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Hutch Organization

My hutch – which is getting a major makeover as far as decor in the near future. (Kole looks so little in that swing! *sigh*) Here is a picture of what the inside looked like a few months ago…

It was becoming a major catch all for any and everything. So! Back in October I spent a morning getting any and everything under control.

A beautiful mess! Here are two of the four drawers after I finished –

Extra school supplies. I just love a drawer full of school supplies.

And a battery/flashlight drawer. I like having this stuff indoors in case of an emergency or power outage. And yes, I buy a lot of batteries! Seems we are always needing them for a toy or clock or something around the house.

Remember this post about my little trip to the Container Store? I did a post on how I used the clear boxes for toy organization, but I spaced sharing what I did with the red boxes.

They hold keepsakes from the kids,

cards that are worth saving, and other childhood keepsakes, pictures, letters, etc. (Things from my childhood and Kenny’s – I have a different system for the girls school/art work that I’m saving for them. Hopefully I’ll remember to share that at some point too.)

Special boxes to hold special stuff. If my house was on fire I would grab the kids, the scrapbooks, the red boxes, and my favorite pair of Sevens For All Mankind.

You probably think I’m kidding about the jeans – but I am SO totally not. :)

**hutch organization part 2.

xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Hutch Organization

  1. what a wonderful idea- the red boxes! love it! i really need to do that. i have a semi-good organizational system for the artwork. that is just one thing that HAS to be managed. i also buy batteries by the cartload and store my flashlights right next to them. ha!

  2. Love those red boxes Erin! Great organization! I have to attack our toy cupboard in our family room (it’s actually more of a game cupboard now), then next on the list is our computer desk. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Girl, I can’t believe you have any more spaces to organize! :-) I’m about ready to do a good pre-spring organization kick myself…. hopefully that means lots of garage sale money for me when the weather turns nice!

  4. Love it! you have inspired me to hit the Container Store tomorrow. I have four kiddos with HUGE tubs full of keepsakes…time to narrow it down. Thanks for the inspiration, and for the funnies! (jeans ARE so important! ;))

  5. I love your organization posts! I can’t remember where I found your blog, but I’ve been turning to it for inspiration as I try to get my house organized and ready to go for the new year.

  6. Hi Ruth! When I ordered the hutch I sent them a swatch of that color of yellow. So I didn’t paint it myself but did pick out the color. Yellow is such a happy color. :)

  7. Such a great hutch! Do you remember what color yellow it is? I’m planning on painting a desk yellow and really like your hutch color. Great organization by the way…as always :)

  8. I love the hutch organization! And I love your red boxes! I have bins and bins of special things the kids have given me or written in notes over the years. No way would it all fit into those cute little red boxes, though. That’s a slight bummer to having nine kids — seriously, the stuff I collect over the years! It’s too much! But I simply cannot throw anything away. It’s all too precious.

  9. Oooh I love those red boxes! I think I need some. I have a major fear of if the house was on fire would I be able to get the scrapbooks??! I keep telling Ryan I want a safe to put them in, he’s not going for it yet.

  10. See, IF I was ever to set foot in the Container Store again (which I won’t) and I happened upon those red boxes, I would never, ever in a million years think of how to use them! But, you made it look effortless, as usual. :)

    I miss you!!!!

  11. I so love your post! You have great ideas. I started last year to scan my kids school work and papers and all into my portable hard drive. If there was a fire in my house, i would grab the kids, my camera bag and my portable hard drive. All my pictures on on that drive along with on a cd. I would like to copy all my pictures on a cd and take to my sister’s house in a box to store in case anything ever happened, she would have copies. I sometimes feel i need to sleep with my camera near by…crazy i know…great post..

    love it, love it, love it….

  12. Love what you did with your hutch! If we had a container store near us I would probably be banned! I love them for EVERYTHING! As a first grade teacher your school supply drawer makes me happy too!! I also love school supplies.

  13. First off – LOVE that hutch! I just discovered your blog and right away I knew I liked you because of your love for the color RED. I love stumbling upon a blog that you can tell is just your style. Your house is beautiful, and is decorated in my style. Lots of red, black and white. And the last thing that I knew I found a new blog to enjoy, is that you’re Chargers fans. We live in Wisconsin, but my husband and son are HUGE Chargers fans. We’ve never lived in California (my hubby’s from North Dakota), but that’s their team. Looking forward to seeing more from you!! :)

  14. Wonderful clean up…I love those red boxes and how you used them. I share your love for school supplies. Now that you’ve teased us about the school/art work you must share. I laughed at you making sure to grab the jeans!

  15. I just found your blog through Clover Lane! love it! You have a beautiful home and family and I’m going to have to look into getting some of those jeans!

  16. hear you on the 7’s! I have one pair only that are my fave. Even if I have tried to buy the exact style/size etc they can not be duplicated. Since I don’t scrapbook. The jeans are FIRST to grab:)

  17. Love those red boxes Erin! Such a fantastic idea. Keep the organizing posts coming! I think the first time I found your blog I was looking for scrapbook room organization and then I couldn’t stop reading as we have so many things in common. I too love scrapbooking, have three kids, 2 girls and a boy(8,6 & 3), I love organizing, and I love decorating with red!

  18. All great inspiration thankyou :) I’m doing my organising on an almost zero budget – which actually makes it somewhat eco friendly as I’m re-purposing stuff rather than buying new. So it’s good to have some ideas from which to start with, thankyou!

  19. Erin, I found you via “pinterest”. I was wondering if you could tell me where at Target you found the black zip up organizer you put your extra charging cords in. I am in the midst of a whole house reorganization/containerization and this item would come in very handy! Your blog inspires me. (i am also a collector of white vases!)

  20. Hi!

    Unfortunately Target doesn’t sell that black cord organizer anymore. :( It was a seasonal item they had after Christmas. I’m hoping they will bring it back next January! Good luck with the organizing. So fun! :)

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