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Holiday gifts

The girls and I had a great time making our Pretzel Hugs again this year. It has become quite a fun little December tradition in our house. :)

I found these adorable glass Christmas trees at Target and knew they would be perfect to hold my tasty little treats. Now all I needed was a tag…

Perfect! Love that little snowman of mine. I just pulled up his picture and added some text and a frame in Photoshop…

and then put two pics together and developed them as a 4×6.

A fun and simple gift for friends and neighbors.

We drove around listening to the Chipmunks Christmas CD in the rain last night (man has it ever been raining here!) and delivered our little gifts. The girls were simply giddy running up to doorsteps and handing out treats and telling everyone Merry Christmas. And I was simply giddy watching them.
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Holiday gifts

  1. I think I will be going to the store tomorrow to get supplies for these pretzel hugs! Yum! And, those glass jars….how did I not see these at my Target?!?!? LOVE them! Your tag is adorable also! Merry Christmas!

  2. those pretzle hugs look so good. Next year I will have to try andget some of them sent over to Australia they look so good. The glass jars look so cute. What lovley gifts

  3. oh, that’s amazing! i am catching up on all your posts because we were out of town. who do you deliver your pretzel hugs to? i swear, you have the BEST ideas, erin!!!

  4. You are so clever and amazing! What a fun treat. We are just off to San Diego … driving this year so we can stop at Vegas for the Vegas Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl tomorrow night in San Diego. Indeed a Merry Christmas for the boys in the family! Hope you have a wonderful, Merry Christmas.

  5. How adorable that photo of your little man is!! You sure are creative. I would never know how to photoshop that in….
    And those treats make such a nice gift, especially in the glass Christmas tree container.
    Hey, does south Orange County count as being your neighbor? LOL I want me one of those trees!!!
    Yes, the rain has been crazy, hasn’t it? And the wind. We have fallen trees all over our little town. So sad for the trees. But I’ll admit that I’m seriously loving this crazy storm. I guess because it’s something that doesn’t happen often where we live. I guess it’s supposed to let up on Thursday, though, right? So Christmas Day should be nice.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  6. I’ve been to 2 different stores and cannot find Hugs! Every other kind of Kiss, but no Hugs!! I want to make these with my kiddos this year! Love your tag. That picture of Kole has to be one of the cutest snowmen I have ever seen. Merry Christmas!!

  7. Those pretzel hugs are just delicious…I need to make some. I love the little gift and of course the cute tag. I’m sure your neighbors and friends will be very happy.

  8. Ok, that is by FAR the CUTEST your pretzel hugs have ever looked! LOVE that darling little snowman tag! I could just kiss the screen! Glad you are enjoying the festivities even in the rain! :)

  9. We made pretzel hugs for gifts this year, and gave them to just about everyone we know! I fixed them in small mason jars, and just made a cute tag on my cricut. Everyone raved about them!! My husband even took a bag of them to work to share, and said everyone just fell in love! Thank you so much for the idea!

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