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Party’s over

Well – it’s official. Vacation is definitely over. I was bummed to pack the girls’ lunches today and get back into the routine. I always feel a bit of post holiday let down. Kenny is usually in a funk this time of year because football is coming to an end and I have a hard time letting go of December.

Still working on unpacking from our trip…

and taking down all the Christmas decor. I organized some of my holiday wrapping supplies in these clear sacks I had on hand. It made it easy to see my supplies while I was wrapping gifts this year.
Ellie was so great yesterday to entertain Kole before church so I could get a few things done. The two of them have such a special little bond. She absolutely adores him and he completely lights up whenever he hears her voice enter the room.

Still trying to learn how to use my new computer. I’m in the process of transferring all of my photos over and MAN — I take a lot of pictures! :) I need to become better buddies with my delete button this year. I especially need to go back to a few years ago before I was blogging and sort through what I want to keep and what can go.

One thing I love about January…it’s a great month to organize! Time to get things in order for a new year. Looking at my pictures last night I realized I never shared my hutch organization pictures from last October so I’ll post that soon.

Time to go take down the tree decor. Happy Monday everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Party’s over

  1. I am writing this comment from a teacher training day… {enter barf sounds}. Kids go back tomorrow. It was so strange to tip toe down the hallway in my rain boots this morning and head out into the cold as everyone was tucked soundly into bed.

  2. Jeff hates, hates, hates this time of year too. It’s so hard to go back and start a brand new year of billing and allocating. That picture of Kole and Ellie just melts my heart.

    (Jeff wants a new job….BAD!!! Tell Kenny to keep eyes and ears open for any good in-house jobs in the SoCal area)

  3. those pictures of ellie & kole are super duper cute!! i already miss getting to spend a few hours with her on sunday. :( at least i stil get to see her during singing/sharing time, right? :)

    we’re all about organizing over at our place as well. on 1.1.11 we went through ALL the girls’ toys. it was time to give away some and make room for the new. let’s just say it took a good portion of the day. now it’s on to our bedroom, the closets and more. happy organizing to you!

    maybe we should plan some sort of potluck/get together for some a fun. we always enjoy your company. give me a few weeks to get back into the routine and then look for an evite in your inbox. ;)

  4. Oh me too! I so don’t want to take down Christmas, I always feel a little sad that it’s all over. Post Christmas blues for sure.

    Love the new pics though, Ellie is darling in her curlers!

  5. I fell for the hot lunch order today. Still trying to warm up to the routine again. I am still in a fog. Anyways. I love your organization tips. I look forward to learning a few for 2011. Happy New Year. Your blog friend Nicole.

  6. Love the pics of Ellie and Kole! I love her little curlers! I agree about the boring task of making lunches again, my daughter Kelsey (12) was very excited to go back and see her friends, but Brendan (9) wasn’t as excited! I have my stuff all put away and it feels great to have everything put away!

  7. Happy Monday to you. That Kole is getting so big and I can see the love for his sister all over his face. The next two months are usually pretty tough around here with the cold and snow, but I’m going to take the time to get some stuff done!

  8. Getting home from a trip is always tough isn’t it? The unpacking… the laundry… blah.

    So I didn’t know you could transfew pics from your old laptop to your mac either. What great news. I’d love to learn how to use a mac but it so intimidates me.

    Great pics of Ellie and Kole!
    I just bought sponge rollers for my girls. They love them.

    Oh one more thing… your last comment about just having to asking for your Hunters for V-Day cracked me up, because I had been thinking the same thing for anything I might not get on my list! ;)

  9. I’m right down the street from you–a little ways and found your blog via somewhere else a couple days ago. Your family is beautiful! I work part time teaching and getting myself to work Mon. in the rain was hard…really hard, and then my heater was out in my classroom and it felt like the North Pole. Although I’m only there three hours, yucky weather and the cold are hard to thaw me out…hoping for clear skies: )

  10. I’m really getting some good home decor inspiration from your pictures.

    I am looking for a couch like your greenish velvet one.

    Where did you find it??


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