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It’s late and I’m very tired. I am really struggling with my “winter” header. I always struggle with my winter header. It’s my least favorite header every year because we don’t have any snowy winter pictures. I told Kenny that we need to go snow skiing again. Aside from the fact that we love to snow ski and haven’t been in forever, there is the added bonus of getting some snowy pictures for my winter header. I made three options and don’t love any of them. But like I said, it’s late – I’m tired – my to-do list for the next few days is a mile long – and the reality is that it’s not going to get any better. Help me out by picking your fav of the three. I’d call my mom but it’s midnight in Utah. I’d ask Kenny but he’s asleep on the couch and he’d just mumble a number without really looking anyway. You’re all I’ve got!

{Option #1}
And yes. I know we’re all sick of the snowman picture. But I don’t have much else to work with and snowmen are usually a January/February theme, right? People who live in snow? Back me up here? I’m really milking that costume. Got to use it for Halloween, all things Christmas, and now it works great for January. I’m thinking next Halloween all three of my kids need to be snowmen.

Did I mention that it’s late? And I’m really tired?

{Option #2}

{Option #3}

Blah blah and another blah. I know. Not much to choose from, but thanks for your input!

Heading to bed now.
xoxo, Erin
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76 thoughts on “Help

  1. I like 2 the best! Even though they are all cute, you said we had to pick one! :) I like the pic of you and your husband (since you are the ones responsible for the beautiful children) :)

  2. You are too much! I love 1 and 2, both darling. And how could anyone get sick of the snowman pic?! It’s one of the cutest things ever on this planet!!!!

  3. I love #1. That’s such a sweet picture of your husband and daughter. Also, I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day and think this might be the year because I certainly have the winter blahs. Looking forward to all the great decor that you share!You have such a knack for seasonal decorations.

  4. They are all really cute but I like #1 the best! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas!

  5. I say #2. I like that the girls are all bundled up. Kole is a bundled up snowman. And I like your hair in #2! That’s what is most important isn’t it? How our hair looks? ;)

  6. I love them all…but I think I like number two the best. If you need snow and below zero pictures…stop on by to Idaho. I’d gladly give you some of our snow! I keep snowmen up all winter until March…so the snowman costume is great!

  7. I would choose option 1, but swap the snowman photo for the one in the previous post (Kole in the blue shirt with his sister in curlers). You can just crop his sister out (he is smiling so cute!!).

  8. number 2!! love that picture of your girls!!

    and i must say, being a minnesotan, snowmen are around well into march…it’s part of what you get with a minnesotan package!!

  9. I know I’m late on this post, but since you haven’t changed it yet I thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I like #2 the best! :) But they are all very cute!

  10. i’m not a good one to vote on this. However, I read your title and was relieved to know this was what you needed help on! I love your commentary. I guess after a year I could change my header? I am clueless on anything computer related. sigh!

  11. I love one because I love the picture of Kenny and Ellie, but the second one with the girls in hats is adorable and wintery. Sigh…one…no, two. One…I’m sticking with one.

  12. Number 2 is my favorite. And yes as someone who lives in the midwest winter is all about the snow and snowmen. We were actually outside this afternoon attempting to build one.

  13. Look how many people care about your header! People could vote on your whole day if you let them, like which dish towel to use, which boots of yours Addie should wear, What to organize first… Then there would no longer be an Erin.

    #2 and I know my opinion counts for at least 5

  14. They are all darling, but it has to be #1. And I could look at that snowman picture all year long! That is the cutest snowman baby picture I have ever seen. He should be on the package for the snowman baby costume! :)

  15. I think they are all cute…but #2 is so sweet with your girls dressed in winter clothes:) Love the hearts for Valentine’s day, too! Very creative!

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