. Take her to visit other dogs!!! By the way, I LOVE your blog!

  11. I’ve written PLENTY on the dog issue. I definitely would not consider it until you are so outnumbered and they have all been asking for SOOOO long that your giving in will give you points for life and the dog will NOT be yours but theirs and they will clearly care for it. Least that’s what worked here. Dogs are dirty. just sayin’.

  12. If you decide to get one, just do your research. I love dogs but can’t stand the smell or feel on my hands after petting them. We have a miniature schnauzer. She is hypo-allergenic, so a dog with hair. She never smells or has the oily feeling. My nephew and mother are both allergic and don’t have problems with this breed. In addition, they are extremely smart.

  13. Here is a (temporary) solution to your kids’ I want a dog problem (because we’ve got that BIG time over here): Pet sit here & there during the summer! I posted on our ROA’s yahoo group that my older girls (7 & 6) would love to pet sit, and we got so many responses! Right now we are taking care of a dwarf hamster here (perfect) and later in the summer a cat and then a dog. At THEIR houses (that is key).
    A dog is such a huge commitment–it’s another life to take care of! And unless your sweet husband is going to take it to the office every day, guess whose dog it’s going to be? That’s right.

  14. Oh how the dog posts bring out the opinions in all of us. We are not dog people, but lately my kids have been so wanting one, it’s making me bend a little.

  15. Being a dog lover. I of course say go for it! But then again I only have one child to take care of!! But we have a Maltese and she is great with my daughter. Plus she doesn’t produce dander (so no allergy issues!) and she doesn’t shed. Pretty much her best qualities! But I agree with an above commenter, letting the girls pet sit would be a great learning experience!

  16. I can give Addison the solution to number 2. It is what my husband and his 4 brothers and sisters did when their sister was allergic to dogs and they wanted one! They took a vote and decided to sell their sister and with the proceeds buy a dog! I bet Addison could get big bucks for Ellie! :) I’m with you though, cannot fathom having one more mouth to feed around here and the dog hair… YUCK! Stay strong!

  17. Just my point of view on the dog issue. It’s near and dear to my heart because we got a dog 5 days ago. I did not want a dog and could have lived the rest of my life without one. Really.

    Like you, I appreciate a clean and orderly house and I have allergies. But my hubby spent a long time researching breeds and found that Malti-poos are small, companionable dogs that don’t smell, don’t shed and are hypoallergenic. I’m a high maintenance dog owner, I guess.

    We have 2 girls (ages 5 and 7) and they really wanted a dog. Especially my 7 yr old. I finally realized I’d rather my girls have fun loving memories of a dog they grew up with than a perfectly clean and orderly house. What kid cherishes that as a memory?

    I decided I could release my controllling tendancies and get a dog and I have to admit, I’m loving her. Really sweet. And I’m her favorite.

    ( :

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