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ONE more to-do…

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great 4th!  We did.  In fact, we’ve been having a pretty fun summer so far.

We’ve been drinking lots of lemonade around here (always tastes better with a straw) and working hard to check off our summer to-do’s.
Ellie decided to add ONE more thing to the top of our list…

I have a feeling we may not be checking everything off our list this summer after all.  :)
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “ONE more to-do…

  1. haha! has she been reading my blog?! just kidding! well- my oldest wore me down and even though it is really crazy, i really do love our puppy and can’t imagine our house without her now. and not to sway you…but she’s a goldendoodle, and they don’t shed!!! :-) love that!

  2. We recently finally got a dog Erin, after MANY years of me being against it. It turned out brilliantly though (to my surprise!). I just love our little pug and she has really brought a lot to our family.

    I have a feeling you will cave!

  3. oh i remember when that was on my daughter’s list (many years ago!) our pug – such a great family dog andd we have loved our labs. understand too, if its just something that’s not going to get crossed off the list this year, too!

  4. Do not, do not, do NOT get a puppy! Take is from me, a mom of 4 kids, with a busy husband and an even busier life. Do NOT give in. It’s sooooooooo much unnecessary work.

  5. I have to ask… did it annoy you that she “messed up” your perfect looking list?? (b/c it would totally annoy me if one of my kids did that!) :)

  6. Ha! Good luck with that one! Would she settle for a goldfish? Well maybe something that wouldn’t die so fast, a hamster maybe?

  7. why aren’t you “checking off” the boxes? I am sure you have completed some of these things…that’s like my favorite part of making lists.

  8. Hi Amy! No, it didn’t bother me that Ellie wrote on our list. What bothered me is that she is so relentless about getting a puppy and it is NOT happening! :)

    Kath- We have SO been checking things off our list! She wrote that the day I hung the list up. I’m just a bit behind with my blogging. :)

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