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A new addition

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post. They all meant so much to me. I know so many of you have had similar or even worse struggles with getting and staying pregnant. I was shocked after my miscarriage when I realized how common it really is. Everyone I talked to about it had their own story to tell. It’s such a miracle to get babies here safe and healthy. And speaking of getting babies here – it seems I gave some of you the wrong idea with that post. I am so NOT pregnant! Emergency hysterectomy – remember? It would be completely impossible for me to have another baby. And I’m ok with that. Kenny and I knew three would be it for us even before my surgery. The surgery just sealed the deal and made things final!

BUT…I do have some other fun baby news to share.

For those of you who don’t know my family, this is a picture of me with my siblings. My sister, Carly is 2 years younger than me and then my brother, Austin is 5 years younger than her. All three of us had babies in 2010 and all three of us had boys!

Meet Jonah. The newest member of our family. Christmas came early for Carly! She delivered a beautiful baby boy on December 20th. He came home in the same Christmas sock his mommy did. (Car was a December baby too) :)

Isn’t he the sweetest? I can smell newborn perfectness just looking at him!

{Carly, her husband Shawn, and little Jonah} We are so happy for them and I can’t wait to meet and hold my sweet little nephew…and play with my three year old niece who I’m quite sure is needing a little extra love and attention right now. Planning a trip to visit them soon! Carly will know without a doubt how much I love her if I actually fly to Salt Lake City this time of year. BRRR! I’ll have to buy a whole new winter wardrobe just for the occasion. Wonder if I can convince Kenny I need some new Uggs to face the frigid tundra that is Salt Lake City this time of year? I’ll get to work on that one…

Before 2010 my parents just had the three grand daughters…

(Ellie, Addison and cousin Claire with their new princess dolls from grandma for Christmas)

Then in March I had Kole

And my brother and his wife had Drew in May. Now with new little Jonah my parents also have three grandsons to even things out!

Kole and Drew are the best of friends and get along great.
Except for when Drew tries to turn Kole into a Bronco fan. Not cool. Poor Kole is clearly hanging his head in shame. ;)

Oh…and the mini van? We bought one in November. Had to wait a couple of months for the 2011 Odyssey in the colors we wanted. This is the new addition to our little family –
I LOVE it. Totally over the mini van mom thing. It’s so practical and perfect for our crew. I love that my girls can head to the back and buckle themselves, I love that there is so much room for all of their gear, I love that I don’t have to stress about kids swinging their doors open and hitting the Porsche on our left and the Lexus on our right in every southern Cal. parking lot, I love the seat warmers that we really don’t need in southern Cal. but are just so fun to use anyway, I love that there is so much room for friends when I carpool, I love the big TV screen and headsets that made our trip to Utah oh so heavenly, I love that there is a trash can and a mini cooler inside, I love that the stereo records and remembers every CD I play so it’s like I have an i pod in my car….

I love that one of my best friends also got a mini van this year. I love that we said we would NEVER own one and now we don’t care what we said.

And I especially love my screen saver on my dashboard. This picture is up whenever I’m not using the navigation system. Did I mention that I love the navigation system?……

xoxo, Erin
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33 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. Woops about the pregnancy congratulations….but congratulations anyway on a beautiful family!

    My fourth c-section was enough for my uterus, so I can’t have any more babies, myself. Unfortunately, our fourth baby was born with serious medical concerns, and only lived for a year. It seems like every time I hold someone’s baby at church, a well-intentioned person will come up and say something sweet like, “Don’t worry, you’ll be next!” or “You need to get another one of those at your house.” It’s a little hard to explain to someone in passing that that’s just not gonna happen. It’s also a little hard to hear those words and not feel just a little bitter, because I absolutely would change things if I could.

    Sorry for all the wordiness–I guess it’s my way of explaining that I hope all the well-wishes didn’t hurt.

    Sweet ride, by the way!

  2. Oops…forgot about the hysterectomy. How could I have? I remember clinging to every word written on your blog during that time?! Sorry. But I DO love your new mini van! I drove a van for years. Then the kids grew and I got a Tahoe. Now that all the littles are arriving, I may go back to a van!

  3. Great post! I just asked my mom the other day if Carly had had her baby. He is darling! Yes, you must REALLY love Car to be coming to SLC in the middle of January. You are lucky to have each other.

    Love the van and so glad that you are enjoying it!

  4. How super fun that you all had boys this year. That will show your sisterly love to come to SLC. It is SO cold. Each January we talk about moving. Indeed a warm wardrobe is in order! Love our seat warmers in our car, too.

  5. Not gonna lie….I am crazy jealous of that gorgeous Odyssey! We are going to have to buy a minivan this year, but we’ll be lucky to be able to afford a clunker with 200,000 miles on it! Congrats, Erin!

  6. I thought it was funny when people were leaving comments on your last post congratulating you on your announcement! :)

    Love the new ride. Cannot believe I have not ridden in it yet. :(

    So happy for Carly! That baby is adorable!

  7. My best friend and I also swore that we would never drive mini vans. Let’s face it, the mini vans that we grew up with were not as cool as those of today. We both got Honda Odyssey’s a year and a half ago. And what do you know? We love them! I love the new Odysseys too. The cooler in the car would come in hand here in AZ!

  8. I want to upgrade my van even more now- time for a new model. I do love my seat warmers too, always nice on that cold leather, and those automatic doors, aren’t they just wonderful?! Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

  9. I was laughing too after the last post, I thought all of your “fans” came out after the surgery post, guess you are getting newcomers all the time!

    LOVE the pics of your new van, I don’t think anyone has ever looked so stylish driving a minivan, and love the pic of you and Koni, too funny! Glad you are loving it. The brand new Odyssys do look pretty nice!!!

    And love the pic of Kole going for Drew’s ear, how cute!

  10. OK, I have an Odyssey, but somehow I still have Odyssey envy right now…fancy!!! Congrats on the beautiful new addition to your family…he is adorable. How fun that they are all so close together.

  11. We joined the mini-van crowd this past month. Its shiny, and new, and I can’t believe how much I love it!

    Your last entry was very touching. I thought about it today when I looked back at the little faces in my review mirror too.

  12. First let me say, if you come to Utah you have to get new Uggs, it is FREEZING up here! Never got above 20 today :(

    Second let me say, you and Connie are gorgeous! And Connie… who’s that tall? Hate her (just kidding, love her)! :)

  13. Love the pictures of Jonah! So sweet! So much fun having all those boys together. Watch out when they get a little older! And….you look absolutely amazing in your mini van!

  14. That definitely sounds really nice… but for now, I’m still a never-own-a-mini-van-in-my-entire-life mom! :-)

    And I can’t stand the cereal bowl problem, what’s even worse is oatmeal. UGH! Must be a lazy husband problem that affects us all. ;-)

  15. you might have just sold me from getting a tahoe … well you and the other 8 million mom’s who keep telling me to just get a honda odyssey. good thing we have a little while … thanks for sharing your miscarriage story AND your beautiful family with me. we had one last year and while it is hard, there has been much JOY in the face of PAIN. great blog, so fun to have found you.

  16. Congratulations to your sister. As the mom of a “Jonah” born December 20 (14 years ago), I would say to expect nothing short of amazing from him.

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