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Three kids vs. Two kids

A prime example of how things have changed around here since I had my third child…

Exhibit A:  Star Behavior Charts (made when I just had my girls)

— Time spent on planning and prep work (measured lines, bought supplies)
— Hand cut and laminated stars with velcro attached to each one
— Color coordinated, symmetrical, pretty
— Every letter was hand stamped for the title & days of the week
— Clearly defined and thought out goals
— Clearly defined and thought out reward system

Exhibit B:  Star Behavior Charts (made last week with three kids in tow)

— No time spent on planning or prep work
— Star stickers grabbed from the craft drawer (happened to be on top of the pile)
— No thought on color/appearance, crooked names with now crooked lines of stars
— Quickly hand scratched names (written with baby #3 on my hip in a moment of insanity when all I wanted was for my girls to STOP FIGHTING!)
— No goals
— No reward system
Life with three.  Things sure have changed.  
Want to know the funny thing?  The new not-so-cute version of our star charts?  
Working like a charm.   :)
xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Three kids vs. Two kids

  1. I LOVE this post! It is so real!! Thanks for your honesty!! BTW – how are your blog ads going? Are you making any money off of them?

  2. Simplify simplify simplify! That is what I have learned over the years adding kidlets to our family (5 total!). The fluff goes away and the important stuff stays!

  3. That is hilarious! Even with one child, I don’t think I could’ve managed a chart as pretty as the original(not enough patience for stuff like that). I love the goal ideas(Target surprise). Glad number two is working just as well!

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the laugh! Too funny and so true. My girls need star charts, the fighting gets so old so fast. Love the reward system.

  5. Yes! Welcome to my world–sort of.;) Sometimes we don’t even look at the charts! Still loving your blog and your kids are still beautiful!!! :)

  6. I hear ya sister. My chart consisted of moving paper and snoopy valentine stickers. Either way kids are motivated. Yesterday I just started giving them points out of the blue. These points don’t go for anything and they still went for it. Love kids!

  7. I made very similar job charts for my oldest 2 as well! (Complete with the same stars, although we used magnets to attach them to the chart.) Haven’t used them so much now that Baby #3 is here…

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